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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 44)

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 4:00am | IP Logged
And for those who are eager to see raghav's anger... Here u go how much angry can mr singhania can get...WinkLOL

Part 39

Kalpi reached kapoors industries.. She parked her Audi at the vip parking lot and waited for the elevator  to open.. In mean time, she called prem and informed him that she is here.. Prem asked her to come to the 8th floor where the cabins of the company's head ppl located.. As the elevator door opened she pressed the 8th button and reached the floor..

Prem came there walking fast.. 

Pr: " hi.. ", he said grinning..

K: " hello.", she said giving a fake little smile.

Pr: " shall we?"

K: " prem, im coming to ur office for the first time.. Wont u show around ur office?", she asked raising her left eyebrow..

Pr: " no not like that.. I mean sure.. Come..," saying so he held her hand but kalpi pulled it away nicely giving a small smile.

Prem showed around the office and he brought her to show his father's cabin... Sahil was not there.. 

K: " wow.. Nice office.."

Pr: " yeah.. Dad's cabin..."

And prem's phone rang.. It was a call from sahil.. He asked him to come to the conference room as it was urgent..

Pr: " ok dad.."

Pr: " kalpi, if u dont mind can u wait for 15 minutes.. Dad needs to meet me.. Its urgent.."

K: " oh.. No problem prem.. Take ur time.."

Pr: " so.."

K: " i will wait here in this cabin.. U go..", she said giving a kind smile..

Prem nodded and went to the conference room..

After about 20 minutes, prem came back..

Pr: " shall we move?", he asked smiling..

K: " hmm.. Yeah sure.."

Prem opened the front passenger seat of his car for kalpi.. Kalpi was about to sit but her phone rang..

K: " hello.. Yes aj?"

Aj: " babydoll, did u see my blue colour shirt? I searched everywhere in the house but couldn't find it.. This lazybone priya is not helping me either..", he enquired..

K: " oh really aj? Is it important? We will get 10 crore loss?", she asked with panic expression..

Aj: " babydoll, i know its just a shirt.. But it doesn't cost 10 crore..", he said in confusion...

K: " aj, ask them not to postpone the meeting.. Oh they need my signature?"

Aj looked at his phone screen frowning and talked again..

Aj: " babydoll, what are u blabbering? Are u drunk?"

K: " pls aj do something.. Stop them.. I'm coming.."..

Aj: " what? Babydoll.. I..", before he could continue kalpi cut the call..

K: " prem, im really very sorry.. I cant have lunch with u.. I have to go.."

Pr: " but kalpi.."

K: " prem, pls understand.. The foreign clients need to meet urgently.. If im not there, they will cancel the deal and i will loose 10 crore.. So, bye..", and she ran back to her car and left the place without giving prem a single chance to explain..

Prem's face dropped and he went to his office as his plan for lunch date failed..

Kalpi in the car..

K(self talk): " ufff... God, thank you so much.. No no.. Aj thank you so much.. If he didnt call me at the right time, i wouldn't have got a chance to escape from that idiot prem.. Waise, im happy now.. And poor aj.. Must be confused..", she talked to herself chuckling..

The next day morning...

Raghav was in his cabin.. Sammy called raghav informing that ACP Khan is there to meet him as asked.. Raghav asked sammy and maya to come to his cabin along with ACP Fahad Khan..

After few minutes the trio were in raghav's cabin..

FK:" mr singhania.. I tried a lot but without a single evidence or clue we cant take any further steps..", raghav ran his finger through his hair in frustration..

S: " ACP sir, but ur officers are in disguise right? Didnt they get any clue.. I mean not even a single clue?"

FK: " mr raizada, my officers are in the roles of their workers and servants.. They couldnt be any closer to kapoors.. Furthermore, the kapoors are dealing with these matters very confidentially..."

R: " so, what to..", before he could continue, someone knocked his cabin door..

Raghav asked him to come in..It was the security guard.. Raghav frowned..

SG: " sir, this parcel is for u..", he said handing Raghav a small parcel..

R: " who gave u this?"

SG: " sir, i dont know.. It was a lady.. But I couldn't see her face.."

M: " waht do u mean u cant see her face?"

SG: " maam, her face was covered with scarf and she wore sunglasses.. So, i couldnt see.. When i enquired her, she said its very urgent and confidential.. So, i should give it to raghav sir in person that too urgently.."

The occupants of the room were confused.. Ragahv asked the security guard to leave..

S: " raghav, open and see whats in there..", raghav nodded in yes..

Raghav open the packet and saw a pen drive in it..

FK: " pen drive? Mr singhania, pls look into it.. Maybe there is something important.."

Raghav inserted the pen drive in his laptop.. The contents of the pen drive shocked him..
Looking at raghav's shocked face,

S: " whats in there raghav?", raghav without uttering a word turned the laptop towards the trio who were sitting in the opposite..

The trio were shocked as well.. It contained the real soft copies of raghu veer singhania properties that kapoors tries to convert in their names by forgery.. Moreover, it contains details about kapoors illegal deals in the business..

FK: " well, this evidences are enough to freeze kapoors business license.and we can seal their properties which they gained them from these illegal deals.", the acp sir exclaimed.

M: " wow.. Thats great.."

S: " yeah, nice opportunity to make the kapoors penny less.."

But raghav was not happy but was thinking of something..

S: " raghav, why are u so quite? Arent u happy?"

R: " just wondering who gave us these proofs? I mean it should be someone who knew that it is necessary for us.."

M: " u r right raghav.. But whoever he is the person is ur well wisher i guess.."

S: "why is it so important when we get the evidence."

FK: " the person should have hacked the kapoors personal computer.."

Raghav snapped his head towards acp..

R: " u mean someone hacked into their personal computer? U mean hack?"

FK: " of course mr singhania.. It wont be wise to say the kapoors themselves give u the proofs..", he said chuckling causing sammy and maya join him..

But raghav was expressionless.. Something clicked in his mind..

R: " DAMN IT!!!", he cursed and stood up as something came to his mind.. 

R: " Mr Khan.. I will meet u later.. As of now, i have an important thing to do..", he said in normal tone but the trio could see the anger in his face..

Saying so, he left the cabin.. Sensing something wrong, sammy and maya followed him while acp went back to his work..

Sammy and maya followed raghav in a different car as he left quicker than them... His car stopped at KGC.. Sammy and maya frowned as to why raghav is here.. They followed raghav who entered the building with quick steps..

Raghav went to the floor where kalpi's cabin is located.. Raghav enquired the receptionist about kalpi's whereabouts not finding her in her cabin..

Re: " sir, miss k is in the conference room.. She is having meeting with some important foreign delicates.. U pls wait.."

Raghav didnt listen to her and started  walking to the conference room.. The receptionist tried hard to stop him but he was adamant to meet her.. Sammy and maya also tried to make him understand but all gone in vein..

"THADAAA,!!!", he opened the door harshly..

There were about 10-12 ppl conducting meeting there.. Aj, pri and kalpi were there as well..
All eyes were on raghav..

Aj stood up and went towards raghav..

Aj: " raghav, what u think u r doing? And u (towards receptionist) i told u nah we have meeting .. Why did u allow him?", he asked angrily..

Re: " sir, pls listen to me.. I tried a lot to stop him but.."

R: " i want to talk to kalpi..", he said calmly with his eyes on kalpi..

Aj: " u cant.. Not now. After meeting, u..."

R: " I AM NOT ASKING UR PERMISSION, IM TELLING U THAT I WANNA TALK TO HER!", he hissed in anger looking straight into aj's eyes..

Aj was about to say something when,

K: " ladies and gentleman, if u dont mind, pls excuse me.. We will continue this meeting tomorrow.. Sorry for the inconvenience.."

Pri: " kalpi what r u doing?", while aj looked at her unbelievably..

K: " aj, pri.. Pls..", so aj and pri left the room..

Aj left the room giving a deadly glare to raghav.. Raghav looked at sammy and maya.. They understand what he is thinking and left as well..

After everyone left, raghav walked near kalpi.. His face clearly show a volcano gonna burst..
He stood in front of her clenching his jaws.. Kalpi gulped slightly..

K: " rag.."

R: " DONT! DONT TALK!", he warned..

Kalpi sighed slightly and went towards the table and picked a glass of water.. 

K: " drink this... U will feel calm..", but she gained a glare from raghav..

K: " fine! Ok, i will drink...", saying so she drank the water..

K: " now, tell me why u barge into the room like this?"

R: " what is this?", he asked showing the pen drive..

K: " oh come on.. Dont u know what is this for god sake? It is a pen drive mr raghav singhania.. A pen drive..", she said teasingly..

R: " its not funny..", he snapped..

K: " well, i didnt say its a joke..", raghav closed his eyes as she was testing his patience..

R: " look.. Dont test my patience.. This pen drive has the details of my dad's properties that was forged by kapoors and proofs for the illegal business deals of kapoors.."

K: " so?"

R: " so? I asked u to be away from kapoors nah.. Then, why did u.."

K: " hold on.. Hold on.. What this pen drive has to do with me?", she asked innocently..

R: " u r the one who got this evidences!"

K: " no.. Its not true..", she said not looking at his eyes.

R: " u r the one who got this.. I very well knew it.."

K: " oh really? But i didnt meet the kapoors after the day u asked me not to meet them,", she lied..

Raghav took his iphone from his pocket and dialled some number.. He put the call on speaker...

R: " hello.. Raghav singhania here,..", his eyes still on his lady love who was looking at him frowning..

Person: " yes, sir.."

R: " did miss kalpana mehra came to kapoors industries recently?"

Person: " let me check sir.."

After few seconds..

Person: " yes sir.. She came to kapoors industries yesterday afternoon at around 12.30pm.. She parked her car in the vip lot.. She was in the building for 40 minutes.. And at around,1.15 pm, she came out with prem kapoor.. They went towards prem kapoor's car.. But, she got a call.. After cutting the call, she left in her car leaving prem kapoor  standing there alone.. Anything else sir?", kalpi stood there listening to history given by the person with wide eyes and o-shaped mouth..

R: " nothing else.. Thank you..", and he cut the call..

He looked at kalpi giving ' i knew it all look'.

K: " u hired spies? Its sounds like an english movie...", she said surprised..

R: " u said u didnt meet anyone from the kapoors family?"

K: " i.. I. Yeah.. I have been to kapoors industries. But., but it doesnt mean im the one who collected those informations.. And moreover, how can i get such personal details from them? Even if they believe me like god, it doesnt mean that they give the proofs against them to me..", she mentally patted herself for giving a very logical and brilliant explanation..

R: " when did i say they gave u the details?"

K: " then what? Problem solved.. Bye..", saying so she walked towards the door and touched the bolt of the door to open it...

But within a fraction of seconds, she was shocked to find herself in raghav's arms.. Raghav hold her waist with his strong arm with their bodies sticking to each other. He held her to his level off the ground.. Kalpi's right hand was on his chest and left hand is on his shoulder.. Their faces are less than an inch apart.. Raghav brought her face more nearer to hers and kalpi was breathing deeply..

R: " i am not finished yet miss mehra!", kalpi just looked at his eyes in fear..

K: " then, wha.. What u wanna talk mr singhania?", she muttered softly..

R: " u hacked into their personal computer.. Am i right?"

K: "no.."

R: " no?", he asked nuzzling his nose on her ear..

Kalpi started shivering in his touch..

K: " n-n-noo...", her voice vibrated because of the proximity..

R: " dont lie...", and he bite her earlobe..

She gasped and hold the front of his shirt tightly and her eyes closed..

R: " now tell me.. U did that right?", he whispered.

K: " ragh-av.. No..."

R: " u didnt?", and he moved to her neck and kissed there..

K: " raghav stop it..."

But raghav keep kissing her from neck to shoulder.. Kalpi started struggling in his arms..

R: " tell me the truth.. I will stop.."

K: " i am telling u the truth..."

Raghav sighed and he entered his hand inside her shirt feeling her bare skin and he gave a love bite on her neck ..

Kalpi gasped with this sudden atrack..

K: " ok..ok.. I will tell u.. Will tell u the truth..", she said rapidly knowing this man can go any extend to get what he want..

R: " thats like a good girl.. Now, tell me the truth.."

K: " ok.. Leave me first..", she said trying to distance herself but raghav tightened his grip.. She looked at him frowning..

R: " tell me the truth baby and then u r free to go.."

Kalpi pressed her lips together and then sighed.. She started telling the truth...


Prem went to meet his dad that day leaving kalpi in sahil's cabin..
Using that time, kalpi reached sahil personal computer that thinking she might get some proof.. 
( she knows how to hack into somebody's personal computer.. Raghav knew this very well..)

When she opened the folders in his computer, she was shocked to find kapoors business mostly consists of illegal deals.. And she also found something related to raghuveer singhania's properties..

She saved all those documents in her pen drive which she carried in her sling bag.. As, she finished copying the details and shut down the computer and stand away from the personal computer, prem came there.. And they moved out of the office..


Kalpi finished with an innocent look.. Raghav closed his eyes in anger..

K: " u got some proofs against kapoors.. U can use it to freeze their properties.. Then, why are u angry?", she asked softly.. Raghav opened his eyes..

R: " baby.. I know it is beneficial.. I mean this is awesome proofs.. But.."

K: "but?"

Raghav brought his right palm to her cheek and with the other hand hold her closer by waist..

R: " but i dont want u to involve in all these baby..", and he kissed her forehead..

R: " so, pls stop being near kapoors.. They are dangerous.. They will harm u.. Pls understand.."

K: " but raghav they cant harm me.. Im not a kid..I mean i will be careful.. So.."

R: " i said no means no..", he said authoritatively..

K: " are u are ordering me?", she asked narrowing her eyes..

R: " thats up to u.."

K: " i wont listen to u..", she said with a challenging look..

R: " u will.."

K: " i wont!"

R: " yes.."

K: " no.."

R: " yes.."

K: "no"

R: "yes.."

K:" n... Hmmm", he crashed her lips with his not letting her speak...

She resisted at first and started responding.. His hand massaged her back whereas her hand played with his hair...

"Rag-hav...", sammy came inside calling raghav's name..

He froze at his place seeing the scene in front of him... Raghav and kalpi pulled away hearing him... Kalpi looked here and there in embarrassment and left the room...

Raghav glared at sammy who was standing near door with wide eyes and mouth slightly open..

Seeing sammy in frozen state, raghav walked near him fixing his hair which messed up during the kissing session..

R: " sammy!! Sammy!! Sammm!", he called shaking his shoulder..

S: " haaa", sammy who came out of shock muttered..

R: " u idiot! Why did u come now?", he asked irritatingly..

S: " i thought u r very angry.. So, thought to calm down u for preventing further problems between u and kalpi.. But, i never thought u r punishing her in such way..", he mumbled..

R: "very funny.. lets go,, its late..", and he walked away..

Sammy shook his head unbelievably and followed raghav..

In the car,

Raghav was driving and sammy sat on the front passenger seat while maya at the back seat.. All the while sammy steal glances at raghav which was not gone unnoticed by raghav..(lol.. They are in love..)  

R: " sammy! Stop staring at me!", raghav said irritated..

S: " im not staring at u..", he said innocently..

R: " oh really?,u think im blind?"

S: " when did i said so?"

R: " sammy!", raghav said warningly. 

M: " hold on. Hold on.. Whats happening between u two?", she asked in confusion..

R: " sammy is gonna get a lot from me.."

S: " nooo!!! Raghav i dont want that!", he shouted thinking raghav kissing kalpi..lol..

M: " what the hell sammy.. Why are u screaming like a pregnant piggy?"

Raghav got what sammy thought..

R: " ewww.. Sammy.. How can u think like that! Yucks.. I feel like wanna vomit...", he said making face...

S: " its ur fault..."

R: " my fault?its ur fault..", he asked glaring..

S: " oh really? Is it my fault that u kissed kalpi like a man who has never seen a girl.. Such a despo u r..."

R: " u should have manners idiot.. How can u just barge in like that? U ruined the moment..."

S: " acha.. Thank god i came.. If not u would have made her pregnant just by kissing her.."

Both were fighting without giving any heed to the third person who was staring at them with face full of shock, blush and disgust..

M: " stop it u both!", both stopped and realised they are talking in front of maya..

M: " u two shameless ppl! One is saying the other ruined their kissing moment and another is shamelessly saying that he saw everything! What kind of creatures u two are?", she asked unbelievably.

R&S: " well.. Males...", saying so both hi-5ed each other making maya annoyed..

Precap: [email protected] at singhania mansion...

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 May 2014
Posts: 7219

Posted: 06 June 2015 at 4:44am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Wow kalpi met prem despite rag forbid her
Rag get t know kalpi did this
Hmm kia punishment hain
Sammy n rag too funny
Update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 06 June 2015 at 4:51am
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

Joined: 07 June 2014
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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 4:47am | IP Logged
Dimple Congo for the second half century.a marvellous update.this chappy had romance and comedy.how can one forget abt the genius work of Kalpi behind that pen drive and how rags had accurately found out kalpis hand behind it and the way he had bArged into the conference room ,his argument with aj and questioning his baby like a cid officer were too too awesome.and when he didn't get the truth from her,he had started his magic jaddu kha jhappi pappi game and play. Though she is not accepting her feelings,she is mAdly in love with him and will always protect him risking her life.they forgot their world and was deeply into their world of pleasure and passion, poor sammy had got the shock of his life after seeing their kissy play.kalpi was embrassed and rags was irritated at the moment.sammy had come back to his senses only when he was sitting in the car with rags and maya. And the convo between them in the car made me to laugh like a mad girl.u gave us An excellent dose of laughter medicine today.sammys line saying that rags could have gotten Kalpi preggy by his high voltage kiss and on hearing that the way maya yelled at them were the true highlights of this chappy.can the statement be true??
Fly2TheStars IF-Dazzler

Joined: 16 June 2014
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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 4:52am | IP Logged
awesome update
kalpi meet prem when raghav asked her not too
poor aj got soo confused my shirt doesnt cos 10 coresTongue
kalpi is so smart
kalpi hacked kapoor computer and got the proof
atlast raghav got the proof 
raghav guessed  it out soo fast that kalpi is behind this what a connection
wow what a punishment raghav gave kalpi Embarrassed
sammy is such a moment breaker
wait did sammy just thnk like thatLOL
poor maya had to bear sammy and raghav talksLOL
what creatures are you two "males" that wass too good
totally love the update
housefly in singhania mantion preap waiting for it

Edited by ayesha.khan - 06 June 2015 at 6:32am
Princess1398 Senior Member

Joined: 19 October 2014
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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 5:18am | IP Logged
res sry a bit busy and I wanna make a long comment so will do that later.
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 September 2014
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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 5:33am | IP Logged

Fabulous update. ..
 Kalpi is 2 smart yaar. ...Clap loved her more. ..what a brain. .n she hackerShockedClap...poor prem. ...He not got his lunch date. .Thanks to ajWinkLOL...sahi more pe phone kiya. ..n kalpi skip from thereLOL
2 good kalpi. ...
 So raghav got evidence agents kapoors. ...n got 2 know who did this. ...He angry young manEvil Smile...n goes to kalpi office. ..Sammy n maya also follow him. ...raghav know his love very wellEmbarrassedClap...angry raghav dekhake kalpi ne meeting cancel ki. .

 But kalpi is not ready to accepted. ..n raghav know how to get what he wantWinkEmbarrassedLOL...but he is angry that she goes to kapoors industry. .n want she stay away from them. ...n kalpi is no listed his...Wow kissBlushing
sammyAngry always kabab me huddi. ...He frowned seeing them kissingWinkLOL...n both r argument in car. ...Sammy Chii. ..what he think. Silly.n raghav know about what he thinkLOLLOL..n maya got to know what exactly did...
I loved this update dimpal. ...thank you so much. ...Hug
update soon next part
nikkiarora093 Senior Member

Joined: 24 June 2014
Posts: 568

Posted: 06 June 2015 at 5:59am | IP Logged
Wowww. What a punishment by raghav to kalpi. N oh god raghav n sammy are superb. Hahahah. Such a cute fight. Kalpi is so smart...wowww. plzz update next part soon.
deepu90 Goldie

Joined: 18 June 2014
Posts: 1404

Posted: 06 June 2015 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Awesome update. Kalpi got proof against kapoor . Raghav guessed its kalpi such a soul connection. Wat will kapoor do wen they came to know kalpi hacked t system give proof to raghav obviously they will hav security camera records ?. Sammy nd raghav conversation was funny. Oh precap wat tat housefly doing in singania mansion

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