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#3: The Alternate Universe-Retelling IPKKND (Thread 4 link on Pg 1) (Page 32)

BarunFan1212 Senior Member

Joined: 11 April 2014
Posts: 422

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Nice teaser. Truth getting revealed slowly.
Happy Wedding Anniversary.

Karkit IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 February 2013
Posts: 2941

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 8:07am | IP Logged
wish you happy anniversary dear...
Desire6 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 October 2012
Posts: 8061

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 8:37am | IP Logged
2 THINGS FIRST...HEHHEHEHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Anniversary Fruit Cake

Wishing You Both A Wonderful Anniversary

HAPPY 4th Anniversary Dear...Hug

comming to teaser...

KHUSHI KO THODI NA AKHELA CHODEGA...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


WAIITN,,Day Dreaming

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Zeehana Senior Member

Joined: 14 November 2014
Posts: 720

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Poor Khushi !!
And also Payal...
Good teaser ,..Looking forward to read the chapter

thinkggreen Senior Member

Joined: 18 September 2012
Posts: 234

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Happy Anniversary, enjoy your day!
Superb teaser.
Payal has been proposed by Akash, wow.
Kushi is scared that Arnav will take Nikkil away, and Payal gets a shock that Arnav is Nikkils dad.
Cant wait for the update.

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AdyaXoxo Goldie

Joined: 16 November 2014
Posts: 2225

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 9:30am | IP Logged
Hellos ..
First things first ... 
Happy anniversary ,. .. HeartParty
May u have an amazing years ahead and may u stay happy and may you stay happy and joyous always in this scared bind for eternityBlushing
Secondly , 
I just love 
(The banner , I can't lost as my post is a bit long Wink)

This amazing piece of art and if u want it know wat makes me love it more ...
It's none other than the absence of my lovable , one and only snakewa...Ouch
And awww...
Nikhil is a cutie pie...Star
Now coming to the teaser ...
It was 
2)spectacular Thumbs Up
5)mind blowing
6)flawless Clap
7) awesome 
8)out of the world 
9)all the other adjectives In the english oxford dictionary 
HAWWW...I have to unres the previous comments it all in this ...
Anyway ...
Back to the update ..
Khushi is insecure of letting go of her son , her most precious possession ...
I don't know why but I feel her life made her insecure ...Ermm
She let go of her guards for Arnav ...
But in return what she got ...
Was leave apart acceptance but not even acknowledgement . . 
Ik it's crap but I don't know why I feel so. . .
I feel of actually I believe khushi loved Arnav ..
Coz the way she opened up to him ...
U can't blame the entire thing on intoxication ...
And she doesn't regret it ...
Which can only happen in that case ...
Leave this ..
I feel she still loves him ..Ying Yang
I.e why she was so affected by her presence it was not hate ... It never was ..
It was just anger .. Angst is what I define it as ...
Not coz of wat Happened ... .
But bcoz she had to marry the ultimate snakewa ...PigEvil Smile
Her life became torturous ...
Achha ...
How and why does lavanya call khushi chamkeeli ... 
Like srsly within a max of 2 hours ..
And wasn't lavanya absent ..QuestionD'oh
But no these lines 

"Arre, kya kar rahi hai, chodiye hamein..."

"Dekho, ye mera pahla chance hai, showstopper banne ka...main nahi chahti ki tum koi gadbad karo."

"Aap hume kaha le ja rahi hai."

"Relax...whatever you name is...chamkeeli..., drink this. You will feel better."

That same girl had pushed a glass of drink that looked like orange juice, through her lips. It was too bitter and it burned her throats. Before she realized, she was pushed on to the stage, "Don't spoil it for me Chamkeeli"Sleepy

Like la is not among those to give names to strangers.. 

This raises my doubt about la and Shyams coalition (idk why I feel it's the word for them) .. But then I feel nay ...

Ok leave this ...
Wen she  stumbles in his room ...
Why does she call lavanya with a ji as if they were acquainted ...
Or maybe with Pam &co she must have bitched about her for ruining her opportunity as a show stopper
And he says Khushi ., ..
And wait .. .does he just answer her about lavanyas and his relation ...
Which is so not ASRish..
Especially if she is a stranger ...
Right when he sees her ,,,
Now coming y he does t remember her ...
See his statement in ch-12 
Ur eyes have haunted me in these 5 years and 3 months ...
Like he was not highly intoxicated ...
He tells la that he had had a couple of drinks ...
That can't make him drunk ...
And see ...
In a previous chapter ... 
There was a flashback of Arnav Singh Raizada standing in front of her house ..
In all his glory ,..

Arnav Singh Raizada was no more than a darkened hulk down the stage when Khushi's auto pulled up in front of her home in Laxminagar.

But as she stood in front of him, nervous, she found him staring at her at the same time, his eyes so firm and pitiless, and his expression utterly unyielding.

Confused and nervous, she turned to return back only to get stuck in her dupatta and land straight into the waiting arms of Arnav Singh Raizada.Clown

Why I feel but it was after that night maybe he came there...
To tell her that he was SORRY...
In the lift incident the sorry scene transported to the same sorry a few years back ..
So I was some way right ,.. 
Khushi did feel they are going on the path which leads to her world crashing down again ..
Why say again is bcoz ,...
As us stated she did feel loved ...
So she declined shyams offer ..
But then when he came. ,...
She realised he didn't love her ...Cry
Hence she married him ...
AMD IN THE LAST chapter ..
The winning smile on Arnav's face makes me feel ...
That he might me thinking that she is his ,..
Always was ...
And ...
Lavanya is digging a path if self destruction .. .
But wat I want to know wat does he want to see ...
See he has Had some accident or amnesia ...
The reason he could not remember his ,.
I guess is not VALID ...Ermm
coz see ...
La said that she presented they had a night together ,..
Means he didn't remember that night ,, ,
But why ...
Haha. ...
Teaser ,,, 
She feels that Arnav will take Nikhil only like Shyam .. . 
But he is better amid smarter ..
He will take the son and mom duo ...
I just loved Arnav's concern for Khushi in the last chapter ,,,or 
Last to last,...
Achha lift scene ...
I literally had 2 cold glasses of water ...
I just loved how Arnav was ready to protect her form all the demons ..
AND how khushi calls her the prince in front of Nikhil .. 
Which shows her trust on him is growing .. . 
And ,,...
Payal And Aakash ki love story is on fast forward or wat ...
Last time to tha.. 
I womt accept a no for a car ride ...
Ab ho Gaya marriage ...Cool
And beta Arnav ...
Vaise no prob..
Cause this is gonna lead to a Lot of ArShi moments...
Hahaa ...
Poor khushi .. .
She just blurted the father of her child ...
Haha ..
She was so scared when she thought she will she him ...
She does t know that they already have met each other and love 2..
SEEE ...
I guess Arnav will get to know first ..
And through Anjali . ..
And I just love Aranv and Nikhil ...
Arnav's cincerm for Nikhil ...
He doesn't care whether it will affect his business. ...
Nikhil is his utmost priority .. .Big smile
And Nikhil and Appu ...
Have ...
These 2 sweethearts ooze out sweetness ...
Accha why is Arnav having the fbs ..This makes me feel he Actually had memory Losss...
OHMG ...
Coz Khushi didnt Allow Nikhil to even day bye to his nannav uncle ...
But didn't Khushu get the clue ...
And the note if finality In Arnav's clue ..
When lavanya asked him why he let her go ..
U know khushi feeling that Aranv will take Nikhil ..
Is somehow obvious coz he is not ASR for nothing ...
And the vacation is gonna be a nail in the coffin to Khushi's present state ...
Achha ,,,.
Once again the lift scene ...
Aranv is so attached to khushi . , .Hug
He goes to any level to protect her ,,,
And the intensity of the moment ,, , 
Like WOW ...
Achha ...
Did I miss anything ...
Wait lemme read ...
So yeah ... 
I am back ,.
This line 
"But he gave far more than he took, and if it wasn't love, it left Khushi feeling as if she had been loved."SillyEmbarrassed
I'll be lying if I say I didn't blush 
I don't why but I feel he gave his heart to the stranger ..
Haha ... I'm it's not possible ...
But man ...
I don't know why I feel so. . .
Wat did he Give 
-a shoulder to cry 

And the next line "if it wasn't love "
Idk ...
And in ch-11 I think 

That wasn't the Arnav Singh Raizada she knew.Geek

This line makes me feel that my sorry theory is true ...

But maybe what she told him about offering money ,,.

Maybe to keep her shut he may have offered money ...

Being the ruthless ASR ...

But it was a shock to her to see a comforting ASR ...



I am tired if thinking ..but still I love it ...

I am being a crazy prsn coz of u .. .ans I still love u for that Sleepy

And just like that, the moments from long ago, crept into his conscious mind. One-by-one. Fragments. Flashes. A sound. A touch. Moments too dreamlike to bear.

HE REMEMBERED her now. She'd lost her way and landed into to his bedroom.

"Five years and three months", he stated with slow deliberation.

"Give or take a few days", she agreed, her tone one of dismissal.

"I didn't recognize you at first"

Her eyes mocked him, knowing he was remembering a graceless girl who had willingly gone to his arms with a little who bore little similarity to the slim elegance of today's designer.

"You haven't changed", she stated coldly, remembering the hurt from long ago.Star

 I just love the description . . 

But the line give or take a few months make me feel that again payals ex abhishek of watever demanded dahej , Kyushu asked Arnav,as she stated their first meet in the lift he promised her money , but on a clause ,,

But I guess she denied and eventually went to meet her then jiju but landed up wher she was supposed to LOLWink

My most favourite line was -
I don't want to be alone ,
I domt want to be alone either ,..

It gave me goosebumps ...
Ab me thak gai
And I forgot to tell u ilu more for the length of the update ...
4000 words ,,,
OHMG ...
Like r u kidding me ..
PM ,e whenever u update ...
I am gonna. Read white rainbow tom
Summing up my small comment .. .
I love everything ...
ArShi , payash , Appu , Nikhil , snake wa 2 
And u the most for presenting this Amazimg story lab
Enjoy ur day ,,.
And I truly meant it here 

I am sorry to interfere but don't u think that if she reveals it in a haste , the essence of Arnav's reaction on realising about Nikhil and further about him being his son ..
They definitely are 2 different steps ...
Amd who is. And the  father part  is simply cleared in Arnav's dream and the the line "triumph look in his eyes "
Secondly , why on earth does khushi Kumasi Gupta hate Arnav actually reluctant to him , coz she doesn't hate , sometimes or actually always I feel she loves him , 
Why did she marry Shyam within a week after rejecting his proposal , he surely didn't become eviler or more handsome..
Achha leave this , Arnav's attachment to Nikhil , the similarity in their characters and in ch8/10 they both take 2 steps wer a an feels they are father 
-son duo  OR Anjali feels that he is just like her chotte 
And yaar , she is too amazing so watever she will write and whenever there will be a reason ... Approve
And I truly meant it ..
Take ur own time ..
Coz ur Amazing writer 
P.S my fav 
And the essence of this amazing piece is everlasting , evergreen actually Silly
Good night now 
Happy anniversary once again ,Day DreamingDancing
I wanted to put an IMG but couldn't <pout>
Hugs and kisses 

Edited by AdyaXoxo - 16 May 2015 at 11:03am

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TwisterGirlDesire6 Senior Member

Joined: 27 September 2014
Posts: 259

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Brillliiiaaannnttt Clap
Sobhan006 Senior Member

Joined: 27 May 2014
Posts: 644

Posted: 16 May 2015 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Happy anniversary to you guys!
Great teaser!
So payal knows now, who nikhil's father is?
Had to wait for a week now for an update:(

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