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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 29)

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Dimpi kutty.ye romeo tho full angry mode mai ayathana sexy Embarrassed Juliet ko dekhkar mission bulgaya LOL LOL or samy sai phone karke reason pooch rahedhe ROFL or movie scene superb LOL LOL ragna kiss Day Dreaming Embarrassed par she is still upset.ye kapoors shameless creatures hope ki vo apnai plan mai kabi kamyab na ho Angry fantastic update darling Star

MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Omg Shocked prem babua has some balls following kalpi around like that. Rags babu on the other hand needs to keep his senses while together. Waiting for makeup session.
riaka IF-Dazzler

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Lovely update dear. Kalpi knows the truth about Kapoors that's good. Raghav forgot why he come to kalpi's place LOLLOL. He is totally Majnoo singhnia lost in kalpi's beauty. OMG kalpi kissed himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed. Awesome update dear. Please continue soon 
farhana04 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome update as usual DimpleClap
So finally Kalpi got to know that kapoor's killed Raghav's father and Raghav was telling her the truth.
Raghav forgot everything by just seeing Kalpi LOL
OMG! Kalpi missed her Raghav and kissed him?
Brilliant update dear
Next chapter soonSmile
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update 
so lovely
the update is
kalpi came t know kapoors intension
hmm rag angry kalpi gone t kapoor mansion
really he forgot the reason he came t meet kalpiROFL
hmm kalpi kiss him she loves him so much
hmm rag is still in the effect of kiss
update soon
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Guys i read all the comments.. Thank u so much..Sorry for not replying individually.. Here is another chappy.. It is divided into two parts; A & B...

PART 37(A)

Next day,

Kalpi took an important decision.. She was in her room in front of the six feet mirror...

K(self talk): " ok.. Kalpi.. Just control urself..dont melt like a chocolate in front of him.. He is nothing but a jerk who broke ur heart... All u want to do is ignore him... He only affect u when u r near him.. What if u distance urself from him? He wont be able to do anything... So simple.. Isnt it? Yes.. U can.. got it?... Brave up girl!!", after giving an inspirational speech to herself she wore her diamond studded rolex watch with a matching outfit of cream coloured long sleeved formal shirt  with blue colour mini office skirt.. She had hair braided side ways with some of her hair falling on her forehead...and she wore a blue and golden coloured heels..

Soon, she reached her office whereas aj and priya were already there..

Pri: " sweetie, later, 12pm, we have conference with RS Constructions.. They have prepared the documents that were ruined that day.. So, we will do the meeting and at last will sign the documents...", she gave an outlook of the meeting on that day..

Kalpi just nodded her head with a blank face and continued typing on her macbook air..

Aj: " babydoll, u ok?"

K: " yeah.. Why i wont be?", she asked calmly...

K: " and priya, u guys carry on with the conference with RS Constructions and just bring the documents that needed my signature to my cabin.. I believe u guys can handle the meeting..", she said in a professional attitude..

Pri: " yeah, sure.. Then, we will meet u during lunch.."

Aj: " bye babydoll.."

K: " bye," and aj and priya left her cabin and kalpi continued her work..

Raghav  came to the KGC with sammy and maya and was guided to the conference room by the office receptionist... Aj and priya were there.. Raghav's heart constricted when priya said kalpi wont be attending the meeting.. He couldn't concentrate on the discussion going on... After an hour priya went to kalpi's cabin to get her signature while raghav, sammy and maya waited with aj in conference room..

Then, priya came and hand over the documents to sammy... Raghav walked out ahead of sammy and maya in sad mood while maya and sammy followed him quietly knowing the reason behind his sadness.. As he walks he saw a familiar figure waiting near the elevator... His face brightens seeing kalpi... He walked towards her excitedly but the elevator door opened and kalpi went inside.. Raghav ran towards the elevator while sammy and maya chuckled looking at him.. The door was about to close but raghav successfully entered the elevator shocking kalpi to the core...

He stood there panting while kalpi choose to ignore him and stood there silently like unaffected by his presence...

R: " baby.. Why u didnt come for the conference? U know i can't concentrate at all and was thinking about u only..."

But kalpi stood there like she is alone with nobody around.. She looked ahead without giving raghav a single look..

R: " why r u so quiet? Are u sick baby?", he asked touching her forehead to check temperature..

Kalpi removed his hand off her forehead furiously without even uttering a word and didnt look at him...

Raghav stood there confused...

R: " baby look at me.. Whats wrong?", but to his irritation gained no answer... 

He hold her wrist tightly and made her turn towards him but she didnt look up at his face...

R: " kalpi.. Baby look at me.. I said look at me...", but she didnt..

The elevator reached the ground floor and kalpi moved to go out.. But raghav pulled her back that she hit her face on his chest... He pressed the top floor 25...

Kalpi get angry..

K: " what the hell r u doing?"

R:" what the hell am i doing? Well if u dont know, from past ten minutes im trying to talk to u like a crazy man but what i all got is ur silence and ignorance...", he shouted in anger..

Kalpi was about to press the button to open the elevator door but he pressed the stop button so that the elevator doesnt move and open...

R: " what happened? Why are u ignoring me?"

K: " just leave me.." , she said softly and moved away from him...

Raghav hold her waist and brought her close towards him.. and she struggled in his arms...

K: " mr singhania! What r u doing? U r misbehaving with me!!!"

Raghav pushed her towards the wall and blocked her way out by placing his hands on either sides..

Raghav moved his face towards hers but she turned  her face towards the left side in anger.. Raghav sighed..

R: " baby.. Pls fight with me but dont ignore me... It hurts..", he said with pain in heart...

She looked in his eyes and could feel his pain.. But within a minute she regained her composure..

K: " mr singhania, i repeat pls leave me..", she warned..

R: " i cant.. I cant leave u now... And never..."

K: " whats ur problem? Why are u torturing me?", she asked furiously...

R: " i love u kalpi...", he said sincerely..

K: " but i dont!!", she snapped..

Raghav chuckled causing kalpi look at him confused..

R: " i know u love me.. And u know that very well too.. So, u can try to fool others but not me.. At least not u.."

Kalpi was tongue-tied.. 

R: " what? U dont have an answer?", he asked teasingly..

But kalpi looked at him expressionlessly.. 

K: " believe it or not is ur problem.. But i dont love u..."

R:" kalpi.."

K: " and haan but i have a feeling for u.."

Raghav looked at her..

K: " nafrat.. Sirf nafrat..", she said straight looking into his eyes..

Raghav was broken.. He brought his hand towards her cheek and caress it lovingly..

R: " baby.. I know i was wrong.. But pls forgive me... And u love me nah?", he asked with his voice cracking..And his eyes were searching the truth in her eyes...

K: " no..no.. No...", she shouted...

Raghav looked at her unbelievably.. He took few steps back from her..

R: " so, i dont affect u in anyway?", he asked in fear of loosing his love..

K: " U R ALIVE OR DEAD, MAKES NO DIFFERENCE FOR ME!!!", she said coldly...

The elevator door opened and kalpi left the place leaving behind a broken raghav.. Tears spilled from his eyes...

Kalpi walked out with her own tears flowing through her cheeks... She is hurt herself hurting him...

Raghav went towards the car park where sammy and maya were waiting for him.. 

S: " arrey, dude, how was romance in elevator?", he teased..

M: " how many kiss u got and how many kiss u gave?", she asked chuckling..

They frowned as raghav was standing there like statue with no expression on his face..

Maya was about to ask raghav but sammy hold her hand not to..Sammy cleared his throat..

S: " its getting late.. Lets go to the office.. I will drive..", and they drove back to their office..

Evening came..

All went back home after an hectic day.. It was a rainy day... 

Sammy came to raghav's cabin after sending maya home as their daughter, Disha Raizada is back home..

( Disha is 4 years old.. She was with her grandparents (maya's parents) in australia for summer holidays.. Now she is back home to live with her parents maya and sammy... )

Sammy went inside the cabin to see raghav lying on the couch in a drunken state.. There was an empty scotch bottle on the floor and another bottle which is almost empty in raghav's hand.. Raghav's top three shirt button is open and he was totally looking opposite to how he looked in the morning.. Sammy rushed towards raghav...

S: " raghav!! Raghav!! Wake up dude...", he shook raghav holding his shoulder..

But all he got in response was his blabbering..

R(blabbering): " kalpi, im so sorry.. I love u baby.. Dont hate me.."

Sammy brought his hand towards his head in frustration..

S: " raghav, wake up.. Why did u drink?", he asked making him sit  straight ..

(Ok.. Imagine raghav talking like a drunkard..)

R: " sammy.. My friend.. Nope.. My brother... U know what? She said she hates me... She said she only have nafrat against me.. Sirf nafrat...", he said chuckling..

S: " raghav, chalo. Lets go home..," he said dragging him till the door..

But raghav pulled his hand back and went to literally fell on the couch.

S: " raghav.."

R: " no.. Im not coming home.. And u know what she said sammy? She said i dont affect her in anyway.. Im alive or dead, makes no difference to her... Then, why should i live??? I better die nah?"

S: " raghav! I will slap u if u say this again.. U wait here i will be back...," saying so he left raghav continue with his blabbers...

Sammy called kalpi... It was 10pm.. Kalpi was sitting on the bed with her pyjamas feeling bad for hurting raghav.. Aj and pri were fast asleep.
When the phone rang, she picked it up.

K: " hello.. Kalpana mehra here.."

S: " kalpana, sammy here.."

K: " sammy? U r calling at this time?"

(Ok.. Kalpi started calling him sammy and maya by their name as she realised they are kind hearted and friendly..)

S: " woh.. Kalpi.. Hmmm.. Can u come to our office now?"

K: " what happened? Any problem in the project?"

S: " no.. No.. Its nothing about project.. Its.. Its about raghav..", he completed hesitatingly.

K: " sammy, im going to sleep.. So, see u.. Bye..", and she was about to cut the call..

S: " kalpi.. Kalpi. Pls dont cut the call.. Raghav's condition is too bad now.. He is in his cabin.. And in fully drunken state.. He kept blabbering about u.. Pls... Come here.. Only  u can make him understand.. He is so heart broken...", he literally pleaded..

K: " hmm.. Im coming.. U pls be with him..", and she picked up the car key and went to the office without aj and priya knowing about it.

Sammy was trying hard to make raghav understand but he failed..

K: " sammy!!", kalpi stood at the entrance of raghav's cabin..

R: " sammy.. Look.. Now also i can see her everywhere.. She is standing here in my cabin in pyjamas( he chuckled).. That woman is making me crazy yaar.."

K: " sammy, u go back home.. Gauri aunty and maya will be all alone... I will bring him home.."

S: " but kalpi.."

K: " im telling u nah? Pls go.. I will handle him.."

R: " yes.. Yes.. U go.. The very stubborn miss kalpana mehra is commanding u... If u dont listen to her, she will punish u like she is punishing me.."

Kalpi sighed and sammy nodded his head in agreement towards kalpi and left the place..

Kalpi came near raghav and stand there with hands crossed against her chest.. 

K: " why r u drunk mr singhania?", she asked glaring at him..

R: " im not drunk baby.. Im all in my senses.. See," saying so he wake up and pretended walking normally but slipped..

Before he could fell down, kalpi hold him by shoulder... They had an eyelock.. Kalpi was the first one to break the eyelock..Kalpi cleared her throat..

K: " let me drop u home.."

R: " no.." , he said pouting and leaned against the wall..

K: " mr singhania.."

R: " no.. Call me raghav.."

K: " mr singhania.."

R: " raghav.."

K: " ok fine! Raghav pls come.. I will drop u home.."

R: " kyun? Why do u wanna drop me home?"

K: " because u r drunk.."

R: " so? I can handle myself.."

K: " no u cant.. U might get end up with accident if u drive in this condition.."

R: " so what? Let me die.. In fact, u dont care right? Im alive or dead, makes no difference to u right? Then, what the need now?", he asked with tears flowing from his blood shot eyes..

Kalpi's felt the pain in his words..

Kalpi stood there speechless.. Raghav came near her.. He circled his arms around her neck and leaned his forehead on hers... 

R: " u know... Ur every word cut my heart into pieces.. And i couldnt bear the pain... And i drink for the first time after these four years as u never like me drinking... But sorry.. I dont know how to cure the pain in my heart.."

Kalpi caressed his stuble with her hand with tears forming in her eyes looking at his stage...

K: " im sorry.. I shouldn't have talked like that to u..", she muttered softly..

R: " i know baby.. Because u love me nah?", he said brushing the tip of his nose with hers..

Kalpi didnt answer him...

K: " come.. Let me drop u home.."

R: " no.. Im not going home..", he protested hiding his face at the crook of her neck while hugging her...

K: " why?", she asked softly and not pushing him away..

R: " because mom will be there.. She will be hurt seeing me in a drunken state.. She will be disappointed.. And she will hate me like u r hating me.."...

K: " ok.. Lets go.."

R: " i said nah.. I dont wanna go home.."

Kalpi pulled herself from his embrace but his arms are still circling around her waist..

K: " when did i say im bringing u to ur home?"

R: " then? Ur home? Thats a double no.. Because the hitler will be there.."

Kalpi chuckled..

K: " yes.. Im bringing u to my home but not the home where aj is there.. I will bring u to my beach house.. U r fine with that?"

R: " fine.. But will u leave me alone there? I will be scared..", he said pouting sadly..

K: " no.. I will be there with u..ok?"

R: " hmmm.. Pinky promise?"

K: " pinky promise..chalein?", she said with a smile..

R: " yes maadam..," he said saluting her..

Kalpi supported him till the car as he was too drunk to walk properly..

SCROLL DOWN...Big smile

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PART 37 (B)

They reached kalpi's beach house.. Nobody was there except the guard..She brought him to the bedroom and made him lie on the bed... She removed his shoes off his legs and was about to cover him with blanket but raghav vomited..

Kalpi sighed and cleaned the floor and found he dirtied his shirt as well.. She hesitated for a while but unbuttoned his shirt and removed it.. 
She dont have any spare men's shirt there so she was left with no other choice than leaving him shirtless...

She was about to cover him with blanket and something caught her attention.. She sat on the bed and moved closer to him... Her expression softens when she saw her name 'Kalpana' tattooed on his chest... She traces her fingers on her name tattoo and a single drop of tear fell on it.. She looked at the tattoo and raghav's face.. She smiled smally and leaned forward and kissed in her name on his chest.. She sighed and stood up.. When she turned to leave she felt a grip on her wrist.. She turned around and found raghav holding her wrist and staring at her with puppy eyes..

R: " u said u wont leave me alone...", he complained like a little child..

K: " woh.. I.. I will be in the room next to this". 

R: " no.. Stay with me in this room.. Come.." , he said pulling her towards him..

Kalpi sat in the bed and raghav put his head on her lap... She was shocked.. After hesitating for a while, She leaned on the head board.. He hold her left hand and cuddled.. She smiled and stroked his hair with her right hand with love.. 

K(self talk): " how cute he looks when he is sleeping," thinking so she kissed his forehead..

Raghav smiled with his eyes closed... Kalpi messaged sammy..

" hey sammy.. Dont worry.. Raghav is fine.. He is actually with me in my beach house as he is adamant on not coming home.. So, pls pick up him from 'xyz address' in the morning.. And pls bring some clothes to change as he spoiled his shirt vomiting..."

Sammy replied, " okay.. Thanks.. :)"..

Morning arises...

Raghav opened his eyes slowly as the sun rays hit his eyes through the window... He flinched slightly because of headache (hangover).. He found himself lying shirtless... He looked down at his chest and find a hand... He looked up to be greeted with a beautiful sleeping beauty...

He smiled looking at her face... He thought it is the same dream he dream of every morning.. He slowly caressed her cheek with his hand still lying on her lap... Kalpi slowly opened her eyes feeling his touch... The moment their eyes met the moment froze..

R: " good morning darling... How i wish this daily dream becomes real...", he said smiling still not knowing it is happening for real...

K: " get up mr singhania.. My legs are paining...", she said irritatingly..

R: " kya yaar baby? Usually u always talk nice and sweet in my dreams... Why suddenly u r talking like the way u talk in real?" , he pouted sadly and woke up from her lap but hugged her in sitting position...

K(in mind): " what the hell is he blabbering? I think he drink some expired alcohol...", and gave him a puzzled look...

R: " chalo tk.. Where are our kids? They already went to school?"

K: " kids? School?", she looked at him like looking at an alien..

R: " haan.. In our dream we have kids nah.. A girl and a boy.. And lets make another...", he said kissing the crook of her neck...

Kalpi jumped off the bed and throw the water from the water jug on him...

Raghav realised he is not dreaming...

K: " are u awake now mr singhania? U r not dreaming..."

Raghav pinched himself and felt the pain..

R: " this is real?", he asked widening his eyes..

Kalpi rolled her eyes and went to the bathroom to freshen up..whereas, raghav was trying to recollect what happen the night before... After an hour, kalpi came out of the bathroom to see raghav lying on the bed with closed eyes like a maharaj.. (Still shitless... Hmmm...) She ignored him and went towards the mirror to get ready.. She was wearing a light blue simple salwar suit... She was drying her wet hair with the towel.. Some water droplets fell on raghav's face causing him to get up... He was mesmerised by the beauty he saw... He woke up from the bed and walked towards her... Kalpi looked at him via the mirror...

He slowly slid his arms around her small waist to hug her from behind and their eyes met through the mirror... Raghav moved her hair to one side and placed his head on her shoulder.. Kalpi was standing there like a statue..

R: " u know what baby? I always dream of morning like this... We get married and (chuckled) i wake up to see such a sight of my beautiful wife...," he said huskily and kalpi smiled small  and lowered her gaze in shy...

R: " i love u so much...", he kissed the crook of her neck... Kalpi closed her eyes tightly and held his arms around her waist tightly.. 

Raghav bite his lower lip and smiled looking at her blushing face...he turned her around.. Her eyes are still closed... He tucked her hair behind her ears and hold her waist.. Kalpi opened her eyes... Her hands were on his abs and her eyes looked at the tattoo on his chest and looked back at him... She traced her fingers on the tattoo..

R: " i felt so lonely after leaving u.. Like im incomplete... I want u close to me... That's why i had this tattoo..", he said kissing her hands... A tear spilled form her eye..

Raghav shook his head negatively and wiped the tear...

R: " kalpi, i know i hurt u so much... And i regret everything i did... I can feel what u went through... But i love u so much.. All i want is just a chance.. Another chance to prove my love for u is true..."

Kalpi looked away from him as her heart is forcing her to say yes while her brain is forbidding her from giving him a chance...

R: " will u?", he asked softly after kissing her right cheek..

R: " pls...", he pleaded kissing her left cheek..

K: " i dont know...", she muttered truthfully..

Raghav smiled as she didnt say a direct no... So, she is giving him a chance..

R: " hmmm.. Ok, so it is not a no right?", he asked hopefully..

Kalpi blinked her eyes...

R: " so, can we be friends and behave normally with each other forgetting whatever happened?"

Kalpi slowly nodded her head in yes while her gaze is downwards..

R: " thank you...", and he kissed her forehead..

Kalpi's phone rang... Kalpi pulled herself from raghav's grip and attended the call..

K: " yeah, sammy... Yes.. Ok.. I will wait.. Bye.."

K: " sammy is coming to pick up u.. So, pls get ready.. I will make breakfast..", she said in a very low voice and went outside the room to the kitchen..

Raghav was happy and went inside the bathroom...

Later, raghav came down wearing his same jeans and no shirt.. Kalpi was inside the kitchen preparing breakfast.. He went inside and saw her preparing french toast, omelette and fresh orange juice.. He hopped on the kitchen marble made..

R: " u learnt cooking?", he asked teasingly while munching an apple..

Kalpi looked at him with narrowed eyes..

R: " just asking baby.. Because as far as i know u dont know how to cook.."

K: " i just know how to make some simple breakfast.."

R: " aww.. Dont worry baby.. We always can have a cook to cook.."

The door bell rang..

K: " can u pls open the door? It must be sammy.."

Raghav nodded her head and went towards the door to open it while munching the apple..

Kalpi heard some excited voice from the living hall... She went towards the hall... She saw raghav twirling a little girl of about 4/5 years old.. She saw sammy standing there smiling..

G: " chacu... Who is this?", she asked pointing at kalpi still in raghav's hand..

R: " woh.. Tumare chachi..", he said smiling winking at kalpi whereas kalpi widen her eyes..

S: " disha, why dont u introduce urself to her?"

Disha gestured raghav to drop her to the ground... She went towards kalpi and signalled her to kneel down.. Kalpi smiled and kneeled down in front of her..

D: " hi.. Im disha raizada.. U can call me disha..Nice to meet u..", she said forwarding a cute little hand..

K: " hello disha.. Im kalpana mehra... U can call me kalpi.. Glad to meet u too...", she said shaking her hand while chuckling..

Disha move forward circled her arms around kalpi's neck and kissed her on her cheek...

D: " u r so beautiful kalpi chachi..."

Sammy and raghav smiled at how disha become close to kalpi..

K: " awww... Thank u... But u know what? U r more beautiful than me... Like an angel...," she said kissing her forehead...

D: " sach?", she asked widening her eyes in excitement..

K: " yes sweetheart... And haan lets go and have breakfast.. Sammy pls u too join us..", she said picking disha in her arms and walked towards the dining table...

They settled on the chairs and kalpi brought the breakfast and sat there next to disha while sammy and raghav were sitting together on the opposite side..

D: " raghav chacu.. Y r u shirtless that too in front of to girls.. U r so shameless...", she scolded him..

Kalpi and sammy chuckled while raghav himself dont know why he is shirtless..

R: " sorry dear... Chachu doesn't know y.. I must ask ur chachi..", sammy who was drinking juice coughed hearing this reply while kalpi glared at raghav...

D: " kyun chachi? Why did u hide chachu's shirt?"

K: " woh... Ur chachu vomited on his shirt so i have to clean the shirt nah.. And i dont have a spare shirt for him.."

D: " yikesss... Chachu u vomited? Poor chachi she cleaned it.."

Raghav looked at kalpi lovingly..

R: " im sorry..", he said softly looking at kalpi..

K: " its ok.."

Sammy smiled looking at them...

S: " waise, kalpi.. Where are u going? U r wearing salwar.."

K: " haan.. To the temple.."

R: " temple? Kyun?"

K: " to meet prem.."

Raghav looked at her in anger..Kalpi chuckled..

K: " oh come on RAGHAV.. I was joking.. For what people go to temple?"

D: " to pray..."

K: " exactly.."

S: " that's ok kalpi... But from when mr singhania become raghav?," he teased her..

Kalpi realised that she called him raghav...

K: " woh..i.."

R: " sammy... We are friends now... So, what is the problem in calling names in friendship?"

S: " okay... Friends? Fine.. I understand..", he said tauntingly..

S: " okay then.. It getting late.. We will take ur leave kalpi.."

K: " yeah bye..."

D: " bye chachi...", she said kissing kalpi's cheek..

K: " bye sweetheart..", she kissed her back...

Sammy hold disha and went outside the house... Ragahv came near kalpi..

R: " bye.."

K: " bye.."

R: " arrey, this is not fair... U kissed disha not me... I want a kiss too,."

Kalpi looked at him with blank face..

K: " u r just a FRIEND!!", she said emphasising the word friend..

R(in mind): " soon, u urself will say love baby.."

K: " did u say something?"

R: " nope... Bye baby...", and he kissed her cheek and ran from there laughing...

Kalpi chuckled looking at his childish antics...

Precap: gauri & kalpi...

Ufff... Done...
For now kalpi accepted his friendship..
And our romeo will try to convert this friendship into love..
Lets see if he succeed...
Pls dont forget to hit like and comment.. Long comment pls instead of single sentence..
Love u babies...

NOTE: guys.. This is my last update till 15th june... I wont be updating till 15th june as i have exam and interviews for my medicine entrance.. So, i will be updating after the mentioned date.. Hope u guys understand...SmileSmileSmile


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Awesome update as usual DimpleClap
Wow!! Two update together sweetie!!SmileI will pray for your exam for your double dhamaka LOL
Both updates are brilliant
Kalpi tried to ignore Raghav that made Raghav drunkConfused
Kalpi's word hurt Raghav badly.
Kalpi still care for Raghav that's why she helped himSmile
Awww both spent night at beach houseSmile
Raghav's morning dream came in realityEmbarrassed
Now both became friendsSmile
hope their friendship turns into love againEmbarrassed
All the best for your exam sweetie. 

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