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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 49)

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Originally posted by ishani12

update soon .. I am dying to read it

I will dear.. Very soonSmile

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Waiting for nxt update...
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Hayee eh Raghav ka gusa bhi kinthna romantic hai Day Dreaming
kalpi is on Raghav side and it out now LOL and she say that they r just friend Tongue Raghav ne jhatse pakad liya ke its kalpi who have sent hi that pendrive and then he stormed in to her conference Embarrassed

sammy bhi na use aur koi kam nahi Angry Raghav kithna upset hogaya for breaking their moment and these two na discussing it in front of maya ROFL thank god its not in front of sammy's daughter else it will be breaking news for gauri DancingBlushing
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Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

Waiting for nxt update...

Will update tonight or tomorrow darlingBig smile

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Originally posted by _Santhi_

Hayee eh Raghav ka gusa bhi kinthna romantic hai Day Dreaming
kalpi is on Raghav side and it out now LOL and she say that they r just friend Tongue Raghav ne jhatse pakad liya ke its kalpi who have sent hi that pendrive and then he stormed in to her conference Embarrassed

sammy bhi na use aur koi kam nahi Angry Raghav kithna upset hogaya for breaking their moment and these two na discussing it in front of maya ROFL thank god its not in front of sammy's daughter else it will be breaking news for gauri DancingBlushing

I know my hubby is very romantic...Embarrassed
Madam always denies her feelings for him.. But the truth is she loves him..
Raghav singhania is smart enough to know kalpi's actions..l
Awww... Y all of u are angry on sammy? Isnt he so cute.. And waise bi he saved kalpi.. If not rags would have gotten her pregnant by just kissingLOL
Yeah.. That little drama queen disha is not there.. If not it wouldnt be breaking news just for gauri but also all over india..

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After a week,
At kapoor's mansion..

" Damn it!!", sahil shouted throwing his handphone on the floor..
N: " sahil, what happened?", neetu asked sahil who was angry while pakhi, prem and dadi looked at him questioningly..

Sa: " our properties has been sealed.."

Pr: " dad! What r u saying?"

Pa: " oh no!"

N: " sealed? How? Who? How is it possible sahil?"

Sahil  handed the notice he received informing his properties are sealed..

Prem snatched the notice from neetu's hand and read it... The notice stated that the properties of kapoors are bought from their illegal business dealings.. So, they are sealed and the bank accounts of each and every family member of kapoors are freezed..

Pr: " we are penny less...", he said unbelievably..

N: " oh my god! What will the ladies of the club say.. They will take away my jewellery too sahil? Im sure mrs verma will be very happy.. She will show off her diamonds sets to me..and.."

Sa: " will u pls shut up neetu!", he shouted..

Pr: " dad, how did they get the proofs? I mean we kept it very confidential.."

Sa: " someone in us should have done this.. There is a black goat among us..", he said venomously..

Pa: " what are we going to do dad?"

Sa: " we will get advice from our advocate first pookhi..prem call our advocate.."

Prem called their advocate and speak to him about the matter... His face clearly showed anger.. He cut the call..

N: " what happened chocopie?"

Pr: " raghav singhania...", he muttered under breath..

Pa: " what raghav? What he has to do with this?"

Pr: " raghav singhania is responsible for all these.. Im not gonna spare him..."

Pa: " prem, dont u dare do anything against  raghav.. I love..", before she could continue prem slapped her hard and she fell on the ground...

Sa: " prem.."

Pr: " dad, ragahv is the one who made us penny less.. And she ( pointing at pakhi) is warning me not to do anything against him... Woh raghav singhania enjoys snatching everything i have since childhood.. Now, i wont leave him...", and he went away from there..

Pakhi went near sahil and hugged him..

Pa: " dad, ask prem not to harm raghav.."

Sa: " pakhi, if u had made raghav fell for u, we wouldnt be facing this situation.."

Pa: " dad, he loves me.."

N: " then, why he did this to us?"

Pa: " there must be some misunderstanding mom.. Raghav will never do this to me.. He loves me so much.. I will ask him.. And he will help us.."


At singhania mansion...

S: " dude, im so happy...", he said hugging raghav.

M: " yes, now the kapoors are down.. All thanks to ur kalpi..."

G: " raghav what happened? Why are u so silent?"

R: " nothing mom.."

S: " then why r u not happy?"

R: " i will be happy when i destroy them completely.. When i see them rot in jail for killing my dad..", sammy squeezed his hand..


At mehra mansion..

Aj: " babydoll, did u heard about it? The kapoors are such a cheaters.. They have gained their wealth by forgery.. Now, their properties has been sealed.."

Kalpi was drinking her hot chocolate didnt show any obvious reaction but just nodded her head..

K(in mind): " this is not enough... How should i get the proof of them murdering raghav's dad? I..(some idea popped in her head).. Yes.. That will be an awesome idea... But.. I hope that grumpy mr singhania doesnt get to know about it earlier..if not he will give me such a long lecture on how dangerous the kapoors are... If it is not enough, he will torture me.." she blushed remembering the sweet torture..

Kalpi stood up and went to her bedroom... She dialled someone's number in her phone..

K: " hello.. I want to meet u.. No.. No.. Not know.. Saturday night at La' Villa Hotel? Fine.. I will inform u after booking the room... Bye.."

Kalpi smirked cutting the call..

As she cut the call, her iphone rang.. 

K: " hello.. Kalpana mehra here.."

G: " kalpi beta.. Raghav's mom here.."

K: " haan maa.. U r calling me? I mean is everything ok?"

G: " haan beta.. Sabh tikh hai.. I just called to thank u.."

K: " thanks for what maa?", she asked in confusion..

G: " sammy told me u r the one who got the evidence.. Thats why."

K: " maa, u dont have to thank me.. It is my responsibility.."

G: " no beta.. U took such a risk.."

K: "( kalpi sighed).. U r thanking me but ur angry son scold me..", she said sadly..

G: " kalpi, u know nah, he cares about u so much... He love...", before she could continue.

K: " he is just a friend maa... So, i understand he cares for me as a friend.."

gauri sighed..

G: " ok.. He cares for u as a friend.. Happy now?"

K: " yes.. Hmm.. Maa, aj and priya are calling me.. So, i will talk to u later... Bye.."

G: " bye beta..", gauri cut the phone to see the impatient look from her despo son and also sammy and maya..

R: " mom, what did she said?"

G: " she said u scolded her.."

S: " yeah..maa.. U should have seen how raghav punished her... So, poor..", he said tauntingly..

R: " sammy!", he warned him..

G:" and she said u r her.."

R: " i am her?", he asked with puppy eyes..

G: " friend.."

Raghav sighed..

R: " stubborn.."

M: " well, u are also very stubborn..", she said giggling..

S: " yaar. She is a tough nut to crack.. U have to work harder raghav singhania.."

R: " i know.. I know..", he said biting his lower lip..

G: " im sure u will succeed winning back her love cinthu.."

Raghav smiled nodding his head in yes..


Saturday came..
At La' Villa Hotel, room number 108..

Kalpi was sitting there at the room.. The room was decorated so beautifully and has some romantic effect.. There are bottles of wines, scotches and whiskies on the small bar counter set up in the room.. Kalpi was wearing a short black dress looking hot and sexy.. (I mean any man would be death seeing her)

She was sitting on the couch looking at the clock..

K(self talk): " where the hell he is?"

Suddenly the door bell rang.. Kalpi smirked and went to open the door.. The person at the door stood there with mouth slightly open.. Kalpi snapped her fingers in front of him.. And the man came back to real world..

After two hours,

Kalpi came out of the hotel room alone with her sling bag.. She was scrolling her iphone screen and walked outside the hotel passing the reception area... And in few minutes, she drove away in her BMW.. But unknown two her two pairs of eyes looked at her in confusion.. They were non-other than raghav and sammy..

Raghav and sammy came to the hotel to meet with a foreign business client who just arrived in India..

S: " raghav, its kalpi right?", she asked placing his hand on sammy's shoulder..

R: " hmmm? Yeah.. What she was doing here?", he asked frowning..

S: " maybe, she came to meet some friend, bro.."

R: " i think so..", he said but not convinced 100%.. But he chose to ignore it thinking nothing serious..


 The next day, raghav reopened his dad's murder case.. The police arrested sahil kapoor with the basic evidence of him trying to forge the property papers which belongs to raghu veer singhania (raghav's dad)..
His case will be coming to court the next week... All media got a an exclusive news..

At kapoors mansion,

Prem was sitting at the living hall with neetu, pakhi and their advocate, Mr Aathish Kapoor who is also prem and pakhi's uncle (cousin brother of sahil..  He is well aware of kapoor's bad deeds but always helped them whenever they get problem legally.. He is a kapoor too.. So, he is mean like them..)

N: " aathish, i cant afford to see my husband in jail.. Pls do something..", she said crying..

Aa: " bhabhi, dont worry im here nah... So, pls dont take tension.. I will bring sahil bhai out.."

Pr: " but how r u going to do that uncle? They have proofs of us trying to change raghav's dad's properties to ours.. They are not even ready to leave my dad on bail... All because of that raghav singhania!!! I feel like strangling him with my bare hands...", he said spitting fire in anger..

Pa: " bhai, what r u saying? There must be some misunderstanding.. Raghav will never do this!! He loves me and..", before she could continue,

Pr: " if u dont stop ur raghav purana i will strangle u instead of that jerk!!", he hissed angrily causing pakhi to gulp in fear..

Aathish looked at them raising his eyebrow.. Prem sighed..

Pr: " uncle forget her.. She is in her dreamland as always.. But uncle tell me how can i get my dad free from the clutches of law?"

Aathish placed his assuring hand on prem's shoulder and he stood up..  Pakhi was consoling neethu who was crying.. Aathish went to stand in front of the statue of the lion..

Aa: " prem, yes, the proofs they have are strong.."

Pr: " uncle.."

Aa: " let me finish my boy.. The proofs are strong... But.. Not stronger to prove ur father guilt in murdering raghu veer singhania.. Yes, ur dad is a criminal but not a criminal.."

Pr: " i.. I dont understand what r u trying to say.. I mean he is a criminal but not a criminal? What?"

Aathish laughed and came to sit opposite prem..

Aa: " haan.. The proofs they submitted are enough to prove ur father at guilt of trying to forge the property papers.. But, it is enough to prove that he is involved in this murder..", he said with a smirk..

Prem who was listening to this carefully, slowly realised that whatever his uncle said makes sense.. Smile slowly formed on his face.. Neethu and pakhi also looked on with hopeful eyes..

Pr: " uncle u r great..", saying so he went forward and hug his uncle..


Throughout the whole week, raghav along with sammy and maya tried to get strong evidence against sahil kapoor for killing raghav's dad.. They were told by their lawyer that the evidence proving him trying to forge the property papers is not enough to prove him murdering his dad.. And they were also informed that gauri can be used as eye witness but her evidence has only 50% chance to prove sahil guilty because she had been quite about this case since long..

The day before the case comes to the court, at Singhania Mansion,

Someone rang the door bell.. Gauri opened the door revealing pakhi..

G: " who are u?", gauri asked her sternly as she knows pakhi is sahil's daughter..

Pa: " im pakhi.. Pakhi kapoor..", she said smiling..

G: " what do u want?", she asked rudely still standing at the door.

Pa(in mind): " why she is talking like this to me? Oh.. Yes.. I think raghav hasn't tell her about our love.l"

G: " hello.. Pls stop ur daydreaming.. If u have nothing to do, pls go away from here.."

Pa: " no.. No.. Auntyji.. Dont close the door.. If u dont mind can i come inside and have a word with u?", she said showing all her chimpanzee teeth widely..

Gauri gave a thought and let her enter the house.. Maya and sammy were also sitting on the sofa watching tv..

M: " what this housefly is doing here?", she whispered to sammy..

S: " i dont know dear.. But im sure anything she is here for is complete nonsense.. After all, she is the dumbest person i have ever met..", causing maya to giggle along with sammy..

Pa: " hello sammy sir..maya maam..", they greeted her with fake smiles..

Pa: " raghav is not here?", she asked looking around..

R: " why are u here?", raghav asked from upstairs..

He walked down the stairs and came to stand opposite pakhi..

Pa: " raghav, u are.."

R: " SIR!!! Im ur boss miss kapoor..."

Pa: " ok.. Raghav sir.. My dad is innocent and.."

R: " oh stop ur crap... Ur dad murdered my dad ! And he will be punished for that!", he hissed in anger while clenching his fist..

Sammy came to stand beside raghav to calm him..

Pa: " but raghav sir, pls, leave my dad.. For MY SAKE..", she begged..

R: " oh hello.. Who are u to me? Why should i leave that murderer for u?".

Pa: " raghav sir, we love each other.. Cant u do this for our love?", she asked lovingly holding his arms..

Raghav shrugged her hands of his arms and started laughing loudly..

Pa: " why are u laughing?", she asked frowning..

R: " u know what pakhi? U should try becoming a comedian in films.. We love each other? RAGHAV SINGHANIA LOVES PAKHI KAPOOR? U know what? This is the joke of the century.. No no.. Joke of the millennium.. Oh god, miss kapoor has a good sense of humour sammy..", this caused sammy and gauri to snicker whereas maya joined raghav laughing out loud..

Pa: " u r joking right raghav? I know u love me a lot.. Aunty, ask raghav to stop joking!"

G: " my son is not joking pakhi.. Pls.. My son loves u? Doesnt it sound funny? At least now come out ur dreamland.."

R: " have i ever said i love u to u pakhi? I never had such feelings.. I mean i never bothered about ur presence anywhere.. U r just the daughter of my biggest enemy... So, pls get out.."

Pa: " raghav pls dont say like this.. I...", before she could continue , raghav dragged her out and closed the door on his face...

A whole week passed without any improvement.. They didnt get not even a single chance to gather any proof... Their advocate said he will try his best to make gauri's eye witness as strong as possible to proof sahil guilt.. Raghav and kalpi rarely met in the week as raghav was so busy in his dad's death case whereas kalpi was busy in making some important things regarding her business..

Precap: Court case... Will sahil proved guilty of murdering raghav's dad? Will the truth that was hidden for about 20 yrs win over the evil? To know more, pls wait for the next chappy... And next chappy, i will update very soon...maybe tomorrow...Wink

Ufff...done... Im going to finish this revenge soon as i wanna concentrate in the love equation of ragna... So, thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes.. Pls dont forget to hit like button and leave ur detailed comments.. Love u all..

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nikkiarora093 Senior Member

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very nice dear...pakhi , such a fool as ever...n kalpi is smart as ever...update soon darling...
swara2504 IF-Rockerz

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Wonderful update dimpy
Kapoor's property sealed... Very good
Makkhi on her dreamland
Ye uncle kaha se aya...hope he not create any problem
Kalpi and gouri's bonding is nice
Sahil arrested... But proof is with kalpi
Pakhi ka dreamland tut gaya...raghav show her real face
But I am scared she harm my ragna now
Hope sahil be jailed and raghav get the real judgement
Update soon dimpy

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