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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 63)

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 9:38pm | IP Logged

R: " hi...",he sat beside her placing his glass on the bar counter...

K: " hey..", she said with a small smile..

R: " hmm.. So, when u will go back india? What i meant was we can go back together.."

K: " no raghav.. I will stay here for few more days..."

R: " wanna spend time with ur parents?"

K: " no... Actually, sid and i planning for outing.. U know across the Europe..i haven't  meet him for months..", she said calmly..

Raghav gritted his teeth and turned his head to other side.. He took a deep breath to control his anger..

R: " well, u didnt tell about ur so called sid..", he said while trying to keep his face calm..

K: " i have told u before.. Sid, priya, aj and i are childhood friends.."

R: " he seems to be more than a friend..", he said coldly..

Kalpi looked at him with raised eyebrows... She can sense that raghav is jealous... She smiled a little..

K: " yeah, he is more than a friend.."

Raghav's anger reaches its peak... He stood up to go away from there..

K: " he is my best friend.. Not just a random friend..", raghav turned to look at her..

He sat back on the stool and he took a sip of his drink..

K: " what are u drinking?", raghav widen his eyes and placed the glass on the bar counter..

R:" it is.. Hmm... (Cleared his throat).. Haan.. Juice... Ora.. Apple.. Apple juice...", he said nervously..

K: " apple juice?", she asked while a frown formed on her forehead..

R: " yeah.. Apple juice..", and he gave a sheepish smile..

K: " but.. It looks so dark..", she said while her eyes on the glass of fluid..

R: " it is fresh.. And concentrated... U know concentrated apple juice looks darker..", he said grinning...

Kalpi's phone rang.. She received  the call.. Raghav released his breath for escaping.. He was actually drinking scotch... He was scared of kalpi as she hates him drinking..

Kalpi cut the call and her face was so angry and disappointed..

R: " what happened?"

K: " sid.. He has to go to south africa urgently for his modelling assignment.. So, he cant make for the trip.. (Deep breath).. I think i have to go back london and stay with my parents.."

Raghav's face beamed in happiness...

R: " what about both of us spend time together.. ( kalpi looked at him with narrowed eyes).. I mean we can go around Europe just like u wanna do with ur friend.."

Kalpi went into her thoughts whether to accept it or not... Sensing that she is confused whether to accept or not,

R: " and i promise i will be a good boy..pls..pls.. Pls.", he said with innocent face..

K: " ok.. I."

R: " u can book a room in the same hotel i stay..we will go there from here..", he said impatiently..

Kalpi just nodded in yes..

K: "i need a drink.."

K: " waiter, give me.. Hmmm.. Yeah.. The same apple juice..", she said pointing at raghav's glass which actually contains scotch..

The waiter looked at her confused as to why she is saying scotch as apple juice however raghav was baffled..

K: " what r u looking at? Fast!!", she said in serious tone.

The waiter quickly filled the glass with the scotch and gave it to her..

R: " baby, u dont have to drink this..", he said nervously..

K: " tchhh.. Raghav, im thirsty.. ", she was about to take a sip of the drink when raghav held her hand shaking his head in no..

Kalpi released her hand and drank the content of the glass... She lowered the glass and looked at the contents with a frown.. 

K: " this apple juice tastes a bit weird..," but she took another sip.. 

And she finished the contents..

K: " it tastes weird but so nice.. Give me another glass..", she ordered the waiter..

All the while raghav was looking at her with an expression like watching a horror movie.. He tried a lot to stop her but she kept drinking and drinking till she become too drunk..

Kalpi started to giggle.. Raghav gulped..

R(in mind): " u r dead today raghav singhania.. The headline for tomorrow's newspaper gonna be ' raghav singhania killed by his girlfriend '... Im very  sure its gonna happen.."

Kalpi looked at the waiter with her head tilted..

( Imagine kalpi speaking in drunken language for this update)

K: " hey, u waiter... U know what? U look like a.. Hmmm.. Haan.. U look like pig that just came out of the mud water.. Am i right raghav?", she said laughing and poking the nose of the waiter..

Raghav widen his eyes and covered her index finger she used to poke the waiter's nose with his fingers.. He muttered a soft sorry to the waiter.. And hold her to go away from there.. She walked stumbling.. Raghav hold her.. She shrugged his hands of her waist and shoulder..

K: " i can walk myself..", she said pressing her lips together..

Tanya and addy came towards them..

T: " what happened to kalpi?"

R: " she is drunk.."

Ad: " she never drinks!!"

R: " she drank it mistakenly...i.. I.. Will take care of her.. Bye guys.. U guys must come to meet us in india.."

K: " haan.. U guys must come to meet us.. Warna mr singhania will get angry..", she said laughing while poking raghav's stomach...

T: " its better u bring her back.."

After that raghav called his driver..

K: " my car is here..", she said pouting..

R: " where? And give me the keys.."

K: " kyun i will drive..", she said like a small kid..

R: "u cant drive in this state baby.. where is ur car?"

K: " white Mercedes Benz.. Number 5555," she said showing four finger four times..

Raghav took her purse and found the key..

R: " lets go.."

K: " im not coming with u..."

R: " kalpi..", and he sighed..

Within a second he picked her up in his arms..Kalpi didnt struggle instead she placed her arms around his neck and smiled.. Raghav smiled back at her..

And he placed her on the front passenger seat and buckled the seat belt.. Later, he placed himself on the driver's seat and drove to the hotel where he stays..

R: " come..", he said opening the door for kalpi..

But she shook her head negatively and opened her arms indicating him to carry her.. Raghav smiled small and picked her in his arms... Soon, he brought her to his room.. It is a suite.. So, there is a bedroom, a small living room, wide balcony area and a small kitchen.. 

Once he entered the room, he placed her on the bed... He put his jacket on the chair...kalpi looked at him with innocent eyes.. He looked so hot with his white shirt which stick to his body perfectly revealing his strong biceps and shows the shape of his abs...

Raghav could feel her gaze  on him..

R: " stop staring at me baby."..

K: " kyun? U.. (Hiccup).. U look sooo sexxxy...", she said stretching the words 'so sexy'..

R: " really?", he asked raising his eyebrows still standing near the chair..

Kalpi looked at him with big baby innocent eyes.. She asked him to come near her with her hand... He went near her..

K: " sit here...", she said tapping the bed..

Raghav was going to say no..

K: " sit..", she whined like a kid..

Raghav sighed and sat in the bed...

Kalpi moved near him.. And went closer to his ears..

K: " take off ur shirt..", she whispered near his ears like telling a secret..

Raghav widen his eyes..

R: " WHAT?? No.. This is wrong baby...", and he about to stand up..

She gripped his wrist and gave him a deadly glare..

K: " i said take of ur shirt and sit on the bed, MR COMMANDER!!!", she said like an army officer..

R: " baby..."

K: " u always say u love me.. But cant even do such a small thing..", she said like on the verge of crying..

R: " ok... Ok.. Look i take it off...happy now?", saying so he took off his shirt and sat on the bed..

She didnt answer him and just hugged him...

She placed her head on his chest and stared at his abs..

R: " baby, what happened?"

K: " ssshhh.. Cant u see im counting.."

R: " counting? Counting what?", he asked frowning..

She looked up at him...

K: " 1...5...3...," she started counting while poking his abs...

K: " im counting ur abs... Wowww.. U have 12 pack...," she said kissing his abs..

(12 packs instead of 6 pack because of her brilliant calculation..lol)

Raghav felt current passing through his spine as she kiss each of his abs..
Now he was literally lying with her on the bed.. Her lipstick mark were all over his abs.. Then, she raised her head upwards... She snuggled her head more onto his chest..

R: " baby, u finished counting? Now may i go?"

K: " kyun? Are u going to leave me again? Like u left me four years ago? No.. Dont leave me..", she said crying and she hugged he tightly...

His heart shrunk listening to those words.. He hugged her back... Tears flowing in his eyes..

R: " sshhh.. Dont cry.. I wont leave my baby now.. And never.. Promise.."

She looked up at him and smiled.. She kissed on his chest exactly where the tattoo of her name lies...

K: " does it hurt so much?", she asked softly while her fingers traced the tattoo..

R: " not anymore as my angel as kissed it..", he said kissing her forehead...

K: " u know what?"

R: " hmmm?", still hugging her..

K: " u r sooo cuteee.. My cutie pie ", she said giggling..

He was surprised as after four years she is calling him cute and mentioned  him as her 'cutie pie..'.. When he was in his thought, he felt the soft touch of her lips on his left cheek.. It was another shock, as since she came back in his life, he was the one who always initiates the kiss.. But for the first time she kissed him with her own will... He couldn't help but to smile widely...

Her hands brushed through the skin of his chest to circle around his neck..

K: " u know? I dont know why but i feel so happy.. So happy after four years.. Being with u.. Being in ur embrace.. Feeling ur warmth..," her eyes were only half open as the effect of drinks.. 

But he stared at those eyes without blinking as she said those words .. He still could see immense love for him in those beautiful eyes..

She placed her head on the crook of his neck.. He caressed her hair and bare shoulder...

R: " i promise u baby.. I will give u all the happiness.. U will forget all the pain i gave u... I love u so much..", causing kalpi raise her head and looked at him...

Their faces were near to each others.. Kalpi pressed her forehead on his forehead and closed her eyes.. A tear slipped from her eye.. Raghav cupped her face with his palms.. He kissed her eyes... And she opened her eyes.. They had an eye lock..

K: " kiss me..", she muttered looking straight into his eyes...

There is no hint of shy in her eyes because she was drunk.. Raghav stared at her if she was sure... Looking at his confused form, kalpi leaned forward and placed her lips over his.. She keep giving gentle butterfly kisses on his lips.. He too respond to her kisses.. He flipped her to the other side of the bed.. 

Now, she is below while raghav was on top of her.. They kissed each other passionately.. Raghav engulfed her lower lip and teased it with his tongue... Then he went to her upper lip... She was pulling his head nearer to hers.. While his hands were on either sides of her head.. He found she was breathing heavily.. So, he stopped kissing and looked at her eyes.. She slowly opened her eyes which was closed till now...

Kalpi raised her head and gave kisses all around his face.. Then, she kissed his chest... Raghav had to control himself using every bit of his self control... She looked at him.. He caress her cheek and tucked her hair behind her ear...

R: " baby, we should stop here..", he whispered...

K: " why?"

R: " because i.. I don't want u to regret later..."

K: " i wont regret..", she said in a complaining tone..

Raghav lowered his eyes.. He shook his head negatively smiling..

R: " u r not  in ur senses now.. U will surely regret it later..
I dont want u to regret our moments together.. I want u to be happy thinking those moments... I will claim u as mine when I rightfully make u mine.. When i make u my wife..", he said giving a quick peck on her lips...

She looked away from his eyes.. It was like she felt that he dont love her... Raghav like reading her mind, crushed his lips on hers...

R: " I LOVE U MADLY.. DONT DOUBT ABOUT IT..", kalpi gave a small smile..

She opened her mouth to say something but didnt...

Raghav heart beat a beat.. He could feel her saying those words.. The words his ears crave to hear from past four years.. The words he beg her to say.. He want to hear even it is uttered from her mouth when she is not in her senses...

R: " say it..", he asked her with expectation...

Kalpi looked at him with love... She took a deep breath..

K: " I..."

He shook his head slightly to continue...

K: " I... I...", he closed his eyes to feel it..

K: " i feel so sleepy..", and she snuggled into his chest..

He frowned and opened his eyes.. He saw her sleeping form.. She felt asleep.. He smiled and bite his lower lip on how stubborn she is even at this state... So, he said 'good night baby' and placed a gentle kiss on her lips.. Then, he slept hugging her..

Precap: ragna (only ragna..lol) spend time together...

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pyardil Goldie

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
Awesom update
Omg kalpi want to do hankipanki but raghav
stop her he don't want she regret after their love making
N kalpi confess she is missing him from last four years
To stuborn girl he want to listen three magical word n she sleep without saying anything

Edited by pyardil - 16 June 2015 at 5:11am
lolor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
lovely update
full of ragna...love their dance...
& also drunk kalpi...
it broke all walls which she has build around her...
& rags has 12 packs Shocked LOL ...waiting for ragna Europe tour
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 11:06pm | IP Logged
What an update Wink rags babu full on romantic mood mein gana ga ke baby kalps ko pata Rahay hain Wink baby kalps hogayee drunk aur rags ki mila full on funk. Wink itni kissee ... Kissee kissee hi kissee kissee . And she ut came time for I love u ... So gayee LOL Wink rags baby wait on wait on
abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 11:08pm | IP Logged
Ooo off mood mai likhi update aisi perfect ho tho mood mai likhi update kaisa hoga. Ya alla dimpi is the best mwah mwah mwah [;)]interesting interesting interesting update [=D>] [:*:] kalpi ki dressing style [8->] poor Romeo on dreamland vaisa hamari kalps hair hi aisa [8->] ad and T kalpi sai gussa ho or cute child ki tara usai manaliya kalpi or ragna romantic dance or vo song o god dimpi u are just brilliant perfect song [:*:] ragna ek dusre mai kaisai kho gaye or kiss vo bi sab ke samnai [8->] [:$] hamare tara ragnaland mai chalegaye dhono [:$] [;)] ye rags Scotch ko apple juice or vo self talk tomorrows news headlines raghav singhania ka murder vote bi girlfriend ki hatho sai [=))] vaisai drunken kalpi is cute na [:$] poor singhania ki control ki tho [LOL] [LOL] ab morning kalpi jab utega or rags ki 12 packs par uski lips ki nishan rags ki izzath saviour hud khathra bangaya .[=))] waiting for ragnas wonderful trip [8->] love you and thanks dimpi for this wonderful romantic ragnalacious updaye [>:D<]
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2015 at 11:29pm | IP Logged

Fabulous update dimpalStar
   Raghav is lost in kalpi ...n memories her...Wow loved this song. ...n Ragna danceEmbarrassed...n sab ke samne kissWink...
Kalpi is drunk. ...raghav to gaya kam seWinkLOLLOL loved drunk kalpi. ..so cute. ...12 pack. ...ShockedLOL raghav ke upar to kiss ki barishWinkLOLLOL...He is in cloud 9LOL...but self control hai. ...Clap
 Waiting 4 Next update. ...
Update soon next part

nikkiarora093 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Marvellous update datling. Yaar ab to kalpi se confess karwado bahoot ho gaya raghav ka intzaar.
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 June 2015 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Wonderful update dimpy
Kalpi looked gorgeous in the day the way you describe her
Raghav was completely lost in her
The song is nice
Love the drunken kalpi...teasing to bar tender
Raghav's abs...12..and she counting
Love it... Hope they confess their love soon.

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