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Meant to be together - MaNan SS (Chp updated pg 34 ) 10/11/15 (Page 11)

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plzz update fast...
waiting fo ua updATE

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Sorry guys ..for making u wait ...I was busy for a while
But will continue with it now
Ignore mistakes and enjoy reading
                                                         Chapter 8
Ahaan and Nandini became friends . It is a too tough job to be in Ahaan's good books . But Nandini managed to do it really well . First she made him eat  then she became a super woman in front of him ,then she made him smile , then she made him to laugh and now Ahaan couldn't stop admiring this loving and caring friend of his .

Ahaan and Nandini were lying on the floor laughing their heart out . "Aap ko pata hai Ahaan , you look really cute smiling and really sweet laughing" Nandini said and Ahaan again smiled . "Thank you ...Lady doll " Ahaan said . Nandini looked at Ahaan suprised . "Lady doll ?" Nandini asked him , Ahaan smiled "Haan ...Lady doll .." Ahaan said .

"Awwh ..Thank you Ahaan ..." Nandini said . Nandini stood up and this made Ahaan to stand too . "Aap ka school kab khol raha hai ?" Nandini asked . "Woh ...woh ..re...re..re.po..r..t ca..card mi..l..ne ke ..ba..ad " Ahaan stammered . "Aaap report card se darthe hai ?" Nandini asked him understanding what was going into his tiny mind . Ahaan nodded in a yes .

"Aur aap darthe kyun hai ?" Nandini asked him while he kept quiet and sat at a corner . Nandini understood his inner trauma and thought of diverting the topic . "Uff Ahaan ...aapko bhoog nehi lag raha hai ?" Nandini asked him . While Ahaan looked at her surprised , one part of his mind asking why didnt she enquire further and he felt really happy at her understanding .

"Mujhe Khana nehi pasand .." Ahaan said pouting . "Theek hai ...mujhe pata hai ..agar mein laoongi toh aapko zaroor pasand aayega ! " Nandini said smiling . While Ahaan didnt understand what she was saying . Nandini pecked his cheek and went out leaving Ahaan at a shock again and this time his face turned into a tomato . He  started liking Nandini's company , infact loves it . It was just a day , but it made a lot of changes in him . He learnt to smile in these hours with her .
Ahaan was quitely waiting for his lady doll to come and there she came with big parcels  of food in it . Ahaan was looking seriously at the cover and then at her . "Lady doll ? ..yeh sab kya hai ..I wont eat all these !! " Ahaan yanked while Nandini gave a evil smrik . "Aap yeh khaenge Ahaan ...I  know !" Nandini said while Ahaan was glaring at Nandini as if she was telling him to eat bittergaurds and chillies .

Nandini opened the packages systematically and started arranging the plates . Ahaan was moving his pupils to each of her actions like that of a puppy . Ahaan really didnt know what these food stuffs were . "Yeh sab kya hai ?" Ahaan asked Nandini in confusion . "Yeh , this is gol gappas " Nandini said with joy lit in her face . "Gol gappa ?" Ahaan asked her . "Hmmm" Nandini said , and showed him the techinique to eat them . "Isse aise khate hai ?...toh phir ..maza aaega !" Ahaan said smiling . Ahaan really loved to be messy , he loved breaking rules but the child inside him was never shown out .

Ahaan started with eating  saying he will eat two , but he ended up with more than thirteen of them . "Yummy !!!" Ahaan exclaimed complementing a food for the first time . "Meine bol tha na Ahaan , aapko yeh pasand aayega !" Nandini said . While Ahaan nodded in a yes . "Thank you .." Ahaan said . "Uffo Ahaan ,lagta hai ab score board rakhna padega...no sorry and no thank u !" Nandini said giggling while eating her gol gappa . Ahaan laughed at her gesture . "Lady doll ? when u smile na ...u look like a kitten " Ahaan said trying to compelment in return while Nandini was looking at him like a small rabbit .
"Kitten ?" Nandini asked him , "Haan !" he said innocently while Nandini smiled to be called kitten again . While talking like this , the time turned out to be three in the noon and Ahaan had to move home and she also had to leave . Ahaan gave a cute smile to Nandini saying a lovely bye and moved from there towards her care taker to reach home .
 While Nandini grabbed the waste package to throw it out and she was fumbling with the packages and found it to fall any moment . As she was struggling walking trying to make a balance , she heard a stiff voice coming from the front door and she tried her best not to move but the she was too late and the packages fell on the person standing in front .

This time the man's anger rose its peak . "WHAT THE HELL ! " He yelled . Nandini found it to be Manik and she closed her eyes and her body language showed 'not again' written all over her forehead . "Aiyyo ..Aiyappa !" Nandini said placing the parcels down . "Sorry , sorry !!!" she said knowing , that wont work . "What sorry ? tum yeha bacche ko sambhalne aaye ho ya kachda uttane ?" Manik asked . "Woh mein ...wo ..gol gappe .." Nandini tried to say "Gol gappe ? seriously ? what the hell do you think ...yeh koyi food stall hai ki tum yeh sab yeha laarahi ho ?" Manik shouted at her . "I'm sorry woh ! aapke kapdon pe ..food nehi ghir hai ...thank god aiyappa ! " Nandini said . "Listen ...u ! ek toh galti karthi ho ! oopar se you are justifying ur mistake ?" Manik asked .
Now Nandini lost her calm . "Uffo ..u monster ..mein kitni baar bolun sorry ! aap ke yehan ..yeh sorry ka tareeka nehi hai ..toh mein aapka pair choon kya  ?" Nandini bent down to touch his feet when he got shocked and moved behind . "Aap ...ko ek hi baat baar baar samjhana padta hai kya ?" Nandini asked him while he kept quite ."Listen u ...get lost from here !" Manik shouted . Nandini took the parcels and went to the door way and she turned back and called him "Monster Manik !!" and then she went . While Manik glared at what she said and moved from there . "Khadoos kahika ..hamesha daatha rehta hai !! Aiyappa yeh kabhi directly baat nehi kar sakta kya ? " Nandini mumbled to herself while she was throwing the parcels in the trash bin .
On the other side Abhi entered into Harshad's office . He was determined to get clear details of Harshad Saxena , so he decided to turn into his body gaurd to keep a keen eyes on him . He knew it was going to be a tough job to be a gaurd as this was going to end in nowhere . But still he had to do it to connect with the dots of this Harshad mystery .

Abhi gave his details of his bachelor's degree as he didnt want them to enquire further about his career and identity  . Smoothly he entered into Harshad's cabin without any further enquires and found his company to be fool like him .  "Good morning sir" Abhi tried to formal . "Haan .." Harshad said looking at him from top to bottom .
-Abhi's pov -(Abhi is a funny guy too ..)
Mujhe laga yeh sirf ladkiyon par nazar lagatha hai ...par yeh ladkon par bhi laga raha hai !
His issharas are not right
-End of pov -
"Well Abhilash .." "Abhimanyu sir" Abhi corrected him . "oh Abhimanyu ..I  struggle with names " Harshad said in a firm voice . "Its ok sir !" . "Its okay ? meine poocha kya ? ...Be in ur limits " Harshad declared .

:"Sorry sir" Abhi said . "Thats better!" Harshad said . "Meine tumhare qualifications dheka ..its just that ki I already have PA's anf body gaurds .." Harshad said . While Abhi was confused . "Par ..sir .." "I'm not done with what I said ..all u need to do is bodygaurd my wife Mukti and mujhe khabar karo ki woh kahan jaa rahi hai ..what all she is doing " Harshad said . While Abhi was shocked to the core .
-Abhi's pov-
OMG !! he's telling me to spy his wife ..that means his wife knows something about this moron . But its not a right thing !
This guy is damn a cheapo !
-End of pov -
"You just need to tell me who she talks with and who not and what all she is doing ..thats all " Harshad said . Abhi nodded his head unwillingly . "I need a proper yes !" Harshad said sharply . "Yes !" Abhi mumbled .

"Thats better ! " Harshad said with an evil smrik on his face . "Well yeh meri wife hai " Harshad said showing her photo to him through is mobile . Abhi was totally shocked to see the girl whom he met the day before .
-Abhi's Pov-
Yeh ladki ..isska wife hai ? Omg !
-End of pov-
"So deal done ..." He said calling Mukti up to his cabin through phone . He informed Mukti about this and Abhimanyu left his cabin  . "Mujhe nehi chahiye ko body gaurd ...I need some privacy Harshad " Mukti said with her eyes moist .

"No Mukti ..He will stay with you and help you with all those in which you needed me " Harshad said . "Harshad ..I'm not like you ki jo bhi ladki ko dheke usske saath ..." Mukti stopped in between controlling herself from crying .
"What the hell Mukti ? Tumhe agar meri time ki importance nehi dhikhai de rahi hai toh its not my problem !!" Harshad said harshly . "Harshad ..kuch times aise hote hai jo sirf ek pati apni patni ko de sakta hai !" Mukti said crying .

"Oh ! god not again ...tum typical Indian girl kyun ban rahi ho ? ..mein hoon ya koi aur kya farak padta hai ? " Harshad said . "Harshad !!! ...ek deal ke wajah se mein itna sab kuch bardash nehi karsakti !" Mukti said as her blood started to boil .
"Really ? soch lo ..Fab5 aur Ahaan ka future tum ek min mein bigaad do gi !" Harshad said with a smrik  . Mukti rushed out side feeling disgusted .  She was walking fast without even looking out for who was there and who was not as she went out she bumped into Abhimanyu .

"Care full princess " Abhi said while Mukti got angry . "Dosron ki biwi ko aise bulane mein sharam nehi aata hai kya ? " Mukti asked . "Oh sorry ..woh ..mein ..bodygaurd .." Abhi started to stammer .
"Body gaurd ? my foot ! " Mukti said trying her best not to break down and rused out from there .
-Abhi's pov -

Uski galati todi na hai ..Harshad shouldnt have done this ...but I need to get his details ..par aise toh nehi !
This guy seems to spy his own wife ..that means there are chances of somone of him spying me itself ! oh god ..

-End of Pov-
Abhi sighed and went from there and found Mukti struggling with the car . And another car came in and a little boy came out from the car . "Mamma ..." he said almost running and he was about to fall when Abhi caught him . "Care ful cutie boy !" Abhi said . Mukti saw him and came out of the car . "Ahaan !! " Mukti said . While Ahaan was staring at Abhi . "tum aise kyun ghoor rahe ho cutie boy ? " Abhi asked him smiling .
-Ahaan's pov -
Sab mujhe cute kyun bula rahe hai ? pehle Lady doll ! phir yeh !
-End of pov -
"Ahaan " Mukti said comming towards him . Ahaan came out of the trance and hugged Mukti . "Mamma !! " Ahaan said . While Abhi smiled looking at mom and son . "Ahaan ..nice name " Abhi said while Ahaan went back to his staring mode .

"Mein Abhimanyu ...u can call me Abhi ..mein aapki mamma ki body gaurd .." Abhi said smilingly . While Mukti got pissed off . Ahaan was staring at Mukti and Abhi . "Chalo ...mein aapko ghar chod deta hoon " Abhi said . Abhi was driving the car . While Ahaan got reminded of his Lady doll .
-Ahaan's pov -

Lady doll bohat hi cute hai bhagu !she is really very sweet ...no one taught me to taste the food and enjoy while eating but she taught me and it was fun .

-End of Pov -
"Ahaan ..tumhe school bhi jaana hai ...yaad hai na .." Mukti said . "Haan ..woh toh hai ...but who cares !" Ahaan said being care free . "Kya ? tum aise kyun bol rahe ho ? " Mukti asked .
"Kyunki mujhe chachu chutti dila denge !" Ahaan said . "This is cheating Ahaan !" Mukti said trying to be serious . "Mamma ...All is fair in love and war !" Ahaan said making Mukti shocked while Abhi smiled at him . "Yeh tumne kahan se seekha ? " Mukti asked . "Smile karne  se !" Ahaan said smiling and winking leaving Mukti dumbfound . Mukti had no options but smile at his cute antics .
On the other side Nandini took Navya out for refreshment . "Aiyyapa aaj mausam kitna accha hai !" Nandini said while Navya smiled taking in cool breeze of the wind gushing over her .
While moving her wheel chair she was talking and Navya also started talking like before . The chatterbox she was , she could bleed anyone's ears . But the quite gesture of hers bled everyone's heart .

As she was speaking and moving her wheelchair somone pushed her by mistake and  side of her top got torn  . "Oh hello ?? " Nandini said but the man was having ears phones plunged on his ears , so he didnt give a reply and he had one of his friend along .
Nandini kept calling him at last she got angry and threw a stone at him . He turned back and gave a shock to Nandini . "Manik ..aiyyo aiyyappa !!" Nandini said making helpless faces . "Kisne Manik pe pathar marne ki himmat kiya ? ...she is too lucky to see ur bull shakal ! " "Shut up cabir !!" Manik shut him . While Nandini gulped her saliva not knowing what to do . "Oh ! Nandini tum ne yeh puniya wala kaam kiya ? ...u r very lucky .. !" Cabir said jokingly .
-Nandini's pov -

Aiyyapa !! ...yeh poore duniya mein , Manik hi mila kya mujhe push karne keliye ...aur mein befkoof kahi ki ..iss monster pe pathar phek diya !!
my bat kismat !!

-End of pov -


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Will have to Read it Again after my exams
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ahaan is so cute...loving this boy a lot
poor nandu...and kadoos monster manik...loving this jodi a lot
pls continue soon
take care
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awsm loved it
cont soon
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Just wow..aahan a d nandini relation awesome..
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Awesome yaar! 
Ahsaan rocks!
Manik and nandu fight and pathar!
Loved it 

Thanks for the pm 
Continue soon 
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Wow too good awesome update continue soon and thanks for pm

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