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Meant to be together - MaNan SS (Chp updated pg 34 ) 10/11/15 (Page 32)

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Posted: 05 November 2015 at 9:36am | IP Logged
Thank you all for commenting and supporting ...
Will update ASAP !! ...

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Update sooonnn. Yaaarrr Stern Smile
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waiting for your update Eagerly
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Nidsy this one goes here for you again ...
Ignore errors ...
                                         Chapter 14

" What ? why will I pick her up ? " Manik screamt waking up from his deep slumber . " Aiyoo ...chachu ...you both are friends ..and friends help each other ! " Ahaan gave him a piece of mind . " oh hello ...woh khud aa sakti hai ! " Manik exlaimed irritatingly . "Pata ha...but chachu its bad manners ..aap apne saare friends ko pick karte ho ..you should pick her also na ..." Ahaan adviced . " Woh meri friend hai ? " Manik blurted . " Yes ...kal hi shake hands ki the tum dono ne ..." Ahaan said . " Auh .." Manik mumbled being too annoyed of his little ones order . " Ok chachu bye ..pick her ok ? ..then come and pick me up .." Ahaan said and before Manik could speak up , the phone got hanged . " ...Yeh Ahaan mujhpe gaya hai ! ...Mein pick karunga ? ...driver hoon main ?...I dont know on what note did I make her as my so called fraand huh ! " Manik cursed himself and went to fresh up .

" Hi Cabir ! " Nandini welcomed him at her place with a warm smile . " Hi Doll .." Cabir entered with equal jocose. After some talks and jokes , Cabir asked Navya's whereabouts . " Oh haan ..ek minute ..mein abhi aati hoon .." Nandini said as she moved into Navya's room .
" Navya ...woh Cabir is waiting for you .." Nandini said while Navya was busy combing her hair . " Pata hai pagli ..." Navya said happily . " Pata hai ? ...matlab ? " Nandini asked confused . " woh ...awaz sunai de raha tha " Navya said biting her tounge . " great ..." Nandini mumbled . " waise bhi hum uske saath bahar ja rahe hai ...aur tumhe bahar le jane wala hai .." Navya said with euphoria . " what ? Cabir tumhe bahar le ja raha hai ? " Nandini asked . " arrey haan ...woh aaj hume threapy ke liye le ja raha hai ." Navya asked causally . " woh le ja raha hai am I missing something ? " Nandini asked in a tone of teasing . " ni toh you are not missing anything miss bhi nehi karegi .." Navya winked . " wo !!and Navya is back with a bang .." Nandini said making a proud face . " ok fineso lets move Mein ghadi nikhalti hoon " Nandini was about to move out . " Arrey nehi ...You wont come with us .." Navya shouted . " Arrey par" " No ! you aint coming ..woh actually you have to meet Ahaan naso you go meet" Navya stammered .
Navya moved her wheel chair out to the hall . " Ajeeb hai ..." Nandini came out confusingly .

As Navya and Cabir moved out , Nandini washed the coffee mugs and cleaned the hall . As she was keep the mugs in the shelf , the door bell rang .

-Nandini's pov -

I went to open the door only to find the angry man in front of me to my shock and confusion . I must say , there's a lot of confusion and shock going around my brains today . First Navya , now Manik ...but Manik was least expected . Aiyyapa knows how this man landed up here ...wait did I do anything wrong ? ..no no ..then toh he will call me and give me an ear blast . Then why is he here ? I hope its not a brain blast . Aiyooo !! " What are you staring at ? " his roared brought me out of trance . " ..really ? ..I thought you know about it " I snapped back . " Ofcourse I know ...but I'm sure your silly brains dont know about it " he said entering in .

How dare he ? ..first he calls me silly , now he enters into my house with out my persmission ." I think you really dont know about manners ...how long do you keep you others wait at the door " he said in his typical attitude . " Realy ? Manners ...that is what you dont have ! ...entering into others house without persmission ! " I replied frowning . " well friends dont need invitation ...do they ? " he said sitting on the couch . Fiends ?* Wen did that happen ? ...Auh ! Ahaan ...where have you brought me into ..this man ofcourse is unbelievable , now being my friend will be the last thing I want from him ...I think for both of us . " Right ...nice ..friends " I said in a not so happy tone . " As if I love it ! " Manik said sarcastically .
" Having a kaddu friend like you ...I can happily jump from here and die ! " he said unwantedly . Kaddu ? ..he called me a pumkin ? do I look like a pumkin ? " Oh hello ! Mr Monkey Malhotra ! ...I didnt force you to be my friend ...aur wasie bhi your temper can bhi handled only by some alien " I retorted . " When did I say to handle huh ? ...and Monkey ..you better not call me that " " oh ..if your not Monkey ..then you are hulky ! huh not hulky ...you are godizilla ! yeah " I fighted back . I cant believe I'm fighting like a small kid when Amms calls me a mature girl . This man makes a normal person trun mad .
 " Godizilla be your husband ...and yeah stop arguing .." He still was trying to fight . " oh really I started aruging ? ..its you who started in the name of friendship ...and I dont want to be your friend " I shouted like a kid . " Even I dont want to be ! " he screached in the same pitch . I forgot that we were living in an appartment . God knows what hell goes wrong with me when I'm around him . I definitely cant be his friend ...like seriously , we end up in a fight all the time . Being friends is very far . But I had to do it for Ahaan ...Aiyyapa knows for how long nows for how long . " Only for Ahaan " we both said to gether . We both were shocked , we had to be friends for Ahaan . " Ahaan told me to pick you up .." Manik said trying to be calm . I silently went along so that more fights dont bubble up . The old aunties in my flat were staring as if we both were some criminals and were gossiping like we have stolen their precious something . But I didnt bother , their judgement never mattered me anyways . But the funny thing I dont get is whether they are with jealousy or with those old mentalities.I chuckled at their expressions .

I sat inside with out saying anything and he ignited the car and we moved for Ahaan's place . The calmness was swalloing my well to do brains . I felt as if I was locked up inside a vaccum jar . wthin afraction of seconds Manik swithched the FM on .To my ..actually our surpirse , I heard Cabir on the RJ along with Navya . But Cabir and Navya went for theraphy right ? Whatever it may be ...Navya is a actually budding up freshly and that brought a content in me .Thanks to Cabir that Navya is a actually being open like before .

" ...So yeah ..we are back again .., aap ke RJ Cabir with his RJ partner Navya ..."

" Cabir - Navya ...some thing is cooking " he muttered to himself ...to his misfortune and  my sharpness , I heard him .

" Well , as discussed before ...its the celebration of Friendship oops new start friendship day ...Jo naya dost banate hai and we get to know about how they actually turned friends ...different right ? ..RJs are always different  .. ...We have heard our previous callers with their funny moments ...the last two callers from my side and Navya's side goes here ..." Cabir said in a woogly way  .

All the while , we both were stunned at his saying . While he was speaking ...our phones rang and Manik stopped the car with a halt as he heard Cabir and I heard Navya . " Hello " we both said together .

" Wohoo Hi ..." Cabir said with an enthusiasm as if he has interviewed Bill Gates Aiyappa ! " Hi ...aap ko Radio o2 mein swaagt hai ...hum hai Navya Naveli " Navya said ...I should have known it ..Navya had something planned . Aiyappa ...Ahaan ..aur kya kya karwaega !! "Hi Navya ! ..." I said in a not so happy mode .. " Nandini Murthy right ..." I knew it ..this was coming . " Aur guess what ...aap sab ke favourite ... One and only The Manik Malhotra bhi hai yehan ..." Cabir remarked . "Yes " Manik said faking happiness gritting his teeth .

" So tell me about your new dosti ...kuch kuch ..ho raha hai na ? " Cabir asked evily .Was there a double meaning in his tone ? Well it seemed quite like how Navya speaks about Manik to me .  " Nhi ..kuch kuch ni ..bohat kuch hai " Manik said in a not so funny tone . I was surprised with his reply . " wow ..that seems to be different ...so tell me how you turned friends ...? "

" I turned her friend by a small anitque piece .." Manik's sarcasm was making it nervous for me . " Antique piece ? " Navya questioned . " Auh yeah ...anitque piece ...my flower was about to fall ..and he caught it ..and we both eventually turned friends .." I blabbered in a go only leading manik to stare at me .Navya !! If she gets to me I swear I'll kill her !

"Now thats a weired friendship ..but chalta hai boss ...a small anitque piece made two people friends ...who knows it may make something else too ...oooh ... thats too much ..ok Nandini and Manik thank you for this splendind time ...now RJ Bira is moving in for a break with a lovely song for you all ..." Cabir finished up making both of us confused . The irony here was going like a tangent over my head . And the background music did nothing but irk us . Katiya karoon ...Katiya karoon ...tera roon ..tera roon and bang ! Mr Hulk switches it off  expected reaction from him ...If he didn't , I would have got it switched off . Navya played one heck of a prank on me ...I need a pay back ..that too in Nandu style . Huh !

" Cabir ..get to me I'll show you what actually an antique piece is  ! " Manik murmmered . This thing made us even more awkward but what else could we do ...Ahaan ..we need to reach him .

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Amazing update...
Manik Ahaan convo convincing manik to pick nandini...LOL
bechara manik...
and the navya going with cabir...
nandini was thinking something fishy...
and then manik comes to her place...
and again they were fighting...LOL
and then in car they got a shock...
cabir and navya on radio and called them to talk abt friendship..
they both were so angry...
nice update...Clap

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Awww dt was too much hilirious n amazing update Big smile really loved it to d core Embarrassed im happy for navya as she got a friend lke biraa Big smile on d other Manan were hilirious LOL godzila lol LOL really lived rj session of cavya LOL dy were to gud man Clap on d other manan were burning lke hell lol LOL plzz update itx nxt chp soon Big smile will b eagerly w8ting for nxt one
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A fun loving update update..
Lovwd rheir sweet little nok jhok..
Cont soon
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Sooo cute.

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