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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 85)

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Originally posted by sunyy

Originally posted by Dimple_0510

Originally posted by sunyy

Hai hai dimple yaar Itna torture!!!! An kalpiadam ko confess Karne do.   Poor majnu rags babu has waited long enough onto of it suds dad calling ger darling, aj calling her baby doll And sid calling her jaan LOL LOL LOL abh kya hoga rags babu ka? When will he hear I love u from

Torture?LOL..sont u love it?
Yes, he has many ppl for competitionLOL
He will soon...Wink..but not too soon...LOL

Hai hai poor guy has worked very hard to win her back mere rags babu ko
Abh aur math torture karo par ha thoda aur jealous karo lol Wink

Lol.. Jealous? Double ok...LOL

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Originally posted by laavanya4u

Dimppy pie,
Update soon dear and so anxious to know the charcter sketch of Sid and his dashing entry to increase the acidity of our love smitten handsome hunk.couldnt control the laughter by imagining the despo rags when his baby is surrounded by aj,Sid and her daddy at the same time leaving behind him.

Updating in a while darlingTongue
What? Ohooo.. U guys are so mean.. Poor my rags baby already suffering as his baby is not saying i love u..LOL

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PART 50(A)

The wedding preparations begins.. The mansion was decorated with colours flowers and curtains and lights.. All of them actively took part in doing the wedding preparation including raghav  and gang... All strictly ordered aj and priya not to work... Their work was just to enjoy their bachelorhood and the cute little moments before marriage.. However, in the wedding preparation process, raghav hardly had time to be with his baby..

That day all of them decided to go for shopping..for wedding.. They went to one of the best designer shop at mumbai... It was maya's suggestion as kalpi and his family are not that familiar with mumbai..

As soon as they entered the shop, they got involved in selecting the dresses... While sammy and raghav stood at one corner..

S: " oh god... Even if i accompany maya, she will take half a day to select a sari.. Now, we have a whole group here.. I think we will go back home after a week.."

R: " shut up yaar.. If maya hears u, she will definitely slap u... Look at them they are all so happy..even our little disha..", he said smiling at the cute little girl who was busy as well in choosing her clothes..

S: " exactly.. In everything disha is like me.. But when it comes to shopping, she becomes little maya..", he said pouting..

R: " haha.. U r right...", and he stared straight..

Sammy saw raghav looking at something without blinking his eyes..he followed his gaze and found him staring at kalpi who was full on jolly mood... Sammy cleared his throat..

S: " why u always stare at her like u wanna eat her?"

R: " because she looks delicious..", he said winking..

S: " u r unbelievable..", he said laughing looking at his friend's antics.

R: " haha.. Woh to mai.."

S: " hmmm.. Tell me about kalpi then... Have u ever brought her for shopping?"

R: " a lot of times.."

S: " really? Tell me further..," he asked excitingly..

R: " most the time she use me as a slave to carry her shopping bags..", he said chuckling slightly..

S: " seriously? THE RAGHAV SINGHANIA.. Carried bags for his girlfriend? I wish i could see that scene..", he said with wide eyes..

R: " and u know what? Everytime we go for shopping, she will make sure i carry at least ten bags..", he said shaking his head slightly remembering those moments..

Sammy couldnt help but laugh imagining raghav carrying shopping bags..

They kept chatting with each other when raghav saw kalpi going some where else carrying some of the saris..

R: " i will be back.."

S: " i know where r u going.. All the best dude.."

Raghav followed kalpi and saw her heading to the fitting room.. She entered the room and was about to close the door.. But before she could close the door, raghav made his way into the fitting room shocking kalpi... Then he closed the door ignoring the angry glares from kalpi..

R: " ufff...finally..", he breath out..

Kalpi crossed her arms against her chest and gave raghav a " what r u doing?" kind of look..

Raghav grinned in response..

K: " what was that?", she asked sternly..

R: " what?", he asked grinning mischievously..

K: " raghav get out of here.. If anyone sees us here.."

R: " what will happen?", he said nearing her..

She gulped slightly and took a step back..

K: " if..an..anyone..see..sees..", she stammered as raghav neared her and she took steps back..

At last her back hit the wall.. She looked back and then at raghav nervously..

Raghav came nearer to her and blocked her with both his arms resting on the wall on the either side of kalpi.. He brought his face nearer to kalpi's..

R: " what will happen baby?", he whispered against her lips which were trembling because of the proximity..

She blinked her yes rapidly as his breath caressed her lips..

R: " tell me baby.. What will happen?", he said huskily..

Kalpi pushed him on his chest away from her.. Raghav laughed slightly..

K: " they will beat u blue and black...", she said warningly..

R: " im ready to face anything for u my love.. Even if i have to face dea...", before he could continue... (He was about to say death)

Kalpi placed her lips on his.. She broke the kiss and looked at him seriously..

K: " never say that...", saying so she turned her head disappointed..

Raghav sighed..

R: " im sorry..", he said holding his ears but no response from kalpi..

Raghav thought of something and smiled naughtily..

R: " hmmm.. Someone kissed me willingly...that too on my lips... Something is happening..", he teased her..

Kalpi closed her eyes tightly and smiled in embarrassment.. She composed herself and turned to face him with stern face..

K: " i... It was a mistake..", she gave a lame excuse...

R: " acha? Mistake? I wish u make such mistakes.. Always..", kalpi felt her cheeks reddening..

R: " do i see someone blushing?", he continued teasing her..

K: " raghav.. Stop it..", she said warning cutely..

Raghav laughed slightly and bite his lower lip..

K: " ok..now get out.. I wanna try these saris...saying so she pushed him towards the door..

But raghav caught her hands and shook his head negatively..

R: " im not going anywhere..", he said stubbornly..

K: " raghav..", she said pleadingly..

R: " what? I very well know that u dont know how to wear a sari.."

Kalpi widen her eyes.. Realisation hit her..

K: " yes, i dont know how to wear a sari.. I will call mumma..", saying so she was about to open the door..

But raghav caught her hand pulled her nearer to him.. 

R: " ur mumma is busy now.. Im very much free.. Let me help u..", he whispered huskily near her ear..

K: " no no no..", she said frantically and tried to distance herself from raghav..

But raghav tightened his grip around her waist... And snatched the sari from the dumbfounded kalpi..

He slowly draped the sari around her touching her in all possible ways.. (Naughty romeo..lol).. Kalpi looked at him 'i know what are u trying to do' kinda look...

R: " what? Why are u looking at me like that?", he asked innocently..

K: " just wondering.."

R: " wondering about what?", he asked kalpi while folding the sari..

K: " hmmm.. U look like an expert in draping sari..", she said suspiciously..

R: " of course i am..but what to wonder about it?", he said smiling..

K: " i was wondering how u know to drape sari this well? I mean looks like u have lots of experience in it.. U helped other girls to wear sari hai kya?", she said with an accusing glare..

R: " are u jealous my dear girlfriend?", he asked teasingly..

K: " what? Jealous and kalpana mehra dont go together mr raghav singhania..", she said rolling her eyes..

R: " acha?", he asked by pulling the sari near her waist making her body stick to his..

Kalpi turned her face to other side in fake anger..

R: " the only person i helped to drape sari before u was..", kalpi turned to look at him..

K: " was?", she asked in jealousy..

R: " was sammy..", he said chuckling..

K: " what?", she almost shouted..

R: " yeah.. During school dramas, sammy used to be my female pair.. So, i helped him to drape sari.. "

K: " ohhh..", she said happily..

R: " what did u expect? I used to touch other girl like the way i touch u?", he asked..

Kalpi didnt answer..

Raghav pushed the drapes inside her waist area making her jump in nervousness caused by the proximity..

Their lips become closer to each others.. Kalpi closed her eyes..

R: " i will never look or touch any girl like i do to u..", she looked at his eyes showing sincerity and love..

He pressed his lips on hers like promising those words.. Kalpi responded as well... They broke the kiss after exploring each others mouths with their tongues... They pulled away feeling breathless..

They stood there in silence for a while..

K: " i will go out.. They would be waiting for me..", she said softly and about to go out...

Raghav pulled her from back.. His arm around her waist and her back hit his front... He leaned forward and placed his head on her shoulder..

K: " raghav, what are.."

R: " ssshhh...", he kissed the crook of her neck..

R: " that day, at the airport u were about to say something.. But mr hitler came there and dragged u with him.. Tell me what u were about to say...", still in the same position..

K: " really? I dont remember anything..", she said teasingly..

R: " ok.. If u don't remember it, completely fine.. We stay like this until u remember..", he followed her teasing..

Kalpi chuckled..

K: " u r so stubborn..."

R: " not more than u.."

K: " so u want to know what i wanna say?"

R: " yes.."

K: " ok then.. I will tell u.."

She turned to face him..

K: " i said... I...i..."

R: " you?", he looked with expectation...

K: " i.. I.. I LIKE YOU..", she said grinning..

Raghav pouted sadly..

R: " is that mean u love me?"

K: " raghav... Like and love are two different things.. Pls go and check English dictionary mr singhania.."

R: " this is not fair..", he whined like a kid...

K: " awww... My CUTIE PIE... U r so sweet.. Bye..", saying so she gave a quick peck on raghav's cheek and ran away from there leaving a disappointment raghav behind..

R(self talk): " god, why these girls are like this? They all wanna make the boys starve... And my baby is extra stubborn of all of them... I very well know that she wanted to say i love you..but, she wanna play with me.. Okay then.. Lets play my dear..", he said to himself grinning and bite his lower lip..

SCROLL DOWN...Big smile

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PART 50(B)

They all entered the cars.. This time raghav and kalpi were in the same car with sammy, maya and divya... While the others came in different cars.. Raghav was driving the car while sammy sat on the front passenger seat.. Maya and divya sat at the back seats with kalpi in between them.. Raghav adjusted the mirror to see kalpi's face clearly.. Maya and divya were busy in their talks while raghav and kalpi were busy in their eye talks..lol.. Raghav signalled her to tell what she wanted to tell the other day while kalpi shook her head in no slowly.. And he brought his thumb towards his lips and brushed it like asking for kiss.. Kalpi widen her eyes and looked at her mom.. Raghav chuckled softly...

S: " dude, i wanna live longer.."

R: " what?", he asked confusingly..

S: " i meant if u continue ur eye talks, for sure we will meet with accident and end up in hospital... Moreover, i think u already got the dose of the day in the fitting room...", he said softly that only raghav could hear him..

 R: " sammy!", he said warningly while sammy laughed..

They reached singhania mansion...

And all were busy talking about the dresses they bought... Suddenly the door bell rang..

K: " i will see..", she got up and went to open the door..

She opened the door and widen her eyes... She stood there with wide eyes..

Ab: " princess, what happened?"

K: " daddy, come here and see this.."

All followed her and went to see what awaits them... All of them widen their eyes.. 

There was a giant teddy bear at the entrance..

Pri: " oh my god this is so big..."

K: " and sooo cuteee...", she shouted happily and hugged the teddy bear..

They brought the teddy bear inside.. The teddy bear is brown in colour and have a heart shaped red pillow attached to its stomach area.. And something was written on it,

" I'm Sorry"

D: " im sorry? Who send this?"

K: " i dont know mumma.. Who send this?", all were confused as to who send this..

"ME...", came a voice from the entrance..

All turn to see the person.. But his face was hid behind two large Cadbury chocolate bars...

Aj: " who's that?"

The person slightly brought the chocolate bars away from his face to reveal a very handsome face with a charming smile.. He looked very handsome and had a very infectious smile on his handsome face.. He looked like a greek god..

Kalpi and her gang smiled widely whereas raghav and his gang as they have never seen the person before...

Man: " im sorry..", the man said holding his ears... 

Kalpi ran towards him happily and jumped on his happily..

K: " SID U R HERE? OH MY GOD.. MONKEY I THOUGHT U R NOT COMING..", she said hugging him tightly..

Sid laughed and hold kalpi of the floor and spun her around happily while others looked on happily except raghav who fumed in anger and jealousy..lol... Their laughter echoed in the whole mansion..

Sid lowered her to the ground..

Sid: " im so sorry that i came late jaan.. Im sorry.."

Ab: " we are happy that u came at least now sid...we all forgive u.."

K: " but not me...", saying so she crossed her arms against chest and turned her face to the opposite side...

Sid looked at the others for support but they give expressions like ' we cant help u'..

Sid: " JAAN.. I said sorry nah?," he asked pouting sadly but gain no response from kalpi..

Sid: " i know how to convince u.. Look what i have in my hands..", he said showing the two large cadbury chocolates in his hands..

Kalpi looked at the chocolate bars from the corner of her eyes.. Slowly, a sweet little smile formed on her face.. She turned around and tried to get the chocolate bars from his hands but sid hold  them above his head so that she couldn't reach them..

K: " sid! Give it nah..", she said pouting while jumping to get those chocolates..

Others laughed at them (of course except raghav)..

K: " dev uncle, see ur son is not giving me the chocolates..", she complained to dev..

Dev: " sid, why are teasing my darling? Give them to her.."

Sid: " i will give them but only if u agree for the two conditions.."

K: " what conditions?"

Sid: " first u have to forgive me.."

K: " acha, i forgave u.. Now give me the chocolates.."

Sid: " hahaan.. Second condition, u owe me kisses on both cheeks.. Give them now and i will give u a chocolate for each cheek.."

Raghav gritted his teeth and balled his fist.. 

S: " calm down dude...", he said chuckling but stopped seeing an angry glare from raghav..

K: " that's all?", she asked grinning and placed kisses on his both cheeks.. And sid gave her the chocolates..

R(to sammy): " WTH!! He said he is not coming!!", he gritted in anger but sammy couldn't help but give an innocent look..

D: " sid, u very well know how to convince my muffin, u naughty..."

Sid: " haha.. Aunty , since childhood i can convince her giving chocolates.."

Aj: " acha? U convinced her but not us...", saying so priya and aj turned their heads to other sides..

Sid: " awww... My soon to be wedded couple.. Im so sorry yaar.." , saying so he hugged them..

Pri: " fine.. We forgive u.."

Soon, sid was introduced to raghav and gang.. Raghav gave a fake smile hiding his anger..

Ana: " sid, u took leave from ur assignment?"

Sid: " no mom.. I resigned from the contract..", he said coolly..

S: " u resigned? But why?"

Sid: " for my JAAN...", he said circling his arm around kalpi and took a bite from the chocolate she was eating...

K: " sid, i will kill u..thats my chocolate...", saying so she started chasing him...

Sid: " haha.. Jaan.. That was only a single bite..", he said running for his life..

Ab: " they started again.."

D: " i dont know when they will grew up.."

Soon, they all were happily talking.. And raghav sat there fuming looking at the closeness between sid and kalpi.. 

S: " raghav im scared..."

R: " kyun?", he asked sternly while his eyes still on sid who was pulling kalpi's cheeks..

S: " im scared because before the wedding a murder gonna happen here.."

Raghav snapped his head towards sammy..

R: " what do u mean?"

S: " im scared if u will kill sid out of jealousy..", he said giving a meek smile..

R: " u r right.. But not a murder.. Two murders.."

S: " two? Who is the other unlucky person?", he asked curiously..

R: "U!!", he said with murdering glare...

Sammy gulped..

S: " i.. I think disha is cal.. Calling me..", saying so he ran away from there.. 

Night came...

All sat one the long dining table..

Kalpi and sid together side by side... Whereas raghav sat opposite kalpi with sammy beside him.. 

The dinner was served.. All started eating... Raghav smashed his fork on the potato like killing someone when he saw sid sneakily took the food from kalpi's plate and she hit him playfully for stealing.. Sammy looked at raghav and frowned.. He followed raghav's angry gaze and found him staring at kalpi and sid.. He gulped and distanced himself from raghav fearing he will hurt him..

Suddenly, kalpi started coughing and breathing heavily.. Everyone attention turned towards kalpi.. Abhi rushed towards her...

Ab: " princess what happened?", he asked anxiously..

K: " pea.. (She coughed)... Peanut.."

Aj: " babydoll where is ur bag?"

Kalpi pointed at  sofa.. Aj rushed there and opened her bag to get the allergy pills... When he found the bottle, he got to know it is empty..

Aj: " its empty..."

Raghav panicked seeing her state.. He went upstairs to his room.. 

Sid: " lets go to the hospital then..", all nodded agreeing..

R: " wait.. Kalpi here.. Eat this pill..", saying so he feed her the pill and water...

After a few minutes, kalpi's becomes normal.. Her face is so red and her eyes were soaked with tears..

Ab: " princess are u ok?", her daddy hugged her and kissed her forehead.. 

K: " im.. Im fine daddy..", all sighed in relief..

Kalpi's eyes were on raghav.. She could see the unshed tears in his eyes.. She blinked at him saying she is ok...

M: " I strictly ordered the chefs not to add peanuts in the food.."

Raghav snapped at her direction and shouted..

R: " ramu!!! Ramu!! ", he shouted while all looked..

Ramu came there.. Raghav went towards him in raging anger..

R: " we strictly told u right not to add peanuts in any of the food? Didnt i?", his loud voice echoed in the while mansion...

Ramu: " sir, i told the cooks not to add peanuts..", he said softly in fear..

R: " then, how the hell it is in the food?"

One of the cooks came forward.. 

C: " sir, im sorry.. I did it.. I really dont...", before he could complete his sentence,

"TAAK...", the sound of loud slap echoed.. The cook fell on the floor as the result of the strong blows while others looked on shock...

R: " U R FIRED!!! GET OUT OF MY SIGHT..", he hissed in anger..

Raghav didnt give any heed to the cook's begging..

Kalpi stood up and went towards raghav..

K: " raghav, pls..", she whispered..

R: " no..", he said defiantly..

K: " raghav mistakes do happen.."

R: " mistakes? What if something happened to you? U think i would be able to..", he stopped saying further as he saw the confused faces around him.. He composed himself..

R:"i mean.. U r my..(he sighed).. My guest.. So, if something happens to u, i wont be able to forgive myself.."

Kalpi tried to mask her smile while raghav gave her an annoyed look..

Sid: " raghav, i think jaan is right.. Mistakes do happen.. Forgive him.."

R(in mind): " here comes the annoying pest.. Who is he to tell me what to do?"

D: " yeah, raghav.. Pls forgive him.."

Soon, all started pleading him to forgive the cook.. Kalpi looked at raghav with 'pls, do it for me' kinda look..

He sighed..

R: " fine... Dont repeat the mistake again.."

Pri: " acha, raghav... Why do u keep those allergy tablets?", she asked teasingly..

Raghav was flabbergasted with the question while others curiously looked at him..

R: " woh..", he stretched thinking of a valid reason... And he grinned...

He went towards sammy and placed his arm around sammy's shoulder..

R: " actually sammy is allergic to peanuts as well.. So, we have those tablets for sammy..", he said giving an innocent smile..

Sammy widened his eyes while gauri and Maya chuckled..

S: " allergy? Me? Since when?", he asked confused only to be heard by ragahv..

Raghav pinched sammy on shoulder with his fake smile still intact on his face..

R: " just shut up and go with the flow.."

S: " haan.. Im allergic to perfume.(cleared his throat)... I mean to peanuts.. Yeah peanuts..", he said smiling nervously...

Kalpi looked at him with narrowed eyes as she knew he is lying.. 

(Raghav kept the allergic tablets for his baby)

She smiled and shook her negatively.. Raghav gave a nervous smile and bite his lower lip..

Done... Dont forget to hit like button and ur not allowed to leave without giving comments... Its an order.. Lol..AngryLOL

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Big smile
Embarrassed Romantic update LOL
So Raghav and gang are also helping in wedding preparations LOL

Sammy heard  Raghav and Kalpi's purane  shopping ke kise Embarrassed Raghav don't miss a chance to be with his baby LOL
Trail room romance i loved it in EMA so much it was my favorite and this one was too good Kalpi kissed him Embarrassed to stop him say further that was cute and raghav is teasing her ab dekho usene nahi kaha I LOVE YOU Raghav aur chida beta she will delay more ROFL

Oh LOOK who made an appearence SID woh bhi with a big teddy for Raghav's Baby LOL Ah..! I like this jealousy Raghav so very much LOL Sid seems very colse to kalpi than Aj and priya and Raghav tho Aagbabula hogya

ROFL That part when Raghav said its to mumders sammy ka shekal dekh ne layak hogaROFL sammy stopped teasing raghav at table and is maintaining his distance to be save sudar gaya banda LOL

Awww Raghav kept medicens ready for kalpi so sweet and caring his lame cover up was funny and pri started where sammy left teasing Raghav LOL

wonderful update throughly enjioed reading it dimple my Raghav ke Biwi Big smile

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Oh my cutipie dimpleLOL,
Ur warning is so sweet dt i cnt ignore itEmbarrassed

romantic update...i was already in doubt that sid wil nt come...loved jealous raghav...
Poor boy didnt get any tym for his babyLOL
BUt khte h na mauke pe choka marna...he took full advantage of trial roomEmbarrassed
ragna kissEmbarrassed oh,i nvr get enough of their romance...if even a ff wil contains nly their romance that too more than 10 parts i'l nt object Wink LOL

DIMPLE,my swthrt pls give nxt update soon wid lots of ragna[;-)] includng jealusy tadka...

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Awesome update
ragav is so naughty  and kalpi is so stubborn
update next part soon

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abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Dimpi kutty Hug interesting update.vo trail room scene Cryold ragna days Embarrassed Day Dreaming rags know how to wear sari vo bi Sam ko pehnakar LOL LOL or vo car scence poor Sam apni life ki bohuth chintha hai Wink poor romeo sids grand entry and shararath with kalpi and closeness that kiss I thinkall mansion will burned with rags jjealousy LOL LOL sab loves kalpi so much and rags always keep allergic tablets for kalpi Smile is bar bi poor Sammy ko phasa diya LOL LOL Sammy ki jaan Ragna ke pyar ke nam LOL waiting for the time when kalpis patents sid all know about ragna relation Smile

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