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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 27)

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 1:17am | IP Logged
Originally posted by akshara82

Raghav and his day dreams Wink reminds me of his dreams in EMA
Kalpi at Kapoors Angry
Aj n Priya gettin married..
Ohh so gonna b alot of nok jhok to look forward huh..
Update soon.

In ema i could digest all his dreams except when he hallucinated kalpi and was about tho kiss the housefly's hands...Dead
A lot of nok jok? Lets seeWinkLOL

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Originally posted by -AriaRai-

Dimple Embarrassed Hug
Dimple you start this chappy off well saying HouseflyLOLLOL
Jealous Raghav is always amazing he's so jealous of My Handsome HubbyEmbarrassedLOL
Raghav saying he wanted Kalpi signatures but he doesn't know where to let her sign?? ROFL ROFL He just made that upLOLLOLLOL

ROFL ROFL Flashback was amazing,Hippo and PigLOL and did Kalpi call Rags her BoyfriendLOLEmbarrassed
OMG Kalpi is jealous if the Housefly ROFL and Raghav was playing along,Kalpi sending paakhi for tea was awesomeLOLLOL
Oh my kalpi is so evil LOL she spilled the coffee on Paakhi's handsLOL and rags is so concerned for his Kalpi. AJ and Priya are gonna get hichedEmbarrassed

LOL Ragahv is eating Kalpi's ice cream LOLEmbarrassed  Well yes he cornered her Day Dreaming FINALLY!!!Embarrassed 

Ooohhh Raghav is totally doing all that,Sweet torture and Kissing Day DreamingBlushing
But Kalpi is lost?? While her hunk of a boyfriend is romancing herLOLEmbarrassed
Ohh Poor Kalpi She remembered That Night with RaghavConfused And raghav is feeling badOuch

Amazing Chapter hunny!! LOVED IT!!HugClapStar

HouseflyLOL.. Im obsessed with housefly just like maya...
Jealous of ur handsome hubby? Well my hubby is the most handsome guy..Wink
Romeo always makes an excuse to be wherever his baby is.
Pakhi brought coffeee on her own to get burnt..
Kalpi is not evil... It is just that she is possessive about her boyfriend..
U guys loves when rags corner kalpi haan?...
Thanks dearie..Smile

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Two weeks passes like that.. There's not much change in equation between raghav and kalpi.. Raghav kept trying hard to get her back while kalpi was not ready to forgive him... However, kalpi and prem's friendship becomes closer in this time...They would meet outside accidentally... (Actually, prem's plan)... One day, prem invited her to his house.. At first kalpi denied but at last agreed due to prem's continuous pleadings...

It was a sunday.. No office.. Kalpi went to kapoor's mansion... Neetu, dadi, sahil, pakhi and prem welcomed her happily.

 (for them, they see kalpi as the treasure who owns all properties of abhimanyu mehra)

They all sat at the living room and chatted.. Neetu ordered manda to make coffee... Then, dadi went to room to rest and sahil went to his room as he got a call from a business associate leaving only neetu, prem and pakhi at the living hall to talk with each other..

N: " beta, why are u not drinking the coffee? Pls drink.. Should i bring some biscuits.."

K: " no no... Its ok aunty..."

Pa: " miss k.. We are happy u came here," she said showing all her 32 teeth..

N: " arrey, pakhi is that the way u talk to her?," she scolded pakhi and making others confuse...

Pa: " kyun mom?"

N: " why r u calling her miss k? Call her babhi.. After all, she is going to marry ur bhaiya..", she said with bugs bunny smile..

Kalpi who was drinking coffee started coughing after listening to that...

Pr: " are u ok kalpi?"

Kalpi nodded in yes..

K: " babhi?", she questioned.

N: " haan, beta.. Actually i asked prem to bring u home to..."

Sa: "neetu!!prem!!", sahil shouted from inside..

N:" coming!! Pakhi show around our house to kalpi... We will be back..", saying so prem and neetu went towards the room..

Pa: " let me show around the house," kalpi followed her..

When they neared some of the bedrooms kalpi heard sahil, prem and neetu talking about something very seriously.. She was curious to know about what they are talking..

K: " hmm.. Pakhi can i get something to drink.. Something cold?"

Pa: " sure, i will ask manda to prepare fresh orange juice... U just look around..", saying so pakhi left the place leaving kalpi..

Kalpi went near the room where prem, neetu and sahil talking.. The door was not closed properly.. So, she listened to their conversation..

Sa: " neetu, we should convert the documents quickly to our name..", while sitting on the bed...

N: " sahil, dont worry.. Nobody will know the truth.. And why suddenly raghav is enquiring about his dad's properties?"

Sa: " how do i know? I just hope he doesnt get to know about the truth..."

N: " sahil, nobody saw us when we kill raghuveer singhania.. Even , in the medical report we bribed the doctor to give a report that he died because of heart attack.. "

Kalpi covered her mouth with her palm hearing that..

K(in mind): "raghav was right.. These cold blooded murderers killed his dad.. How cruel they are.."

Sa: " i just dont know..."

Pr: " oh come on dad... Even if he knows whats the problem in that?", he asked coolly..

Sa: " are u out of mind prem? If he gets to know he will make not only me and ur mom but also u to rot in jail..", he hissed in anger..

Pr: " before that i will make sure raghav singhania is dead!!", he said in a murderous voice..

Kalpo widen her eyes and felt like strangle prem at that moment..

N: "Chocopie... Calm down.. U know nah pakhi loves him.. Moreover if he become our damad, we can get all his properties as well.."

Pr: " mom, i just hate him..."

Sa:" prem it is not time to show our anger towards our enemy but we must trap him in our way.."

Prem sighed and nodded in yes..

Pr: " ok.. I will talk to mr gupta, our lawyer and convert the singhania property in our name.."

Hearing footsteps sound, kalpi ran towards the other side.. Pakhi came there with a glass of orange juice and offered it to kalpi and guided her to the living hall.. After few minutes, prem and neetu and sahil joined them..

Kalpi was sitting there silently..

Sa: " beta, we called u here to house to talk about something important.."

K: " yes?"

Sahil looked at neetu asking her to continue..

N: " beta.. Woh.. Our prem loves u so much...," kalpi looked on in shock while prem lowered his gaze in shyness..

K: " prem.. Loves me?", she asked unbelievably..

Pa: " yes, i told u that day right? He loves u so much..."

N: " pls beta.. He wanna marry you..."

Kalpi gets angry and was about to say no but recalled their talkings inside the room.

K: " aunty.. I.. I need some time.. I mean we hardly know each other.. So.."

N: " arrey, why not.. U guys get to know each other first.. Pookhi what do they call that... Doting?"

Prem, pakhi and sahil were laughing but kalpi was irritated..

Pr: " mom!! Its dating...", he corrected her..

N: " haan.. Wahi.. Dating.. U guys date first.."

K: " hmmm... Ok aunty, its getting late.. I take ur leave..."

Kalpi went her room and was thinking about the things happened in kapoors mansion...

On the other side,
At singhania mansion...

Raghav, sammy, maya and gauri were sitting on the sofa with ACP Fahad Khan...

ACP Fahad Khan is a police officer of age about 40...

R: " mr khan, is there any clue for the case? Is there any changes in the activities of kapoors?"

FK: " mr singhania, our police officers in disguise are giving us daily information about the moves of kapoors... And recently they met their lawyer mr gupta... It is maybe related to changing ur father's properties under their names as u recently enquired about it..."

R: " so, u think they are making moves to change it?"

FK: " yes.."

G: " these kapoors are such devils.. They wanna forge the property papers...", she said anxiously..

Maya squeezed her hand to calm her down..

S: " anything else mr khan? About prem kapoor? I mean i feel that he know about his parent's deed as well..."

FK: " im not sure about that.. (After a pause)... But currently he is very busy with a girl.."

Raghav who was looking down quickly looked up at him..

M: " girl?"

FK: " haan.. He is so much interested in her.. My officers said that he always go wherever the girl is.. Sometimes he meets her and sometimes he looks at her from far... I heard that he brought her to his house last sunday.."

R: " who is that girl?," he asked in slight fear..

FK: " oh.. She is miss kalpana mehra.. The great businessman Abhimanyu mehra's daughter.. I think u guys know her.."

R: " what?", he shouted and stood up..

He went to stand near the window and hold the railing tightly while massaging his forehead..
ACP Fahad Khan surprised with his behaviour.. Gauri and maya looked at sammy.. Sammy nodded his head and went towards raghav..

S: " raghav.. Calm down," he said placing his hand on his shoulder...

And he guided him back to the sofa...

FK: " mr singhania r u ok?"

Raghav just nodded..

FK: " if u want we can hire some officers to keep an eye on her as well.. If she is involved...", before he can continue raghav interrupted him..

R: " NO!"

FK: " but mr singhania..."

R: " mr khan pls.. She is not involved in it in any way.. But pls keep an eye on prem kapoor so that he doesnt harm her..."

FK: " sure.. By the way mr singhania, is she someone important?"


ACP Khan also take their leave... 

G: " cinthu, r u ok?"

R: " mom, i already warned her not to be anywhere near that kapoors.. especially the prem kapoor...i dont know why she is so stubborn...", he said clenching his jaws..

M: " and looking at what mr khan said looks like prem is interested in her..."

S: " yes... I dont know why from school days prem always want what is raghav's..."

R: " and as usual he wont get whatever mine... Same goes for kalpi...", he said in anger..

G: " but what if he tries to hurt kalpi knowing her relationship with u?", gauri said her worries in words...


Raghav stood up picking his car keys and made his way towards the exit...

G: " cinthu, where are u going?"

But before that raghav went outside the house..

M: " i think he is going to meet kalpi..."

G: " i just want my son to be happy... I hope this revenge doesnt ruin his life..."

S: " gauri maa... We are with him.. Nothing will happen to him.. Maya, pls bring maa to her room to rest..."

Raghav drove his car as fast as he could to reach mehra mansion... He rang the door bell continuously in anger...

R(self talk): " how many times i should tell her not to talk with prem.. But she never listens.. Today, she has to agree with me," and he furiously rang the bell...

The door opened... Raghav's expression which was like a burning volcano softens... Kalpi was standing there with floral printed short and a sleeveless black shirt with hair tied in a bun messily...

K: " mr singhania u?", but raghav stood there with mouth slightly open...

K: " mr singhania.. Mr singhania! Mr singhania.. R u listening?"

Gettin no response she poked his forehead with index finger... And romeo came out of his dreamland. 

K: " y r u here?"

R: " can i come inside?"

Kalpi make way for him to come inside... Aj and pri were not home as they went for a date...( as some of my readers think of them as disturbance..lol)

K: " now tell me what r u doing here? Anything important?"

Raghav opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out... Actually, he himself forgot why he is here... He tried hard to remember what is it..but failed miserably...haha...

R: " err... I.. ..wait..," saying so he picked his phone and called sammy and went to a corner...

R(in soft voice): " hello, sammy.. Tell me why im here to meet kalpi?"

S: " what?", sammy shouted from the other side...

R: " sammy!"

S: " u seriously dont know?"

R: " sammy thats why im asking u... I know i came here to ask her something but i forgot..."

Sammy face palmed himself  while kalpi was looking at raghav who was talking in an inaudible  voice ..

S: " bro, u r supposed to be angry and ask her why did she befriend prem and went to kapoors mansion.. Got it?"

R: " ooohhh..", as realisation hit him...

S:" yesss... Romeo..."

R: " well thanks...bye," and he cut the call and sammy laughed thinking about raghav's antics..

Raghav cleared his throat and fixed his face with an angry attitude..

R:" im angry with u...", he said with an unhappy expression..

K: " oh really? Mujhe koi farak nahi padta...", she said rolling her eyes and went towards the kitchen..

Raghav followed her to the kitchen.. Kalpi opened the refrigerator and took the bowl of ice cream...

R: " why did u talk to prem kapoor?", he asked her...

K: " that non of ur business..," saying so she went towards the living hall with the bowl of ice cream and sat on the sofa...

R: " that does matter to me... And some more u went to kapoor mansion..."

K: " so?," she asked while her eyes searching for something...

R: " baby, they are dangerous...", while sitting on the sofa..

Kalpi stood up... Raghav frowned.. Then, she walked towards the tv table and picked the remote control and sat down..

She on the remote and pressed the channel in which the movie The Fault in our Stars is playing...

Raghav went and sat beside kalpi... He took her hand in his... But she snatched it back and stuffed ice cream inside her mouth... One hour passed, raghav still trying to talk to her about kapoors.. But kalpi was busy watching movie and eating ice cream... She started crying watching that movie... And raghav ended up consoling her forgetting his actual reason being there...

K: " oh god... Augustus is dead...," she started sobbing and hugged raghav but still eating ice cream...

R: " its ok baby.. It is just a movie...", he consoled her massaging her back..

K: " what will hazel do now?so, poor...", she asked sobbing and cuddling more into ragahv's chest... 

Raghav sighed and took a spoon of ice cream to eat.. He brought the spoon to his mouth when kalpi hit his hand...lol...

K: " dont steal my ice cream!", saying so she ate the ice cream...

Raghav sighed and shook his head negatively..

She ate messily that some ice cream where on her cheek and at the corner of her mouth...

R: " i want ice cream too...", he said pouting...

K: " go and buy urself mr singhania...", while finishing the last scoop of ice cream...

R: " i know where to get mine..", he said huskily..

He leaned forward to kalpi and tasted the ice cream smeared on her cheek..kalpi turned her head towards raghav and looked at him... They had an eyelock.. Kalpi herself brought her hands towards his neck... He just looked on... She brushed her thumb on his lips... Raghav didn't make any move to kiss her.. He wanted her to kiss him... He held her waist in his arm massaging it.. Kalpi pushed herself near raghav.. She looked at his eyes and his lips... And she placed  a butterfly kiss on his lips and looked back into his eyes... She could see the same  desire in his eyes... She again kissed him for the second time pushing herself more onto him... At last, raghav lied on the sofa and kalpi on top of him... She kissed him deeply... Raghav started responding to her kiss.. They pulled out being breathless but they stayed like that for few minutes... Raghav caressed her cheeks.. She kissed him again... She looked into his eyes like searching for something... An answer for questions in her mind... She placed her head on his chest while raghav combed her hair using his fingers... There was only silence for few moments... 

Then, kalpi slowly pulled away and sat straight on the sofa with her eyes closed as if she is thinking something...raghav sat straight as well...

R: " baby..," he called out softly..

K: " im sorry," she muttered softly and ran away from there to her room and closed the door..

Raghav looked on in confusion... He decided to leave the place.. 

Kalpi was in her room thinking of whatever happened few moments ago.. She went to the bathroom and open the shower and stand there letting the water to cool her...

K(heart): " what happened to me? Do.. Do i still love him?", she questioned herself..

K(mind): " no.. Maybe it is just an attraction... Because i hate him.. I hate him for breaking my heart... "

K(heart): " but i love his touch.. I love being near him.. I looses myself near him..."

K(mind): " he tries to make u loose with his charm... Thats what he did four years  back.."

K(heart): " should i give him a chance?"

K(mind): " no.. What if he break my heart again..."

Kalpi sighed and closed the shower with a confused mind...

At singhania mansion...

Raghav reached home in his own set of thoughts... 

R(in mind): " she kissed me.. She loves me.. But whats holding her back?", thinking so he walked past gauri, sammy and maya who were watching him sitting on sofa..

G: " raghav..", but he didnt hear..

Sammy called him thrice and then only raghav came back to his reality...

R: " yes?"

G: " cinthu, come here.. Sit.."

Raghav sat beside his mom...

G: " what happened beta? Did u asked kalpi to stay away from kapoors?", she asked while stroking his hair...

R: " i didnt get a chance to ask her...", he said softly..

S: " yeah.. Even he called me to ask his purpose of going to her house...", he said teasingly causing maya and gauri to chuckle but raghav was unaffected.. 

M: " then, what u were doing till now raghav?", she teased him..

R: " we...", but he stopped.

S: " oh oh... I understand dude..", he said winking...

G: " sammy! Stop teasing my cinthu... U tell beta.. What happened?"

R: " mom.. Woh.. She was watching movie.. I.."

M: " u?"

R: " i was consoling her as she was crying watching Fault in our Stars...anddd... Just that"

Sammy and maya started rofling and gauri cant help but started snickering as well...

Raghav gave an annoying look towards the trio and went to his bedroom...

Ufff... Done with this part...
I wanted to show kalpi still loves him but doesnt want to accept the fact...
So, thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes..
Pls dont forget to hit like and pls do comment.. That too a detailed comment pls..
Love u all...

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lolor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 4:52am | IP Logged
lovely update...
yhis kapoors r so cheap...they r after ragnas wealth... Angry
prem running behind kalpi...& forcefully invited her to kapoor mansion...but its good as kalpi hears truth from their mouth only... Tongue
rags came to kalpi to warn her from prem & kapoors but lost in her...majnu... Star
& kalpi kissed him Embarrassed
superb update soon

Edited by lolor - 18 May 2015 at 10:03am
Princess1398 Senior Member

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 4:54am | IP Logged
hey ya sry dint comment from last 3 updates by the way awesome yaar aahha FIOS well I love it and u perfectly showed the inner turmoil of kalpi any way hope she helps my boyfriend with his plan to destroy the kapoors as now she knows the truth now lets see how the story progress's...
charvi3 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 5:13am | IP Logged
Awesome update dear
So kalpi now know the truth of kapoors
Loved the Romeo how he forget everything by just seeing kalpi
Update next part soon dear
deepu90 Goldie

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 5:31am | IP Logged
Its lovely update. Our romeo forget everything wen his juliet is near. Now kalpi knows about kapoor truth wat she will do now . Oh my god kalpi kissed raghav
...Natasha... IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 May 2015 at 5:46am | IP Logged
These Kapoors has big plans for RagNa, more so their properties
Prem is in love with Kalpi. He better don't do anything stupid or Raghav will have his head on a silver platter LOL at least now Kalpi now for herself how dangerous these Kapoors are...
Raghav is too cute LOL him seeing Kalpi make him forget everything;)
I love how Raghav call Sammy to ask his purpose of visiting Kalpi's house lol
Aww Kalpi kissing her Romeo on her own was amazing
She still love him so much
Fabulous update

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