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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 61)

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Two days passed.. Raghav didn't get any chance to meet kalpi.. Monday came.. He got ready hurriedly as he is  going to attend a meeting at KGC along with sammy and maya..

As soon as they reached KGC, the receptionist guided them to a conference where only priya was waiting for them.. Raghav looked around for kalpi but she was nowhere seen.. Sensing her friend's restlessness, maya asked priya...

M: " priya, where is aj and kalpi? Are they late?"

Pri: " no yaar.. Only i will be attending this meeting.."

S: " why? Aj and kalpi have some work hai kya?"

Pri: " haan.. Aj went to meet one of our client at the hotel.."

R: " kalpi?"

Priya looked at him raising her eyebrow.. When she saw raghav's pleading eyes, she sighed..

Pri: " kalpi is out of country..", she said calmly..

R: " WHAT???" , raghav shouted while standing up..

Sammy, maya and priya jumped at their spot due to the loud voice..

R: " why did she go? When? I mean she didn't inform me.. How can she.."

Pri: " hold on.. Hold on.. First of all, why she should inform u? U r not her father or husband... What right u have on her?", priya snapped..

R: " haq hai mera.. I have full rights on her because I LOVE HER!!", he said looking straight at priya with determined eyes...

Priya looked surprised..

R: " so, can u pls tell me where is she and why did she go there?", he asked in authoritative voice...

Pri: " did u received the invitation for ur college reunion party?"

R: " haan.. I received it two days back.."

Pri: " so, kalpi will be attending the party.."

R: " but it is next week..", he said with a confusion look on his face..

Pri: " haan, next week at manchester.. But now  she has gone to her home in London..to spend time with her parents.. Uncle and aunty miss her so much.. So, they asked her to come earlier.."

R: " oh..", he said sadly looking down..

R: " but she didnt tell me anything..", he said disappointed..

S: " raghav, she must have forgotten to tell u bro.. Dont worry.."

Pri: " if u love her so much, u shouldnt have hurt her in first place..", she mumbled loud enough to be heard by the trio..

R: " yes, thats the biggest mistake i ever did in my life..", he said with regret and pain visible in his face..

Pri: " raghav, can i tell u something?"

Raghav looked at her..

Pri: " i know u truly love her.."

Raghav and his friends looked surprised..

Pri: " dont look surprised.. And i also know that kalpi loves u so much.."

R: " how.. Sh.. She told u?"

Pri: " no... Oh come yaar.. We are friends from childhood... Aj and i know her for about 20 years.. She loves u so much even if she denies as much as she can.."

M: " aj knows?i dont think so..Haha.. He hates raghav very much..", she said chuckling..

Pri: " u r wrong maya.. Aj understands kalpi more than me.. Kalpi is like a baby sister for him.. He hates raghav as he has seen his babydoll go through a lot of pain in last four years.. His babydoll who always smiles, become sad.. And who is responsible for all these? RAGHAV!! He is scared if raghav hurt kalpi again, she will be broken to an extent there is no comeback.."

R: " he is right.. But priya, i wont hurt her again.. I love her so much and i will give her a lots of happiness that she forgot every pain she went through.."

Pri: " i dont know raghav.. But all i want is kalpi's happiness.. And i very well know that her happiness lies on u.. I would be happy to see u two together.. Not for u but for my friend, kalpi.."

R: " thanks..", he said giving a small smile..

S: " and thats y we have the idea to live under the same roof.."

Pri: " i knew it.. Thats y i convinced aj to say yes..

M: " wow, thats awesome... We have one more person to support our mission..."

Raghav just gave a small smile still thinking how he is gonna spend the four days without seeing her...

Back in London,
Kalpi had a whale of time with her parents and her bruno and megan (her golden retrievers)... She made a FaceTime call to priya.. Priya was having lunch with sammy, rags and maya..

Priya looked at her iphone and found kalpi calling her..

Pri: " hey sweetie.."

K: " hi pri.. Having lunch?"

Pri: " yeah.. With raghav sam and maya.. Aj went to meet a client.."

K: " raghav is there?"

Pri: " yeah..", and she turned her phone towards raghav..

Raghav saw her sitting on her bed with a Pomeranian puppy on her lap..

R: " hi.. U left without telling me..", he said in fake anger.

K: " aww.. Sorry raghav.. Anyways, meet michaelangelo..", she said showing her new puppy to the four of them..

Pri: " u bought a new one?"

K: " daddy gifted him to me.. Isnt he cute priya?"

S: " u named him michaelangelo?", he asked snickering..

K: " haan.. Unique name what?"

Pri: " where are ur bruno and megan? Busy dating?"

K: " no.. Let me call them.. Bruno!! Meg!!", as soon as she called them they jumped on the bed and started licking her face..

K: " ok babies.. Enough.. Enough of kisses.. Say hi to priya.. See..", she showed the doggies the ipad screen..

The two barked looking at priya..

Pr: " hi to u too bruno and meg.."

K: " ok.. Go.. Go.. Nia kaki will give u food go..", she said making her dogs and puppy to go..

K: " so, having a great time without me guys?"

Pri: " yeah.. But raghav looks so sad..", she said chuckling..

K: " hey, raghav u will be coming to the reunion party right?"

R: " yeah.. As u will be there baby..."

Kalpi pressed her lips together to prevent the smile that curved on her lips..

R:"why are u hiding ur smile? Dont be shy..", he teased her..

K: " hmm.. Bye guys... Have to go.."

Pri: " kyun?"

K: " going out for shopping with my boyfriend and mumma", she said giggling..

Pri: " ok bye..."

And they cut the call..

M: " now u r happy mr romeo?"

R: " hmmm... Better.. "

Days passed quickly.. Raghav went to manchester to attend the reunion party.. The party is organised at a 7 star hotel.. There were 3 batches to attend the party; ragna's batch, batch before ragna(virat's batch) and batch after ragna (junior batch)... 

Raghav booked a room in a hotel.. After getting fresh he wore his v-neck white shirt which showed a bit of his well built chest with a black leather jacket and khakis brown coloured pants... He looked as handsome as ever... 

R: " looking good yaar raghav... Just like those college days.. Hope my baby will be impressed..", he said looking at himself on the mirror and bite his lower lip giving a light chuckle..

He reached the hotel where the party is going on... He stood outside looking at the grandly decorated hall.. He saw a lot of the ex-students already reached there; some from his batch, some from the batch before him, and some from batch after him.. All his college day memories comes in front of his eyes.. His first time as a fresher being bullied, first time he saw kalpi, she kissing him, they become friends, how love blossom between them, their intimate moments... A small smile appeared on his face..

"OH MY GOD!!!"

His thoughts were broken with loud voice.. Before he could see the source of the voices, he stumbled in his place as something come hitting him.. After few seconds, he saw his two friends, tanya and addy hugging him...

R: " happy to see u too guys..", he hugged back them laughing..

They pulled away..

T: " raghav.. Oh god!!! Man, i cant believe my eyes.. U r raghav.."

R: " yes, tanya.. I am raghav.. Raghav singhania..", he said rolling his eyes..

Ad: " bro, u r changed.."

T: " hahaan.. Looking more handsome yaar.. With this stubble.."

R: " well, thank u.. How are u guys?"

Ad: " hmmm.. What to say bro? I got married and my life turned 360.."

R: " u got married? To whom? Miss rosy?", he asked chuckling..

Ad: " u still remember all those thing buddy? Well, there she is.. My wife.. Anisha... And i have two girls.. We left them with my parents..", he said showing his wife who was chatting with some other females..

R: " good.. And tanya, i guess u r settled too.."

T: " yeah... Aman!!", she called out a guy..

The guy came near them smiling..

T: " aman, this is raghav singhania.. I told u about him.. And raghav, this is aman sergil, my husband.. And we have three kids; 2 boys and a girl"

The two man shook hands after greeting each other...

Am: " by the way, u r alone here raghav? Where is ur wife?", aman asked...

R: " ermmm.. No.. I mean im not married yet..", he said giving a small smile...

Tanya nudged her husband giving him a deadly glare.. Aman looked at her with sorry look..

Ad: " guys, lets go inside.. Will meet others too..."

After going inside, addy introduced his wife to raghav.. And all of them engaged in a chit chat about their lives after college..


They turn to see the person.. It was virat..

V: " remember me?"

"Of course yaar..", they replied...

V: " hmmm.. Someone is missing...", he said narrowing his eyes...

V: " raghav where is my sis?"

R: " woh.. She will come..soon.."

V: " ok.. Yeah coming,". Virat leave them as some of his friends call him..

Addy and tanya looked at him surprised..even, their spouses looked surprised.. Addy and tanya told their spouses about ragna..

R: " what?", he asked raising his eyebrows..

T: " kalpi...  I mean u guys patch up ready?"

R: " no yaar.. Actually, she is there in india for past three months.. She came to look over her dad's business.. Thats where we met... I tried and am still trying to win her back.. And im sure she will accept me.. But u know.. She is stubborn..."

Ad: " good luck bro.. Anyways, that girl hide such a big thing from us.. That she is mr abhimanyu mehra's daughter.."

T: " yeah.. I got to know about it when i saw in a business journal.. She was awarded the young businesswoman of the year.. Right aman?"

Am: " yes.. And i wondered being friends, u guys dont know about it.."

An: " maybe, she didn't want ppl to befriend her just because she is such a big business tycoon's daughter.."

R: " u r right... And..", before he could continue,

He was surrounded by the junior girls who used to drool over him during college days..

"Oh my god..", " raghav singhania.", "awww.. U look so handsome..", " will u dance with me today?"

R: " guys.. Pls.. Pls. Calm down..", he said giving a small laughter..

G1: " raghav sir, how r u? Remember me?"

G2: " nina, get away.. Raghav sir will u pls dance with me today pls..", she said pushing nina away...

R: " pls.. Girls.. Pls.. Look im having a talk with my friends.. So, pls excuse us..", but they didnt seem to move from there..

They keep buzzing around raghav..

An: " looks like he has a lot of admirers..", addy's wife said..

Ad: " of course honey.. After all, he is our college's chocolate boy.. But nobody dares to come close him that time.."

Am: " why? ", he asked curiously..

T: " because he has his own izzat saver..", she said giggling..

Raghav successfully escaped from the girls and join his friends again..

Am: " raghav, these two said u had a izzat saver.. Who is that?"

Raghav looked at tanya and addy who where laughing with narrowed eyes..

Ad: " his izzat saver is kalpi.."

T: " yeah.. Poor guy.. Always get caught between girls...Kalpi saves him from them.. And they all never dare to look at her boyfriend when she is there..."

Suddenly, silence engulfed the hall.. Raghav and his friends looked around to see the cause of sudden silence... Then, their eyes fall at the entrance... Boys were drooling however girls were looking in jealousy..

And ...

I stop here... Haha.. Too long already...

Precap: ragna dance..

Ufff... Done.. Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes... Pls leave ur valuable comments N dont forget to hit the like button.. Love u...

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 7:07am | IP Logged
wow lovely update
rag sad kalpi felt without saying t him
hmm priya answer was somehow rude but u explained the pain true friends feel for their buddies
hmm rag talk t kalpi 
kalpi n her doggiesWink
rag wish he was licking kalpi face(don't kill me for that)
hmm the reunion party
wow i really thought addy n tanya as couple
nut nice they were married
hmm rag still famous
god virat sister haha
hmm kalpi enter the hall
n rag will be off the world with gorgeous girl
update soon

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Gosh ! What a place to stop. I was so eager to see Kalpi and Rags meet at the party. You are putting us through ' Torture' waiting for the next update ! Fantastic update. Everyone seems to take a 'bite' at poor Rags situation ! Hopelessly in love with Kalpi but with no 'warm' response !! Sammy has real fun 'pulling Rags' leg' ! Great update. Thanks.
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 8:00am | IP Logged

Awesome update
  Aww kalpi bracelet stuck on raghav shartWink...loved jealous raghavLOL...sid. ..who is he. ...jaan n sweetheartLOLLOL poor raghav. ..n smmay pulling his leg. ..LOL
 Wow priya helping raghav. ...n all r have to stay same home. ..Sammy ..such a lovely friends. ...
 Reunion party. ..All meet each other. ..omg add n taniya r married. .n kids bhi haiShockedLOLLOL...kalpi ki entry. ..n u stop thereErmm..
Precap. ...Ragna dance. ...Embarrassed
update soon next part
SamBricka IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 8:17am | IP Logged
superb update dear.. Both chappies were fab.. M waiting for RagNa dance.. Plzz update soon... Plzzz
ReezaZul Goldie

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:33am | IP Logged
plezzz update soon...
lolor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 June 2015 at 9:43am | IP Logged
awesome updates...
kalpi left without informing raghav...(he deserves that... Tongue )
& meeting at reunion...
waiting for ragna dance

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