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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 95)

chahat4u IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 July 2015 at 7:50am | IP Logged
Dimple, loved the update completely. Big smile Its always cute to see a jealous Raghav. Fell in love with the house Raghav especially made for Kalpi, like the way she wanted her dream house to be. Big smile Embarrassed Finally Kalpi confesses her love and Ragna are one again. Day Dreaming Hope no other person or problem again comes between them. 

farhana04 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 July 2015 at 5:38pm | IP Logged
Lovely update Dimple sweetieClap
Hope no other problem comes in between.
Update soon
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 10 July 2015 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Girls, here is a quick update.. Going out now..so, thought to update before going out..  Sorry for not replying ur comments.. Thanks for ur love... Bye...


A man was sitting on a chair.. His back is visible.. His one hand was twirling the glass which was filled with alcohol and ice cubes.. He was staring at something on his other hand..

"Prem, what are u staring at?", a friend asked..

Prem turned to look at his friend.. 

Pr: " rehaan.. My friend.."

(I hope u guys remember who is rehaan... U know at time during ragna at manchester, they went to the club on day.. And a guy tried to talk with kalpi.. But raghav came in between saying he is her boyfriend.. Haan.. Rehaan is the same guy.. And he is prem's friend who lend him money for business..) 

Prem showed him something kinda like photos... One was of kalpi's and the other was of raghav's.. Rehaan frowned.

Re: " these are.."

Pr: " this is raghav singhania, my enemy.. Well, this is (he caressed kalpi's photo).. is kalpana mehra.. whom i thought mine.. But she was the sole reason why my dad is jail.. She helped that singhania.. But i dont know why?"

Re: " why she wont help him?", he asked him in confusion..

Pr: " what do u mean? Why she would help him?", he asked frowning..

Re: " of course she will help him yaar.. Because they are couple.. He is her boyfriend.."

Prem threw the glass on the floor in anger and grabbed the collar of rehaan..

Pr: " what did u say?"

Rehaan told him how he met them in the club and all..

Pr: " raghav singhania!!! U made a huge mistake.. U enjoy defeating me right? And u dont know about me... I wont give anything mine to others.. But u snatched her from me nah.. I wont let u live happily ..", he hissed in anger..

At xyz hotel..

Sid arranged a swimming pool party as his friends are going to get married.. They have invited all the young ppl from their offices and friends, business partners and many more..

Sid, aj, sammy and raghav were standing and talking with each other.. All the others were enjoying the party..

S: " hey, sid.. This is cool man.. I mean im fed up with the sophisticated business parties for which we have to wear our three piece suits.."

(Sid just wore a half pant and shirtless... Sammy wore a blue t-shirt while aj wore a green t-shirts and half pants.. Raghav wore a white shirt which was left unbuttoned showing his abs with a dark blue half pants..)

Sid: " argh.. I hate those sophisticated parties.. For me, party means girls and enjoyment man.. ", he said coolly..

Aj: " haa... Sid only throw party so that he can flirt with girls.."

Sid: " oh come on aj.. Look at them.. girls come drooling over me.. Am i right raghav?"

R: " yeah.. Right.. But i see u always run behind kalpi?", he asked giving a smirk..

Sid: " oh raghav.. Dont compare my jaan with the other girls.. She is special...", he said punching his chest where the heart lies with his fist..

Raghav gritted his teeth which was not gone unnoticed by sammy and aj..

M: " hey guys.. What u doing?", maya came there with priya..

( maya was wearing a knee length floral dress while priya was wearing yellow t-shirt with shorts)

Sid: " nothing girls.. Actually, sammy and aj were rating the girls in the party out of ten..."

Priya and maya widen their and gave an angry glare to both aj and sammy..

S: " no dear.. He is lying.. We were just talking about the party.."

Aj: " priya i promise i never look at any other girl like that accept u and my deepika padukone..", he said pinching the skin near his throat..

They were arguing..

Sid: " hey girls.. I was joking.. Any how.. Where is my jaan.. She is..", his words cut short when he saw her walking along the bank of the swimming pool.. She was wearing a lemon green tank top and over it she wore a loose one-shoulder white short with blue denim shorts...

All the men at the party drool over her.. Raghav's mouth went dry and he felt like punching all the men looking at her till they die... 

K: " hey guys..", she said smiling while standing beside sid..

Sid: " jaan, i must say u look so hot and sexy.. Let me tell u.. U r my date today at this party.. Got it?"

K: " sure monkey.. ", she said resting her elbow on sid's shoulder..

From corner of her eyes she can see her cutie pie boiling like a volcano in jealousy...

Aj: " babydoll, isnt this cool? Just like olden days.. Four of us enjoy a lot.."

K: " yeah.. I miss those days.. U still remember? We used to kick sid inside the swimming pool..", she said laughing causing others to laugh as well...

Sid narrowed his eyes..

Sid: " acha... Let me see who help u today...", saying so he picked her up in his arms and throw her inside the swimming pool..

Raghav looked in wide eyes...while others laughed.. Kalpi came out of the swimming pool and started chasing sid... Aj, priya, sammy and maya joined them as well leaving raghav who was drinking orange juice look on in jealous..

Pakhi came at that time..

(Ok.. She is still working at singhania constructions as her notice period is not finished yet.. So, when they gave open invitation for the staffs she also there.. And she never wanna miss any chance to be with raghav.. She was wearing a knee length dark blue dress..)

Pa: " hi raghav sir..", she said showing all her teeth..

R(in mind): " im already upset that the leech is with my baby.. To add salt to my wounds, this housefly is here.. God, why are u troubling me like this?)

R: " hi..", he said giving a fake smile..

Pa: " sir, u look handsome.."

R: " tq.. U look nice as well..", he said for formality..

Pa: " aww.. Really? Thank you so much raghav sir... I know u wont hate me for whatever my dad did. I know u still love..", before she could continue,

Kalpi came there running and hide behind raghav holding shoulders to prevent herself being caught by the sid, sam, pri, maya , aj who were full wet like her as she kicked them inside the swimming pool..

K: " raghav, pls help.. Look all of them are chasing me.."

M: " raghav, just move aside.. Look what she did to us.."

Raghav laughed seeing them fighting like kids.. 

R: " guys, enough.. Go look after the guests... Leave kalpi..", all nodded and left...

Kalpi sighed and came in front of him... 

K: " thank god u helped.."

Raghav tucked her wet hair behind her ears...

R: " u look hot..", he said mischievously...

K: " i think im wet..", saying so she took of the one-shoulder white shirt leaving her in the lemon green tank top and blue denim shorts..

R: " i think im going to end up in jail today."

K: " why?", she asked frowning..

R: " because im going to kill all the man who are eying my baby..", he said in husky voice..

Kalpi pushed him on his chest slightly..

K: " raghav tum bhi nah..", and her eyes fell on pakhi who was standing there..

(Yes.. Yes.. She saw all and was fuming in jealousy..)

K: " hey pakhi u here? I didnt see u.. Why are u standing here? Go and enjoy the party..", she said smiling...

Sid: " jaan!!! Come!!", he called her from the swimming pool..

K: " yeah coming.. Raghav chalo nah..", saying so she dragged raghav with her leaving pakhi stand there broken...

Soon, all were enjoying dancing, swimming and drinking.. Pakhi went to the restroom... She locked the door..

Pa(self talk): " why is that kalpi is so close to raghav? How can raghav let her touch him? And he is openly flirting with her in front of me?", she asked looking at the mirror..

Pakhi remembered sid calling her jaan..

Pa(self talk): " no pakhi.. U r such a dumb.. That guy must be her boyfriend.. Raghav always likes to play with me.. He want to make me jealous.. I know he loves me.. He want to see whether im possessive of him or not.. I will talk to him.. I will tell him to stop playing as he will always love me..Naughty boy..", she said chuckling..

After an hour...

All were busy partying... Raghav went to a corner which was hide from others.. He typed something on his phone.. Pakhi spotted him alone... Raghav was walking to and fro with a pleasant smile on his face.. Pakhi thought it is the right time to talk to raghav about their relationship that never existed..

She walked towards him and was about to call his name but she stood shocked seeing the scene in front of her...

Kalpi came and hugged him from behind.. Pakhi was about to go there and lash her out but when she saw raghav turning and hugging her back, she stopped..

R: " oh god.. I have to become a james bond to spend some time with my girlfriend... If not the leech wont let me to be near u..."

Pa(in mind): " girlfriend?"

K: " raghav dont be so mean... Now tell me why did u messaged me to come here?", she asked placing her hands on hips..

R: " u dont know?", he asked biting his lower lip..

K: " ra... Ghav...", he grabbed her waist using his arm and pushed her gently on the wall nearby..

His other hand caressed her cheek and then her lips... Kalpi's hands traced his abs... He moved his face closer and closer to her.. She slowly closed her eyes as their lips were merely an inch apart.. He gently placed his lips on hers and started kissing her passionately.. Kalpi's hands made way to his neck from his chest and she started playing with the hair at the nape of his neck while his hand sneaked into her tank top and played with her soft skin... They explored their mouths with their tongues.. Kalpi messaged his hair...

Pakhi watched that scene while tears were flowing continuously from her eyes.. She turned around in disgust and ran away from the party venue..

Here, raghav and kalpi broke the kiss as they felt breathless... He was about to claim her lips again but kalpi placed her palm on his mouth...

K: " thats more than enough mr singhania...", she said in fake sternness..

R: " baby, thats not fair.. One more pls.. Only once pls..", he asked with cute puppy eyes..

K: " uhummm.. Thats more than enough for today.. Im going..,"saying so she turned to go but raghav caught her by wrist..

R: " baby pls..."

K: " raghav, if u dont leave me now, then u wont get anything till aj and priya wedding ends.. Choice is yours..", she blackmailed him..

R: " u r blackmailing me? Fine.. But remember when we get married nah, i wont leave u..", he said in fake anger..

K: " aww.. My cutie pie.. Dont get angry..", she said pulling his cheeks..


When they came back to the area near swimming pool, they saw aj, pri, maya and sammy sitting under one umbrella.. They went towards them..
Sid was enjoying the attention given by the girls on the other side..

Aj: " babydoll, where were u?", he asked while his eyes were on raghav..

Pri: " aj, leave it nah.. She was with her boyfriend...", she said winking..

Kalpi widen her eyes..

Sammy was chuckling but stopped seeing kalpi n raghav glaring at him..

S: " they were asking yaar.. So, i told them that yesterday kalpi accepted u.."

Kalpi looked at aj sitting with a stern expression.. She went and sit beside him.. She circled her arms around aj's hand..

K: " aj, are u angry on me?", but aj didnt say anything..

K: " aj, pls.. Dont ignore me.. I really love raghav.. He did a mistake in the past and he regret about it.. He went through a lot.. Pls nah aj.. Accept him.."

Aj looked at kalpi and her eyes which were brimming in tears... Raghav, sammy, maya and priya looked on in expectation that aj will accept..

A single tear dropped from kalpi's eye.. Aj wiped it with his finger..

Aj: " okay.. If u r happy then im okay with it.. But raghav, dont u dare hurt my babydoll again.. If u hurt her again, i will kill u..", raghav nodded smiling..

Kalpi hugged him in happiness...

S: " finally raghav ur hitler accepted u..", he bite his tongue as the word hitler came out..

Aj: " hitler?"

All of them said, " raghav named u as his hitler.."

Aj glared at raghav and raghav gulped.. Within a fraction of seconds, aj laughed making others laugh as well..

Sid: " having fun without me?", sid came there..

Kalpi twisted his ears..

K: " we are having fun? Looked like u were having a lots of fun with those girls..", saying so she wiped the lipstick marks on sid's cheeks..

Sid: " what to do jaan? Its not my fault to be born this hot..", he said fixing his hair..

Pri: " i think after our marriage, we should ask dev uncle and ananya aunty to look for girl to get sid married.."

Sid: " oh pri.. No need to search for any other girl... Jaan hai nah.. Jaan wont u marry me?", he asked pouting..

K: " awww.. Sure sweetheart..", she said placing her head on sid's shoulder..

Sammy and maya looked at raghav whose hands were holding the coke tin in a tight grip...

S: " raghav, they are teasing each other yaar..", he whispered near raghav's ear..

Raghav gave him a cold glare..

Precap:  mehendi function...

Ufff.. Done... In this chappy the kapoor siblings knew about ragna relationship... 
Pls dont forget to hit like button and leave ur precious comments... Comment is a must!! Lol..

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 July 2015 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Wow what an update Tongue Big smile totally ragnaliscious. Loved rags and kalpi and how sid makes rags jealous. So prem and rehaan friends will rehaan try to get in way of kalpi and rags with prem?   So will prem stil try to marry kalpi and Pakhi steal rags away from kalpi. Loved rags babu abd his baby. Embarrassed Embarrassed
abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 July 2015 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
O gods pookhi makhi Ragna ki kissing scene dekha Tongue makhi face dekhnai layak hoga LOL finally aj accept ragna par sid I don't think ki sid ki vo proposal mazhak dha Ouch or ye prem Angry ab ye kapoors ragna ke beech kuch problem name create kardhe Ouch wonderful update dimpi Star
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 July 2015 at 12:12am | IP Logged
awesome dimpi
too good
ragna in plan for the party
hmm prem n that guy t backstab raghav god
hmm makhi 32 flying teeth  goes near rag
hmm sid too cute
aj get angry but need assurance for kalpi
hmm rag want meetha n get it well
ops that fly sees this
n now wat she do help prem in revenge oh no
update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 14 July 2015 at 10:32am
pyardil Goldie

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Posted: 11 July 2015 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Awesom update
Finaly pahki now the truth hope now that housefly fly somewhere else
Omg kalpi blackmil my poor raghav its not fair yaar
Hmm hetler agree with kalpi dicision lovly
nikkiarora093 Senior Member

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Posted: 11 July 2015 at 12:36am | IP Logged
Nice part dear. Finally dese kapoor knows about ragna relationship. ..pata nahi ab kya karenge.. kharab ragna romance as usual superb. Update soon.

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