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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 11)

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 9:34pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by bricka.tiwari

Plzz update nxt chappy dear waiting..
Next chappy is in the process... Will update once finish writing darlingTongue

laavanya4u IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Dimpy Jaan when are u posting the next update
Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:22am | IP Logged
Sorry this update is not of the precap of previous update.. It will be in next update... Wink



Kalpi was in her room working on something in her macbook while sitting on the bed... Suddenly, her iphone rang.. It was prem.. She was busy with her work so she cut the call... But prem keep calling her and she continuously cut the call... And again her phone rang.. Kalpi who was irritated by this disturbance picked up the call without seeing the caller id..

K: " prem! Dont u know if someone is not receiving or cutting the call, that means the person is busy? Why are u keep calling me?", she shouted in anger...

"Baby relax...", the person on the other side replied.

Kalpi frowned and looked at the caller  id on her phone screen... It showed "JERK"...

 (Haha... The jerk is mr raghav singhania.. She saved his number in that name.. Kalpi is so mean..)

K: " jer.. (She cleared her throat).. Mr singhania... Why did u call me that too at this time?", she asked glancing at the clock...

R: " hmmm.. Baby, i can call u anytime... Just that i miss u so much... Give me a kiss pls," he asked lovingly...

K: " r u nuts? U know what? It is useless to talk to u... Put down the phone and sleep mr singhania.. Bye..", she was about to cut the call..

R: " baby, stop.. Dont cut the call.."

K: " now what?," she asked irritatedly. 

R: " pls... Im serious... Pls give me a kiss nah.. I cant sleep.. Im starving.. Pls..", he pleaded...

K: " what the.."

R: " if u dont give me a kiss, i wont leave the place..", he blackmailed..

K: " oh really? Why does it matter to me if u dont wanna leave ur house?"

R: " haha.. Baby u r too funny.. I said if u dont give me a kiss i wont leave UR HOUSE!!", he said chuckling..

K: " mr singhania, i think u r drunk... Better go and sleep... U r saying like u r here at my house and talking to me while looking at me.."

Raghav chuckled...

R: " oh my god... Baby u r a genius... How come u knew it very well.. I am at ur house.. To be more precise at the balcony of ur room.."

K: " what???", she shouted...

She stood up and opened the glass door to go to the balcony of her room... She was shocked to find raghav there.. He was sitting on the swing which was placed at her room balcony.. She opened her mouth in 'o-shape'..

K: " mr singhania, what are u doing here?," she shouted..

R: " isss... Kalpi, y r u shouting? If u keep shouting like this, that hitler will come at any moment and punch me like a punching bag..."

K: " hitler? Khon hitler?"

R: " who else? Ur very own friend who always behind u calling 'babydoll.. Babydoll'," he said mimicking aj..

K: " dont tease aj...", she warned pointing her index finger..

Raghav stood up from the swing and came near her...

R: " ok.. Sorry... By the way, u r looking super hot in this vest and shorts baby... Still hot and sexy like in the college time.," he said passing his eyes from her head to toe...

Kalpi felt uncomfortable...

K: " get out of my house mr singhania!"

R: " baby, its raghav... Or call me as u always call me fondly..."

Kalpi frowned..

R: " arrey.. U forgot.. U always call me ur cutie pie while pulling my cheeks... I missed that so much..."

Kalpi rolled her eyes irritatingly...

R: " acha.. Tk.. That one is for another day... Give me a kiss pls," he asked with puppy eyes.

Kalpi's anger reaches its peak...

K: " i prefer giving u a slap not a kiss..", she hissed in anger..

R: " oh.. Sweetheart.. That would be nice as well... I meant when u slap me ur lovely soft hands will touch me.. Hmmm..", he said dreamily...

K(in mind): " whats wrong with him? Is he gone mad?", she was in her thoughts...

R: " yes.."

K: " what yes?", she frowned..

R: " i have gone mad... Mad for u..."

K: " how do u know what i was thinking? Wait did u learn mind reading in these four years?", she asked surprisingly...

Raghav just chuckled..

R: " how come i wont know ur thoughts when ur heart is with me jaan-e-maan?", he said dramatically..

Kalpi just rolled her eyes listening to his stupid blabbering.

K: " mr singhania, how did u come up here?", she asked raising her left eyebrow.

R: " oh.. That.. I followed William shakespeare..."

K: " what?", she asked in confusion..

R: " haan, baby.. Like in william shakespeare stories.. Where the hero climbs up to the balcony of the heroines bedroom... I climbed up here by this pipe," he said pointing at the pipe while grinning..

K: " u r unbelievable..", she said with wide eyes...

R: " of course i am.. After all im raghav singhania..", he said calmly..

Kalpi just stood there crossing her hands against her chest. Raghav walked passed her inside her bedroom...

K: " what he thinks of himself...", saying so she followed him inside her bedroom...

She saw raghav already sitting on her bed and he on the  50' LED tv in her room... He was changing the channels ignoring kalpi 's furious glares... And some hindi songs were playing in one of the channel.. He let the channel and put the remote aside after increasing the volume...

K: " mr singhania, i think u have tv in ur house too..."

R: " i do baby.. Come here.. Sit..", he said patting the bed..

But kalpi was standing there expressionless..

R: " oh u r not coming... Hitler! Hitler! Hitler!", he started shouting..

Kalpi panicked and ran towards him closing his mouth with her palm..

K: " r u mad? If u keep shouting like that aj will come here..."

Raghav kissed the inside of her palm to make her remove her hand from his mouth. She was about to get up from the bed, but raghav pulled her back and as a result she fell on top of raghav.. Their position was like raghav on the bed and kalpi on his chest...their faces are very close in kissing distance... Kalpi's hair falls in front covering her face.. Raghav tucked the hair behind her ears.. Kalpi tries to free herself... To prevent her from going away, raghav flipped her... Now she is under raghav and raghav over her.. He held her tightly by her waist...

K: " get off me!", kalpi ordered...

R: " ssshhh...", he placed his index finger on her lips...

Raghav caressed her cheek with his hand... Kalpi closed her eyes feeling his touch... 

R(in mind): " she loves me but outside behaves like hating me...", he smirked..

Raghav gently placed a kiss on her right cheek and then left cheek.. And he continued giving kisses all over her face... Suddenly, a metal vase on the table near the bed because raghav's hand hit it unknowingly.. Hearing the sound kalpi opened her eyes and pushed raghav off her.. Raghav fell on the floor..

R: " ouch," he winced  in pain rubbing his back..

"Babydoll!", aj knocked the door..

K: " oh no...aj is here...", kalpi panicked...

R: " let it be...", still on the floor rubbing his back..

Kalpi bite her nails as aj keep knocking the door with priya calling out her name... She came near raghav and made him stand up... She dragged him towards her wardrobe and pulled her clothes to one side to make space.. 

K: " hide inside here... Dont come out till i say... And haan dont make noise," she whispered..

Raghav looked at the wardrobe and her innocently..

K: " go!", she said pushing him inside and closed the wardrobe door..

She went and opened the door to meet with concerned gazes of priya and aj..

Aj: " babydoll what happened? What was that noise?"

K: " no.. Nothing.. Happened... Noise? Hmmm.. Haha.. I was working on  the project and unknowingly hit the vase and it fell down..", she said pointing at her macbook and the vase on the floor...

Aj and priya made their way inside the room... Aj stand near the wardrobe with his hand supporting the door of the wardrobe.. Kalpi gulped in fear..

Pri: " kalpi, what happened why are u so tensed?", she asked touching her forehead checking her temperature..

K: " im absolutely fine.. U guys go and sleep.. Its getting late.."

Aj and priya nodded their head and step outside the room... Before kalpi could close the door they heard sneezing sound...it was raghav.. Kalpi widen her eyes..

K(in mind): " oh god... This jerk doesnt know when to sneeze..."

Aj: " who is sneezing?", he asked curiously..

Pri: " the tv.."

Aj: " tv sneezes? ", he asked narrowing his eyes..

Pri: " duffer, in that movie the guy is sneezing..", she said pointing at the tv where a character is sneezing...

Kalpi breath out in relief,..

After aj and priya made their way to their rooms kalpi closed the room door.. She went towards the wardrobe and opened the door..

K: " cant u keep quite for a while?", she scolded raghav..

R: " how can i control myself from sneezing?", saying so he went to sit on the bed again...

K: " ok... Pls go.. I beg u...", she pleaded...

R: " darling u dont have to plead.. Just give me a kiss and i will go... If not, its ok.. I will sleep here with u..", he said so and lie back on the bed with his hands below his head..

Kalpi sighed and walked quickly towards him.. Raghav wake up and sit on the bed happily...
Kalpi sit next to him.. She looked here and there and gave a quick peck on his cheek...

R: " thats cheating," raghav complained like a little boy..

K: " no.., i gave u the kiss... Now, go before i kick u out of my house..."

R: " ok... I will go now but will get my nice kiss later.."

Kalpi followed him to the balcony.. Raghav stopped in his track and turned back..

R: " i love u," he hugged her and gave a peck on her lips..

K: " i hate u!", she said annoyingly with an angry glare..

Raghav snickered and started to climb down holding the pipe.. Suddenly, he slipped slightly...

K: " Raghav.. Careful!!!" , she shouted in concern...

Raghav grinned and winked at her... He successfully reached the ground... He gave flying kisses from there towards kalpi... Kalpi looked away from him... He drove back home and kalpi went inside her bedroom...


Singhania mansion...

Raghav walked inside the mansion twirling the car key in his finger and grinning dreamily...

S: " looks like romeo met his juliet..."

R: " sammy u r not asleep yet? Its late in the night?"

S: " late in the night? Really.. Then, where were u ?"

Raghav just smiled...

S: " so, im right u went to meet kalpi?"

R: " haha..yeah.. I climbed up to her room..," he said chuckling..

S: " wow.. Who expects the great raghav singhania to climb up to some girl's room.. Are u trying to become tarzan by any chance?"

R: " she is not some girl... She is my love.. And i can meet her anywhere anytime.."

S: " ok.. Mr romeo.. Now go and sleep.. No no... Go and dream about ur baby..."

R: " of course...", he walked away..

Sammy shook his head looking at his friend who is so in love mood...

Raghav slept peacefully dreaming about his kalpi and think of his upcoming plans to lure kalpi in office next day...

Precap: kalpi-raghav-pakhi 

Ufff... Done..
Thanks for reading and sorry for mistakes...
Pls dont forget to hit like and leave ur comments...
Love u...

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sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:48am | IP Logged
awesome update god 
rag so cute climb t kalpi room
hah demanding kiss
bechari kalpi feared if aj comes he beat rag
hmm rag get a peck on the cheek n he geet his meeetha his way
hmm drem boy walking happly in his mansion
update soon
niru04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:57am | IP Logged
Lovely update. Love this ragav very much
MagicalMadness IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Huh eh ki Confused I just started reading got in mood and finished Ouch Shocked omg. So not fair. So rags babu became chalu and went and hot hus from hid angry miss.
S0nalii IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 May 2015 at 3:07am | IP Logged
haha very sweet and cute updateEmbarrassed
i just love dis raghav, ummm...dnt wry dimpy just lv dis update raghav nt ur husbandWink
wow rags climb up pipe to meet his love and got kiss frm kalpi, hw sweet.
Love aj and priya's concern and sammy's teasing,
lovely updateHeart
abxetz IF-Dazzler

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Waw dimpi kutty Tongue superb.the mighty raghav singhania apnai girl friend ko dekhnai keliye pipe mai chadkar LOL LOL baby ki poor cutie pie kiss ke bina neend nahi ayi hogi Wink Embarrassed hotha hotha hai LOL LOL or aj hittler ROFL Juliet ko an bi romeo ki figure hai Embarrassed varna vo dialogue nahi marthi'raghav careful ' Embarrassed how romantic Day Dreaming chori chupai milna Embarrassed or aj gaisai Hitler sai darkar chupjana Embarrassed Wink brilliant dimpi Clap Star eagerly waiting for ragn Smile + Pig Angry .love you darling Hug

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