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                                                       PATH OF MYSTERY MAN

     It all starts near a pond and there are many tents set in that place it is a camp of a biker gang and there are about thirty people there .All are mostly asleep and few are just awake slowly and they start walking around to look their surroundings and then he then sees a bike with cyclone written on it and no. R1117 written in such a way it looks like RAM and then he speaks "So today Ram is leaving us after these many days and adventures."

Then others also see at a blue tent which is empty at that time little different in appearance and seperate from rest which is.



Some one breaks the silence by saying,"He is already awake,he is preparing to leave may be it is last time we would be seeing him."

Others inturrupt"Why cant he come along with us?We are all his friends he can come along.What is need to go in his own path?"

First person speaks"may be we are all his friends but for Ram whole world is his friend if he stops for friends then we would have never seen him."

other give hand "Yes,you are right but we can't just let it happen atleast we should try to stop him." others accept "Ok,we all go and ask him once but where is he ?"

"Sun is about to set so sure he must be doing his exercises lets go and search"


      After few minutes the view would be a person is facing towards sun and doing few yogaasanaas of suryanamaskaar we can see his perfect body with good muscle and body structure and great flexibility in doing yoga after few minutes he completes it and takes a KATANA and starts wielding it in all possible ways showing same strength in every swing and perfection and accuracy .He then stops and takes bath in the pond and gets ready for journey.

     Then people who were discussing about him come near him  he notices them and faces them and speaks "I know why you all came here but I have to go and its a taken decision and I have to follow it ." Then they asks "How long will you do like this you have been moving from place to place for two years you have to stop some day."

     "Yes .some day and I have been waiting for that day for two years and I am going for that some day and will go",replys RAm.





   "Why not today ?It is you who decides whether to go or to stay so you decided not us that's it right?"says one.

Ram reply  by saying "Yes .it is me who takes decision by listening to my heart and follows it and I will not compromise over it ever at any cost and I cant stay in a place where I have to and now if I have to stop I should feel it which is is'nt happening."

  Ram continues "We are all good friends but we cant hold others life for each other .We will be having different priorities comming ahead of us and then you cant help me and I cant help you then why changing our plan and path for it lead the way which you feel right because you are hero of your life and your decisions make you what you are and I made my decision of what I am "

   Everyone are silent after it but one of them speaks breaking silence "you will not forget us right?I will never forget you and time spent with you ,you are the best man I met ever and you will be ." "I will never forget my friends because they make us what we are ."Ram replies.

  Every one hugs Ram for last time and he captures them on his camera and packs his stuff and starts bidding them their final farewell.

  Every one wishes him by saying "Hope your destiny meets you soon ,Happy journey towards your path."


   Now scene shifts to some other town it is a busy house where every one are getting ready to their respective works .Stars with a woman making break fast for their family .

some women calls from hall "Ashwini ,is breakfast ready?"

Ashwini replies by saying "it's almost ready and will be in few minutes on table." Woman asks "are kids and Ranjith ready?"

Ashwini replies "I woke up Ranjith and Tanmayi is making kids ready." 

woman " I set the table and other things you need any help?"

Ashwini "No,I got help from Teju and you can check others please or else it will be late"

She leaves to check on others .She reaches a bed room and starts "are you ready ?its about time for break fast"

A man (elderly) replies by saying "I am  ready and would be in table by few minutes  Radha."

 She then goes to other room "Suresh,are you ready?break fast is ready and come early" A voice come from inside "Yes ,Radhaji I am ready I am comming for break fast."  she then goes to other "Ramesh ,are you ready ?come to table if you are"

Ramesh speaks "Yes ,Radhaji I am comming in minutes."

She then goes to other room "Ranjith are you ready?"

Ranjith speaks "Yes ,mom is breakfast ready?"

Radha says "It's almost you can come ."

She then goes to other room and "Tanu are kids ready?"

Tanmayi "Yes ,elder mom we are comming?"

  After few minutes every one gathers around prayer hall and tho other women are doing prayer and after it completes every one reach dinning table .It is a huge table in which around 12 people can sit at a time and every one sit there except Radha and two other woman from prayer hall they are serving to others.Eldest of them was sitting on the head of table with his brothers Suresh and Ramesh on either sides of him,on other side kids were sitting with their father between them ,on other side tanmayi is along with her sister Tejaswi and a blank chair.

  It is nice scene watching kids playing their pranks for more food and their mother handling them and they take aid of their father and its a complete family fun and then eldest man speaks out saying  "When are Rajeev and Alok comming?"

Tanmayi replies"They called me yesterday  and they said they would be comming day after tommorow." He replies "Good ,they are only who can cope with these naughty kids or else we can't handle them with their holydays getting started."

Kids now startes"We are not mischief ."Kids are little annoyed and stopped eating.Ramesh now is on persuit to calm kids and says "Not you we are talking about Alok and Rajeev".

But kids are too smart and they are as stubborn  to fall for that trick and turn by turn every one tried and atlast it was Tanmayi who suceeded to persue them by a bargain that she should come to school to leave them .

And then they depart to their buisness  showing Tanu using a walking stick for walking.

  Then all set to their respective works Mahesh eldest of all goes in a car along with his brother Suresh and son Ranjith.Ramesh in his police uniform goes on hi bike.Tanmayi goes to drop kids by taking auto and Ashwini sets for her cleaning buisness and womens finish their jobs and then gather their after few minutes in hall they were discussing about how tammayi calmed the kids and how she cares about every person in family and then view goes to on old photo of Tanmayi where she was standing properly on her legs.

Radha speaks "How long she will be with us one day she will go,"

Other woman speaks "You are right  but she is not ready to accept any relation now.You know that we got her many proposals for marriage but she rejected every one of them."

Radha "Yes Shiela,but we should not stop our tries right it is our duty to settle our childrens life and we wish to see them happy."

 "Then why do you want me to marry some one and leave this house" ,a voice comes from door.Tanmayi just entered the house with a stern expression on her face.

Shiela "Why do you think by marriage your happiness will be lost?"

Tanu "have'nt you seen all grooms pointing out my legs remainding me I am not normal and I can't be happy with people of that nature."

Radha "What if we find you a person who will not mind your weakness?Will you marry then?"

Tanu "If you can find such person then I will marry but I dont think you can find such person in this living world ," says and goes to her room .

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                                                CASE WITNESS

    It is shown Ram on his cyclone riding non stop .It was around 6 o'clock in evening Ram stops by road side he was near some small hill away from any town or village he then starts making a tent and then prepares to boil his food .Simultaneously he is giving a video report on his laptop about what happened that day and then he prepares for his online classes .He is then shown giving classes online for a student named SAM and after completing he is about to eat his boiled food.

   It is shown alternatively Tanmayi's family having their dinner and their  happy environment and Ram's solo meals  showing their background differences.Then Ram sleeps on bed like arrangement in his tent and Tanmayi sleeping in her room with her sister.


   Next day,starts with Ram's yogasnaas and  he leaving for journey.


   It is around afternoon Ram is shown crossing mile stone of town Suraj Nagar(fictional town sorry if it is exists really)(Tanmayi's town).Ram was crossing market of that town .It is shown that few goons are running after a man and kid they got hold of man and they stab him with a knife as Ram comes there and then they even want to kill the kid but Ram reaches there in time and stops by blocking them and then Ram will have a small fight the goons and none of them single or combined are match for Ram and Ram gave enough time for police to come and arrest them.Stabbed man is taken to hospital by few and few are taking goons to police station and few are left to collect evidence.


    We see Ramesh asking the crowd for eyewitness but no one is ready to be one and then he comes to Ram and says "No one is ready to be a witness against that goons such is terror created by them in town but you stopped them either you are too brave or you are new to this town."

Ram "I am new to this town ,I mean I was just passing by this market and it happened so I cant let something happen before me and I trie to stop them."

Ramesh "Will you say what happened here in court?"

Ram " would be my duty as a citizen to help law take its action. But"

Ramesh "What is problem ?"

Ram "I am not a resident of this town and this case will take atleast two weeks for judgement." Ramesh "You are right and you can't go away on security causes .We will provide you some accomodation."

Ram "Sorry Sir,but I wont stay in hotels or flats that's the problem I am about to mention ,I am a wanderer I stay in tents ."

Ramesh "Then you can make tent in our house compound their it would be good even for security purpose if you like."

Ram "Thank you sir."

Ramesh "Oh!sorry forget to mention my name is Ramesh Mathur .What is your name?"

Ram "you can call me RAM sir."

Ramesh "firstly you have to come to police station and then give a written statement and we have to complete formalities and then I can lead you to our house." Ram "yes sir.".Then they go to police station.


    By evening 5'o clock Ram and Ramesh reach Mathur house and Ramesh convinces his brothers over allowing Ram to make his tent in their compound.Mathur's are always first to help someone that is the reason they are respected  by everyone in that town.


  Ram prepares his tent by side of wall so that it will no cause distubance to others and Ranjith tried to help Ram but Ram preferred to do it by himself it is a easy work for Ram as he did it hundreds of times in past two years.But for Mathur's it is first time they are seeing a wandere making tent.Mathur kids excitement was beyond control they were comming and going to house so they can see it while woman are observing his manners and methods.It was not just limited to Mathurs but their neighbours Shikawat's and many.


   It was almost dinner time for Mathur's but power goes off and Mathurs were out for fresh air and they see lights in Ram's tent by Batteries of his bike he was inside his tent .Kids got chance to enter his tent while Ram was feeding his day report on his laptop and he notices kids but prefers to finish the feed  first.Kids were looking at every thing excitedly because most of thing were not regular to them as mostly everything were compressible and light.Slowly their eyes fall on a gun and they were about to take it in their hands but Tanmayi who was watching over kids from outside rushes in and stops them along Ram.She was filled with anger for keeping gun in reach of children and starts scolding him just then Ramesh comes along with his eldest brother and Tanmayi tells them what happened and sends kids from there.


    Ramesh then asks Ram "How can you keep a gun such openly ?You know kids will not recogonize difference between real and and toy gun?"

Ram "I know sir I realized they will see it when they entered but their is no matter of worry even they had got it."

Tanmayi "What?Kids got hold of a real gun and that is not a matter of worry are you joking?"

Ram "I mean it .".He points gun towards him and pulls trigger but nothing happens and then ram shows magazine in his pockets and removes a bullet and gives it to Ramesh.

Ram"Firstly it is locked ,magazine is seperated and bullet is not real and filled with sleeping medicine liquid.".While Ramesh was checking bullet Mahesh and Tanmayi were standing there.Tanmayi was little annoyed.






Ramesh "Why did you keep it outside ?" giving back bullet.

Ram "It's actually I forget to keep it inside after removing yesterday while I was near some hill and you can't expect safety in such a place so I have to take it out for my gaurd."

Mahesh "You may need it now too as you are giving statement against Thakur you are still in danger."

Ram "But,it will not be much helpful against humans as it is just a kind near to toy."

Ramesh "But it gives you atleast some protection."

Ram "I have a real gun which I can use for them am also trained for close range combats and can hold my ground without it."

Ramesh "It's good for us but keep it for safety ."

Ramesh "sorry,I forget to introduce you to my brother Mahesh Mathur and she is Tanmayi my elder brothers daughter."

Ram "pleasent to meet you sir ,you can call me Ram."

Ram then looks at his watch and realizes its time for class and says"Sorry,sir but I have a work now and goes for his laptop and engages for a class with SAM who always pronounce Ram with error (he pronounce RAM like we pronounce SAM) it leads to laughter for both Ramesh and Mahesh.While Ram was engaged in class Mathur's leave to their house.Ram finishes his dinner after class and sleeps on his sleeping arrangement.His tent was very next to Tanmayi's window and she saw him meditating and then sleeping.

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                                               MAN WHO NEVER SPOKE A LIE 



      It was early morning woman of Mathur house are doing their house chores and kids were sleeping as their holydays started and Tanmayi was helping others while Teju was sleeping but surprise for them was Ram was awake and doing his yogaasanaas even Tanmayi was shocked on this and after he takes his sword and practices with it and they were amazed by his control over it as it was about to touch many things in path but it was stopped every time just before it even at full speed.Radhaji then guides Ram to use guest bathroom in their house and Ram gets ready and was then checking his stocks and realized they were insufficient and prepared to get stockings.


 While he was near gate Suresh Mathur stops him and asks" where are you going?"

Ram "I have to buy few supplies for this week sir so I am going to shop."

Suresh "Do you know where nearby shop is?"

Ram "No sir .I will find out."

Suresh "I will send some one along with you .It will help you in this new place."

Ram "Their is daily a new place for me but I can manage ."

Suresh "You may but its our responsibility to take care of our guests." Then it is shown Tanmayi going somewhere along with a kid.

Suresh "Tanu where are you going?"

Tanu" shop dad do you need anything."

Suresh "not for me,will you take Ram along with you he need to go to shop to buy something." Tanmayi agrees and while going Suresh asks Ram not to call him sir but by name instead.

Ram sees kid and asks him his name he replies "my name is Arjun and my brothers name is Kaushik ." But Arjun was more interested in playing football along walking .Ram asks "Is shop near by you are playing on road ?"

Arjun replies "No,it is little bit far but I will not get permission to play at home so I will do when I go out of home."

Ram "Good,can I show you something ?" and takes ball from him and starts doing some dribbles and kid likes them and wathing them and asking for more .It was liked by kid but Tanmayi has something other running over her due to her weakness for not being agile.They reach shop after few minutes Tanmayi brought few things but Ram is with huge supplies for a week full of them. And Rams hand were full with supplies and Tanmayi was walking in her regular pace and Arjun was ahead of them and Ram behind them all  but while crossing a road Tanmayi stumbled and was about to fall on road but stops her in mid air but he notices in last minute that a speed was ahead them in a second Ram instantly pushes her and bends his body laying on floor vertically just before truck hits him.Every one assumed he would be hit for sure but they are shocked of the vision they saw after truck passedas Ram stands up at instant unscathed and smiling after his near death experience .Tanmayi was person who was much scared but she was also the person much surprised no one would have expected to survive at that moment just a inch away from death .Ram was neither hurt nor scared after his near death experiance some one offered him water but is in no need of it as it seems normal to him.After few minutes they again started to home Tanmayi was now instead scolding "you are acting over smart I could have helped myself  you had no need to play a hero." Ram was about to reply back but he understood her real fear was that if anything happened to someone saying her it will hurt the survivor more and says"sorry miss I should'nt have tried for that but I can't help myself seing other beings in trouble."

Tanmayi was really surprised this time as he broke argument before it start by saying sorry even though their in no mistake of him.They reach home Arjun was telling every one about incident on road he tried to imitate Ram before his brother but it needs much control over his body for him to do Mahesh invites Ram for breakfast  but Ram rejects saying I prefer to eat my own cooked food .It ends up by settlement that he get his breakfast to mathur table and eat .

    Ram as told went to Mathur house for breakfast and he was eating toast bread with butter while it is bit strange item as breakfast for Mathurs as it is in many places in India.Then Mahesh Mathur started over morning incident "I heard from Arjun thanks for saving Tanmayi."Tanmayi shown no expression concentrating over her breakfast.

Ram "Not,a problem sir that truck was problem I think he is drunk."

Ramesh "Have you seen its no for furthur action."

Ram "I havent sir Idont feel it necessary as nothing happened."

Mahesh "It almost death you just escaped by inch>"

Ram "I always got that inch sir,it is just one more near death experiance." Mahesh "What one more?"

Ram "Yes,I get them almost every week."

Ranjith "Incidents like this every week ."

Ram "This is just a small one compared to few,few times its just sure one has to die but I always escape in end."

Radha "you are speaking as if you don't care about death."

Ram "I do care about it.But in reality ones death will not hurt him much but it will be a torture for who is alive to see one before them and horrible if it is one you cares ."

 All looks were on Tanmayi.But Suresh responded changing the topic"How long have you been on journey like this?"

 Ram "It is nearly two years ."

Mahesh "Two years you should have met many people and visited many places .How will you manage for food and every thing ."

Ram "I teach classes for online sir it will help me to deal with necessities and Igot my bike batteries as power source I have to recharge them once a month."

  Just then two guys with age around 23 come inside house .Every one is happy to see them but dont know who they are .One of them was wearing  light weight glasses and he is fair looking and handsome.Other was well built and less fairer to other but has confident looks .They immediatly kept their luggage in room and came back to table .

Mahesh then introduces them by pointing to guy with spectacles "He is Rajeev and other is Alok .Rajeev is brother of Tanmayi .While Alok is twin brother of Teju." and pointing towards Ram "He is Ram ,he will be staying with us for couple of week ."

After break fast Ram goes outside quickly with out wasting any moment .And he is reading some book in his tent and then Alok and Rajeev brothers came to meet Ram and Rajiv speaks "Hi,I am Rajeev and I am training to be a lawyer in mumbai."

Alok "I am Alok I am preparing for groups to become an IPS officer ."

Ram "You can call me Ram ,presently I give online tutions and I am a wanderer ."

Alok "Is it your bike .Nice one I want to get one of these but dad gave me his bike a little old model." pointing over his father's bike.

Ram understood he want to ride his bike .Ram looks at them examining bike and asks what is cyclone . Ram "I call my bike CYCLONE .If you want you can have a go ". Ram places keys before them and looks at them.

Alok want to go but stops for some reason and diverts topic "So,you are going to give witness over Thakur  you are brave."

Ram "It's nothing brave ,you can trust cyclone for ride ." .Ram understood their topic diversion .

Alok then takes keys from Ram and tries the bike and enjoys the feel .After few moments Alok was far from them riding cyclone .

Rajeev then "You,have to be careful with Thakur he is cruel he wont bother to kill you if it is to stop you,it is reason Alok was thinking before taking your bike because it will help you to escape if they attack you." Ram "I know ,but  their is no need to escape from a lunatic murderer I have met worse than him.So, you are practising to be a lawyer ?"

Rajeev "yes,I completed a year back and am trying to join as junior under some experienced lawyer .Never mind I will get a chance."

Alok just comes and both brothers got call from mathur women inside house and they leave and Ram was busy reading his book .After few minutes every one went to their respective works.


Its around 11'o clock Rajeev and Alok brothers were having their regular chat to how to spend their time at home . women just completed their jobs and want to check on kids .Then a jeep comes and stops in that area and group of eight goons get down .Tanmayi undestood the situation and called her uncle and told him situation and she got some instructions on phone.

 She comes to Ram and "Dont say who you are .Uncle would be here in fifteen minutes.And then she tells to brothers "Be with Ram and act like he is our cousine ."

  As expected they are near gate and  and were asking everyone who is Ram .Ram was unable to see this silently and goes to them and says "I am the person whome you are searching for."

Every one are surprised as Ram accepted knowing he would be in danger.Then head of that gang tries to scare Ram by some warnings and Ram was unefected .

Ram confirms "What ever I will give my statement in court."

Goon "If it is your choice you will die."

Ram looks excited with this statement and asks "You are gonna kill me .its exciting show me how you are killing me ."Every one are shocked by this statement an dgoons went crazy after this and Alok and Rajeev are comming for his rescue but Ram stops them and takes his Katana and was ready to face them.


  First goon comes running and swings his sword with great force Ram escapes by his fluid motion and at same instant points his blade tip on his neck but stops himself and says "Their is no need to come running to your opponent you just need to find correct position to strike ."disarming him by hitting his hand with handle and kicks him on his chest with his legs .Goon falls on ground  taking a huge blow directly. Every one are surprised by Ram's coolness mainly Mathur's.As they were people most worried as Ram is their guest.

  Then second goon came to strike he swinged his sword to Ram's head this time Ram was standing straight not trying to dodge it but it ends with goons hand striking Ram's blade tip before his can touch Ram and his sword falls on ground and Ram then hits him on his head with handle of his sword and he falls on ground too.

Goons undertood that they cant face Ram in single and now two of them came and swinged their swords Ram bent on his knees as he did in morning road incident  dodging their blows and trike them with side part of his blade and both were collapsed at once.

   Goons are scared now as half their is collapsed in no time and not evenone of them were able to touch Ram and all of them came at once but Ram managed them with ease using his fluid motion and got clean hits.Then their leader took his gum and pointed toward Ram and said "end of games you will be dead now."   Ram was as cool as before neither trying to fight nor planning to escape.He faced him straightly and calls him to shoot  everyone are eager to know what will happen.

Goon pulls the trigger but nothing happened he realized it is locked and directed his second hand to unlock it but its too much time for Ram and he disarmed him in a single swing and gave him a jumping kick which missed him and hit one of their bike and bike falls on the ground with great thud.Ram takes his gun and removes it magazine and throws away.He tried to attack Ram unarmed Ram dodges the blows and throws his katana to Alok to hold it and gets ready to face him in fist fight .But it din't last too long as he was no match for Ram's skill.He falls on ground after a hit on his leg and Ram keeps his foot pointing over his neck.   Then helps him to stand up and asks"How are you going to kill me?" Ram touching his sword blade. Then goons are trying to run away but police came in time and catches them all.

Ramesh comes to Ram and asks "Are you all right ?"

Alok comes and "Dad question is right but you should ask this to Thakur's men they are guys who took beatings."

Ramesh smiles keeping his hand over his son"I know but formality.Did you help Ram?" Alok "No,dad Ram stopped us to do so."

Ram "I just want you to be in gate so that they can't go inside,nothing else."

Ramesh "Good thinking."

Then Ramesh goes to Tanmayi "Who told them about Ram?"

Tanmayi "He din't gave chance to anyone he told himself."

Ramesh "did'nt you tell him what I said in phone ?"

Ram "She told me but I never speak a lie and I prefer no one gets into trouble because of me."

Ramesh "obviously,what is need of hiding if you can give them a proper reply."

 Everyone smiles and Ramesh goes back to his work and Rajeev starts "They were never match for you and it is incredible. But how long have you been trainning ?"

Ram "I was around 10 years old when I started to attend defence classes and took around 24 months of trainning ."

Rajeev "How do you know that gun was locked?"

Ram "I don't know that gun was locked I expected on first pull bullet will not release as most will keep it empty in case of accident."

Alok "But it was a risk what if it is loaded?"

Ram "Still,I would be safe as his pointing is so worse that it is never pointed toward me .Even if it was fired it would have missed me by Half a foot ." Alok "How can you say it?"

Ram "It's a small experiance from a military man I met in my journey around four and half months back." Alok "What ?Can you tell us how?"

Ram "Its no big secret.Its from basic rules of shooting ,you should be calm while aiming and should concentrate on target."

Rajeev "Yes,we know it but how will it explain that he will miss target."

Ram "He was doing neither .He is scared and not under his mind control but in rampage and he was expecting that I will be making move while he shoot and as sword is on right hand he expected me to move over right to attack him and he did it completely wrong as I have no intention to attack while he is on guard


Rajeev "Still,How do you know he aimed wrong ."

Ram "It takes your personnal experiance on gun."

Alok "You,figured every thing in that situation."

Ram "Alok,you too can do it once you go to your IPS trainning."

Alok "How do you know about all this without trainning ?"

Ram "Every one has own secrets I can't tell you .But what ever it is I assure you that I am not an anti social allignment."

Rajeev "Have you been in Ips trainning ?"

Ram "No, one of my friend have been an Ips officer,and its lot of questions  ."


    Afterevery one left Ram went back to his tent and  Shikawat's are looking at him from their house and Ram was searching for something in his bag.Then a girl from Shikawat's house come to meet Ram and she brings first aid kit along with her then Tanmayi followed by Arjun comes out (looks like Arjun brought Tanmayi with him).

Girl introduces herself "Hi,my name is Maya ,Maya Shikawat Ilive in neighbourhood."

Ram searching for something turns to her "Hello,you can call me Ram."

Maya "I know came here to give you first aid box."

Ram "Thanks but I have one and I am neither bleeding."

Tanmayi is holding a pain reliver spray with her says "You may need this ."

Maya "Trying to copy me ,I think your ears also stopped working he said he dont need one ."

Ram who is relived takes spray from her hand "Thank you I am searching it from that time .I don't know where I missed mine I actually had one."

Maya "You told you dont need ?"

Tanmayi "I think you have problem with your ears he said he is not bleeding and first aid kit will less probably have pain relivers."

Maya "How do you know he need that spray ?"

Tanmayi "You should use your highly classified brain on noticing that he din't take any hits and he failed to launch a kick and kicked a bike ."

Maya "How dare you call me brainless?"

Ram who was watching argument of these two women breaks it and "Why are you both arguing ?" Both of them look interested and then Arjun whispers on Ram's years that "Maya thinks Tanu aunt is her rival and she always want to be ahead of her and she did everything as aunt did education and always compete with her and she never misses chance to show better than aunt."

Ram understood situation and ries to calm situation saying "I din't here her calling you brainless."

Maya "she told indirectly and I am not a fool who can't understand that.She is jealous that I am better than her in everything."

Tanmayi "Why should I be jealous of you?"

Maya "I completed my graduation with more marks than you and every one likes me compared to you."

Ram "will you both stop I think the reason you came here is over so you can go for your jobs."

Tanmayi gave a annoyed look on Ram and goes .Arjun was standing there and Maya continues "sorry.She is always like that she always argues with me and when she has nothing to say she walks away like this." Arjun looks annoyed with Maya as she insulted his aunt and for topic diversion he asks "Ram you told that you never tell lie is it true."

Ram smiles "Yes.I never told a lie."

Arjun "Not even once ?"

Ram "yes,from childhood ."

Maya "How is that possible every one tells lies ."

Ram "It is not impossible it can be done just if you are honest ."

Maya "What do you mean ?Everyone in world are not honest ?"

Ram "They are but not everytime ,many will change according to situation and their needs or fear ." Arjun "Ram you wont tell lies .How could I be like you ?"

Ram "It's a bit complex and difficult ,you have to try to reduce you needs in your bounds and understand the situation which make you tell lies and face them." Arjun "I will  try to do it."

Maya "I can do it."

Ram "Easy said than done ok lets see."

Maya "You can call me if you need any help ." she leaves saying that.

Arjun was about to go but Ram holds him by shirt and "I know you came to ask something can I know what." Arjun "I will tell you if you promise me to help."

Ram "I won't promise and you can trust me if you are right.."

Arjun "I wan't to learn foot ball and Alok and Rajeev know but they always go out and never takes me with them."

Ram "Done,I will help you learn upto what I know but you have to wake up early and train ."

Arjun "kaushik will also come,he is also interested but scared to ask."

Ram "He can if he is interested,listen you will never get anything until you try yourself."

Arjun "Thank you,can I ask you one more thing."

Ram "feel pleasure ."

Arjun "Ram .can I be like you not to tell a single lie."

Ram "You can .but not instantly you should practice it."

Arjun "How did you start ?"

Ram "I used to tell everything I did to my mom in my childhood even if it is right or wrong and similarly it followed to everyone."

Arjun "I will also do it.I will select a person in my family first and will tell her truth only ."

Ram "Nice,you should select them fairly not by their care on you."

Arjun "You tell me how should I ."

Ram "I don't know every one in your family by individual.But I can give you a idea select the first person who calls you from now."

Arjun "Yes,it would be good  I will not be knowing till some one does so."

At same moment Tanmayi calls Arjun for lunch and Arjun instantly gets dissappointed .

Ram "What happend you know whome you selected."

Arjun"I know Tanu aunt ,she always asks questions to everyone in house and every one listens to her even grandad."

Ram "Good,then you got a perfect person for starting ." Arjun goes inside with a mission .

Ram then removes his shoes and sprays pain reliever .


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shravsss IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 October 2014
Posts: 2831

Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:07am | IP Logged
Entirely a different Concept...
Will be back vikas... now running to read...

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nitii-76 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 05 November 2014
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:15am | IP Logged
good start..Clap
pls PM me next parts..Big smile

Edited by nitii - 10 May 2015 at 6:40am

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Joined: 22 November 2013
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:28am | IP Logged
thanks for opening .
posted yesterday have no views except mine

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VENBA Goldie

Joined: 19 July 2014
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 5:43am | IP Logged
Awesome start Sakiv Ram...
And welcome back..
The story is really amazing..ClapClap
You alway amaze us with your way of different story telling...
And this one is no exception..
Thanks a lot for the pm..
Please continue and pm me..SmileSmile

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pravalika9291 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 5:59am | IP Logged
amazing concept
nice updtes

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