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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 92)

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Originally posted by vermameenakshi

nice update Smile

Thanks dearSmile

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Originally posted by gargdia

Hey dearEmbarrassed
congrats for centuryEmbarrassed
nw giv us a treat pls swthrt...update na pls.

Thanks sweetieEmbarrassed
Will update soon.. If possible todayWink

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plz update nxt chappy dear... Waiting..
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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

plz update nxt chappy dear... Waiting..

Will be updating in a while dearSmile

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Originally posted by Dimple_0510

Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

plz update nxt chappy dear... Waiting..

Will be updating in a while dearSmile

yippee!!! M waiting dear
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PART 51Big smile

Morning at singhania mansion...

All of them except kalpi were sitting on the dining table for their breakfast... The servants served breakfasts for them on the table...

Raghav sat opposite sid.. He looked at sid who was cheerfully wishing everyone good morning.. 

R(in mind): " since u came here, every morning, evening and night are not good anymore... Bloody leech.."

S: " i know what u r thinking in ur mind..", he whispered near raghav's here with a mischievous smile..

R: " sammy!! Just shut up... Otherwise u wont have mouth to eat..", he warned..

S: " haha.. Thats funny..", he said chuckling but raghav's expression didnt change.. 

Sammy gulped..

S: " u serious?", he asked nervously..

R: " 100%"

Ab: " priya, where is my princess?"

Before priya could answer,

Sid: " the lazy bone must have been sleeping till now.."

K: " oh really u?", she asked from behind..

Sid gave a nervous smile..

Sid: " jaan, good morning...", he said changing the topic...

Kalpi looked at him with narrowed eyes and said " bad morning to u" and she went towards her daddy..

She hugged her daddy from behind by circling her arms around his neck and said " good morning daddy" and kissed her daddy's cheek.. 

Ab: " awww my girlfriend... Good morning to you too..."

Then she wished everyone including raghav..

Sid: " jaan come sit here..", he said pointing the chair next to him..

K: " no thanks.. U called me lazy bone so im not gonna sit with u.. I will sit there..", she said pointing the chair next to raghav's..

Raghav was on cloud nine..

S: " i can see the glow in ur face..", sammy teased..

R: " of course..", he said biting his lower lip..

Kalpi went to sit beside raghav.. All proceeded eating.. 

R: " there is meeting with our suppliers today.. Im going to meet them on my company's behave.. They asked someone from ur company to come as well... So, r u coming with me?", he asked kalpi only to be heard by her...

Kalpi looked at him..

K: " they want to meet us today?"

R: " yeah.. Pls come with me..", he pleaded with puppy eyes..

Sid: " jaan, what u two are talking there?"

Both raghav and kalpi looked at him.. Others looked on curious as well..

K: " woh.. Sid, actually our project suppliers wanna meet representatives from each company today.. So, raghav is asking me to come with him to meet them.."

Aj: " there is no need for u to go with raghav babydoll.. I will go..", he said giving a glare to raghav while raghav rolled his eyes..

Priya decided to help raghav..

Pri: " but aj today we have to go and meet our costume designer to give our measurements.."

D: " haan beta.. U have to go with priya.."

Ab: " kalpi u go with raghav my princess.."

K: " okay daddy..", while raghav sighed in relief..

Sid: " i will come too..", he said excited..

Raghav's smile faltered hearing that... Sammy decided to help this time..

S: " no no.. Actually, sid do u still remember? We have to do arrangements for the decorations for mehendi.."

Sid: " oh yeah.. Sorry jaan, i cant come with u.."

K: " its ok sid", and looked at raghav in slight confusion whereas raghav gave her an innocent look..

After breakfast, everyone become busy.. Raghav and kalpi left to the meeting in raghav's car..

 In the car,

Raghav drove the car while kalpi sat beside him.. 

K: " where is the meeting raghav? And y do they want to meet us now? We already discussed everything earlier right.."

R: " woh.. I.. They.. They want to ask us whether the products are good?", he said..

K: " what?", she asked frowning as it sounds so illogical..

R: " haan.. Thats what they said..", he said not looking at her eyes..

Kalpi was half convinced and she looked back in front.. Raghav sighed softly..

After few seconds, something struck on her mind...

K: " wait a minute..", saying so she turned to look back at him..

R(in mind): " oh no.. U r finished raghav singhania..", he looked at her and gulped..

K: " i hope it is not ur plan to bring me out...", she looked at him expectantly..

Raghav smiled nervously and first nodded his head in no and then in yes.. Kalpi widen her eyes..

K: " u cheat...", saying so she was about to smack him with her sling purse but he caught her hand..

Kalpi snatched her hand back and crossed her hands against her chest and stared in front with angry face.. Raghav stopped the car and get out of the car to go to her side.. He went to her side and opened the door for her but she sat there unaffected..

R: " baby, pls come with me..", he called her out but she sat there stubbornly...

R: " oh.. I know.. Do u want me to carry u in my arms just like that night when u were drunk..", he asked winking..

Kalpi widen her eyes and immediately get out of the car while raghav slightly chuckled..

She looked around and find nothing other than trees... It is a place out of the city... Calm and peaceful..She frowned..

K: " raghav, where are we?"

Raghav came and stood just behind her while she was looking ahead in confusion..

Suddenly, she only saw darkness.. Raghav blindfolded her with a red cloth.. 

K: " raghav, what are u doing?", she asked while her fingers touching the cloth that surrounded her eyes..

R: " ssshhh.. Dont open it.."

K: " but.."

R:" do u trust me baby?"

Kalpi was silent for a while.. Then, she gave a small smile and nodded her head in yes...

R: " come with me..", saying so he guided her holding her hands...

After a few minutes, raghav opened the blindfold.. Kalpi fluttered her eyes slightly and opened her eyes... The sight in front of her made her stand awestruck.. Her eyes are wide open and she looked 360 degree around and she placed her palm on her mouth surprised... One could see paradise dancing on her doe-shaped beautiful orbs..

Both of them were standing in the mid of huge garden which were full of flowers and in the mid of the garden is a wooden house which was simple yet elegant.. There were yellow tulips, white roses(kalpi's favourite), blood red roses, light orange tulips surrounding the wooden house in an orderly manner...

( have u guys watched the movie 'i'? Imagine the same place the heroine brings the hero to... A wooden house surrounded by flower garden)

K: " raghav.. All these...", she couldnt continue as she was too overwhelmed..

R: " come with me", saying so he offered his left hand..

Kalpi looked at his hand and his eyes before placing her right hand on his hand... Both walked towards the house hand in hand.. Raghav opened the main door of the house for her to step in first and then himself..

Kalpi walked in watching the interior of the house... As she stepped inside the house she was pleased with the beautiful view of the living hall.. It is very elegantly designed.. And the walls were decorated with exotic pictures of her favourite.. All the things there were unique.. Then he guided her to the kitchen.. It was fully equipped with the modern kitchen utilities.. The kitchen was given a grey black shades which was illuminated by yellow lights..

Following that, they went to another room.. It was a library.. The library was fully occupied with books... She traced her fingers on the books and found that they are from her favourite authors like jane auston.. There was cute little L-shaped couch at one side while there are some others unique shaped sofas and cushions too... The next room which was located on the other end was music room.. There were a huge black marble piano which kalpi loves to play and some other musical instruments which included guitar which is raghav's favourite.. Kalpi couldnt help but let out a small laughter when the music sounded from the piano when she pressed the keys.. Raghav smiled looking at her happy face.. There was also sound systems there and a small round place.. Kalpi looked at that place.. Raghav noticed her staring at the place.. So, he went behind her and sneaked his arms around her tiny waist before placing his head on her shoulder..

R: " thats a dancing place.. For u and me... We can have our private dance there..", he said huskily..

Kalpi smiled staying in his arms..

R: " come.. Lets go and see other rooms.."

Then they visited the gym... Then, raghav guided her to a huge room which looked like children's room.. It was painted colourfully with cartoon characters' pictures painted on the walls.. The room was full of toys, dolls and playing stuffs...

Kalpi looked frowning..

R: " this room is for our kids... And as u said, we will have two kids.. So, are these things enough for them?"

K: " they are more than enough.. U will make a very good dad..", she said softly making raghav wink at her...

R: " of course i will be... And there's no doubt they will get the best mumma as well..", he teased while kalpi covered her face in her palms in shy..

R: " come.. I will show u an important room.."

It was a bedroom.. It was the hugest one in the whole house.. The bed is in Japanese style (low bed)... Big wardrobes... The walls are painted in different shades of blue (kalpi's favourite).. The room had all the complete things that needed in a bedroom.. There were also couches, small coffee table placed there... It was complete...

K: " u remembered everything?", she asked emotionally..

(The house was exactly designed as per kalpi's.. During college days, kalpi told him about her dream house..)

R: " i always remember baby..."

K: " u.. When...When did u built this place?"

R: " four years before, i started it.. And u know what? This whole place is built as per my design.. I myself designed this place as u wanted.. Do u like it?"

K: " i love it..", she said happily...

R: " and yeah..we will have our suhag raat here...", he said winking while kalpi blushed..

K: " chiii.. U always come to that point.. Despo.."

R: " hmm.. When i have such a sexy and hot girlfriend, what else i can think?" , kalpi shook her head because his naughtiness...

R: " I forgot to show u another thing..", he said while she frowned..

R: " come..", saying so he hold her hand and guided to the big curtain which was hanging at on wall side of the bedroom..

Raghav pushed the curtain to one side revealing a huge wall size glass window.. And they could see the direct view of the sea..

K: " raghav.. This..", she closed her mouth to prevent the surprised gasp from leaving..

Raghav pressed the button on a remote which made the glass window to slide to one side giving the way to go to the beach.. They stepped on the beach sand...

K: " oh gosh.. There's a beach behind the house?", she asked excited..

R: " of course.. Because my baby loves beach.."

Kalpi placed her one hand on his cheek and caressed it.. They had an eye lock..

K: " im truly blessed to have you.."

R: " no.. Im blessed to have you in my life.."

Kalpi hugged him tightly.. He hugged her back as well.. They stood there in each others embrace without uttering a single word for few minutes.. Suddenly,

" I LOVE YOU RAGHAV..", she finally confessed..

Raghav froze when he heard those three magical words which his heart ached to hear.. He broke the hug and his eyes met with her eyes from which tears of happiness were flowing..

R:" u.. U said that? Or am i dreaming?", he asked not believing that she actually confessed..

Kalpi chuckled..

K: " oh really? Then keep thinking whether it is true or ur dream..", saying so she turned around to go..

But within a fraction of seconds, she found herself in his arms again..

He pressed his forehead on hers..

R: " say it again.. Say it again looking at my eyes.. Pls..", he asked overwhelmed..

She cupped his face in her hands..

K: " I LOVE YOU.. I LOVE YOU RAGHAV.. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH..", she said sincerely...

Raghav grinned widely.. He laughed happily and lifted her off her feet and spun her around... Kalpi laughed at his antics..he slowly lowered her to the ground with his arms still around her waist and closed his eyes feeling the moment... He opened his eyes and his eyes stared at her rosy lips... Reading his thoughts,

K: " wont u kiss me now after all i confessed?", she asked teasingly...

Raghav chuckled and pressed his lips  on hers.. They both kissed passionately.. They broke the kiss to catch their breath..

R: " it took u so long to say those three words?"

K: " i wanted tell u at the airport but.."

R: " the hitler jumped in ruining everything..", he said rolling his eyes making kalpi to chuckle.. 

Both of them spent the entire day together at the garden till evening..

K: " raghav, its getting late.. Lets go back home.. Everyone must be waiting for us.."

R: " no lets stay here..", he pleaded like a little boy..

K: " raghav..", she said sternly..

R: " if we go back u dont have time for me.. Moreover, i dont like that leech near u.."

K: " leech?"

R: " woh.. Sid.. I hate him.. He is always behind u with his 'jaan'..", he said in jealous..

K: " aww.. My cutie pie is jealous?", she said kissing his cheek.

R: " whatever.."

K: " raghav, pls lets go..", she asked..

Raghav sighed and followed her to the car... And they left for home..

Ufff.. Done... Ok.. As u guys wished kalpi confessed her love for raghav.. Hope this chappy is not boring.. Pls dont forget to hit like and leave ur detailed comments.. If u dont do so, zombies and ghosts will haunt u in ur dreams.. Haha..LOLLOLLOL

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Unres Embarrassed

My Dimple Sweets Hug Such an Amazing Chapter Embarrassed
Raghav is Still Jealous As Always,I Loved How he Called Sid a LeechLOL
LOL It's irks him a Lot doesn't ItEmbarrassedLOL

So Raghav wants To carry kalpi to Some Business thingy,Am i the Only One Feels He's Lying??LOLLOL So Aj wants to Go and Glares at the Handsome Hunk... Isn't aj the Hitler LOL LOL And Now Priya and Sammy helps Him.
So Leech and Hitler can't Go!LOL SOOO Kalpi Has to Goo Yippe EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

In the Car and Raghav seems Kinda FIshy Here LOL So Kalpi Figures it Out Na she's Super Smart. Raghav uses the Liftiing In the Arms CardLOLLOL
That Gets His Baby Moving  ROFLLOL

So He Blind Folds her and carries Her to this House! WOW! The House Is Beautifully Described Embarrassed  Of Course raghav is Happy Knowing He Made His Baby HappyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed He SHows Her Everything and Their Bedroom Blushing She seems Super Happy Knowing Raghav remembered Her Every Like and Choice In the Bedroom something She had Wanted and He Built The House for HER!HeartShocked 
Awww Now I love your Raghav So So Much Hunny LOL I have Prem and Raghav NowEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

So He Talks About SR and Kalpi is Weirded Out Huh LOLLOL He Knows He Has A Hot and Sexy Girlfriend so he'll think of It LOL Klapi is So weird she Has a Hunk of a Boyfriend and yet she doesn't get those thoughtsLOLLOL

OMG The I LOVE YOU Part was Much awaitedDancing Thank God Kalpi confessed.
Yay Now More RagNa Romance Embarrassed Embarrassed

DImple Sweetie,Such an amazing Update Hug Hug Loved it and Your RaghavEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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woowww.. yaeee yipeee... finally kalpi confessed her feelings...raghav is so happy...y kalpi is always surrounded by her friends... rags is so jealous ... well jo bhi ho now raghav n kalpi r together...
so now as i commened i think zombies and ghosts will not haunt me in my dreams.. Haha..LOLLOLLOL

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