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Meant to be together - MaNan SS (Chp updated pg 34 ) 10/11/15

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Prologue :
" Nandu didi ...Navya didi utt gayi !!  " came a little girl mentioning from the ICU blog . "Accha ...mein abhi aati hoon .." told a women of mid twenty one .
She went into the room to find a crying girl stuggling to come out . "Navya...stop ...dont pressure yourself ..." she mentioned out of care . "I have nothing other than pressure in my life Nandu.."
"I promise you Navya ..you will be able to walk very soon ..." she promised her with total care and concern . And the doctors came in and gave her mediciations and made her doze off .
    Nandini came from Mumbai to Delhi to meet her best friend Navya who went for a marriage and got into a trauma filled state there . She had to meet Navya in ICU with tubes and inserters along her body and a oxygen mask fitted along her nasal passage
Nandini was very much shattered to find her fun loving best friend to be in such a state where she was emotionless , neither did she cry ,nor she smiled nor she talked to anyone . Two weeks passed with this incident and Nandini planned to get her back to Mumbai
On the other side ...
"Ahaan...mamma ki baat sunno ...Manik chachu ..aaj nehi aapayegene ...bolo na Manik..." said Mukti to Manik... "Haan ...aaj mujhe bohat important kaam hai ...ahaan ..mein kal pakka aaongi ! "
"Nehi ...pappa ...bhi ..pappa ... cha...chu .." said Ahaan . Maanik hugged Ahaan and kissed his forehead "Chachu ..pakka aagega ..." Manik said . "Haan ..Ahaan ..tumhare Cabbu babbu bhi " said Cabir hugging Ahaan along with Manik .
"Mere bete ko squeese mat karna ..move ...Harshad aake dheke ga ..toh tum dono ka toh "  ... "Acha , acha jaa rahe hai ! " they both said .
Chp1 -pg
Chp2 -pg1
Chp 3 -pg 2
chp4 - pg 4
chp5 - pg 6
chp6 -pg6
chap7 - pg 9
chp8-pg 11
chp9 - pg 18
ch10-pg 19
chp 11 - pg 22
Chp 12 - pg 25
Chp13 - Pg 31
Chp14 - Pg 34  
Pls drop your comments if you like .Embarrassed

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interesting prologue
cont soon
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Originally posted by Humzy

interesting prologue
cont soon
thank u Embarrassed
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chapter 1
It was almost half past eight in the morning , when Nandini came out from the kitchen with a  plate of sandwich and juice and kept it on the table in her bed room. "Good morning Navya .." said she making Navya shift to her wheel chair . "Good morning Nandu ..." she said with a smile.
"yeh tumhareliye hai ...aaj ki phsyotherapy sessions ke liye Amms tumhare saath aayenge ..." Nandu said giving her the sandwhich the and juice . "Aaj meri duty hai ...kuch important kaam karni hai ...so mein usse khatam karke wapas aajaoongi ..theek hai !" Nandini said making her finish the food . Navya noded her head saying a yes .

Nandini got ready in the mean while an old lady of early sixties entered in to her room . "Good morning Nandu beta ..." she said . Nandini went and hugged her "Amms my sexy ...very good morning ..." she said kissing her forehead . "Pagli ,kitni baar bola hai tujhe call me amooma ! " "uffo ! you are not looking like my amooma ...you look young and sexy and ofcourse stylish ! So Amms suits u better !"

Nandini said chuckling in between . "Sudrogi nehi na ! tere bhai ko bhi aise hi bana diya !" Amms said pulling her ears . "Arre ...aap ko sharam aa rahi hai kya ? ...see your blushing ..agar dadu..aise aapko dhekte ..phattu ho jate !" Nandini said . "Chup kar badmash ! " Amms said blushing like a tomato . "My tamatar Amms ! " Nandini said teasing her . "Aiyyo ! Aiyyappa ! Nandu ..tumhare liye bhi waqt aayega ! aur dhekne mein aur Navya tumhare kaise mazak uddaegne !" "Accha...woh tab dhekenge ..ab keliye mere turn hai mazak udane ka !"

"Nandu .. you have to go for your duty ...jaao ..." Amms compelled her to get ready to escape her further naughtiness . "Amms ..aaj ke therapy sessions ke liye ..aap jaayega ..mujhe duty hai ..." "Yeh bhi koyi poochne wali baat hoti hai kya ? ...Navya hamri pothi hai ...mein zaroor lekhe jaoongi .." . "Haan Amms ..mein aaj aapke academy ko bhi dheke aaoongi !!" said Nandini . "Theek hai ..ab jao ! "
Nandini drove her scooty to the dance acadamy .

"Manik ...hamre meeting ka time hogaya hai ..." "Ah ..Dhruv ..ek min ..mein aata hoon " Manik took his wallet and moblie and moved out from his cabin . He found Harshad standing there "All the best Manik ..." Harshad said . "Han ..thanks .." Manik avoided looking at him .
Mukti is Manik's cousin sister and his best friend and her son is his best friend just like Cabir and Dhruv . He loves Ahaan to his life . Ahaan never speaks to anyone other than Mukti , Manik and Cabir , he sometimes speaks to Harshad his dad . Manik does go very much well with Harshad , but he tolerates him just for Mukti .
Manik had a very important meeting to attend said by his mom i.e his business partner Niyonika Malhotra whom he doesnt like to live with but again tolerates her . Manik Malhotra is very well know to everyone in India for the growing business man he is and also a very famous singer he is . He has a lot of fan followings along with his band Fab5 .  Where he went , he had press following him and now it very much irrittated him .
"Hmm...will catch you later bro .." said Harshad moving from there .  Manik moved from there went forward to his brand new Jaguar XJ 3.0L and made him self get seated inside along with Dhruv beside him . He ignited the car and started driving .

Nandini reached out to the academy to find her loving Chacha standing out . "Tu kahan gayi thi ? ...pata hai ..teri chachi ..phir se naya khana banayai aur taste karne ke liye tujhe bhula rahi hai ! " Chacha said with despair and worry . "Kya ? chachi phir se kahana banyi ? ..kahan ?" she said . Chacha pulled out a tiffin box from the side and showed it to Nandini .
Nandini pulled it from chacha and tried it ... "hmmm yummy ..." Nandini said . "Sacchi ? " chacha asked . "mujhe dona ..i wanna try it ..pls ..." chacha asked with excitement . "Itni aasaani se nehi ..." Nandini chukled and started running .
As she started running she banged somone and the food fell on that person's coat . The person was looking at his coat and then started staring at Nandini "What the hell ? ..." . "oh I'm really sorry ...How can i be careless ...aiyyo aiyyapa !!!" . "sorry ? sirf sorry kehne se ..yeh sab theek hoga kya ? do you even know how much it is for ? " . "I'm really sorry ...woh mein ...aap " Nandini tried to talk to him . "Do you even know who I am ...Manik Malhotra ! "
Nandini was now confused . "Listen you commoner ..this place is not to move here and there and spill food on others clothes ! Do you get that !! " Manik yelled at her ! "Oh hello ...aap aise baat kar rahe ho jaise aapne khabhi galat ki hi nehi ! ...ek baar galati ho gaya ! iss jaga pe aapka naam nehi likha hai ! " said Nandini . "Tum hoti kon ho Manik Malhotra ko kehne wali ? " "Agar aap Manik Malhotra ho ..then I'm Nandini Murthy ! ..aur aap kya aasmaan se aaye ho ? to have limits and all ? "

Manik grabbed her hand tightly was about to yell at her when Dhruv came and took him along with him Manik stared at Nandini giving a killer look and Nandini also stared him . "Monster kahika ...Aiyyapa ...i swear ...meine aise kahdoos insaan ko aaj thak nehi dheka ..."
Chapter 2 is up
Pls drop your comments if you like Embarrassed

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Awesome start. Tanks for the update. Keep going!!!! Smile

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Congo girl 4 new story its tooo goood plzzz update asap

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Chapter 2

Nandini was turning back to find chacha staring at her "Chacha ..he was taking it too much ..i couldn't tolerate it . " Nandini said looking down . "Nandu ...do you even know him ..he is Manik Malhotra ..Malhotra Industries ke CEO hai woh .." Chacha said with worry written on his face . "toh ..wo aise baat karega ? ..." Nandini asked . "Nandu...Nehi beta ..i have never seen you talking like this ..." "Chachu ...aaj tak meine sahi ke saath hi diya ..par shayad i talked too much today ..I should ask sorry .." "Chod Nandu ...chalo ..u are getting late .." . "Haan ...chachu ..I'll move ."

Nandini stared driving her scooty when she found some crowd surrounded in front of the road . Nandini stopped her scooty and found a women of her age lying on the ground unconsiously with pool of blood surrounded by her . "Aiyyo ..aiyappa ..." she said moving towards her and took out her hand key and tied around her head . "Agar...aap sab kisi ki madat nehi kar sakte ..toh aap sab yeh khade rehke dhek kya rahe ho ? koyi toh madat karo ! "Nandini said and found no one helping her and tears filled her eyes .
Suddenly a guy came in "Kya hua ...i'll help you ..i have a car ..lets move towards the nearest hospital .." He said giving her a helping hand . They both moved towards the hospital and got her admitted . The doctor came in and asked about patients enqiury , neither did they have her phone or her bag , infact she didnt carry any of them . They both noded to the doctor in negative side saying no .

"Patient kaisi hai ?" Nandini asked . "Well she is fine it seems to be she has fainted due to accident ..she is not having severe injuries ..but somone needs to sign her admit details .." "Mein karoongi ...aap jake patient ko dhekiye .." Nandini said . "Thank you so much ...aapne hamri madat ki ..." Nandini said with a smile . "Well aap jaise khoobsoorat ladkiyon ki madat karna mera kaam hai ..." the person mention . "Waise I'm Abhimanyu Thakkar ...and u ?"
"Nandini Murthy ..." "oh ...Kishori Murthy ji ki pothy right ! " Nandini looked surprised . "Haan ..." Nandini said . "Well Nice to meet you Nandini ...you like a doll my sister .." Nandini smiled . "Thank u Abhi bahiyya ..." Nandini giggled .  Meanwhile the doctor comes out .. "Aaap Patient ko mil sakte hai .." . Nandini went inside towards the girl who was surprised to see her .

"Ghabrao mat ...you were lying unconsious on the road ...and me and Abhimanyu brought u here .." Nandini said . "Thank you so much ...actually wo .." "Wo aapki koi mobile ya bag nehi mili thi ...so I didnt know what to do " "oh !I'm Alya ,Alya Saxena .." she said . "Oh! Nice to meet you Alya , I'm Nandini Murthy ." Nandini said "its really a very unusual day for me ..ek din mein theen naye logon ko mili meine .." Nandini said giggling . Alya smiled at her "Well thank you so much Nandini ..." . "Thank you ? yeh bhi kya baat hui ? ..i really dont like thanks and all ...lets not be formal ..you can call me anytime " Nandini said with assurence ."Well , mujhe ek important duty hai ..so I'll have to make a move , take care and Abhimanyu is there outside if you want any help " Nandini said and moved from there .
Manik came out from his meeting room and moved out along with his buddies . "Manik ...tujhe nehi lagta ..your too much angry today ? I want to see that girl who made you this much angry " Cabir said control his laughter . "Haan yaar ! shakal dhekna chaiye tha isska ..." Dhruv said giving an high five to Cabir . "Tum dono chup karenge ? ya mein tum logon ko yeha se phek doon ?" . DhruBir went into silence and started walking controlling their laughter .  "Chachu...cabbu bubbu ..Dudu .." Ahaan came in running towards them . Manik for a minute forgot about all his worries and just lifted him along . "Alle mere chotu ..." Cabir said pulling both his ears and kissed his cheeks a . "Cabbu ..mein chotu nehi hoon ...i'm bada like my chachu ..." Ahaan said making faces . "Nehi ..tu abhi tiny ho ..toh ab toh sirf tum ..chotu ..Bade nehi " Cabir said teasing him . "Chup kar ullu ...mera Ahaan bada hai ..." Manik said while Ahaan was making faces to Cabir .

"Tum bikul Mukti jaise ho ..." Dhruv said laughing at all the three of them . By that time Ahaan's care taker came in , she was appointed by Harshad for him but Ahaan doesnt like her and he doesnt speak to her  so Ahaan went towards Maniks Cabin . "Wo ...Ahaan ko ..specialist ke paas le jana tha .." Care taker told to Manik . Manik frowned , "Ahaan ko in sab ke kya zaroorat hai ? "
"Wo sir , aap hi jaante ho , he doesnt talk to anyone properly , neither in school , wo acche padtha bhi nehi hai , what else can we do ?" she siad . Manik was about to scream at her . "Manik , I think she is right . " Cabir said . "Ya buddy " Dhruv also gave in . "But usse sur kitne baar specialists ko dhikayenge ? how will he feel ? " Manik asked . "lets give a last try " Cabir said . "Haan Manik , shayad yeh work out hoga " Dhruv said patting Manik's shoulder .
Manik nodded his head in a yes .
Manik took Ahaan along and Cabir joined him , on the mean while Dhruv got a call of Alya getting admittedd in the hospital , so he moved along with Mukti to meet her .
Manik was sure something affected Ahaan badly , but he couldnt figure it out properly . But yet he waited for him to answer everything when he felt to do so .
They reached the clinic . Manik has appointed a very professional specialist for Ahaan and he was ready to give how much ever amount of money to take care of him .
Manik reached and so did Ahaan and Cabir , the receptionist told him to wait . His professional mentor also came along . "Sir , yeh jise aap milne wale ho , she has solved the most complicated problems , I think she can help Ahaan " . Manik nodded him knowing this wont work
The doctor asked only the parents to come . When Manik entered in , he was shocked to find out the doctor .

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Loved their takrar
Only nandu can make him loose all his senses

Loved it
PLEASE update

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