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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 110)

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Originally posted by niru04

Nice update

Thanks dear

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Originally posted by Ragna1302

Superb update. ...
 Yaar what prem did..premAngry...but thank god this is only surprise 4 kalpi. ..but she so tensed. ..n let her frustration out...humm but raghav   abhi sence...kalpi tell raghav all...good...then know kapoors intention. ...
 Ragna plzz tell abhi about u..before someone else tell...nahi to they will hurt ..but u both told them. .To they will get angry but trust u n accept u...
 What is in that envelope. ...plzz update soon. ..

Thanks dear
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Originally posted by swararp

Lovely updateThumbs Up

Thanks dear
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Originally posted by sampa79

Nice update 

Thanks dear

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Originally posted by pratibha2603

Awesome update

Thanks dear
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dimpu jaldi de update before u disappear girlie
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PART 56 

Ab: " princess, u ok?", abhi asked his daughter who was somehow lost.
Kalpi smiled giving a reassuring yes nod to her dad before excusing herself to the washroom.

The party was full on swing in the mansion. A lots of ppl from corporate world were there. Kalpi was wearing a long black sleeveless dress with a long slit from her left thigh. Her hair was let to flow like a black waterfall to her left shoulder.

Seeing her going to the washroom raghav who was talking with sammy excused himself as well.

Sam: " go dude go.. Dont miss the chance.. Who knows what gift u will get?", sammy teased him for which raghav blushed and bite his lower lip before leaving the place.

Raghav went to kalpi's room. The door was not locked. So, he quietly opened it before locking it. He went and checked the toilet but she was not there. Not in the room.

R: " kalpi.. Kalpi..", he called gaining no response.

He saw the door the balcony open. So, he went there. He saw kalpi standing crossing her hands against her chest while gazing at the full moon. He sighed softly before heading towards her. He stood beside her and placed his hand on hers which was placed on the railing. Both didnt talk. They stood there staring at the moon but in deep thinking about their life and how complicated it is.
A few minutes passed,

K: " im afraid raghav..", she said softly still looking ahead gaining raghav's attention.

Raghav turned to look at her. She looked at him as well.

K: " i.. I dont know what's gonna happen raghav? I feel like being stretched.. Being stretched between u n dad. I dont wanna loose both of u"

Raghav sighed before moving closer to her. He cupped her face in his hands making her eyes to look straight at his eyes.

R: " everything gonna be alright baby.. I understand that u..", before he could complete,

Kalpi removed his hands from her face swiftly,

K: " no.. U don't understand... Nothing is alright!", she said frustratedly before moving away from him..

She stood away from him showing her back to him. She was crying. His heart wrenched hearing her sobs. His heart paining seeing his love like that. He took slow steps towards her and stood closely behind. He placed his hand on her shoulder. She turned around quickly and hugged him tightly like he will vanish. She cried placing her head on his chest exactly where his heart lies. Raghav wrapped his arms around her protectively. He caressed her hair with one hand.

K: " i love u raghav. I love u so much. I cant imagine anybody else in ur place. My heart cant beat for anybody other than u. I want u raghav. I want u. I want to spend this whole life with u. Love u. Marry u.Have kids with u. Grow old with u. And die with u. I want u..", she said possessively hugging him.

R: " ssshhh.. Baby.. I will always be with u. Even if u urself go away from me, i wont let it happen."

K: " but everybody wants to separate us. Not only the prem kapoor but even the god. Fate snatched u from me once but i cant loose u again. I cant.."

Raghav gently removed her from the embrace. He wiped the tears with his fingers before kissing those eyes. He pursed his lips thinking of something. 


Kalpi opened her mouth to say something.

R: " no baby. He will surely get to know about us one day.. So, why not today.. Nd it is better he gets to know about it from us than from other.. Am i right?"

K: " yes.. But.. But what if he gets angry on u... And.."

R: " im ready for anything.. What he will do? Scold me.. Beat me.. Im ready for it.. I fell in love easily but now it's time to fight to save my love.. Whatever it takes i will never leave u... I love u."

Kalpi nodded and smiled..

K: " i love u too.."

R: " come lets go downstairs.."


Both walked to party hall... As they were descending the stairs, they could see that all the guests have already left the mansion.. The only ppl remaining there was their families. Kalpi frowned and looked at raghav's face which reflected the same confusion. Furthermore, there was no happiness in any of the faces that they saw earlier. 

K: " sid.. What happened?? Why the guests leave earlier?", she questioned sid.

But instead of an answer, only anger and silence reflected on his face.

K: " what happened?", she asked looking around.

Gaining no response, she moved towards her dad. 

K: " dad.. What happened??", but he was only staring at something in his hands.

K: " dad..", she started.. 

Before she could continue, abhimanyu mehra handed her the envelope to her. She opened it. The frown on her face changed to shock and fear. She looked at her father and then towards raghav. Her hands automatically dropped the envelope. Raghav took the photos that fell near his feet. It was their photos that they took in university. It was their lovable moments that they spent at uk. There was also photos of their graduation proving that they studied together and were seeing each other during their uni time.

Raghav blinked his eyes asking kalpi not to worry. He took slow steps towards abhimanyu mehra and stood next to kalpi.

R: " uncle, i..."

Ab: " Divya.. We r going back to london.. Pack all the things..", he told his wife for which she nodded in yes..

K: " dad.."

Ab: " sweetheart... U go get ready.. We will leave in our private jet..", he said calmly giving a small smile.

He turned to leave,

" I LOVE HER A LOT..", raghav's voice made him stop in tracks.

Abhi turned around. Raghav stood confidently. 

Sid: " uncle i told u nah.. We shouldn't leave him without teaching a lesson..", he said angrily moving forward.

Kalpi stood in between raghav and sid.

K: " sid.. No.. Raghav is not like what u think.. He is.."

Sid: " i dont care jaan.. But he hurt u... I will.."

Ab: " sid.. Step back.."

Sid: " but uncle.."

Ab: " i said step back.."

Sid clenched his jaws went to stand at one place angrily.

R: "uncle... Pls listen to me once.."

Ab: " first of all, it's SIR... Second im not interested in talking to u..", he said pointing his index finger...

Aj, priya, sammy, maya all tried to talk but an angry glare from abhimanyu mehra made them gulp their words.

G: " abhimanyu ji.. Pls listen to me.. Our children love each other so much. We shouldn't separate them..", gauri asked.

Ab: " gauri ji.. I respect u and u r a wonderful human being.. But.. But when it comes to my daughter, i dont care about anything or anyone.. Not even the god.."

K: " dad i love him.. Love him a lot..", she said with a single tear spilling from her eyes.

Abhimanyu mehra looked at his daughter.

K: " he did all these to avenge for his father's dead.. Pls dad give one chance to him..", she asked helplessly.

Ab: " i cant.. I cant take chances when it comes about u sweetheart.. U r my soul.. I cant give this man another chance knowing he hurt u bfr.. And i felt more pain than u seeing u in pain for four years.. I hate this man.. And u know why I still haven't do anything?? Bcs of u.. And if i want to anything, he would have been dead by now..", he said giving a cold glare to raghav while all looked on in shock.

R: " unc.. Sir.. I know i hurt u and ur daughter a lot.. But believe me.. I love her a lot.. I know that it is impossible to give her love as much as u r giving.. But i promise u sir, i will give my whole life to make her happy.. Pls, dont separate us.."

Abhimanyu clenched his jaws in anger. He grabbed raghav by his collar.

Div: " abhi... What r u doing?", she asked her husband.

K: " dad.. Pls leave him.."

Abhi pushed him away before leaving his collar.

Ab: " u by no means suitable for my princess...", he said gritting his teeth..

K: " dad.. Pls..", she asked with teary eyes.

Abhi went near her and wiped her tears.

Ab: " u can choose between me and him.. If u want him, then go to him and forget me.. Choice is urs.. U want ur dad or that man who left u with pain?", he said with a single drop of tear spilling from his eyes.

All gasped listening to his words.. Abhi turned to leave when he felt someone hugging her from behind.. It was kalpi.

K: " dad.. How .. How could u ask such question?? I love him.. But nobody can take ur place in my life.. Choosing someone else over u is like killing myself.. How could u say this?? It will always be u dad.. Nobody else ", she sobbed..

Abhi turned around and hugged his daughter..

K: " i love u more than anyone dad.. More than myself.. I will come with u.."

Ab: " ssshhh... I love u too.. We will leave the place.."

Ragahv turned around to wipe his tears.. Kalpi saw him still hugging her father. She was crying in her father's arms thinking she has hurt her love.Raghav blinked his eyes with small smile saying he is ok..

Both ragahv n abhi's heart pained seeing her tears. Abhi stopped in his tracks.

Ab: " i will give him a chance..", he said..

All looked at him smiling.  Sid looked unbelievably n he was about to say something but kept quiet to let abhi finish what he said.

Ab: " prove me that u truly love my daughter.. And u r worthy for her..."

R: " i will do anything to prove that.. To prove my love..", he said determinedly.

Abhi gave him an uninterested look.

Ab: " lets go divya.. Princess.. We have to go to london.."

Sam: " but how will he prove if u guys are going back to london?"

Ab: " it's up to ur friend mr raizada.. How he proves.. And yeah.. I give ur friend three months.. Sirf three months to prove his love.. And he shouldn't talk to my daughter for the whole three months.. If he manage to prove himself, i would get my daughter married to him.. But.. I repeat.. If he lose, he should forget my daughter n never come back in her life..", he said giving a challenging look..

K: " dad, but.."

R: " baby..", he called out to get kalpi's attention but received an angry glare from abhi for calling her baby.

R: " whatever it takes, i will do.. For u.. For our love.. My love for u is true.. Ur father himself will give ur hand in marriage to me..", he said accepting the challenge...

both raghav and abhi gave each other challenging looks while kalpi looked in between her love and her dad..

Will continue soon.. pls don't forget to hit like button n comment.. see y'all soon...

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Lovely update
Pls complete soon

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