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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 74)

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:00am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -AriaRai-

OMG Dimple,I don't know why But I love how you write this story LOL 
Raghav is so cool and awesome here I just cant stop laughing LOLEmbarrassed
And Kalpi totally different LOLEmbarrassed Badass type of chickLOL
I love it,Update soon and Longer Wink

Awww...Thanks dearieTongueEmbarrassed
Gld that u like both rags and kalpi's characterisation...

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swara2504

Lovely update dimpy
Raghav is so lier...he said her aham
Poor kalpi felt miserable by this
But loved the teasing and scolding RagNa time
Hmm now they are on Europe tour...
Waiting to see
Update soon darling

Thanks dearieTongue
Haha.. I know rags was so naughhty...
Glad u loved their cute nok jok swara...

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rani214

Lovely update
Hmmm Kalpi waking seeing her cutie pie's face was awesome...she was staring at his innocent face before realization dawn on her Wink
Rags teasing her was funny lol n her getting angry n throwing pillow at him was cute Big smile
Eager for ragna trip n for more ragna sweet moments Embarrassed

Thanks dearieTongue
Happy that u loved rags naughtiness and kalpis cuteness...
Will give u only ragna in next chappy..Wink

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Originally posted by _Santhi_

raghav is teasing his hone wali biwi Embarrassed nice 
kalpi ne vishwas bhi karliya LOL bichari rone ko ready thi
even after knowing that she did all that she is enquiring if she said i love u to Raghav or not Dead iss ka kuch nahi hosaktha Tongue

kalpi ne kuch gap diya when she said who she is going on trip with kya fill kare usme LOL

nice update dimple love the teasing session cute n sweet Big smile

Thanks dearieTongue
Yes, rags made her believe they made love... LOL
Hmm.. The gap as she know it is not friend in real senseEmbarrassed

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chahat4u

Cutie-pie update. Big smile But so short. Cry Loved Ragna moments, how Raghav teased Kalpi. But he kept her trust, shows how much he loves Kalpi. Kalpi hid from her parents that she is going with Raghav. Looking forward to their vacation together. Pleas update soon. Big smile

Thanks dearieTongue
Haha.. I already said sorry in advance for short chappyLOL
Glad u loves ragna moments...
Sh didnt hide.. Actually she herself confused and trying to make herself believe that he is only her friendLOL

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by nikkiarora093

Lovely update dear.. nice n sweet romance... plzz upate soon n dat 2 looonnnggg one full of ragna..

Thanks dearieTongue
Next chappy is full of ragna and ragna onlyEmbarrassed
Lol... Will try my best to give looonnnggg updateLOL

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 24 June 2015 at 3:18am | IP Logged
Ok guys.. I have written their travelling experience according to my experience of travelling through Europe that was nearly two years ago... It has been long time so there might be some mistakes.. And u might find it too boring as i just gave small touches of  the countries they visited... So, sorry in advance... And guess what? I have a surprise for u guys in this chappy..WinkWinkWink.haha.. Hope u like it... Ok.. Now continue reading...


Raghav and kalpi took eurotrail instead of car to travel across Europe... They had a whale of time together forgetting their past pains... 

In the train...

K: " raghav should i book ur ticket too? To go back to india... Unless u wanna travel by ur own..", she asked..

R: " i would love to be with u as much as possible...", he said lovingly...

Kalpi smiled and nodded her head... After that, there were only silence.. Kalpi was enjoying the scenery outside the train window.. The sunset coloured the sky very beautifully... She felt peace seeing that...

K: " isn't it so beautiful raghav?", she asked still looking at the scenery...

R: " yes... The most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life..", he said looking at her angelic face which glowed in the sun rays...

Kalpi looked at him.. They had a brief eye lock... Kalpi was the one to break the eye lock as she felt very strong feeling seeing those eyes which carry immense love for her... They got down when they reached their destination...

[Love me like you do-by ellie goulding.. From fifty shades of grey soundtrack]

Pls listen to the song while reading... My favourite song... Embarrassed

You're the light, you're the night
You're the color of my blood
You're the cure, you're the pain
You're the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much, so much

Kalpi thoroughly enjoyed being with raghav.. She wondered whether she would have been this happy if she came with Sid not with raghav... First they travelled to brussels, Belgium.. They decided to rent bicycles to travel... They had famous Belgium chocolates at one of the famous confectionary store... They compete with each other on whom eats more chocolates.. Kalpi won as she has sweet tooth for chocolates... She jumped in joy after winning making raghav laugh at her childish cuteness...

R: " gosh.. Baby if u eat these much chocolate, u will become fat...", he said teasingly...

Kalpi widened her eyes and started chasing him.. Raghav ran for his life laughing..

You're the fear, I don't care
Cause I've never been so high
Follow me to the dark
Let me take you past our satellites
You can see the world you brought to life, to life

Then they travelled to Amsterdam, Netherlands.. They travelled in boats along the canal path which is popular in Amsterdam.. They got the opportunity to view the the city by travelling through the canal path...

K: " awww.. Isnt it so romantic?", she asked opening her arms to feel the cold breeze.. 

R: " of course.. That too with such an handsome man..", he said smiling..

K: " handsome man? Where is he? I dont see any...", she said teasingly...

R: " am i not handsome for u?", he asked laughing...

K: " hmmm.. Not much..", she taunted making raghav raise his left eyebrow..

R: "then, how do i look?," he asked coming closer to her..

K: " hmmm.. U are an average looking guy... Maybe 4/10...," she said giggling...

R: " really baby? I think i should try asking the girls out there...", he was about to ask some of the girls..

Kalpi covered his mouth with her palm.. And she laughed..

K: " ok..ok.. I agree... U r one handsome man... Very handsome one...happy now?", she asked laughing..

R: " very happy...", he said biting his lower lip..

So love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch touch touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Their next stop was at Germany.. The country had different culture all together... Raghav insisted that they should go watch car racing at one of the famous racing field.. After all Germany is famous for cars and the great F1 legend Michael Schumacher is a german.. They went to Bayern Munich (a german football club) stadium at Munich... They watched one of the famous match of Bayern against Borussia Dortmund... Both enjoyed watching the game amidst the crazy german football fans...it was all together a very different experience for them..At night, they went to bar and had home made beers to full and enjoyed dancing (dancing in full enjoyment.. Not like the formal ball party dance)...

Fading in, fading out
On the edge of paradise
Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I've got to find
Only you can set my heart on fire, on fire
Yeah, I'll let you set the pace
Cause I'm not thinking straight
My head spinning around I can't see clear no more
What are you waiting for?

After having a great time at Germany, they visited Italy..they went to one of the most famous historical city, Rome... They got to see a lot of historic places there... They visited ancient churches and buildings built by ancient romans... The city had its own taste... They took selfies near the  beautiful sculptures and statues that were placed around the city...

Love me like you do, love love love  me like you do
Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch touch touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

They took a selfie like hugging each other... Raghav was the one who took the selfie... Suddenly, she felt something in her heart feeling his close touch... The same feeling she felt when she realised she is in love with raghav for the first time... She is feeling that again.. For the second time... She looked at his face while he was looking at the phone screen.. A small smile formed on her face...

R: " kalpi, look here..", he said looking at the iPhone screen.. 

But she was to lost in the feelings... He looked down at her face which was near his chest.. He looked at her questioningly raising his eyebrows.. She shook her head negatively indicating nothing with a small smile..He frowned but choose to ignore it...

Love me like you do, love love love  me like you do
Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch touch touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Their next destination was Switzerland... They actually had a wonderful time at Switzerland.. They went for ice skating... Both of them had no experience in ice skating.. So, both fell on the snow most of time... First kalpi fell on her butt.. Raghav laughed making kalpi angry while skating and within a few seconds, he fell down with his face on the snow... Kalpi laughed hardly seeing raghav falling.. Raghav looked at her sternly making her quiet.. Soon, both started laughing like mad rolling on the snow... Then, they purchased some chocolates for the girls and swiss watches for both sammy and aj...

Yeah, I'll let you set the pace
Cause I'm not thinking straight
My head spinning around I can't see clear no more
What are you waiting for?

In paris, the city of love... They walked hand in hand.. After all, paris is a city of love.. So, love is in the air.. And ragna are no exemption for that... They went to Eiffel Tower... Raghav gave his Canon camera to a stranger asking him to take their picture with the Eiffel Tower as a background... But that guy ran with the camera...

R: " hey, stop!!", raghav ran behind him to get the camera..

But the man was faster than raghav.. So, he escaped from there with the camera... Kalpi went behind a panting raghav and tapped his shoulder... He looked around exhausted... She raised her eyebrows like 'what happened?'...

R: " he ran away..", he muttered sadly..

Kalpi tried hard not to laugh.. She pressed her lips together to prevent the smile that was eager to form on her face... Raghav noticed that and looked at her with narrowed eyes.. Kalpi bursted into laughter.. Seeing her laughing, raghav picked her up in his arms... She struggled to release herself...

K: " help!! Help!!!", she shouted laughing...

Some of the by passers looked at them.. But before any of them can come near them, raghav pressed his lips against hers to shut her mouth.. The by passers smiled at the couple in love... When he left her lips, she stood there astonished.. Raghav smirked...

Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch touch touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Then they travelled to spain... First they went to Barcelona and then Madrid... They enjoyed watching one of the Spanish festivals, chasing the bull... They were mere spectators there.. The bulls were very rigorous.. But the men were bravely chasing the bulls.. At once, a bull threw a man using its long sharp horns... Kalpi closed her eyes tightly and hold raghav's arm in fear... Raghav smiled that such a dangerous sport could create a romantic moment for him.. He laughed on his thoughts.. They also were obliged to take part in one of their famous festival, the tomato festival.. It was basically a spanish version of holi.. But instead of using holi colours, they use tomatoes... Raghav and kalpi both enjoyed playing with the tomatoes by throwing them at each other.. And one point, some Spanish ppl pushed them into the tub which was full of smashed tomatoes... raghav and kalpi laughed seeing theirselves being drenched with the tomato sauce...

Love me like you do, love love love  me like you do
Love me like you do, love love love me like you do
Touch me like you do, touch touch touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

They booked a hotel at madrid... They booked a single room as suggested by raghav.. First he thought, kalpi will refuse and wont accept without any further beggings.. Throughout the journey through Europe they stayed in different rooms... But to his surprise, she agreed happily at the first place.. They were to go back to india the next day..

The hotel is a very sophisticated one.. The room has a large sliding glass window instead of wall which leads to a huge balcony which has the direct view of the beach... After freshen up, kalpi went to stand there admiring the beautiful view in her pyjamas as she loves beach while raghav was in the bathroom taking bath...

After few seconds, raghav came out and looked around for kalpi.. On not finding her,

R: " baby... Baby where are u?.", he called out..

K: " I'm here..", she said loud..

Raghav went to the balcony to be treated with the scene of an angel standing there.. Her hair was flying because of the cold breeze that was flowing from the beach side... He stared at her for few seconds..He couldn't control himself...

He slowly walked towards her and stopped just an inch behind her... Her heart skipped a beat feeling him behind... He brushed her hair to one side and leaned towards her.. His breath created a tickling sensation on her skin.. She closed her eyes and gripped the railing tightly...his arms gently snaked around her tiny waist...then, he placed his head on her shoulder..He slowly placed a soft kiss on the crook of her neck... She gasped feeling the touch of his lips... She leaned her body on his chest.. They stood there for sometime in silence enjoying their moments together...

R: " i wish this is our honeymoon..", he said huskily near her ear...

She opened her eyes in shock hearing those words.. Raghav chuckled seeing her shocked form.. 

R: " if it is our honeymoon, then...", he sighed...

K: " then?", she asked softly..

He turned her to face him still hugging her close...

R: " then i would have broken my promise... I would have done more than kissing...", he said and before she can say anything he captured her lips in deep passionate kiss...

They broke the kiss feeling breathless... He left her standing there.. She stood there staring at his retreating form.. She looked back at the moon and a small smile formed on her face like she got an answer for the confusion that was playing in her mind all the time... After few minutes, she joined raghav to sleep...

Both of them lie on the bed and stared at the ceiling.. The ceiling of the hotel room has some art works... They were crafted and painted by hands... They showed the Spanish culture and their arts..

R: " kalpi can i hug u?", he asked looking at her..

She looked at him...

R: " i.. I dont know why.. But i feel like wanna hug u... Can i?", he asked sincerely...

She looked away from him.. He thought she didn't like it and resumed staring at the ceiling... Soon, a small smile formed on his face when he felt her small soft hands snaking around his waist and her face was placed on his chest.. He draped his arms around her shoulder...

They remained like that for few minutes... Ragahv was feeling her weight on him while she was intently listening to his heartbeats... After few minutes..

K(in mind): " raghav... These one week with u by my side, i felt my life complete.. The happiest moments of my life...It was like a glimpse of life with u...haha.. And u know what? What i felt? I felt like i want this moments all my life with u.. Im no longer scared of the past in our relationship.. Im not scared anymore that u would deceive me again... That u would leave me again..I started to trust u again.. In fact, i trust u more than before.. And... And i feel like I FELL IN LOVE WITH YOU... AGAIN... And this feeling is amazing... I want to spend my rest of my life with u raghav.. I LOVE YOU... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RAGHAV... IM READY TO ACCEPT YOU... I LOVE YOU...", she said in her mind and placed a kiss on his chest... Tears of happiness were flowing from her eyes...

She looked up at his face... His eyes were closed.. It seems like slept long while ago... She raised her head from his chest and stared at his handsome face.. She used her fingers to move the strips of hair that were falling on his forehead.. 

K(in mind): " i wish my every night is like this... In ur embrace... In ur arms.. Which only belongs to me.. Im feeling so secured and the most luckiest girl in the world when im with u... I.. I feel like wanna shout out loud saying that u r mine... I want to be yours.. I want to feel each second of my life with u... As ur love and ur better half.. Im ready for that raghav... I LOVE YOU SO MUCH...", she placed a gentle kiss on his lips not to wake up him...

But at soft touch of her lips, raghav stirred a little..but he didn't wake up.. Kalpi smiled looking at him.. She sighed at fell asleep hugging him closer...

Precap: ragna back in india...

Ufff... Done...
I faced a lot of difficulties in writing this chapter.. I tried to give my best... But if u feel i spoiled it, im really very very sorry...
Pls don't forget to hit like and leave ur detailed comments...
Love u all...

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Fabulous Wonderful update dimpy
Ragna's time in teasing chessing loving with each other
Paris man stole their camera... Wow
Their time in tomato festival... I have no word to describe
Perfectly settled one
Raghav covered himself still in boundaries 
And want his honeymon there
Finally kalpi accept her feeling
Hmm back to India...
Update soon

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