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SidNi OS - Passing the all lies

Asshi... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 4:20am | IP Logged
Hey hey all back with another OSLOL aahhh it was also for contestLOL and now it is served hereTongue

OS : Passing the all lies

Roshni paced back and forth in her room while looking at clock time to time. Time was ticking continuously but their was no sign of Siddharth. The fear of her heart increasing as the time keep on passing. She sits on her bed impatiently. She touched her chest as her heart beat fastly giving her warnings time to time.

"no! No! Please Sid come soon!"Roshni whispered with desperation

"Please God, just let this day pass without any trouble please"Roshni prayed with closed eyes looking up

Before her prayers reach till God ears Roshni heared some commotion that drowned her in worry. She opened her eyes and stood up.

"what's hapening?"Roshni questioned herself with horror and quickly ran towards the door

Roshni was about to open the door but then she remembered Sid's words

"chahe jo bhi ho jaye Roshni, tumhe sab se pehle is dress mai, mai hy dekhunga aur han is room se bahir tum us wakt tk na niklogy aur na hy kisi ko andr ane dogy, because I don't want anything goes wrong"

Roshni grip on door knob loosened as Sid's words ringed in her ears continuously.

"kya karun? Jaon ya nhy?"Roshni questioned herself

Before she could decide, she heared clear voices of her both mothers fighting on something. She narrowed her eyes.

"why is mom and maa fighting? And where is Sid?"Roshni questioned confusely

"no way am going out but then..."Roshni stood in confusion when her eyes fell on Sid photo frama

Roshni took Sid picture in her hand and said pouting - "you add me in such a confusion and I hate you for this!"

"why do you hate me?"Roshni heared Siddharth voice and turned to see him entering from window

Roshni folded her hands on her chest and smirked.

"to ab wakt mil rha h tumhe?"Roshni asked raising her eyebrow

Siddharth rubbed the back of her head smiling nervously.

"wo mai"He tried to find words but couldn't

"wese bhut khubsoorat lg rhy ho meri dulhaniya"Siddharth said looking at her dressed in heavy red lehenga

Roshni blushed as Siddharth came close to her

"whats these shouting?"Siddharth asked hearing the commotion

Roshni ears perked and replied - "I don't know I thought to check but then I remembered your words to mai apne husband k words ko kese neglect kr skty thy?"

"acha gi"Siddharth said naughtily

Roshni noded confidently

"now we should go and check"Roshni said suddenly

Siddharth smile faded, something came in his mind. Roshni opened the door but Siddharth quickly closed it

"Siddharth?"Roshni said confused by his behaviour

"Roshni I want to tell you something!"Siddharth said seriously

Roshni was about to say later when she noticed Siddharth's tens expression so she noded worried for him

Siddharth hold Roshni hand and make her sit on bed while Roshni looked on confused

"Roshni, I want to tell you something, I don't know how to say but Roshni... I lied to you!"Siddharth said looking down

"what did you lied?"Roshni asked

"Roshni, mai... Roshni"Siddharth looked away trying to find words to say

Roshni noticed Siddharth's hesitation, she hold his hand and asked - "Siddharth you are scaring me! Please, tell me what's it?"

Siddharth looked at Roshni worried face and took a deep breath. He stood up

"Roshni maine tumse jhoot kaha tha! I don't belong to a middle class family neither I am Siddharth Kukereja. I am Siddharth Khurana!"Siddharth told finally

Roshni was stunned into silence. She couldn't believe what she heared. She stood up and stand infront of him

"ye...ye tum kya k.eh rhe ho, Siddharth?"Roshni asked stammering

"yahi sach h Roshni! I lied to you because I really loved you and wanted to finish the hatred in you for rich people also I wanted to resolve your and sasumom issues so I lied. I really love you Roshni and I wanted to start fresh with truth and as today is our remarriage I don't want to marry you with the lie of my identity"Siddharth told looking in Roshni eyes with truth in his eyes

Roshni felt a lump in her throat that she couldn't gulped, she stood silent.

Siddharth sit down near her feet, looking down

"am here infront of you with the truth of my identity if you want to punish me then I have no problem, you can but just don't hate me if you want I will leave all the money and will be just Siddharth Kukereja just don't leave me"Siddharth said looking down with tears

Roshni looked at him sitting down, she could feel the pain in Siddharth voice, pain of losing Her! Her own tears escaped from her eyes, she opened her mouth to breath.

Roshni sit down near him and make him look at her. She could see tears in his eyes. She hugged him tightly, crying in his arms. Siddharth too hugged her back.

"how did you thought I will leave you? Buddhu I love you! You should have told me all this before but am glad you atleast told me now!"Roshni said in his arms

"how can you forgive me so easily?"Siddharth asked surprised

Roshni break the hug and cup his face

"you didn't lie for yourself but me too for my happiness too so I accept you with what you are and there is no need to leave your name that you earn because if it is so then I should also leave my name my mother"Roshni said lovingly

If she felt hurt due to betrayal then she could also feel pain in him for lying to her.

Both were looking in each other eyes drowning in the love for each other. Both of their trance was broken by the knock on the door. Both stood up

"Tsss Sid go and hide somewhere!"Roshni said

"but why?"Sid asked confused

"budhu we are getting married so we will meet downstairs"Roshni told

"Roshni we are already married and there is no problem"Siddharth told cooly

"but sid"Roshni argued

"chil"Siddharth said winking

Roshni break into smile and noded

Roshni opened the door and saw the maid

"wo apko Madam bula rhy hain"Maid told with bow head

Roshni was confused but noded. Roshni walked downstairs in her heavy bridal dress while Siddharth too followed confused as it is not how the bride is called there is surely something wrong

DD and Simran both were standing together waiting for Roshni when they saw SidNi coming together.

"Roshni, Siddharth yahn kese?"DD asked confused

"mom first tell me what's wrong?"Roshni asked

"mai bataty hun, your mother kidnapped my to be jamai"Simran told angrily

Roshni was taken aback by the bitterness in Simran voice that never was

"apka hone wala jamai? When did you have daughter maa?"Roshni asked confused

"I have daughter, Kritika! The one who did that accident! She was going to marry today to Rajveer but your mother kidnapped him because e divorced Samaira and choosed Kritika"Simran spitted

"Rajveer? And mom when did you plan to get Kritika married? You never told me! And Rajveer he is the deciever mom and just want money about kidnapping I believe it must be his own conspiracy"Siddharth said

"Rajveer wanted to marry today so I agreed and you don't have time to know about your sister so didn't told you but your this DD kidnapped him"Simran said mercilessly

"wait a minute! Siddharth you never told me about Kritika!"Roshni said hurt

"I am sorry Roshni actually I too know after that accident! Mom hided it from me"Siddharth said looking down

"and Samaira never get divorced"DD interrupted

"no here are these divorce paper"Simran showed

DD snatched and was shocked

"but Samaira never told us"DD said

"whatever it is now am saying leave this house it is mine"Simran shouted

"huh? Now how is that possible?"Roshni asked confused

"beta she is saying that she named it on her name and they are Khurana's! Siddharth lied to us"DD said in betrayed tone

Roshni - "huh?"

"yes I am Simran Khurana we are not middle class"Simran said angrily

"by the way I know that! Siddharth told me but how is this house your ma?"Roshni asked

Roshni looked at Siddharth but he gave her I-don't-know- look

Simran gave the papers and Siddharth snatched it from her hands. He was shocked

"mom how could you decieve?"Siddharth asked

Simran looked away and replied - " I don't want to answer ask this DD to leave from our house and Roshni you need to choose between us and your mom"

Roshni was stunned by this avatar of Simran. She looked at her in disgust

"are you the same person who make me her daughter?"Roshni asked disgusted and hurt

Simran looked at her sharply

"mom how could you say that? Okay you choose between me and Kritika"Siddharth said angrily

"sid?"Simran was hurt

"yes mom! How can you ask Roshni to choose when you yourself can't do that? And if you really want her to choose then you too choose"Siddharth said angrily

"she has to Sid"Simran said

"okay then fine am choosing Roshni, mom! Also you don't care for me as you choose Kritika over me so your answer is known to me let's just end it here me and Roshni will be with sasu mom and about this papers then I gave it to you so am taking it back and you don't have right on sasu mom property"saying so Sid tears the paper into pieces

"Siddharth!"Simran shouted

"you can leave Mrs Khurana! Here is no one yours! I am Siddharth Kukereja and today it is my marriage I don't want some stranger there"Siddharth said coldly but he was hurt

DD and Roshni looked at Siddharth with respect. He choose the truth even if it throw him away from his family and luxury.

"you will repent Sid!"Saying so Simran went away without caring for Siddharth

Siddharth stood broken by his mom act. He had already noticed her indifference and rude behaviour from the time Kritika came she started to ignore him and today it was the limit

"Siddharth! Control yourself! Am sorry for what hapened"Roshni said holding Siddharth

Siddharth wiped his tears and looked at Roshni

"no Roshni it's not your fault! My mom was wrong and it was needed"Siddharth said

"Siddharth"DD called out

Siddharth looked at DD, and then looked down guiltily.

"sasumom I"Siddharth started but DD stopped

"don't call me sasumom"DD said in strict anger voice

"mom?"Roshni said shocked

"mery bety se shadi krne ja rhe ho r mere ghr mai rehne wale ho so call me mom"DD said and broke in smile

Siddharth and Roshni looked at each other and smile.

"now let's start the marriage"DD said with smile

Siddharth smiled and noded

SidNi got married with everyone present except Khurana's but Raj was present as he trust his son and loves him too.

Siddharth filled Roshni's mang with Sindoor

"happy holi and Marriage, Roshni"Siddharth said with smile

Roshni looked at him and smile. She took little sindoor and pressed it on his cheek.

"same to you Sid"Roshni replied back smilingly

Today, on the day of Holi, without any lie and hurt Siddharth and Roshni got married with the love of their families except Simran who choosed her daughter over her husband and son.

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aparnalokam IF-Dazzler

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Such an awesum os baby Embarrassed
I hate dat simran Angry
Asshi... IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 5:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aparnalokam

Such an awesum os baby Embarrassed
I hate dat simran Angry

thanks sweetyHug
me tooAngry
Nia_doll Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 5:09am | IP Logged
rocking os Embarrassed
tehreemsajid Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 5:14am | IP Logged
niice os this simran arghAngry
rachana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Awesome os...Tongue Loved the way sid told the truth to roshni w/o giving a chance to that nutcase...Clap I hate s****n...AngryWow except her sidni marriage s happnd!!...Dancing

Edited by rachana10 - 09 May 2015 at 5:54am
A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 6:10am | IP Logged
I loved it..
it was superBig smile
angel_juhi04 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:05am | IP Logged
Awesome OS dearClapSmile
Glad dat Sid himself told Roshni d truthClap
Rosh accepted himBig smile
I hate SimranAngry
D bitch wants Rosh to choose but can't choose herselfAngry
Loved how Sid supported Rosh-DD n sent away SimranClapBig smile

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