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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 135)

meenukansal Senior Member

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Posted: 02 November 2017 at 11:27pm | IP Logged
Emotional update dear 
Is Tara our kalpi
Everyone  miss her badly

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 03 November 2017 at 10:22am | IP Logged
A boring part maybe for some of u... but it is important to explain what happened.. thanks for those who liked and commented.


Next day morning...

Tara was sitting on a bench in the park near her apartment. She comes there every evening. It was a less crowded park. She felt peace sitting there.

The sun was about to set making the beautiful colours in the sky. She looked lost. She looked back at her life. But there's nothing. She was in coma for more than 4 years after an accident according to arjun and padma
Maa. When she woke up from coma 6 months ago, she didnt remember anything. Not even her name. She still doesn't remember anything. All she know now is told by arjun and padma maa. She is Tara Patel wife of Arjun Patel. She still remember the day she woke up from coma.


" i... I can't... can't remember anything... y? Y? Y can't remember anything? Who am i?

Those are the first words that came out of her mouth when she woke up from coma.

D: " im gonna tell u about u. I want u to be calm ok? And remember this. You are perfectly alright. Ok?, for which she nodded her head.

D: " your name is Tara.. Tara Patel.. this young man is Arjun Patel and this is his mother Padma Patel..., he started telling her while the eyes of the other two occupants in the room looked at her affectionately.

D: " Arjun is ur husband Tara..., he said making her frown.

She looked down before looking at arjun with a frown.

T: " husband?, she asked confused.

Ar: " yes.., he answered with a sad smile.

D: " Tara, u met with an accident. A very bad one that hurt ur head real hard... we saved you but u went into coma... now you cant remember ur past.. (he stopped for a while)...amnesia..

T: " coma? Doc.. doctor.. how long i have been in coma?, she enquired.

Doctor took deep breath.

D: " for about 4 years...

Tara became silent.

D: " dont worry Tara. Everything will be alright. U have a very loving husband and caring mother in law... with their help im sure u will regain ur memories...

After making sure tara was ok, the doctor left her with arjun and padma..

Flashback ends...

She came back to her senses when she heard a baby's cry. Not far from her, she saw a lady trying to pacify her crying baby while sitting on the bench. Tara looked at the baby's face. Just a few seconds later, a young man, maybe the lady's husband came and sat beside her before circling his arm around her shoulder. Soon, both of them successfully pacified their baby. Seeing the smile of the baby the couple laughed happily. The man kissed the baby's forehead before kissing the cheek of his wife.

Unknowingly, Tara felt a pang in her heart. She drew a deep breath to ease the pain. She stood up to go back to her apartment after giving a last longing look towards the happy family.

At the apartment...

P: " there u are... where have u been beta? Arjun waited for u before leaving for work..., she asked placing her hand on Tara's arm.

T: " just went to the park maa... dont know how time passed.., she said giving a small smile.

Padma Patel is a very loving mother in law. She treats tara as her daughter giving all love and care.

Tara went and joined Mrs Padma for breakfast. Tara silently munched the aloo paratha while thinking about the happy family she saw in the park. She was lost in that thought.

P: " Tara...

T: " yes maa?

P: " tara.. i.. i wanted to talk to u about this since long..

T: " tell me maa..

P: " no... i just thought.. maybe after we finish breakfast, we can look through the old photo albums.. since it's raining, it would be nice to look back at past memories.. what do u say?, she asked smiling.

T: " yeah sure maa.., she said because she very well knew maa is doing this to make her remember her past.

Mrs Padma showed Arjun and Tara's wedding pictures. She said they were in love with each other madly. She said maybe arjun can tell her later. Tara looked at those pictures. Their marriage photos. They were so happy. So much in love with each other while looking at each other's eyes. She brushed her fingers on the photos trying to feel at least a small hint of feeling but she failed. She felt nothing. She felt as if she is looking at someone else. Yes, it's true that it was her looking at arjun with unconditional love. But she doesnt feel like it was her. She couldnt explain why she cant accept that fact it was her.

Evening came... as per his mother's request, Arjun brought Tara out.. for a change of mood. Tara accepted out of respect towards padma patel. They went to have food at a chinese restaurant.

Ar: " i will have kung fu noodles.., he ordered.

The waiter looked at tara waiting for her order. After surveying the menu, she ordered.

T: " i will have shrimp noodles.., she ordered casually.

Ar: " wait.. tara, u r allergic to shrimps.., he said immediately.

Tara: " oh..., she whispered frowning.

T: " then i will have chicken noodles..

Dinner was quite. Tara was contemplating with the confusing thoughts while arjun gave her space.

After dinner.. arjun stopped the car near a beach. Tara looked at him confused.

Ar: " come... lets have a walk along the beach.., he said opening the car door for her.

She nodded and followed him.

The cool breeze, the moonlight and the soothing sound of waves made the very beautiful. They were only a few at the beach side. Both of them walked along the beach. She looked like an eternal beauty. Arjun controlled his urge to hold her hand while walking. But tara walked maintaining a distance from him.

"Kalpi... baby... wait..., a male voice echoed behind them.

Tara turned immediately as if someone called her. Her eyes searched frantically.

"Kalpana.. baby.. dont go far into the water.., a man called out his little girl.

Tara just stood there blinking her eyes. Arjun frowned before nearing her.

Ar: " tara, what happened?, he asked.

T: " nothing... just.. i felt like someone called me..., she said frowning.

Ar: " ur name is tara.. not kalpana.. come lets walk.., he said chuckling.

Tara nodded before resuming her walk with arjun. After a long walk they sat down. Tara was busy taking a fistful of sand and dropping them again. Arjun kept looking at her lovingly with a beautiful smile.

Ar: " mom told me she showed u our wedding pictures..., he broke the silence.

T: " yes.., she answered in monosyllable while still playing with the sand.

Ar: " it was a memorable day in my life.. in our life.., he said dreamily.

Tara shifted her eyes to arjun.

T: " maa.. maa.. told me.. that we were.. (clearing throat).. in love before getting married..., she asked hesitantly.

She doesnt know y it was so hard to say that. He is her husband and she is her wife. Ut y is it hard?

Ar: " yup... our interesting love story.. started of with fight and ended up in love.., he said chuckling.


Ar: " u bloody idiot... how dare you steal?, he slapped a man who stole a woman's handbag.

He was not wearing his police uniform.

"Hey hello!!!, a rude female voice called him.

Arjun turned around and found a beautiful and confident young lady with angry yet beautiful eyes staring at him while her hand resting on her waist.

Ar: " oh.. well hi..., after saying so he started to scold the man again but stopped hearing the voice of the young lady.

" u monster.. jerk.. how could u treat someone like this out in public? Sadist!!! Leave the poor soul alone!!, she scolded making him widen his eyes surprised.

M: " yes madam.. help me.. he is gonna kill me.., the man begged making arjun raise his hand again.

" mr whoever you are.. stop assaulting this innocent man.. u look fit and strong but showing ur strength towards this poor man.. shame on u!!!, she scolded again.

Arjun opened his mouth to say something but interrupted by someone else.

W: " thank u so much sir... this guy stole my handbag.. thank u so much...

The young lady widened her eyes.. she saw the woman's hand was bleeding most probably due to struggling with the thief.

Ar: " its ok.. its my duty as police officer.. constable, bring this guy to the station and the lady to hospital.. her hand is bleeding.., he instructed.

"Po..police.., she whispered looking down.

Arjun looked back at the young lady raising his one eyebrow...

"Im sorry... i.. i... thought.., she started chuckling nervously.

Ar: " its ok... I understand... it takes certain courage to voice against violence in public.. u r brave.. by the way, im inspector Arjun Patel.., he said extending his hand for handshake.

The young lady nervously shook his hand.

T: " im.. im Tara Singh... junior journalist in india mail newspaper..

Ar: "journalist huh? Thats where the courage comes from.., he chuckled.

After that they kept meeting accidentally in many occasions. One day, they bumped into each other in a cafe.

Ar: " woah.. dont u think we keep bumping into each other a lot?, he joked.

T: " errmm... yeah... but today i followed u here.., she said nervously.

Ar: " oookay... why so?, he asked.

T: " can we drink coffee and talk?, she asked raising her eyebrows.. on which Arjun agreed..

After closing her eyes and taking few deep breaths she opened her eyes.

T: " let me be frank.., arjun nodded and sipped his coffee.

T: " I LIKE YOU.. AND WILL YOU MARRY ME?, she asked in one go making arjun spit his coffee.

Ar: " what?, he asked her shocked although he has feelings for her as well.

T: " see.. im a modern girl.. i have feelings for u and i wanna marry you.. of course if u feel the same.. so, i.., before she could complete.

Ar: " YES I DO..., he said making her smile.

Then they got married with the blessings of arjun's mom padma as tara was an orphan.

Flashback ends..

Arjun was all way smiling while telling their love story while tara looked on not knowing how to react.

T: " how did i meet with accident and lost my memory?, thats all she could ask making the smile on arjun's face to fade away.

Ar: " u were a journalist. One day u had to go to kashmir to coverage about the kidnap news of the foreign ambassador...(he sighed)... the bus in which u and ur crew travelled was blasted.. we were informed that all died in that incident. They said there were no remaining left... ( his eyes glistened. He cleared his throat)... i was devastated because i thought i lost u...

T: " how come im alive?, she questioned.

Ar: " after ur death, i almost busied myself in work. After 6months, i had to go to mumbai to investigate about a case. A witness actually. The witness was admitted in the city hospital. After meeting the person, i was gonna go out, when i heard a commotion at the reception. Some people seemed to be like villagers were arguing with the doctor. I intervened their conversation. They said they found a lady wounded with gunshots and the doctors are refusing to help without police's interference. I told the hospital management that im a cop and asked them to start the treatment.. thats when i saw the person in the stretcher...

T: " who was that?

Ar: " my life.. my love... u.., he said holding her hands in his while tears escaped his eyes.

Tara looked at her hand but decided not to pull away as she saw him broken.

Ar: " i got to know from the villagers that they found u near the river bank injured. Something happened. I dont know...U were shot and u had a serious injury to ur head. But I couldn't think about what happened. I just can think about u being alive. After treatment, the doctor said u slipped into coma. I brought u to delhi. For about four years u were in coma. Mom and i took care of u. It was not more painful than the thought u being dead. We were happy that at least u are alive..

T: " u said i had gunshots. Who did that?, she asked frowning.

Ar: " i dont know.. i know im a police officer.. but at the moment I could only be ur husband. I just wanted to bring u back home. I thought bringing u back to delhi would keep u away from whatever danger there is.. and u woke up.. without a single memory of u, us or anything..

Tara frowned and looked down unable to digest everything she heard:

T(mind talk): " how did i survive the bomb blast? How did i end up in mumbai? Wasn't i suppose to be in kashmir? And someone shot me? Who was that? Why did they shoot me?, her brain started working on those questions but gained no answer.

She was brought back by a touch on her cheek. Arjun caressed her cheek.

Ar: " tara... dont confuse urself. Whether u remember anything or not, i will always love you... i love you Tara..., he said sincerely looking at her.

He leaned his head near her. He looked at those rose petals hoping to feel them with his lips. He leaned more to kiss her she distanced herself quickly feeling uncomfortable. Arjun realised what he was doing.

Ar: " im sorry.. I shouldn't have done that.. im really sorry.., he mumbled.

Tears slipped down her cheeks. She started sobbing. Arjun panicked.

Ar: " im sorry.. really sorry.. i dont know what got into me.. tara.., he said helplessly.

T: " no... i... u told me about everything.. but i cant remember anything..

Ar: " tara u..

T: " I understand that i lost my memory. Thats y i couldn't remember anything. But what about those feelings? U said we loved each other madly... how the love will disappear? To be honest, i dont feel anything towards u. Its..its just feel like u r a stranger to me.. not just u.. i.. I myself feel like stranger to me... my name feels like not my name... i feel like im someone else.. why do i feel so?, she gripped her hair in her hands and cried.

He held her by shoulder hesitantly. She leaned her head on his shoulder. He caressed her hair.

Ar: " ssshhh... everything will be alright.. u will remember everything. Even if you dont , we will start afresh..

After something she dozed off... Arjun carefully picked her up in his arms and settled her on the passenger seat before driving off to their apartment...

In mumbai...

"Kalpi!!!, raghav woke up from his sleep saying her name.

He felt intense pain as if his baby is feeling hurt.. he felt like she is crying..

R (self talk): " y do i feel like this? She is dead. She... she's dead..., he held his chest area near his heart in one hand while some tears slipped from his eyes.

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naharkhan123 Senior Member

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Awesome update 
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 November 2017 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Its fabulous 
So painful kalpi
Update soon
naam11 Goldie

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Very emotional and beautiful update
MadhuGupta Goldie

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Amazing update. I can't wait next update. 
naam11 Goldie

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Awesome update.
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very nice
emotional one

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