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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 19)

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Ok.. I didnt reread this chappy after writing.. So, if it is illogical or have mistakes, sorry in advance.. 


Morning came..

Raghav was so happy and excited to persue kalpi in office today.. She will be there.. So, he got ready and was looking so dashing and charming instead of his angry arrogant businessman raghav singhania look..

" arre waaa..", sammy who came to raghav's room said..

R: " sammy.."

S: " lover boy looking so handsome.. What's the matter dude? Let me guess.. Hmmm.. Oh... Ur juliet is coming to office today.. Good going bro... But be careful.. The housefly will be there as well.."

R: " i dont care about any houseflies when my kalpi is there.. Lets go.. Its getting late.."

Soon, raghav, sammy and maya left to office... 

At RS Constructions...

Raghav went to his cabin and waited impatiently for kalpi... After three hours, maya and sammy came to his cabin to find him lost in his own thoughts...

M: " raghav stop ur daydreaming.."

Raghav came out of his dreamland..

R: " im not daydreaming.."

S: " then?", giving 'i know what u were doing' look..

R: " come on yaar.. I was working.."

M: " ok.. U studied that PowerPoint presentation i mailed u nah? Lets discuss.."

R: " which presentation?", he asked innocently..

Sammy and maya looked at him like looking at some stranger..

M: " oh god.. Raghav i sent it to u two  hours before. What were u doing instead if studying the presentation? We have to present it tomorrow..."

Raghav looked here and there for an excuse while sammy was chuckling..

S: " maya, nowadays, the 24 hrs businessman raghav singhania is no more here.. Who we have here is romeo singhania...", he said chuckling..

R: " stop ur bakwaas sammy.. And maya i will read it.. Before the presentation i will make sure it is perfect and we will get the project.. Ok?"

Maya just throw her hands up in a defeated style...

R: " why the ppl from KGC is not here yet? I meant they are not punctual at all..", he said like a businessman.

S: " they will be here in 10-15 minutes... Mr despo..", sammy teased.

Raghav glared at him. At the same time the receptionist called and informed about the arrival of associates from KGC..After a few seconds, aj and priya made their way into raghav's cabin.. Kalpi was nowhere seen..

R: " where is kalpi?", he asked impatiently..

Aj: " i think the project is important not kalpi," he said rudely before priya could answer...

Raghav cursed aj in mind... Priya placed her hand on aj's to stop him..

Pri: " actually raghav, she is not coming.. She asked us to do the procedure.."

Raghav's face dropped.. Sammy saw that and think of something on how to bring kalpi to the office... As he was thinking, he saw kalpi outside raghav's cabin..

S: " she is here?", he said looking at kalpi..

All of them looked at her.. She was talking with someone in the phone.. Raghav's face brightens in paradise.. He without thinking of anyone, stood up and walked to kalpi... He went and stand behind kalpi.. Kalpi feeling someone's presence behind her, turn around...

K: " i will talk to u later," she said to the person on line...

R: " hi...", he said smiling..

Kalpi looked at him with blank face.. She took step to go from there..

R: " miss mehra... I think we need ur signature on some important document.. So, pls come inside my cabin," he said loudly so that she wont refuse in front of his employees...

Kalpi without saying anything entered the cabin where sammy, aj, priya and maya were sitting... She sat beside priya...

Aj: " babydoll, u r here? U said u r not coming.."

K: " actually, on the way i met prem.. (Raghav gritted his teeth).. He was on way to here to drop his sister.. But his car got punctured.. So, i drop him on the way and came to drop miss kapoor.. "

Aj: " babydoll, i told u nah.. I heard prem kapoor is not a nice person..."

R: " exactly!!"

Kalpi looked at him and sighed..

K: " mr singhania, u said u need my signature.. Where should i sign?"

R: " woh.. Woh..", raghav dont know what to say...

Maya decided to help..

M: " miss mehra, actually the documents are not ready yet.. It will be ready by the time we finish our discussion... Raghav call that housef..  I mean miss kapoor to bring the documents as soon as she prepare it", maya looked at him with a smiling face..

(Maya and her obsession with housefly.. Lol)

R(on phone): " miss kapoor i want the document related to KGC in an hour.. Prepare them fast..."

The discussion was going on.. But kalpi was in her thoughts... Thoughts of what happened in the car..

P: " kalpi, thanks for the lift..," saying so he left the car leaving pakhi and kalpi alone...

All the way to RS Constructions pakhi was keep blabbering with her extra big mouth...

Pa: " u know miss k, prem keeps talking about 24/7.. He really likes u so much.. Or better say he loves u madly..."..

Kalpi stopped the car in a jerk..

Pa: " kya hua?"

K: " nothing," and she started driving..

Pa: " he loves u so much just like i love him," she said blushing..

K: " him?", she questioned..

Pa: " haan.. Raghav sir... I love him so much.. And i know he loves me so much too... U know when i joined the company, he brought me for dinner.. He is so romantic," she said dreamily..

Kalpi hold the car steering tightly in anger..

K(in mind): " bloody hippo, u brought her for dinner? Cheapo... How dare u??? And the pig next to me is talking about my boyfriend to me!! I feel like wanna strangle her... ( she got what she said- boyfriend).. No.. He is none for me... How can i think of him.. Arghhh.. All because of the pig next to me..."

She drive to the office as fast as she could so that she could get rid of the blabbering queen sitting next to her...   

"Babydoll," aj's voice brought her back to present world..

Aj: " r u ok?"

K: " yeah..", she muttered softly...

Raghav looked on in concern as he know she is worried about something..

Someone knocked the door.. It was pakhi.. She brought the paper required... Kalpi doesnt know why but she felt angry seeing pakhi that too near raghav in the same room... She kept looking at her... Raghav noticed that and decided to play along..

R: " nice job pakhi.. U have done an awesome job," he said smiling widely..

Sammy and maya are shocked by raghav's soft behaviour towards pakhi.. They looked each other in confusion... While, kalpi clenched her fist...

Pa: " really raghav sir? Im so so happy to hear that from u... Am i dreaming? U r so sweet," she said holding raghav's arm...

Kalpi widen her eyes.. She looked at raghav, pakhi and then pakhi's hand on his arm... She felt like burning those two alive.. Even aj and priya surprised with pakhi's over friendly  behaviour towards her boss.. But raghav seems to have no problem..

R: " oh pakhi.. No mention.. In fact u r very sweet too..", he said placing his hand on pakhi's... He saw kalpi's angry face from the corner of his eyes..

Kalpi cleared her throat..

K: " mrs raizada, can i get a cup of coffee.."

M: " yeah sure... I will ask the peon to bring.."

K: " why peon? Ms kapoor is here nah.. She will bring it for me... Wont u bring a cup of coffee for me miss kapoor?", she asked with a sweet kind smile..

Pa: " of course miss k," she said to impress raghav...

K: " make sure it is hot...very hot.."

Pa: " sure.."

Raghav gave the documents to kalpi.. It was a 12 page document.. It probably take someone at least a week to prepare... Kalpi pretend looking in the details very deeply while tapping her leg...

After 5 minutes,

Paki came there with a cup of tea and sugar cubed.. She placed it on the table.. Sammy and aj were talking about business related things.. Maya and priya were talking some girly things whereas raghav was doing his favourite work that is staring kalpi's face like an attention seeking puppy...Pakhi was about to go..

K: " miss kapoor.. I think there is some mistake in this document..", she said pointing at something on the document..

Pakhi came near and bend towards the table to see whats wrong.. She traces her finger over the words on the document looking for the miStake that kalpi just mentioned..

Kalpi was stirring the coffee with spoon after adding the sugar cubes..
She looked at raghav and make the coffee cup to spill on the documents and in the process burnt pakhi's hand  

(same hands which touched raghav... Lol)..

Pa: " ouch... Oh my god.. Aaahhh," pakhi started shouting and jumping like a piggie...

All are shocked..

Raghav rushed towards kalpi...

R: " did u hurt urself? Let me look," he checked kalpi's hands concerned..

(Romeo, ur juliet hurt pakhi not herself... Isss...)

Kalpi snatched her hands from raghav and glared angrily at him...

K: " ms kapoor.. Im really very sorry... Oh god... Is it hurting too much? Oh oh.. The documents are ruined as well..", she said in fake concern...

Pakhi wiped her hand with handkerchief..

Pa: " its ok.. Im fine.. Documents?"

K: " tch..tch... The documents are ruined.. Its ok.. U r here nah.. Mr singhania's most talented employee... U can make another document..", she said sarcastically giving a fake smile...

Pa: " it will take at least a week..", she said sadly..

Aj: " its ok ms kapoor... U can take time.. There's no hurry.."

Pakhi left the cabin to prepare new documents... Raghav smiled looking at kalpi...

Kalpi's phone rang...

K: " hello..."

A: " hello girlfriend..."

K: " haha.. Boyfriend... How are u? I miss u so much...," she said excitedly..

A: " awww.. I miss u too girlfriend..."

K: " ok... Kya baat hai? U r calling at this time daddy?"

Aj, priya, sammy, maya and raghav were watching her talking to her daddy happily...

A: " i have a happy news... Guess what princess?"

K: " daddy!!!", kalpi whined like a child..

A: " guess karo nah.."

K: " is megan pregnant??", she asked excitedly..

A: " ufff.. No... The good news is priya's parents and aj's uncle and aunty decided to get them married after three months..."

(Aj's parents died when he was young.. His uncle and aunty took care of them as their own child)

K: " sach???", kalpi shouted standing up from her seat..

K: " oh my god.. Oh my god.. Daddy that's a wonderful news... Im so excited...", she said jumping happily..

A: " pls make them agree for this marriage as they are postponing since long.."

K: " u dont worry daddy.. I will make them agree.. Waise, it will be in london?"

A: " no.. In india... Ok.. Sweetheart... Daddy has to go now.. Bye.. Love u.."

K: " love u too daddy... Bye..", and she cut the call to meet with curious gaze of the other occupants of the room..

Kalpi just smiled looking at aj and priya...

Pri: " what is it sweetie?", but kalpi smiled..

Aj: " babydoll, tell me nah.."

K: " not now... It is a very good news.. So, im buying u all ice cream.. So, lets go to the ice cream parlour near by.. Mr&mrs raizada u guys join us too..", she said ignoring aj & priya's annoying look..

S: " miss k, wont u ask raghav to join us as well..."

Kalpi looked at sammy and then raghav..

K: " i said all means all... Including mr singhania... Mr singhania, u too join us..", she said calmly...

Aj frowned and looked at kalpi.. Kalpi blinked her eyes saying ' no problem'..

R: " sure baby," he said grinning gaining angry look from aj and kalpi..

While priya, maya and sammy chuckled...

Then five of them went to the ice cream parlour.. This time raghav successfully got a place beside kalpi..
They all ordered their ice cream... Kalpi and raghav both ordered coffee flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips which is their favourite.. While the others ordered their own favourites.. While waiting for the ice cream to arrive,

Aj: " babydoll, now tell the good news.."

K: " too impatient.. Well, the good news is u and priya are getting married in three months.. That too here in india.."

Pri: " what!!"

Aj: " no way!!"

K: " y? I promised daddy that i will make u two agree.. So, i dont wanna hear a no as an answer from u two.. Got it?"

Aj: " lekin, babydoll, we dont .."

K: " why u dont want to get married? R u planning live in relationship?"

Pri: " live in relationship?? Oh God.. Not at all...Kalpi, its just.. Just that.."

K: " just that?"

Aj: " u r ..", and he lowered his eyes...

Kalpo got what he meant and raghav felt bad as well as it is all because of him.. Kalpi looked at raghav and back at aj and sighed..

K: " aj, dont worry about me.. In fact i feel so bad that im being an obstacle for ur marriage..", she said sadly..

Pri: " kalpi... What are u saying? U r our best friend.. How can u say that u r an obstacle.."

K: " so, pls say yes... And waise bi, i will be happy if u two get married..pls..," she begged with puppy eyes...

At last, both aj and priya nodded their heads in yes...

K: " shadi mubarak," saying so she hugged aj and priya..

Sammy, maya and raghav too congratulated them.. Then, the ice cream arrived..

They all were eating their ice cream and happily chit chatting... When nobody was seeing raghav changed his ice cream with kalpi's... And he tasted hers.. Kalpi looked at the ice cream and thought it is more than last.. She looked at raghav narrowing her eyes..

R: " what?," he asked innocently while licking the ice cream on the spoon..

Kalpi threw an angry glare towards raghav but just ate the ice cream (raghav's ice cream)..Raghav smiled... Then, kalpi excused herself towards the washroom...After a few seconds,

R: " i need to make an urgent call.. I will be back," saying so he left aj, priya, sammy and maya who were chatting..

He saw her getting out of the washroom... He dragged her into a room for stuffs...

R: " get out!," he commanded some of the stuffs inside the room and locked the door from inside...

K: " mr singhania what are u doing?," she asked struggling to release herself..

He grabbed her by waist and pulled her towards him..

R: " what was that?," he asked with a playful smirk..

K: " what?"

R: " in my office.. What u did to pakhi? U did it purposely right?," he said nuzzling his nose near her ears..

K: " it was an accident..", saying so she pushed him away from him and hold the bolt of the door to open the door..

But before that raghav grabbed her hand and hugged her from behind... Kalpi gasped in shock when he kissed her at the crook of her neck...

R: " u r lying.. I know u were jealous.. Jealous that she touched me.. Am i right baby..," he asked in husky tone while lowering the shirt at one side shoulder and giving wet kisses on her skin..

Kalpi started breathing deeply and closed her eyes tightly.. She turned herself with her front facing him as she cant stand the sweet torture he is giving her... She opened her eyes to meet with his dark brown eyes... 

R: " i just acted to be nice with her to see whether my baby is still jealous of other women near me," saying so he gave a quick peck on her lips...

Kalpi's eyes which were somewhat lost in his touch suddenly showed some other emotion... She was thinking of something while raghav was kissing her lips.. She was lost in her thoughts that she didnt even know that raghav is kissing her.. Raghav pushed her towards the wall and kissing her deeply.. He pulled away confused as she was not responding nor struggling...He looked at her face but she was staring at an open space.. There was a frown on her forehead...

R: " kalpi.. Baby what happen?", he asked caressing her cheek with his hand affectionately...

Kalpi snapped out of her thought and looked at him.. Tears were flowing from her eyes...Raghav panicked seeing tears..

R: " baby, what happened? Why are u crying?", he asked cupping her face with his both hands..

R: " is it because of pakhi? Hey, i was just joking..", he said wiping her tears..

She reached his hands on her cheeks and slowly lowered them... Raghav frowned...

K: " thats what u do right always? To act with some other woman in front of me...nothing new in that...," she said and left the room..

(She remembered the night which was very painful for her..)

Raghav stood there dumbstruck.. He closed his eyes frustrated on himself... He passed his hand through his hair in frustration..

R(self talk): " damn it!!! She was slowly coming to me.. But.. But i ruined everything.. I shouldn't have done this.. No.. I wont use that pakhi to make her jealous.. Shit.. I hurt her again..," he opened the door and rushed behind her..

When he reached the table, kalpi was nowhere seen..

R: " sammy, where is kalpi?"

S: " raghav, she left just now saying she has some work..."

Aj, priya and maya looked at him confused..

Raghav stood there pressing his lips together and wiped his face with his palm..

M: " everything alright raghav?"

Raghav just nodded in yes..

R: " lets go.."

All left the place to their offices.. 

Precap: kalpi at kapoor's mansion...ShockedLOL

Ufff... Done ...
Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes,..
Pls dont forget to hit the like button and leave ur precious comments...
Love u babies...

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 5:39am | IP Logged
dimpi awesome update
haay majnu is not feeling to workLOL
waiting desperately for kalpiEmbarrassedLOL
hmmm aj make rag curse him n kalpi showed up
wow kalpi was angry on makhi talk in the car n hot tea LOL god kalpi burn that fly hand
hmm kalpi sweet innocent talk with her dad n the way she pursued them t get married
was cute
hmm naughty rag change the ice creamLOL
rag always ready t attack his baby lipsEmbarrassed
poor kalpi remembered the painful nightOuch
n precapShocked wat kalpi in kapoor mansion
update soon

Edited by sweet1308 - 15 May 2015 at 6:49am
laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:17am | IP Logged
Dimpy babe awesome update. When rags is making umpteen efforts to bring his baby in his life.why Maya's fly and prem are hell bent on spoiling everything?? Though rags was deeply hurt by kalpis words of using other woman in playing with her emotions,I had liked the way she became jealous when rags called that psycho fly as efficient and very sweet in nature. The wAy she had ordered that fly to bring her super hot coffee and purposely poured it over arm making to flinch in pain and spoiling those documents were awesome and damn laughable.kalpis sweet convo with her dad and making aj and Priya to agree for their marriage with her puppy face was too emotional and shows the depth in their friendship.rags and aj knows abt the wicked nature of Prem Kapoor get well .but Kalpi is giving him chances ???why and how will kalpi's sweet boyfriend the reason of her worry??
lolor IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:23am | IP Logged
superb update...
rags used fly to make kalpi jealous & he succeeded Big smile
kalpi pour hot coffe on pakhis hand Big smile LOL
kalpi convinced Aj & priya to get married...
but rags again hurt her as kalpi remembers that worst night...& again rags repeating it... Confused
precap...kalpi at kapoor house???? Shocked hope this time rags teach him lession
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Omg Shocked yeh makhi ne nak mein dum kar dakha hai! Why is she telking kalpi how rags was sooo nice to her Angry sali ke kaan ke neeche ek lagao Angry Wink rags babu ek baar acting kar ke LAdki ko kho chyle ho dusri baat iss makhi ke saath saath time bhi bhi fly swatted ke saath kachumar bana de gi LOL so with wedding coming is eags jealousy factor coming. Update soon Big smile
SJ001 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:37am | IP Logged
Beautiful update dimple
-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 September 2014
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Posted: 15 May 2015 at 6:49am | IP Logged
LOL Paki ke tho waat lagayee Tongue
bapre ZKalpi se panga nahi lena chaheai tha usse LOL ab shayad prem ke bare hai Raghav ka  jealousy rup Big smile ab dekh na padega woh kaisa hoga

Raghav again hurt her Angry eh jithna Romantic hai untha nahi stupid hai Tongue

nice update loved it Clap

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