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RAMAYI:GAME OF DESTINY(part 4 pg 2) (Page 2)

swathin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:05am | IP Logged
loved it

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mannatkhan Goldie

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:45am | IP Logged
welcome back vikas
loved it..
thanks for pm...

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Impossible.Girl IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Wow ... Clap
Loved it Vikas
Wonderful concept dear
I have always been interested in this character - Ram
such a unique personality he is
Continue soon
eager to catch up this story

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prachi_vrushan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 2:16pm | IP Logged
wow such a awesome concept vikas
very interesting
do continue soon n do pm m
riya65 Groupbie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Hi vikas
Nice start with different concept Smile
Continue soon thanks for de pm
Wil u not complete de old stories am Waitng for their updates...

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 8:21am | IP Logged

                           JOURNEY TO TEMPLE WITH RAM



It's dinner time in Ram was taking his class and Mathur's gathered around their dinning table.

Mahesh "What happened in morning I heard there was an attack."

Ramesh "Yes,Thakur sent them to give warning to Ram ."

Alok "But,they were creamed out by Ram .It was such a pleasent scene to watch it no one was even able to touch him and he took everyone of them ."

Suresh "What were you doing ?Who told about Ram to them?"

Tanmayi "Dad,they wanted to help but Ram don't want to take it.He himself revealed to them ." Mahesh "He revealed himself is he crazy?"

Arjun "No dadu,he is not crazy he just won't tell lies.He told me that he never told a lie from time he was a child."

Ramesh "Really,I heard when he told he wont tell lie.but I thougt he is just telling in most cases." Mahesh "I think he is telling truth.I observer it while speaking to him he speaks after thinking and never speaks more than recquired and keeps smiling mostly ."

Radha "Not just that he was doing yoga in morning along with surya namaskaaras he was using his sword in

morning I thougt it is just a exercise but after watching that fight .I have no words to speak."

Rajeev "aunty.he is practicing from age of ten and how could you expect less from him."

Shiela "Yes how could we expect less from a disciplined boy,we have our boys we have to give them break fast at lunch time."

Alok "Aunty ,we always get up early just few days it happen to be late."

Sunitha(Alok and Teju's mother and Ramesh's wife) "Yes I know that but just that few times happens every time."

Everyone laughs on this .Arjun"Maya told Ram that ill about Tanu aunt  ."

Shiela "What did Ram say?"

Tanmayi who is already disturbed is getting angry .Arjun "I don't think Ram listened to her he told good riddance when she left."

Everyone can't control laugh over it when Arjun told everything what happened in morning about how he got used to telling truth to everyone and Maya's challenge she can do it."

Tanmayi "She can't even stand a hour without telling a lie."

Every one finishes their dinner and were back to their rooms .Tanmayi looks at Ram's tent from her window and Ram was reading some book but actually he was seeing some photo.


   Ram got up before sunset and noticed Radha was awoke and go near and asks for kids .She asks him what happened and he tells her about Arjun asking him to teach basic football tricks. Radha "I dont think they will be awake this early."

Ram "I know but I thought he would .He showed great interest yesterday."

Ashwini comes there at same time "Aunty I dont know what happened to kids they got up so early and are getting ready."

Ram "So they gotup .What are they doing now?"Ashwini "Ram,oh you are awake ?"

Ram "Yes,it's my regular to getup before sunset .I just came to know about Arjun ,Is he comming?" Arjun and Kaushik came running and Arjun was excited .

Radha "So,you would be giving them classes for few days."

Ashwini who was confused over scenario,first her kids got up so early and Ram waiting for them and Radha talking about classes.

Ram "Yes,I will start today after my suryanamaskaaras and yoga."

Radha "If you dont mind will you teach kids.."

Ram "No problem it would be interesting if they are interested."

Arjun "I will "

     Ram takes them near to his tent and sun was about to set and Ram started giving guidance to them of how to do it and importance of every posture .Kids following him and Ram correcting their mistakes and after few minutes they are doing it correctly and Ram started doing and kids were unable to do after few

minutes but Ram completed it 108 times and then told kids "well done for first day .If you practice it daily you would be able to do it completely."

     Ram is now teaching few yogaasanaas and they were doing it greatly and after few minutes Ram told them to wait inside tent as he has to practice with his sword.Ram now took his sword and wielding it usually and after finishing  he called kids for their football practice.It continued well and kids were happy with their improvement.

They stopped their practice around 8'o clock completely tired .Ram gave them break and went to take his bath and kids are back to their house.By 8:30 Ram was preparing his breakfast and Radha called him to eat with them.Ram agreed after severe persuade.In Mathur table kids are telling to their grandad what they did whole morning.Mahesh was happy that kids are under control of their mischievenesss. Mahesh  "Ram they din't trouble you right?"

Ram "No,they are disciplined and hard working and am sure little stubborn,"

Ranjith "Yes,they are very stubborn and few times listens to no one ."

Ram felt something strange in environment their compared to previous day.Mathur women are preparing to go somewhere .Radha was asking Alok and Rajeev to come to temple and they are making excuses . Radha "Ram Why can't you come along with us to temple .You could even see the temple here." Ram "No problem I will come ."Arjun was super happy by this.


        After one hour they are going to temple on walk .Mathurs women were carrying huge baggage.Ram did'nt understand why they were carrying that luggage.

Ram "Why are you carrying that luggage for visiting temple?"

Sunitha "We are doing annadaan there and we have to cook and do it ." Every one are silent mostly .Tanmayi is depressed mostly .

  They visit temple and everyone bowed to diety except Ram .Then Mathur women started to prepare food for annadaan.Ram was helping them and kids started asking questions about god to Radha and she was answering them after few minutes they started their questions to Ram as Radha was not answering them.Ram answered every question.Kids are praising Ram as he knows everything.Then Tanmayi asks

Ram "You know well about god but why din't you bow to diety."

   Everyone are shocked at that question as no one noticed it.Ram was smiling and told "I am an athiest,I dont believe on god."

  Every one are shocked at instant Radha "You dont believe on god." Ram "No,I dont ."

Tanmayi "Then How do you know about epics and what about yoga."

Ram"My mother used to tell me all about epics and I used to listen for her." Shiela "You never bowed to diety?"

Ram "No,my mother knew I am an athiest and she never forced me to do against my will but she just told me not to disrespect others beliefs and thus I will visit temples and respect dieties but wont pray to them." Kaushik "See mom Ram's mother never forced him to do anything and you always do so."

Everyone burst into laughter at once and Ashwini was looking at her son "Ram wont tell lies but you always."

Arjun and Kaushik are silent and Arjun was looking at Ram.

Tanmayi "Is it true you never told a lie?"

Ram "Yes ,I never told a lie."

Tanmayi "Even when you are a kid to your friends and mom."

RAM"Its all because of mom I got this.My mom never scolds me even if I do anything wrong and sheused to

give me gifts if I accept the mistake before anyone tell her and I used to  some mess incidentally and tell her for gifts."

Arjun "so cool."

Ram "She knows that,later I stooped doing so and I never got any need to lie and I got no friends till age of

14 years."

Radha "You din't have friends till then."

Ram "Yes,I started going to school at fourteen I mean she used to teach me at home.She was scared to send me to school .I dont know why it is still a mystery she never told me." Sunitha "what happened then?"

Ram "I got friends there and they loved my ways and used to cover me up when ever I got in any trouble and their I  learned to control my tounge and handle situation without telling lie but by confusing or using twisted words ."

Ashwini "By usind twisted words How?"

Tanmayi "I will tell you.Introducing himself by 'You can call me Ram ' instead of 'my name is Ram'." Ram was surprised at once ,he came out of it quickly and smiling Ram "That could be one way if you are hiding your name and should not tell a lie."

Tanmayi "This is method of 'confusing' when truth is out." and looking towards Ram "Am I wrong?"

All are confused there and Ram "No,not at all but How do you know my name is not Ram ?" Radha "Your name is not Ram but you wont tell lie?"

Tanmayi "He din't tell any lie,He introduced himself by "you can call me Ram",its just stating you to call him by name Ram,not saying his name as Ram."

Ram "Mostly,everyone assumes it as my name ."

Radha "How do you know that Tanu?"

Ram was also waiting for the answer as everyone are

Tanmayi "It looked like he introduced in style and he told did same way to everyone and I got little annoyed over his freak nature but ehen he was introducing to Rajeev he asked what is your name,Igot doubt over it then as it is strange and I was thinking from the time he told he never told a lie and thinking how many ways are possible to hide a truth and figured it out,and I doubted his name is not Ram and threw a blind stone and it hitted the mark and he acted exactly as I guessed."

Ram was clapping "You seriously are amazing no one in this two years atleast doubted that my name is not

Ram and here you are who made me to confess it myself."

Tanmayi was smiling and every one are thinking over what happened.

Ram "So,from now onwards I should ask others by "What should I call you?" instead of asking their names."

Tanmayi "It would be safe to you,but it will annoy others and it will be mistake but mostly it may work." Ram "I know,but I can tell you onething I am not any criminal nor criminal minded to hide my name.It is just my name gave me great respect before and I dont want to loose it as it is in danger and I stopped using it."

Tanmayi "I dint understand .I just understood that you are telling you are no danger to anyone."

Ram "It is enough and it is true.Sorry can I know if their is anything else I leaked out accidentally."

Tanmayi "RAM is not your name directly but R,A,M are your initials of your name."

Ram "I now understood why that Maya competes with you in everything you are the best."

Tanmayi "She always try to taunt me before others ..."

Ram "And ends up being a joker I know it yesterday itself you stopped after I inturrupted but she assumed it as her victory."

Arjun"She even challenged me that she will never tell a lie from then."

"she failed while saying so.Arjun am sure you can do it one day."

Tanmayi "Arjun are you trying to do so."

Arjun "Yes,I started yesterday and selected a person in family for whome I should never tell a lie ."

Ashwini "It is me right.I know my boy loves me."

Arjun"No way You always scold me and person I selected will scold me but always help me and she is as good as Ram's mom."

Ram is looking at Tanmayi as she is compared to his mom.

After few minutes they finished their programme there and are heading back to Mathur house.

On the way Tanmayi  asked Ram "You never felt being alone in journey?"

Ram "Always ,but I always met people who likes me just me without any selfishness just like you people you dont know me still you help me to get justice to that girl and Alok and Rajeev were even ready to fight for me."

Shiela "Then why did'nt you stop with that good friends?"

Ram "You may not understand it but they have their own life and they have to live it their own way I cant help them as it is their personnal."

Tanmayi "Can I ask a question ?"

Ram "You can ask but I can only answer if I know?"

Tanmayi "Every one I met always show sympathy on me that I can't walk properly,You din't show any such sign .Why?"

Ram "Why should I show sympathy on you .You are as normal as others."

Radha "What is that question Tanu?You hate people who shows that attitude and you are asking Ram why he din't did so."

Ram "Symathy is shown on weak people not on strong ."

Tanu "You mean I am not weak."

Ram "It's not the way exactly .I will try to explain yesterday I am alone while fighting goons I am at disadvantage their it should be a weakness ."

Tanmayi "Yes you are in disadvantage "

Ram "They thought that they can overpower me because they outnumbered me but din't even thought for once what could be my strength and you saw the result."

Tanu "I din't understand."

Ram "weakness is disadvantage when you dont know your strength,but advantage when you know how to use your weakness and strength combined and that is the reason I din't take help from your brothers which will send me at disadvantage as I have to think of them as well."

Shiela "So you can concentrate on goons only and not about Alok and Rajeev .Tanu knows her disadvantage does she know her strength."

Ram "She doee have strengths ,she uses her strengths to great extent but she dont know how to combine with her strength."

Tanu "What are my strengths?"

Ram "Your love for your family and their love for you,your quickthinking,your will to help one in need .I am sure you use your mind and helpfulness well.When you learn about other you will be able to walk as you used to."

Tanmayi "How do you know I used to walk normally?"

Ram "Arjun unknowingly compared your character with my mother but accidentally she also has same problem she can't walk properly." Radha "What happened to her ?"

"She gained her strength back but she died after few days."

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prachi_vrushan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
awesome update
wow tanu is great
ram is very interesting character u knw

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 6:15pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prachi_vrushan

awesome update
wow tanu is great
ram is very interesting character u knw
thanks for reading

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