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Meant to be together - MaNan SS (Chp updated pg 34 ) 10/11/15 (Page 23)

Ashmita18 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 July 2015 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Awww chooo chweeet...I mean the trio is super cute...I enjoy to the max...it was an amazing update...I must say uh are a beautiful writer...and this story is just flawless...it's soo much fun to read it...it's a delight...this story is just magical...especially ahaan...he is such a sweetheart but is going through a really bad phase but I'm glad he's got a doctor like nandini to help him and cure him... I request you to please send me pm whenever you update the next time...I really want to stay connected with this story...please send me pm..I'd be really very grateful to uh...uh are great at writing and keep it up.. best wishes... :) :D 

shaanmaan Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2015 at 1:02am | IP Logged
Rocking update
what a bond b/w manan
nd ahaan so cute

plzz update jldi
PM me when u'll
uma88 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2013
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Posted: 10 July 2015 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Very beautiful update
Manik was just manik and not in monstrous mode
nandini was right, ahaan have got these traits from manik.
thanks for pm, update soon
lovemylyf Senior Member

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Posted: 11 July 2015 at 1:25pm | IP Logged
plz update 
Daz4488 Senior Member

Joined: 04 April 2015
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Posted: 11 July 2015 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Please PM me the next part!! AWESOME!!

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Monstuholic4evr IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 July 2015 at 4:27pm | IP Logged
Read all the parts in a go!!
manan_0711 Goldie

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Posted: 15 July 2015 at 5:25am | IP Logged
awsum story...
read all d parts in a go...
in love with manan n ahaan's bond...
continue soon...
'll b waiting...
-abz- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 July 2015 at 2:34am | IP Logged

Sorry guys ...I be late latif always . I blame this on my studies !

 I'll try to update regularly like alternate days or three days once ... at least two updates in a week .
ok ..so here is the chapter ... and before that for further pms , buddy me !
                                                                Chapter 12
Nandini woke up with a sudden jolt but arched  back and she found herself stuck with two hands . A tiny one and an equally huge one . She was on the side of the bed , the other side Manik was sleeping and Ahaan  sandwiched in between the two or may be comfortably sleeping in their warmth . Nandini was admiring the cuteness of Ahaan sleeping peacefully between them safely .
She slowly pecked Ahaans chubby cheeks and Ahaan turned towards Nandini even more making it tough for her to move out . After a few minutes , Ahaan threw his leg over her and Manik moved closer to Ahaan hugging him and touching her waist . She was totally caged due the duo and she couldnt move out .
She kept quite making sure that they dont wake up and moved into the her thoughts , her mind finding the mystery behind Ahaan's such kind of behaviour making her wonder what had happened to make a happy boy to be in such a shock .
-Nandini's pov -
...Ahaan was happy yesterday ...till he went back home ...that means he had problems in his house only ! This poor kid is being troubled a lot ...wait ...may be his report cards !!! yes!!! he was stammering because of that only ...He was scared about his report cards ...cant belive as second grade can be troubled this much for his marks ...!!! But not this time !! Ahaan has me and Manik !
-End of pov -

On thinking about Manik she turned towards him to find him hugging Ahaan and her , sleeping being extremely endearing and adorable . A flush of red colour rushed through her cheeks making her pink cheeks turn into the colour of a rose . A feat of heat rushed through her skin as she realized their proximity and his warmness was lingering around her and his smell making her get dreamy . She really couldn't realize what exactly hit her but she felt like pecking his cheeks  but her mind stopped her from doing that and she moved away and her sudden movement made Ahaan wake up and this made Manik to open his eyes . Nandini mentally cursed herself as she woke the cute  idiots up .
Manik smiled seeing Nandini and Ahaan by his side , but realized what the reality was and woke up suddenly and sat on the bed and Nandini also sat on the bed . Both didn't dare to look at each other . 'Good evening Lady doll ' Ahaan exclaimed getting up and pulling each other closer to him and holding their either arms . Nandini and Manik turned towards  each other and they looked straight .
'Chachu ...Lady doll ...Good evening !! ' Ahaan exclaimed as the last time he had said good morning which was supposed to be afternoon . 'Evening!! ' Nandini said in a higher tone as she had to at home at this time . She swiftly checked the time in her watch " five forty five !!! Aiyyoo !! Navya must be alone ...ab thak toh Abhi ghar ja chuka ho ga !! " Nandini exclaimed as she made herself out from the bed and steadied herself . " Lady doll ... ghar jaa rahe ho ? " Ahaan asked displeasedly . Nandini turned towards him and gave him a peck . " Sorry Ahaan ...by mujhe jaana hoga ...bohat dheer hogayi na ...I'll pakka come tommorow morning ..a surprise is waiting for you " Nandini winked at him and she moved , but stopped in the middle and turned back and saw Manik and said bye for which Manik replied the same .

The next morning , Ahaan was in the verge of blasting due to Nandini's decision . " Mein nehi jagoona !! " Ahaan frowned and folded his hands as Nandini took him to the school . " Ahaan ...Aap  ko itna kya problem hai iss school se ? " Nandini asked to which Ahaan frowned and moved forward . "Mein aap se baat kar rahi hoo ! " Nandini again said . Ahaan didnt turn "Problem aapka ..ya aapka report card se nehi hai !! its with the nature of this school Ahaan ! " Nandini said making Ahaan turn with his mouth open .
" Ab yeh mat poocho ...that how do I know ? " Nandini said smirking making him shocked even more . " how ? kaise ? how do you know everything ? " Ahaan asked to her wondering what kind of a superwoman is she . "Because ..I know your heart Ahaan .." Nandini said winking turning him crimson . "Haww ..Ahaan is blushing ! " Nandini said keeping her hands on her mouth . Ahaan turned towards the other side "Mein blush nehi kartha !!" Ahaan said rubbing his cheeks . Nandini came towards him and pulled his cubby cheeks only to make him turn even more pink . This time Ahaan smiled a little . " Ahem ...Mr Ahaan ...aap has sakte hai ..u dont need to pay anything to smile " Nandini said . Nandini had become a very important part of Ahaan as he started to learn about himself and he couldn't resist more and he hugged her smiling showing all the twenty four diamonds .
"...Ahaan ...what bothers you from going to school ? " Nandini asked sweetly as she held his hand and moved inside . Ahaan looked all around only to get reminded of fathers dropping their children to the school gate kissing their head . He held Nandini's hand tightly as he had no one to do so . Manik and Cabir would drop him school whenever they had an off . But no one really bothered to take him inside except for Mukti . Sometimes Mukti also had works to do . He felt like being a burden to them , he never complained , but turned out his frustration in his studies . " Lady doll ...Pata hai ..mera friend Arjun ...unke papa na ..hamesha use huggy aur kissi dhe kar use school chod the hai ...but my papa ..he never likes me coming next to him " Ahaan said calmly with his head down walking inside . Nandini felt numb listening to his comment as his state was just like what she thought . Nandini choose to listen to him quietly as he needed to pour out everything .
As they went inside , Ahaan was even more quite , he took her to his class room . " Pata hai ...I used to win all my dance and music competitions ...everyone's papa used to encourage their kids ..but my mamma papa never came to any of them " Ahaan said again deep sadness hidden in his tone . " Pata hai ...Papa used to beat me ..if I didn't do my work properly ...he wanted me to be good in academics ...but I'm trying Lady doll ...I really am not able to do it ! ...every one makes fun of me ! they call me looser ! " Ahaan again said ...his deep pain made Nandini teary but Ahaan didn't cry a little . " ...All of my friends parents gives them all the love and happiness ...but my parents only give me money ...they hate me lady doll " Ahaan said . " All of them behave rudely with we ..no one loves me !! No one !! except for chachu and Cabu ! no one ... No one wants me !! all of them in my class and school calls me a looser ..they never take me in anything !! and you want me to go to such school ?? I don't want to come here ! " the agony in his words made Nandini feel really numb and she bent down and tilted Ahaan's head to look at her . "
Ahaan ...you know why babies cry ?? " Nandini asked for which Ahaan gave a confused look . "cause they demand for what they want even when they cant talk ! ...They let out their feelings ...cause they know ..andar dhabake rakhe se they wont have their problems solved ! ...cry out Ahaan ..you will feel better " Nandini said cupping his face . Ahaan suddenly hugged her fell into tears and started crying out loud like a two year old kid of course he was a kid and he needed to do this , he kept crying and Nandini kept patting this oozing soul  . " No one loves me na Lady doll ! " Ahaan said in between to Nandini who was batting his back .
For that Nandini lifted him and took him to the wash room . and made him sit in front of the mirror . A muddled Ahaan stared at Nandini's actions . Nandini turned his face towards the mirror . "Kya dikh raha hai tumhe ? " Nandini asked him , Ahaan didnt say anything . "Ahaan ...mein aap se kuch pooch rahi roon .." Nandini reminded him as he was not really undrestanding what she was saying . " ok ..mein bata thi hoon ...Ek cute si ladki khadi hai ..aur ek cute sa ladka baitha hai ...right " Nandini asked him and he nodded . " Iss cute si ladki ki ke Naam Nandini hai ...I am Nandini !!! I love my self ! ...and this great boy is Ahaan ..and he loves himself " Nandini said for which Ahaan was blank . " Ahaan loves Ahaan right " Nandini asked him . Ahaan didn't reply he really didn't know what to say . " Ahaan ...if you will love yourself ..then nothing is more important Ahaan ..." Nandini said pecking his forehead . " You know children are gods gift ...u are a gift to this world ..and u r special ...very very special ..." Nandini said and Ahaan widened is eyes . "Love is not only what others have for us ...but it is what we have for our selves " Nandini said in a childish tone . "Ahaan loves everybody but not himself ...but if he loves himself !! He loved by god ! " Nandini said which made Ahaan think for a while .
" Samaj mein nehi aaya na ! " Nandini said making a cute expression , Ahaan was blank again . She made Ahaan keep his hand on his heart . " Aaakhein band karo " Nandini ordered . Ahaan closed his eyes . "Jab bhi if you have a problem ...close your eyes and say I can do it ! you will surely get a way ! " Nandini said . Ahaan was not cared by anyone as much she did . He now surely was not willing to stay away from her . He turned a little and kissed her chubby cheeks . " You are my Nandu doll " Ahaan said . " The doll is yours ...and the doll loves you ! hamesha ! " Nandini said picking him up from the place . " yeww ...Nandu ...you brought me into girls washroom cheee ! " Ahaan made  faces . " You want me to enter into mens washroom ? " Nandini asked , Ahaan giggled and they went outside .
Nandini made Ahaan sit on the bench next to the principals room . "Ahaan ..aap yehan ruko ...I'll go catch this bull dog " Nandini smiled  went into the principals room . "May ..I come in ? " Nandini asked . " Yes please " The principal said . "I'm from Ahaan Saxena's side " Nandini said a little squeaky to get the principal's attention to the topic . " oh ! about the report card ! " Principal said in a unpleased and unbothered tone . " that boy ..is good for nothing ..he is just too high with his attitude and doesnt talk to teachers well ! " the principal complained . " Oh really ! I thought ...helping a student when he feels it difficult to study is your duty ! " Nandini said folding her hands with a hanky-panky tone . " Excuse me ! " The principal glared . " What made you think to blame this on us ! " Principal said . " Exactly ! what makes you think you can blame this on that little innocent boy ? " Nandini asked in her classy tone . The Principal was shocked at such a response . " What was your logo ? haan service before self ! ...this is how you serve ? ..this is how you ill treat a kid ? " Nandini asked in a little higher tone . "Mind you language !! " Principal stood up . "I'll complain to Mr Saxena !" he jolted .
-Nandini's pov-
Aiyoo ...if he complains to Harshad ..then he will surely get to know about Navya ..and I cant let that happen ! ...but Ahaan ..he cant be ill treated again ... I will have to do something ..until Harshad is revealed .if this guy gets me as Nandini Murthy ..toh bhi He will say to Harshad !
-End of pov -

"If you will complain to Saxena ..I'll complain to Malhotra ! " she speared out with roguery .The Principal looked completely shocked as well as worried . " What ? " he asked . " What what ? ...go ..complain to Harshad ..I'll complain to Manik Malhotra ! The Manik Malhotra ! " Nandini said stressing his name making the princi go weak in knees . " I am his girl friend ...dare you tell it to the world ..he will kill you ! ..and if you will tell it to Harshad ..then your dead and will be roaming around in hell ! " Nandini blackmailed him . "But ..." The principal was sandwiched between Manik and Harshad . " Choose your way ...if you will take a good care of Ahaan ..giving him the proper school environment ..I'll not utter a word ...if Ahaan will have any kind of problem ..you will face the wrath ! " Nandini said reaching the peak of her black mail making him go weak . " the option is yours ! " Nandini said in a cool way . " I'll make sure of Ahaan properly ! " The principal said praying not wanting an end . " Good ...and dare you tell to anyone that I'm his girl friend ! " Nandini threatened his death  he nodded in a no . Nandini stormed out laughing and saw Ahaan sleeping in the bench . She quietly lifted him and moved out .
to be continued

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