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SidNi OS : Together Forever

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Hey everyone! Sorry was not active on forum lately actually my internet is not working and when it works it's miracle
I wrote this OS for contest and now pasting it hereSmile

OS : Together Forever

She had a sweet smile on her face while her eyes closed indicating that she is sleeping when sun disturbed her from her sleep and she woke up. She sat on bed yawning and spreading her arms around. She looked on her other side to find the bed empty. She narrowed her eyes and the look at the time.

"where the hell did this Siddharth Kukereja went?"She said frustrately"aahhh I don't understand why does he dissapeared at this time of morning"

As she stepped down the bed she saw a dress placed on bed. Confusely she took it. It was a simple white and pink dress, but beautiful and elegant. She ran her hands on it. It was so soft that she didn't even wanted to took away her hand from it.

"beautifull"She whispered with a amazed smile

Her eyes fall on the small heart shape paper placed on bed. She took it and read aloud " I am sorry to go away like this but you know na I love you a lot. I am planing to spend my time with you after coming home so please Mrs Roshni Kukereja wear this dress and get ready for our sweet time together,
only yours,
Love you"

Roshni smiled widely reading it

"Finally, Mr Kukereja want to spend some time with me"Roshni said happily

Roshni get ready and was looking absolutely stunning. She smiled looking at her reflection in mirror when she heared some voice from downstairs. She walked out and found the whole house decked with darkness

"tu bhi na Roshni, is wakt kon utha hoga?"Roshni said to herself but then found a shadow lingering downstairs

She got scared thinking that maybe some thief came, silently she walked downstairs trying to see the person.

"Siddharth, is that you?"Roshni asked but no one replies

Suddenly she saw the person coming forwards

"ko...kon h?"Roshni asked scared

Roshni eyes grew wide seeing the knife in the person hand and the blood oozing from it.

"kya chahte ho tum? Who are you?"Roshni asked scared

The person chuckled

"tumne mjhe nhy pehnchana? How sad but never mind I just want to complete my work"The person said in witty voice

Roshni got scared hearing his words, she walked backward.

"why are you getting scared? Look you even wore the dress I bring for you and you don't even recognize me?"said the person in amusing voice coming forward with knife in hand

"what? You bought this?"Roshni said shocked and then remember their was no name on the paper she red, so she missunderstood it?

Roshni back now touch the wall and the person stood close to her, he bring the knife infront of her and smile evilly, Roshni closes her eyes feeling scared, she shouted for her mom and everyone.

The hall lightened, closing the eys for minutes and not feeling any pain or knife through her body she opened her eyes and screamed back again seeing the knife infront of her eyes but then she noticed words written on it which seems to be written by blood.

Roshni looked at the person holding knife and her eyes widened first in shock and then in anger.


"Happy birthday!"Siddharth said with wide smile

The same words were written on knife.

"youuu Siddharth"Roshni said angrily and closed towards her

Roshni words remained in her mouth when she heared a loud shout

"Happy Birthdayyy"Roshni looked behind Siddharth over his shoulders and found DD and her own family standing smiling with a smile adoring their face

That's when Roshni looked around to found the whole place decorated.

Siddharth chuckled again and said in change voice "so now you recognised me?"

Roshni looked at Siddharth and flared her nose in anger, she beat him on his chest

"how dare you Siddharth? You scared the hell out of me"Roshni said angrily and beating again and again on his chest with her small fist

"aree arre"Siddharth said startled by her beatings he hold her hand and pulled her towards him

Siddharth hold her near to him by holding her hands from one hand and waist from other. Roshni looked in his eyes and was lost

"arre yar mai to bas tumhe surprise krna chahta tha by wishing you on your first birthday after our marriage"Siddharth said softly

Roshni looked in his eyes and registered his words, she felt happy

"ohoo stop romancing and come and cut the cake Roshni"Nani said coming forwards

Roshni and Siddharth looked away embarrased, Siddharth left Roshni and Roshni straightened herself.

Both walked in the middle where cake was placed. Roshni had tears looking at the decoration and everything

"it's...amazing"Roshni said with tears and smile

DD smile faded and she hold her from shoulders.

"am sorry for not celebrating your birthday and just giving gifts without even wishing and to compensate that we all especially Siddharth prepared this all"DD said with tears of guilt and smile of happiness

Roshni hugged DD "mom" DD hugged back "Happy birthday my child" DD kissed her forehead

Siddharth had tears in his eyes looking at both mother-daughter duo. He wiped his tears with his thumb missing his own parents but DD and Roshni noticed it.

"Siddharth!"DD called

"han..han"Siddharth said startled

DD opened her arms and said "am your mother too na"

Siddharth smiled widely while fresh hot tears make their way, he hugged DD with Roshni on other side.

"arrree ab bas bhi kro rone dhone ki. Let Roshni cut cake am sooo hungry and can't wait for it to be cut"Resham said with her usual way of making laugh and it did everyone laugh loud and Resham felt good

"chalo"DD said

Roshni cut the cake happily with her mom and husband on either side and everyone clapping and singing "happy birthday"

Roshni took the first piece and stood confused as who to give first, Sid or DD? She pout and then smile thinking something.

She put the piece in plate again and cut another piece while everyone stood confused.

"Roshni beta ye..."DD trailed as Roshni turned with both pieces in her either hand and extend her hands one towards DD and the other towards Siddharth with a smile adoring her face

DD and Siddharth looked at each other and then at Roshni their confusion turned into smile and both smiles biting the cake piece but...

Roshni pushed full piece in Siddharth mouth smearing it all around his face. Siddharth stood motionless while Roshni have a hearty laugh

DD feed the cake to Roshni while Roshni eyes were on Siddharth who stood embarrassed which Roshni stood enjoying.

"Roshni..ye, ye sab kiya h?"Siddharth asked pointing towards his cake face

Roshni chuckled and told "your punishment of scaring the hell out of me"

Siddharth cleared his face with napkin which Roshni forward. He then took the piece of cake and forward towards Roshni mouth. She gulped seeing the smirk on Siddharth face, scaredly she tried to take the bite of cake but surprisngly Siddharth took the piece away and eat himself. Roshni stood open mouth while everyone else giggles seeing the naughtiness of this amazing couple.

"ye kya tha Siddharth?"Roshni said putting her hands on waist on either side

Siddharth looked at her and chuckled, he came close to her and pinched her nose confusing her.

"ghusa hmesha naak par kuch to khyal kro naak laal hogye h jabke gaal laal hone chahye the(anger always on nose, took some care your nose has turned red when instead of your nose your cheeks should be red)"Siddharth said laughing loud

"Siddhaaarth"Roshni said gritting her teeth

"chill Roshni I just took my revenge you didn't let me eat cake na"Siddharth said between laughs

"achaaa and what was that? Your whole face was eating cake just you didn't eat right?"Roshni said angrily

"so you also want that your face eat the cake?"Siddharth said with amused smile

"I...ah"Roshni tried to say but words failed to come

Everyone stood adoring the couple with a sweet smile.

"areee ab bs bs some one feed us too"This time nani said

Roshni looked at nani and noded. One by one Roshni feed everyone. They all party together and when everyone retired to their room to have some rest Roshni saw Siddharth missing and tried to find him.

Passing through corridors someone pulled her inside a room and before she shout a flat hand closed her mouth, Roshni calmed down feeling Siddharth she knew it was him especially when he talked "sshhh"

Roshni opened her eyes and looked at him.

"kya karty ho jab bhi mai ata hun tum cheekne chilane lag jaty ho koi aisa bhi karta h apne pati k sath?"Siddharth said playfully

Siddharth waited for her response but came nothing other than mmm.

"say clearly"Siddharth said confused by her words

Roshni rolled her eyes and stomped her foot on his making him winced in pain.

"what was this?"Siddharth said gulping pain

Roshni took a deep breath and replied "when you will hold my mouth so tight then how can I reply?"

Siddharth closed his eyes understanding his stupidness he scratched the back of his head.

"so why are we here?"Roshni asked

Siddharth smiled and brought the cake

"as we could not feed each other so thought to do now"Siddharth said with smile

Roshni smile and noded. Both feed each other and then Siddharth started a soft music on low voice so not to disturb anyone.

Both danced in the middle of the room on each other arms.

Siddharth had his one hand in Roshni's hand while the other on her waist while Roshni has her other hand on Siddharth's shoulder and both stood lost in each other eyes.

"did you saw any horror movie?"Roshni asked

"huh?"Siddharth asked confused by the question

"yeah! The way of wishing me was sooo scary"Roshni said pouting

Siddharth laughed little and replied - "that was just to surprise you in a unique way especially when you yourself forgot about your birthday"

"ohh yea"Roshni said rolling her eyes

Siddharth twirled her around

"so you like the surprise?"Siddharth asked

"umm yeah! Apart from that scary part everything was awesome"Roshni said with smile placing her hand around his neck

Siddharth smiled widely and replied - "be carefull not to get nightmares in night I can't stand your shouting"

"huh"Roshni said faking anger looking away while Siddharth laughed seeing his antics

"by the way Sid"Roshni bit her lower lip and looked down nervous to talk

Siddharth gulped somehow knowing what's coming so he just hmmed encouraging her to speak

"Sid, thanks for giving my mom back though I can't help you"Roshni said nervously

Siddharth looked down sadly still dancing and then looked at her and gave her faint smile

"I know how much parents love mean Roshni and you don't need to be sorry my parents love was maybe not in my life maybe I was destined to be orphan but some way it's good I was orphan or else how could I have meet you in orphanage?"Siddharth said with smile and then continued "and note it am not orphan anymore my sasumom is with me"

Roshni smile between tears on last sentence of Siddharth.

"see my parents too will be happy seeing that I got such a beautiful daughter-in-law for them"Siddharth said with admiring smile

"you are right they are with us"Roshni said taking a deep breath

Siddharth noded and Roshni placed her head on his chest. In each other arms both forget the world, together forever.

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:34am | IP Logged
i really liked this one but since could vote only for 2 so couldn't voteWink
i m first btw!!
n wecome back..LOL
maclean Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:37am | IP Logged
such a fabulous os dearClap
skinnypal IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Awesome OS ! 
Loved the surprise that Sid gave her.. so cute.. !! LOL
NiaDiva Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:47am | IP Logged
amazing dear so well writtenClap
Nia_doll Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 2:55am | IP Logged
loved the way he surprisedLOLWinkawesome os
tehreemsajid Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 3:10am | IP Logged
cute and romantic osEmbarrassed
rachana10 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Amazing osSmile
Loved the shock that he gave to her Wink poor girl, she was so scaredShocked and sid love to tease her...Tongue Lovely couple!!!

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