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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 99)

gargdia Senior Member

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 7:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Dimple_0510

Hey girls.. I know i haven't updated this story for long.. I was concentrating on my other two stories...Just started writing the next chapter of this story.. Will update it very soon.. Maybe tomorrow or day after tomorrow.. In fact this story is very close to my heart.. My first ever story which is very special to me.. Sorry for making u guys wait long.. Will surely update..

waiting swthrtDay Dreaming
after so many days u r updating this story so give us some ahem ahem!Embarrassed
Missd this storyCry

ReezaZul Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 8:51am | IP Logged
plezz update soon...
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 9:31pm | IP Logged
Ok.. Here are my replies first...

sunny: Thanks sunny.. Rehaan is not bad.. Lets see what Kapoor siblings have in store for ragna..

abxetz: thanks soummy.. Haha.. I always wanted housefly to witness ragna romance in ema.. Sid is a sweetheart.. Thats all i can say..

sweet1308: thanks sweetie.. Haha.. U find sid cute but raghav consider him as a leech.. Kapoors siblings are boiling in anger as they get to know the relationship between ragna..

pyardil: thanks dear.. Housefly wont fly anywhere that easily.. Haha.. It was important to blackmail rags.. If not he would make her pregnant just by kissing like sammy said.. Lol..

nikkiarora093: thanks nikki.. Yes kapoors knew about ragna.. 

switymango: thanks swity.. Sid is happy go lucky person.. His closeness with kalpi is not a cent liked by cutie pie.. Hitler accepted rags but rags still has a last test in the form of abhimanyu mehra..

rani214: thanks rani.. Yes, kapoor siblings knew about ragna.. Possessive and jealous raghav is always cute to see.. Housefly is delusional queen of the century.. Lol.. 

lolor: thanks dear.. Kapoors are so dumb in front of ragna..

Natasha: thanks natasha.. Pakhi well she is stupid.. Glad u loved ragna moments.. Aj accepted but there is someone else left.. Mr abhimanyu mehra..lol..

bricka.tiwari: thanks saumya.. Kapoors knew about ragna relationship.. 

ayesha.khan: thanks ayesha.. Glad u enjoyed ragna romance and raghav's jealousy.. Kapoors siblings will try to create problems btw ragna..

Santhi: i know.. I know.. Pakhi is a clown. Glad she made u laugh.. Lol..  Rehaan is a nice guy.. Thanks my raghav ke admirer..

Ariarai: thanks aria.. U dont remember rehaan.. Lol.. Read back old chappy..  Ur hubby is mean and stupid.. Lol.. I know, my readers enjoyed pakhi's dumbness.. Raghav is always greedy for her lips.. Haha.. Despo i must say.. 

riaka: thanks ria.. All i can say about sid is he is a sweetheart.. Rags is always jealous.. He look delicious when he is jealous though.. Aj has no problem but do you think abhi wont have any problem?

jiya007: thanks jiya..

vermameenakshi: thanks dear..

riaka, laavanya4u, rani214, sunny, switymango, kalbhavs, gargdia:
Special mention to these lovelies.. Updating in a while sweethearts... Thanks for waiting..

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swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 9:53pm | IP Logged
Upps sorry my darling 
I am late...but it is wonder for Mr how I miss this update... Sorry
Well come in point.
Wonderful chapter dimpy
Kapoor siblings knew about RagNa what they do against my Lovely joda
But no fear...ragna's army all ready to face kapoor.
Band baza denge...
Aww chori choriwala kiss...Lovely
Aj agreed for ragna's relation
...so nice
Waiting for mehndi.
I know you updating very soon.
But don't take much time
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 10:27pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by swara2504

Upps sorry my darling 
I am late...but it is wonder for Mr how I miss this update... Sorry
Well come in point.
Wonderful chapter dimpy
Kapoor siblings knew about RagNa what they do against my Lovely joda
But no fear...ragna's army all ready to face kapoor.
Band baza denge...
Aww chori choriwala kiss...Lovely
Aj agreed for ragna's relation
...so nice
Waiting for mehndi.
I know you updating very soon.
But don't take much time

Awww.. Its ok dear..
Hmmm... Kapoors sinlings know about ragna and yeah they will plan something.. Something stupid thoughWink
Haha.. Yeah.. Chori choriwala kiss.. They dont wanna get caught.. Especially abh is there in townLOL
Won take much time.. Will update today for sure..

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Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 11:03pm | IP Logged

The whole singhania mansion was decorated so beautifully.. It was decorated with red and creamy silk curtains... Every corner of the mansion were decorated with white lilies and red roses.. A lot of ppl have gathered at the mansion for the mehendi ceremony..

The elders were rushing here and there to endure that everything is perfectly done..

Divya was ordering the servants to place the mehendi bowls on the table... She was wearing a royal blue sari. Abhi looked at his wife from far.. He was wearing a matching royal blue sherwani.. He came behind her and hugged her.. Divya was startled.. She turned around and saw her husband who was giving a mischievous grin..

D: " abhi!! What are u doing?", she asked in fake anger..

Abhi circled his arm around his wife's neck..

Ab:"i was hugging my beautiful wife.."

Divya shrugged his arm off her shoulder..

D: " abhi, we have a daughter who is at marriage age.. And u still think of urself as a young man.."

A: " my dear, only body grows older with time.. But not my dil.. And moreover, i dont look old.. Look im still fit and fine.. Whenever i go out with my princess, her friends ask her whether im her brother..", he said winking..

D: " u r impossible.. Now go and look whether the decorations are done or not..", she said ordering..

Ab: " yes, my queen.. ", and he left from there..

Divya shook her head and went to see whether the girls are ready or not..

Raghav and sammy who were watching them chuckled looking at thier antics.. Raghav was wearing a red sherwani while sammy was wearing dark green sherwani..

S: " raghav looks like ur father in law is very romantic.."

R: " haha.. Yeah..still so much in love with each other.."

S: " acha.. Tell me something.. How was yesterday's date.. Oops.. I mean meeting with the suppliers?", he asked nudging him with his elbow..

Raghav smiled and bite his lower lip..

R: " she finally said those words..."

S: " what words ?"

R: " I Love You.."

Sammy widen her eyes in surprise..

S: " really?im happy for u bro..", he hugged raghav in happiness..

They heard some noise and saw the girls coming downstairs.. Maya was guiding priya to seat on the cushioned area.. Priya was looking gorgeous in her yellow lehenga which was decorated with rubies.. Maya was wearing a light green sari looking so beautiful as well.. On the other side, aj and sid came there.. Aj was wearing a yellow embroidered sherwani and sid was wearing a maroon sherwani looking dashing..

Aj signalled to priya that she is looking beautiful... Priya gave a shy smile and lowered her eyes.. 

Raghav and sammy were silently observing everything.. Raghav's eyes silently searched for his baby who was nowhere visible..

Disha came there happily jumping here and there in her pink dress..  Sammy hold her in his arms and twirled her in air..

S: " aww.. My little girl looks so pretty..", saying so he kissed her cheek..

Dis: " dad, u look very handsome too.. And chachu u look cute, Cutie Pie..", she said laughing..

Raghav widen his eyes and looked at disha..

S: " cutie pie? ", he asked laughing..

Raghav took disha in his arms..

R: " acha, now tell me who told u to call me Cutie pie?", he said tickling her..

Dis: " haha.. chachi..", she said happily..

R: " really? What else she said?"

Disha kissed raghav on his cheek..

R: " awww.. Why is little disha showering this much of love on chachu?"

Dis: " oh oh.. Chachu... U asked nah what else chachi said.. She kissed me on my cheek and asked me to give it to u..", she said in her childish innocence..

R: " hmmm..  Then, here give this to ur chachi..", saying so he kissed her on both her cheeks..

He lowered disha to the ground.. The little girl ran away happily.. Raghav and sammy resumed their talks while others were busy in the function..

Suddenly, he had goosebumps.. The air started flowing in his direction.. His heart felt restless.. Sammy gave him a knowing smile.. Raghav turned to look behind.. He stood mesmerised by the beauty.. She was descending the stairs in red anarkali... Her long silky hair was let open flowing in the air.. The simple diamond chain and matching earrings  she wore was simple yet elegant.. 

As soon as she reached the last stairs, sid dragged her towards the place where all of them assembled.. Kalpi sat beside priya and laughed while teasing her.. She looked at raghav from the corner of her eyes... Sammy and raghav walked towards them...

Ana: " bachus, lets start the mehendi function.. The mehendi walas have arrived..."

D: " haan, boys... Leave the girls.. Chalo fast.."

Sid: " aunty, let us sit here nah..", he asked pouting..

D: " no no.. U guys go and look after aj.. He has to find his name in priya's hand later..", she said teasingly while pulling sid's cheeks..

Aj: " aunty..", he said blushing"

Ab: " arre.. Don't underestimate us.. We men are very brilliant.. U girls are.."

K: " daddy..", she called in complaining tone..

Abhi cleared his throat..

Ab: " i mean except my princess will loose today.."

D: " acha? Lets see then..", she said twisting abhi's ears..

Soon the function started.. 

First mehendi was drawn on priya's hands till her elbows.. The mehendi girl drawn an A on her palm.. Soon, all girls started putting mehendi on their hands..

Sid went there with mehendi cones.. He helped a girl to draw mehendi.. Soon, a lots of girls surrounded him.. (Model hai sid.. Very handsome.. So of course girls drool over him)

Kalpi finished with her mehendi.. She sneaked a mehendi cone under her dupatta and excused herself towards upstairs..

Raghav noticed that and followed her.. Kalpi went inside a room and glanced around whether anyone is seeing or not.. Then, she took the mehendi come and drew a 'R' on her palm.. She smiled looking at it..

R: " they say how much ur mehendi turns dark that much the person in ur heart loves u..", his voice startled her..

She hid her palm back and turned to look at the person.. She sighed in relief seeing raghav..

K: " raghav, u? I was scared.."

R: " kyun? I got what u sent earlier through disha.. Did she gave what i gave to u?", he asked indicating the kiss..

Kalpi smiled shyly and nodded in yes..

R: " ok.. Now let me see ur hands.. Lets see how did u write my name..."

K: " ur name? In ur dreams.. I wrote something else.."

R: " oh really? Then whose name did u write?", he asked arching his eyebrows upwards while walking close to her..

K: " i wrote 'S'.. And do u know what 'S' means? It means sid..", she teased him..

Raghav narrowed his eyes and pulled her towards him with a jerk as his arms surrounded her waist...

R: " u know what? Whenever u lie to me or tease me, i feel like wanna torture this lips with mine..", he said huskily brushing her lips with his thumb..

K: " who is stopping u from torturing then?", she played with her words giving a mischievous smile..

Raghav smirked at her mischievous words..Without wasting a second, he gently pushed her towards the wall nearby and claimed her lips... Kalpi kept her hands away carefully not to ruin his shirt.. He placed gentle kisses on her lips..

R: " u r looking so beautiful..", he said huskily before sucking her lower lip..

K: " and u look very... (Raghav looked at her).. U look very cute, my cutie pie..", she said chuckling...

Raghav let out a small laughter..

R: " u wanna see what ur cutie pie capable of doing?", saying so he kissed her neck till her shoulder..

His touch tickled her..

K: " raghav.. Haha.. Stop it.. U r tickling me.. Haha..", she struggled...

R: " now tell me how am i looking?", he asked while his fingers playing with her earring...

K: " u look very handsome... In fact the most handsome.. I hope no other girl dare to come near u.. I will surely kill her..", she said possessively.. 

R: " no matter who comes, this raghav singhania only belongs to u my baby..", he said sincerely..

Kalpi gave a quick peck on his lips..

K: " i love you.."

R: " i love u more.."

Kalpi shook her head laughing..

K: " ok.. Now lets me go.. I have to wash my hands.."

R: " let me help u..", saying so he lifted her in his arms inside the bathroom..

Raghav helped her to wash her hands.. Kalpi closed her eyes tightly..

R: " hey what happened baby?", seeing her standing with closed eyes..

K: " im scared.. If it is not dark enough, it means u dont love me.. I dont wanna see it..", she said pouting..

R: " baby, open ur eyes and see.."

K: " no.."

R: " how will u know whether it is dark or not if u dont see it? So, open ur eyes and see baby.."

Kalpi slowly opened her eyes... Her heart leaped in happiness as she saw the mehendi in her palms has darken to a darker shade... She laughed happily and hugged raghav...

R: " look.. That means i love u so much..", kalpi smiled..

K: " haan, u love me so much..", she said sincerely..

R: " ok.. U girls know how much the boys love us by applying this mehendi.. How about us? How do we know how much u girls love us?", he asked frowning..

K: " u too apply mehendi then..", she said calmly..

R: " u must be joking..", he said chuckling slightly..

Kalpi looked at him with blank face.. Raghav gulped..

R: " u r not doing such thing.. I cant go around there with mehendi on my hand.."

K: " who asked to put it on ur palm?"

R: " then?", he asked confused..

Kalpi walked near him with seducing eyes.. Raghav raised his eyebrows.. She started unbuttoning his sherwani buttons..

R: " look.. This is not right.. Im a virgin.. And im saving my virginity for my girlfriend..U cant do this to me..", he said making her chuckle..

K: " there is no wrong cheating ur girlfriend for once mr handsome..", she played along..

R: " no wrong?", he asked grinning..

K: " what?", she almost shouted with accusing eyes..

R: " no.. I mean.. It is definitely wrong.. Very wrong..", he said giving a nervous smile..

Kalpi glared at him and removed the shirt a bit of his right chest.. She wrote her name there with the mehendi cone..(as he has her name tattoo on the left side..)

K: " hmm.. Done..", she said smiling widely..

R: " what if it is not darken like yours?", he asked challenging her..

K: " it will.. It will darken.. Even more than mine.. Because i love you more than you love me, my cutie pie.."

Raghav smiled and bite his lower lip.. Soon, she helped him to wash it.. And as she said it was dark..

K: " look.. I told u nah..", she said in joyous tone..

R: " i dont want this mehendi all to know how much my baby love me.. I know u love me so much..", he said and leaned to claim her lips but she pushed slightly on his chest making him away from her..

K: " ok.. Now i have to go.. They must be waiting for me.."

R: " give me one more kiss nah.. Pls..", he pleaded with puppy eyes..

K: " u got enough.. No more kisses today..", saying so she walked away from him..

R: " baby, pls only one..pls.."

K: " no ways mr singhania.. See u down stairs...", saying so she ran downstairs..

Raghav sighed unsatisfied..

R: " this is not fair..", he muttered to himself pouting cutely..

He stomped his feet and left the room..

(Mr Cutie Pie is really greedy.. He never gets enough of his baby..lol.)

When he reached downstairs he saw the girls teasing and laughing with priya.. Whereas the boys were looking at the girls.. Soon, divya called aj near priya..

Div: " aj dear.. Come.. Lets see whether u can search ur name on priya's hand.."  

Aj sat in front of priya.. The boys sit with aj while the girls with priya.. Priya forwarded her hand towards aj.. Aj grabbed her hand making her lower her eyes in shyness..

It has been 5 minutes, but aj was unable to search his name.. The girls started jeering..

K: " priya, lagtha hai aj cant find it... Think of something u wanna ask as a gift..", she said teasingly..

Aj: " babydoll.. I thought u will support me..", he said pouting..

K: " hmm.. I support u in other things but not this.. This is between girls and boys ..", she said smirking..

R: " come on aj.. U dont need a girl's support.. U can do it man.. ", he said raising his eyebrow looking at kalpi..

Kalpi looked at him with narrowed eyes..

K: " mr raghav singhania.. This is not very easy as u think.."

R: " acha? How hard it is?", he asked..

K: " u will get to know it when u search for ur name in ur dulhan's hand..", she said teasingly..

Pri: " can u two discuss about ur marriage after ours?", she whispered near kalpi's ears making her open her mouth wide..

Aj gave the same look towards raghav..

Aj: " found it..", he shouted in excitement..

M: " where?"

Aj: " here..", saying so he pointed at the correct place where his name was written..

The boys jeered at the girls making them make complaining voices... Soon, the mehendi function was full of fun with songs and dances..And ragna kept stealing glances at each other..

Ufff.. Done.. Pls dont forget to hit like and leave ur precious comments...

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Bas Itna sa!!!! But oh so cute update meri "cutie pie" dimpley dimple Wink LOL Yeh rags baby bara hi shararati hai. LOL wherever he goes he starts his kissing game kissey kissee kissey from his missy missy missy!! LOL ek pappi dede kalpi Ek pappi dede LOL mehndi function was nice waiting for more! Wink

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Such a lovely romantic ragnalacious update Clap Star kalps parents are still romantic and young LOL Wink kalpi write her name on rags chest with mehndi Day Dreaming hayeee Embarrassed and greedy romeo Wink kalpi wash her mehndi in rags arms Tongue Embarrassedand girls and boys cute fights finally aj find his name Smile very lovely update dimpi kutty Star

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