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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 80)

rani214 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 June 2015 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Beautiful update Clap
Loved d way u described ragna Europe trip...dey enjoying every moment together...teasing each other n having lots of fun...awww ragna kiss in Paris  tomato festival everything was amazing Big smileBig smile
As rags even i wish it was  ragna honeymoonWink...loved ragna moments
Yay finally kalpi accepted her feelings for rags...I knw I knw she didn't confess yet to our romeo but still m happy day she now trust him again n falling heads over heels in love with him again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Heart Hug

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2015 at 12:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rani214

Beautiful update Clap
Loved d way u described ragna Europe trip...dey enjoying every moment together...teasing each other n having lots of fun...awww ragna kiss in Paris  tomato festival everything was amazing Big smileBig smile
As rags even i wish it was  ragna honeymoonWink...loved ragna moments
Yay finally kalpi accepted her feelings for rags...I knw I knw she didn't confess yet to our romeo but still m happy day she now trust him again n falling heads over heels in love with him again EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Heart Hug

Thanks dearTongue
Glad u enjoyed ragna moments together Tongue
Yes, she accepted to herself... She love him more than before...

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Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 2:37am | IP Logged

The new morning came... The dew drops vanished in the heat of the sun.. Similar to that, the confusions and fears in kalpi's heart also vanished in the love that raghav carries for her in his heart... 
She woke up with a pleasant smile thinking about her realisation that she still loves him.. In fact more than before.. She woke up slowly not to disturb her love.. Yes, her love, raghav... 

She kissed forehead of raghav who was in deep slumber and made way to the bathroom.. She got ready wearing a white tank top and  a 3/4 unbuttoned denim shirt with its edges tied together and a chocolate brown shorts.. Her hair was tied into a bun with bangs falling on her forehead.. She didnt wake up raghav as she knew that he is tired of travelling..

So, she sat on the couch with her MacBook and decided to check some work related files that she would need when she is back in India.. She received some e-mails from aj and priya regarding their on-going projects and upcoming deals... In one mail sent by aj:

"Hey babydoll... Hope u r enjoying ur time at.. Hmmm.. Wherever u are in Europe.. I tried calling u since past two days but the call was not connected.. So, decided to mail you.. We all already moved into raghav's mansion near our project area.. And i have an happy news for you.. Ur parents, priya's parents, my uncle-aunty and sid's parents (dev malhotra and ananya malhotra) are here with us for wedding preparations... So, we are missing u so much.. I want u to be there in every little thing of my marriage.. And what i wanted to say is i will pick up u at the airport and we will straight away go to the house near the project area.. Take care.. Love u..."

Kalpi felt so happy for her friends.. She thought everything happening today brings her happiness.. While she was in her own thoughts, she felt a sudden touch on her cheek.. She looked up surprised.. It was raghav.. He placed another kiss on her other cheek..

R: " good morning baby.. U woke up earlier, then why u didnt wake me up?", he said stretching his arms..

K: " i thought u were tired.. So, didnt want to disturb you..", she said with pleasant smile..

Raghav smiled while frowning.. He looked at her confused because something changed in her.. And he could feel it... He looked at her intently.. 

K: " raghav!! Stop staring at me and go to bathroom to freshen up... We have flight to take.. And before that i want to enjoy myself at the beach.. So, go fast.. Get ready.."

Raghav sighed and obeyed her words like a good boy.. Soon, he came out of the bathroom wearing his dark maroon pants with black v-neck t-shirt...

Seeing him out there,

K: " raghav!! See this..", she called raghav with her eyes still staring at the screen of her MacBook..

Raghav went and sit next to her..

K: " he still managed to start a new company..."

R: " from where did he get the money?"

K: " from his friend... Aj told me.."

Raghav looked with a grim expression... Kalpi placed her hand on his to assure him nothing bad gonna happen..

Prem has opened a new company, Kapoor Constructions. It is believed that one of his friends provided the money to open the new company.. As the money doesn't come from his dad, it is legally approved..

R: " what if he tries to hurt us? Hurt u?", he asked being unhappy with this news..

Kalpi sighed..

K: " nothing.. He cant bring any harm for us.. And about me... U r there for me.. So, nothing gonna happen to me when u r there...", she said calmly..

Raghav looked at her.. Her words really touched his heart..

R: " yes, i wont let him hurt u my love..", he said squeezing her hand gently..

K: " acha.. Forget it.. Lets go to the beach.. Come.. Fast.. We play for a while and go to the airport.. Come nah raghav.. Chalo..", she started jumping like an excited kid while pulling him off the couch..

He chuckeld and bite his lower lip looking at her childishness...

Soon, both were walking on the sandy white beach... 

K: " i love beaches..", she said inhaling while opening her arms wide to enjoy the cool breeze...

R: " i know..", he said smiling small..

There were some Spanish children playing around at the beach side and some of them were making sand houses while their parents were happily observing their children.. Raghav smiled at the sight..

K: " u love kids so much right?", she said after following his gaze..

Raghav chuckled and nodded in yes..

R: " yeah.. But.."

K: " but?"

R: " u put condition that we will only have two...", he said biting his lower lip seductively.. 

Kalpi blushed and turned her face away from him...

K: " u r becoming too naughty nowadays...", she muttered..

Raghav came close to her..

R: " do u want to see the naughtier side of me?", he asked huskily and neared her making her look at him with wide eyes..

K: " nope... I dont wanna see that..," she said laughing slightly and push him away from her...

R: " hmmm... But im sure u will see that side after our marriage..", he said biting his lower lip sexily...

K: " oh really? And y r u sure that i will marry u? I dont even love u!!", she said playfully..

R: " haha... So funny... U urself very well know that u r lying..."

Kalpi raised her left eyebrow...

K: " its getting late.. Lets go to the airport... And haan, forgot to tell u aj told me all of them had settled in ur mansion near our project area... And actually my parents and aj-pri's family are also there for their wedding preparations.. U dont mind right?"

R: " oh come on baby.. Whatever belongs to me is urs.. No problem at all.. In fact, im excited for aj and priya's wedding.."

K: " hmmm.. Yeah.. Me too.."

And they left to the airport...

They boarded the flight.. Kalpi sat on the window seat while raghav sat next to her... They chit chat with each other full on teasing and loving.. 

Night came...

They travelled in a business class plane.. So, the seats can be adjusted into beds and they can travel sleeping comfortably.. Kalpi circled her arms around raghav's arms and slept peacefully... But sleep was far away from raghav's eyes..

R(in mind): " hmm.. There's something changed in u baby.. I can feel it.. U r behaving the same way u behave four years back when we are together.. Have u accepted me?", he questioned mentally looking at her sleeping form... 

Then, he also drifted to sleep...

The flight landed at Mumbai airport at around 6 am early morning...

K(on phone): " yeah aj.. The plane has landed... Yeah.. Yeah.. U wait at the parking area.. I will be there...", and she cut the call..

R: " why dont we go together?", feeling sad that she will be going with aj..

K: " raghav.. My parents will be there.. And they dont know about u.. And if we go together then they will question on.. U know..", she said apologetically.. 

Raghav nodded in yes... 

K: " so... I.. I had great time with u raghav.. Honestly.. I.. I never knew it would be more happier to go with u not with sid.. U had been a very nice company... So, thank u.. Thank you so much..."

She hugged and about to give a peck on his lips but stopped few inches before her lips touching his.. They had an eye lock.. Kalpi lowered her eyes and kissed him on the cheek instead of his lips.. A small smile decorated raghav's face..

K: " bye..", she muttered softly...

And she turned to go.. After taking few steps away from raghav, she stopped.. Raghav's heart skipped a beat.. She turned around.. Her face showed that she was fighting in her mind... She looked here and there and sighed... Slowly, she took slow steps towards raghav... She stopped in front of raghav... Raghav looked at her expectantly.. 

K: " rag...Raghav..."

R: " hmmm?"

K: " i... I.. I.. Nee.. Need t..t..to tell u something...",she said nervously looking at his dark brown eyes which were patiently waiting for her..

Raghav nodded his head in yes.. Kalpi gulped and tears pooled in her eyes...

K: " i...i...", she started nervously fidgeting her fingers and hesitated to meet his gaze..

"Babydoll!!!", her words cut short by aj who came there hugging her..

Kalpi sighed as she couldnt tell her feelings towards him.. Yes, she wanted confess her feelings for him.. Her love for him..

Raghav closed his eyes in anger and irritation as to why this hitler came jumping at the correct moment..

Aj: " babydoll, i was waiting for u out there for long.. What are u doing here?its already 7am..Come lets go... ", saying so he literally dragged kalpi with him without giving a glance to raghav who stood there looking at her going away from him...

All the way aj kept updating her about recent happenings but kalpi's eyes were only looking back at raghav with longing...

After few seconds, kalpi was nowhere seen in his sight.. So, raghav sighed and went towards is car which was waiting outside the airport..

Soon they reached the mansion which is located near the project area.. Kalpi and aj reached first while raghav reached 15 minutes later...

When he came back, he saw kalpi sitting next to her daddy and chatting happily.. He also saw some unknown faces there...

G: " raghav u r back?", gauri asked excitedly seeing her son standing at the door..
All eyes fell on raghav... Raghav came inside and smiled at the guests..

Ab: " hey young man... Long time..", he said cheerfully..

Raghav went towards abhi and divya and touched their feet.. They are surprised but blessed him.. Kalpi and others smiled while aj rolled his eyes...lol..

Priya introduce her parents, sid's parents and aj's aunty and uncle to raghav.. Soon, all indulged themselves in talks mostly about the wedding... While others are busy in the talks, raghav and kalpi were staring each other... 

S: " dude, dont stare at her like u wanna eat her.. Her dad will kill u if he sees u staring at his daughter like that..", he whispered near his hear..

Ragahv glared at him..

(Dev and ananya are sid's parents)

Dev: " darling, how about beach wedding?", he asked..

Raghav thought ananya would answer as he mentioned darling.. 

K: " dev uncle, thats cool... Are u ok with it aj and priya?"

R: " i dont know why.. She is my girlfriend and everybody else are calling her with all lovable names that only i have right to call her.. This hitler calls her babydoll, that sid jerk who i have never seen calls her jaan.. If son is not enough, his dad is calling her darling... Arghhh...", he muttered in jealousy only to be heard by sammy..

Sammy chuckled..

S: " bro, it looks like u will be jelaous of her daddy as well.. After all he is her boyfriend.. ", he said laughing softly..

R: " her dad I understand.. But the others.. I feel like i have a lot of competition.. And u know what? She was about to say something to me at the airport.. But before that.. I mean i dont know from where that aj hitler jumped in and dragged her away from me.. Im sure she wanted to confess her love for me.. But aj..(he sighed)... I think in my last birth i had tortured him like hell thats why he is torturing me in return..", sammy couldnt help but chuckle at his friend's helpless state..

S: " raghav, dont worry yaar.. Use the wedding as a chance... I mean everybody will be busy and...", before he could continue the kalpi's screaming echoed in the mansion..

Both raghav and sammy converted their eyes towards kalpi who was shouting at someone on the phone...

K(on phone): " u know what sid? I HATE YOU!!! U useless piggie.. Dont ever try to talk to me... I hate u.. I hate u.. I hate u...", saying so she throw the iPhone on the floor causing it to break and went to the room allocated to her with an angry lioness face...

Raghav and his gang looked on shocked while the others looked with an expression like they have seen this for hundreds of times...

S: " what happened?", he asked in confusion..

Aj: " hmmm.. SID.."

Raghav frowned..

Pri: " sid cant come to our wedding as he is busy with his modelling assignment in south africa.. Due to his contract, he cant come.. Thats why kalpi is angry...", all the others nodded in yes...

G: " so what if he is not here? We all are here nah?"

D: " no gauriji... She is really upset that sid is not here.."

Ana: " and they havent meet since past five months.. Everytime, these four plans to meet, at the last minute sid becomes busy in his work..."

Ab: " and my princess cant stand this anymore... Dev, we will give an earful to sid.."

Dev: " haan.. This boy is getting too much.. Whats so important than his best friends' wedding? I will twist his ears when he comes back.."

Aj: " im not gonna leave him too.."

Pri: " me too.."

M: " oh gosh.. Poor guy... All are planning to punish him..", she said giggling...

Amongst all of them, the only person who was damn happy with that news is our romeo.. He is happy that his unknown enemy is not coming.. Anywhere near his baby..

S: " i can see the glow of happiness on your face Mr Jealous Boyfriend..", they continued their soft talks..

R: " of course i thought that sid will come to the wedding and ruin my mood.. But now.. Hmm.. Im relieved.. He is not gonna be here and i will try my best to get her undivided attention...", he said grinning..

Ab: " u guys dont worry.., i know how to make my princess calm..."

And he went to kalpi's room...

Later, aj's aunty and uncle left the place as they wanted to stay at their relatives house nearby...

Precap: wedding preparations begin...Big smileBig smileBig smile

Pls dont forget to hit like button and give detailed comments pls... Love u all...

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nikkiarora093 Senior Member

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Yaar itna achcha moment tha ... kalpi was about to confess but where the d hell dis aj came... idiot. Sopiled d special moment...plzzz do it fast b make kalpi confess her feelings for raghav ...nice update...
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 3:21am | IP Logged
awesome update
wow kalpi finally in love again with rag
hmm rag want many kids
hmm kalpi wanted t confess
but aj god kabba main haddi
hmm rag angry on everyone calling his baby lovable names
hmm sid not coming
update soon
abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 3:35am | IP Logged
O god kalpi I love you kehnai wali dhi ye Hitler LOL drag her with him puri duniya Hitler ke tourcher sai mukhth ho gaya par hamara Romeo ab bi Hitler ki toecher sah rahahai LOL LOL upar said sid bi LOL LOL rammy is so cute as always with there naughty cute talks Wink waiting for ragna romantic moments on wedding preparations sangeet mehandhi etc Embarrassed Day Dreaming dekhthe hai hamare romeo apnai Juliet sai romance kaisai karthe hai vo bi kalps or sid ke parents ke Wink ankhon ke samnai par bina unlogo ko pathachale Embarrassed Wink
...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 4:11am | IP Logged
Kalpi is totally happy again and I'm so happy for her...
I like how Raghav can sense that something changed in his baby
RagNa enjoying their time on the beach was wonderful
Oh no! Aj interrupt Kalpi confession to Raghav lol
Raghav is one jealous man lol
I like how he was complaining to Sammy about his competitors lol
Superb update
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 June 2015 at 4:33am | IP Logged

Awesome update. ..
 Kalpi is 2 happy. ...n realised her love 4 raghav. ...n raghav notice change in kalpi. ...Embarrassed kalpi about yo say raghav I love u...but aj come there n took kalpi with him...poor raghavLOLLOL..
yaar he is jealous by everyone oneLOLLOL..but happy that sid is not comingWinkLOL...
 Update soon next part

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