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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 37)

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 6:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by akshara82

Originally posted by Dimple_0510


I love surprises Big smile
If it has sumthing to do with RagNa I Love More.. Embarrassed
Update Soon Wink

Haha.. Dear surprise is obviously an update..LOL 

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MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 6:44am | IP Logged
Dimple please update Tongue
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 7:00am | IP Logged
Hey, guys.. Here i came to bore u with another chapter... Well, dont look at the calendar.. Its not 15th june..LOLlol.. I write this chappy little by little whenever i had free time.. So, it can be not up the mark..i wrote this as a way to reduce my stress.. So, pls bear it..


Raghav and sammy went to office after picking up maya from singhania mansion... They let disha with gauri... In the car, sammy told maya everything that happened.. Both husband and wife didnt stop pulling raghav's leg throughout the journey to the office.. While on the other side, aj called kalpi to know where she is.. Fortunately, they dont know that kalpi was out the whole night.. They think she went out early morning.. Kalpi told them that she is going to temple as it is the birthday of her brother.. Normally, she goes to temple and gives food to the poor... So, she said she wont be coming to office today and asked them to take care of everything in the office...

Gauri and disha too went to temple... They climbed up the stairs to reach the temple up there... Kalpi who were there ahead of gauri already finished her prayers and went to give food for the poor... Gauri finished her prayers too.. So, she climbed down the stairs with disha... 

Suddenly, she stumbled and fell near the steps... She winched in pain..

D: " dadi..."

All of a sudden, two hands came to hold gauri.. It was kalpi.. She helped gauri to stand up and made her sit on the nearby bench..

K: " aunty, r u ok?"

G: " yes beta.. Thank you..."

D: " chachi!!", disha exclaimed in excitement and hugged kalpi..

Kalpi also embraced the little girl with a big smile.. Gauri looked on in confusion.. 

G: " disha, how do u know kalpi? "

D: " ohoh.. Dadi.. I met kalpi chachi in the morning...", she said placing her tiny hand on her hips...

G: " chachi?", she asked surprisingly..

D: " dadi! U want me to explain everything.. Raghav chachu asked me to call her chachi..."

G: " i dont understand,.. When , how? I mean.."

Kalpi looked on..

D: " dadi... We met when dad and me went to pick up chachu from chachi's house.. Now lets go to home.. I wanna watch cartoon...", she called dragging gauri..

Gauri looked at kalpi..kalpi helped gauri to climb down the stairs.. And at last ended up giving lift to gauria and disha as their car was punctured..

In the car...

G: " kalpi beta, can u tell me about what disha was saying?", she asked kalpi while disha was playing candy crush in kalpi's ipad..

K: " woh.. Aunty.. Sammy and disha came to my house to pick up raghav...", she said hesitating..

G: " he came there early morning?"

K: " no no.. Aunty, he was there at my house the whole night..", kalpi said immediately but got what she said and bite her tongue...

D: " haan.. Dadi.. And chachu dont have a spare shirt.. So, he was roaming shirtless in chachi's house...", and continued playing..

Gauri widen her eyes hearing that... Kalpi push the break and turned towards gauri in panic..

K: " aunty, its not like what u r thinking.. He was not feeling well yesterday and refused to go home.. I was left with no other choice but bring him to my beach house.. And he vomited on his shirt and thats why he was shirtless... Pls believe me aunty.. I swear on my daddy nothing like what u r thinking happened...", she said in one breath..

Gauri chuckled looking at her panicky state..

G: " dear, i believe u.. But tell me one thing.. He was sick. What happen? He was normal in the morning...", she asked frowning..

Kalpi gulped in confusion whether should tell her the truth or not..

K: " aunty... He.."

G: " and dont think of lying to me..."

K: " aunty, he was drunk.. Not his fault.. It is all because of me.. Pls dont scold him...", she pleaded..

G: " okay.. I wont scold him but with one condition.."

K: " what is it aunty?"

G: " dont call me aunty.. Call me maa.."

Kalpi smiled at her..

K: " sure aunty.. Ooops.. Maa", and they both smiled...

D: " chachi lets go home fast.. I wanna watch cartoon...", she said..

K: " sure darling.. Five minutes..."

And kalpi reached singhania mansion.. Gauri forced kalpi to come inside and have tea with her.. Kalpi made tea for herself and gauri.. Nobody other than gauri, kalpi and disha were there... Disha was busy watching "Frozen " in disney channel whereas kalpi and gauri sat on the swing at the backyard garden chatting... Kalpi was mesmerised by seeing the backyard garden... It was full of white roses...

K: " maa.. Its so beautiful..", she said in astonishment..

G: " haan kalpi.. U know what? It was a strict order from raghav to grow only white roses here in the garden.. I dont know why he is so obsessed with white roses?", she said chuckling and found kalpi smiling looking at the roses with love...

G: " wait... Kalpi, are white roses ur favourite?"

Kalpi just nodded her head in yes...

G: " now i got it why my cinthu loves white roses... ", she said teasingly..

K: " maa, u still call him cinthu? U know, he always complain to me that u r calling him cinthu in front of everyone..", she said giggling..

G: " haan... No matter how successful and old he becomes he will always be my little cinthu..."

K: " maa u r just like my mumma and daddy.. They are the same.."

G: " for all parents, their children remain the same way as when they were born..they want their children's happiness..", kalpi smiled..

K: " u r right maa..", she said softly..

They were chatting and gauri brought raghav's topic in between..

G: " kalpi, can i ask u something beta? I hope u wont mind..", she asked in hesitation..

K: " maa just ask straight away.. U dont need permission.."

G: " raghav loves u so much beta..", she said caressing kalpi's head fondly..

After seconds of silence,

K: " i know maa," she muttered in low voice..

Gauri smiled..

G: " kalpi i know he hurt u so much.. In his anger to revenge, he ruined his life and also yours.. But he didnt mean to hurt u dear.."

Kalpi looked up and a tear spilled from her eyes..

Gauri wiped the tear..

G: " im not forcing u to accept my son.. But, im his mother nah, so i cant stop myself from asking u to accept him..."

Kalpi took gauri's hands in hers...

K: " maa, its easy for me to forgive him but i dont know why i cant forget the pain.. I myself dont know what i want.. For now, we are just friends... I decided to let the time decide our future.."

G:" but im glad u accepted him as ur friend.. But im sure my cinthu will not see u as his friend but...", and she laughed...

Kalpi looked at her with wide eyes but later joined in the laughter..

K: " maa, its getting late.. Aj and priya would have come back from office.. So, i take ur leave.."

G: " pls come again beta..", and both walked towards the door.. 

Kalpi went towards disha..

K: " disha darling, bye...", she hugged her and kissed her both cheeks..

D: " bye chachi..." And she kissed her back..

All this was seen by three people who just arrived and standing at the door.. They were non other than raghav, sammy and maya..

K: " maa, im leaving," and she bent down to take gauri's blessings..

Gauri caressed her head fondly..

When kalpi turned to leave she saw raghav looking at her.. She gave her a small smile which was not gone unnoticed by the other occupants of the place and left the house..

R: " mom, kalpi  was here?"

G: " haan.. Kyun, cant she come to my house?"

R: " no mom.. I mean yes she can mom.. Im just surprised to see her here.."

But gauri ignored him and went to the kitchen..

M: " disha, what happened? Why dadi is angry?"

D: " i dont know mom.. Just now she was talking happily with chachi..."

Raghav widen her eyes and went to kneel down in front of disha..

R: " disha darling, u didnt tell dadi that u and ur dad came to pick up me at chachi's house? U didnt right angel?"

D: " chachi.. U dont worry...", hearing that ragahv felt relief but...

D: " i already told dadi everything.. Including that u were shirtless..", raghav widen his eyes..

Sammy and maya chuckled..

R: " then?", he asked in fear..

D: " dadi asked chachi about it and warned her not to say lie.. So, chachu said everything.. She said u were drunk and dirtied ur shirt... Everything..", she said pouting..

Raghav covered his face with his palms.. Disha removed his hands of his face..

D: " chachu, dont worry dadi wont scold u.. Because, chachi pleaded her not to scold u and dadi agreed.."

R: " really?", he asked grinning..

Disha nodded in yes and ragahv kissed her in happiness.

M: " looks like someone cares about u so much raghav?", she teased him..

S: " of course maya,. After all they are friends...", he stressed the word friends..

S: " darling, but where did u and dadi met ur chachi?"

Disha told everything that happened.. Gauri came out at that time.. Raghav rushed towards his mom..

R: " mom.. R u hurt? Should i call the doctor?", he asked frantically..

G: " im fine raghav.. Kalpi was there to help me... Waise i got to know about another secret about my cinthu other than he was drunk yesterday.."

R: " mom, im so sorry..."

G: " its ok beta..", she said stroking his hair..

R: " mom, what is the secret u r talking about?"

G: " i got to know white roses are whose favourite?", she said winking..

R: " mom.. I will go n fresh up..", and he ran from there leaving sammy, maya and gauri laughing...

Night came...

Kalpi was in her room thinking about what gauri told her today.. All of a sudden, her iphone rang.. It was prem..

K: " hello.. Kalpana mehra here.."

Pr: " hi, kalpi.. Prem here.."

K: " prem, u r calling at this time?"

Pr: " i.. I just wanna know whether u r free tomorrow afternoon.."

K: " why? What is the matter?", she asked with a blank face..

Pr: " i.. I just.. Just wanna carry u out for lunch..if u don't mind.."

Kalpi think for a while..

K: " no problem prem.. We can meet for lunch.."

Pr: " ok.. So, i will pick up u at ur office.."

K: " no no no.. Its ok.. I will come to ur office.. At the same time i can see kapoor industries as well.."

Pr: " hmm..ok.. See u at my office then... And..", before he could continue,

K: " prem, bye.. Im tired and wanna sleep.. Goodnight.."

Pr: " goodnight..", and kalpi cut the call..

K: " oh god.. I hope raghav doesnt come to office at that time.. Wait,. Wait.. Why should i scared about him.. He is just a friend.. So, he cant interfere in my own matters.. Hmm.. Thats good..."

And she received a text message..she picked the phone and open he message.. It was from raghav..

" good night baby (with a smiley giving kisses)...  From ur friend.. (The word friend is bold and italics..)"

Kalpi shook her head and smiled..

She replied, " good night to you too my friend (with smiley with wink and showing tongue).. From ur friend only (the word only was in bold and italics).."

Raghav chuckled and bite his lower lip reading that message..

And both settled to sleep..

R(self talk): " try how much u can my sweetheart.. Raghav Singhania wont rest till he get back his love..."

K(self talk): " i dont know whether i will be able to trust u back and love u raghav... But, i feel so happy and peaceful being with u.. At least as ur friend.."

Precap: raghav is angry..ShockedLOL

Ufff... Done with this part..
Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes..
Im going to finish raghav's revenge fast so that i can proceed with next plot...
I know u all want kalpi to express her love.. But it will take a little time.. So, pls be patient guys..
Pls dont forget to hit like and leave ur precious comments ( LONG DETAILED COMMENT PLS).
Love u all...

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pyardil Goldie

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 7:02am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear
Love disha she told every thing to guri n kalpi request guri not to scold him
Love guri n kalpi bonding n guri ask kalpi to call her maa awesome
N she also her to forgiv him
Raghav happy knowing kalpi is pleading for him
N guri teased raghav omg knowing y in his gardern full with white roses
Prem want to go lunch with kalpi n she agree but she also scare if raghav know this what happen
N she also feel good with him its realy awesom uodate waiting for nex update n in
Precap I think raghav caught kalpi n prem together hope he didn't hurt kalpi in his anger n
Yes best of luck for ur exam

Edited by pyardil - 27 May 2015 at 7:35am
premap IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 7:32am | IP Logged
Lovely update. Love Disha. What childish innocence ! All the secrets of Kalpi /Rags are out in a real sweet way ! Gauri has enjoyable time ' teasing' Kalpi and Rags ! That's what a mum should be and not what was 'doled out ' in the form of Kamala bai ! Wonder why Kalpi is 'courting' trouble in agreeing to meet Prem for lunch !
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 8:02am | IP Logged

Awesome update. ..
  Oh I love disha. ...she is so cute n bubbly girlWinkLOL
To kalpi ke brother ka bday ..n That's y she goes to temple. ...
But meet gauri n disha. ...gauri is about to fall kalpi help her...
so nice ...

Now gauri know that raghav is drunk. ..n hole night with kalpi. ..disha is 2 naughtyWinkLOL...I loved kalpi call gauri as maaEmbarrassedClap

Guri n kalpi cov was superb. ...both chit chat. ...n tolk about raghav. ...so nice...gauri know his son very well. ..

Sammy n maya teasing raghav ...WinkLOL...They r very good friends. .

Prem jerk want to go with kalpi on lunchAngry...kalpi say yes. ..what plan she have on her mind. ...n want to see kapoors industry. ...

so beautiful n lovely update dimpal. ...Star
update soon next  part

gargdia Senior Member

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Ohh i love disha so much she is such a swthrt...first she cleard doubt abt shirt thing to raghav and then to gouri... LOL
poor kalpi, get shock whn disha blurtd abt raghav shrtles and that to in her home...bt gouri is a lovely persn and a great mom who enjoys teasing both her son and soon to be DILLOL.
Raghav loves her so much .gardn full of roses jst becz kalpi lvs it Embarrassed
super update lovely...
Cntinue dear
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 May 2015 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Hmmm rag was teased by the couple wat fun 
Hmm gauri n dish a along side kalpi go t temple
Kalpi help gauri 
Hmm nice progress maa
Hmm kalpi too cute plead for gauri  not t scolds rag
Hmm white roses just like kalpi
Hmm rag was surprise t see kalpi
Hmm gauri  teased him nice
Prem want t lunch with kalpi
N kalpi agree
Ragna messages nice
Precap rag will reaaly be like tomato
Hmmm no bloody red angry
Update soon

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