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T2-Love: the one that gives pain & cures pain (P67:pg150) (Page 103)

Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Dimple_0510 Goldie

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Posted: 23 September 2015 at 8:14pm | IP Logged
Hi babies.. How are u all? Did u guys miss me? Well here is the bext part.. Finally got sometime to write.. Sorry for mistakes as im writing after long time..


There was a mandap beautifully decorated with lavender and white roses by the beachside.. There were decorated round tables with chairs in front of the mandap... Ppl were gathered there in traditional attires.. Most of them includes ppl from corporate world..

Inside the mandap, aj was sitting in the groom avatar with a golden sherwani in front of the holy fire.. A pandit ji was chanting some mantras in front of the holy fire. Raghav, sammy and sid along with the elders were inviting the guests with smiley faces whereas kalpi and maya were nowhere seen as they are with priya..

The pandit ji asked them to bring the bride..

Div: " i will go and call them..", saying so she went away..

After five minutes, priya came there in a bridal outfit of golden lehenga accompanied by kalpi and maya by her sides.. Priya looked so beautiful that aj cant even take his eyes off her.. Priya lowered her eyes shyly feeling aj's gaze...

K: " oh my my.. Priya u r blushing? Looks like aj not gonna leave u tonight..", she whispered near priya's ears teasingly making priya close her eyes in shyness..

M: " priya, if u want any tips for suhag raat ask me..", maya joined kalpi in teasing priya..

Priya's face become scarlet red because of blushing.. Soon, she was sat beside aj on the mandap..

Aj: " u look beautiful love..", aj whispered as soon as priya sat beside him..

Pri: " u look handsome as well my love...", she said shyly and bowed her head and aj grinned..

All were busy in the wedding.. Kalpi was very busy in welcoming their friends from uk.. Then, all of them stood around aj and priya as the wedding rituals started.. The pandit ji started the rituals.. All were concentrating on the wedding.. Raghav came quietly and stand behind kalpi without her realising..

Kalpi jumped in her place feeling something on her back.. She turned around shocked and find raghav grinning widely.. Raghav placed a kiss on her bare back.. Kalpi looked around and gave raghav a glare asking him to behave himself..

But being naughty, he didnt stop.. He pinched her bare waist slightly..

K(in soft voice): " raghav... I will kill u..", she gritted..

R: " my pleasure baby..", he said winking..

Kalpi shook her head and resumed watching the wedding.. Aj and priya started taking vows while taking rounds around the holy fire..

Raghav keep disturbing kalpi.. But whenever kalpi's look at him, he gave an innocent look like he didn't do anything.. Gauri was standing beside kalpi..

K(in soft tone): " maa.. Look at ragahv.. He keep disturbing me..", she said pouting..

G: " u dont worry i will take care of this naughty boy..", she said making kalpi chuckle..

After few seconds, raghav was about to kiss kalpi on her cheek but stopped seeing gauri who was giving a deadly glare..Gauri raised her eyebrows like asking what u doing.. Kalpi was controlling her laughter.. Raghav looked at kalpi and then at gauri innocently.. He gave a nervous smile and shook his head negatively saying nothing before running away from here.. Gauri and kalpi chuckled seeing raghav standing beside sammy with a face of kid who's candy is just snatched away from him.. Kalpi winked at him and showed her tongue at him teasingly.. Raghav narrowed his eyes and mouthed ' i wont leave u..' For which kalpi gave 'lets see' kinda challenging look..

Soon, aj and priya finished taking seven rounds around the holy fire.. Aj tied the mangalsutra around priya's neck.. Then, he filled her maang with sindoor.. Priya closed her eyes feeling the moment.. All looked at them with pleasant smile..

Pandit: " now i declare that u two are husband and wife.."

All clapped for them.. Aj and priya hold their hands and had an eye lock.. Then, they took blessings from the elders including priya's parents, aj's uncle aunty, kalpi's parents, sid parents and gauri..

K: " bachus it is not necessary to take my blessing?", she asked in fake sternness..

Divya twisted her ears playfully..

Div: " u muffin.. U r not old enough my little girl.."

All laughed while kalpi pouted.. All the guests were served dinner.. Aj and priya feed each other.. Kalpi was walking at a direction where there were nobody so that she can attend the call.. It was a call from the manager of her company..

K: " hello.. Kalpana mehra here.."

Man: " maam.. There is an important appointment tomorrow.. So, i thought to inform u.."

K: " yeah.. Yeah.. I remember.. Don't worry.. I will attend the meeting by myself.."

Man: " ok maam..", and kalpi cut the call..

She was about to go back to her family when someone dragged her behind the tree.. It was non other than raghav..

K: " raghav..", she said stressing his name..

Raghav made her lean on the tree bark with his one hand around her waist and the other resting on the tree..

R: " why did u complain to mom?", he asked pouting cutely ..

K: " because u were so naughty.. And u know nah.. In school, whenever the children are naughty they will complain to their parents.. Thats y i complained to gauri maa..", she said tauntingly..

R: " am i a child for u?", he asked in fake anger..

Kalpi pulled his cheek and giggled..

K: " yes.. My cutie pie.. U r my grown up baby.."

R: " grown up baby? U know how stubborn can this baby be?", he asked huskily while bringing his face near hers..

Kalpi's breath caught on her throat..

K: " ra.. Raghav.. Somebody will see us..", she said while her eyes looked around frantically fearing that someone will come there..

R: " let them see..", he said coming closer to her..

He leaned towards and his breath fanning her rosy lips making them shiver..

K: " ragahv, if my dad sees this he will beat u blue black..", she said warningly..

R: " let him do that..", he kissed the skin near her lips..

K: " raghav.. Not now.."

He ignored her and was about to steal a kiss, but she pushed him away from her by his chest and ran away giggling..

Raghav shook his head at her antics and bite his lower lip..

R(self talk): " god.. She makes me yearn for her.. Hmmm.. When can i make u mine my baby?", he hit the back of his head laughing at his own thoughts..

Soon, all reached the mansion.. The elder ladies welcomed the newly wedded couple with all the rituals..

Sid: " mom, aunty, how much rituals are there? Look at aj's face.. He is becoming impatient.. Am i right jaan?", he teased while hi-5ing with kalpi who nodded in agreement..

Aj: " sid!! I will kill u..", he shouted while priya bowed her in shy while others laughed..

Then, after the all rituals finished, they left the newly wedded couple alone in their beautifully decorated room.. The others retired to their rooms after an exhausting day.

Priya and aj were in their room. Priya was so shy that she didnt even look up at aj. Aj shook his head while smiling looking at his wife who was never so shy. He went near her and lifted her chin to meet his gaze. Priya's heart thundered. Without wasting a second, aj crushed his lips on hers.

Aj: " i love you so much..", he said sincerely.

Priya was overwhelmed by the sincerity and love in aj's eyes.. A single tear escaped from her eyes..

Aj: " priya, i know i never shown u how much i love u before this. I always fight with u.. Always taunt u.. And u, babydoll and sid are my best friends. I have treated u as my friend more than i treat u as my girlfriend . U know why?", he asked wiping the tear that flowed through her cheeks..

Priya hugged him tightly placing her head on his chest while hearing his heart beats. Whereas aj enclosed her in his embrace protectively..

Pri: " tell me..", she whispered softly.

Aj: " because i want u too be my friend along the journey of my life. A friend who is my life companion. A friend who is the love of my life. A friend who will stand with me to share happiness. A friend who will be my pillar of strength in sadness.. A friend.. A friend on whose lap i wanna leave my last breath..", priya looked up at meeting aj's eyes..

Pri: " i love you aj..", she said before kissing him on his lips..

Aj carried priya in bridal style towards the bed to take their relationship to another beautiful stage.. And they complete each other..

Kalpi was in her room after changing into her pyjamas.. She was so happy today as the two important ppl of her life have united in the sacred bond of marriage.. She cant express her paradise as her two besties are going to lead a life together as husband and wife.. She closed her eyes and silently prayed to god to keep her friends happy always..

She took her iPad and opened her photos app. She opened he album folder where all her memories of her and her friends from childhood.. Before she could see the photos she heard some noise in the balcony. She frowned for a while but her expression cleared after a few seconds as she realised the source of noise..

K(self talk): " im sure it is him..", she mumbled and went to open the door leading to the balcony..

She opened the door and stood there crossing her arms across her chest giving a knowing look. Raghav stood there giving an innocent look with a cute and adorable smile that will melt anybody.

R: " hi..", he said grinning making kalpi roll her eyes.

Kalpi huffed and walked back into her room ignoring raghav..

R(self talk): " for a single kiss, how much effort should i put? Uff... Girls run behind raghav singhania but this girl make me run behind her.. Chalo raghav, u have to work hard to get a good night kiss today..", he followed her inside the room..

When he went inside the room, he saw kalpi sitting on her bed with her back resting on the head board and the ipad on her hand. Raghav went and sit beside her while his arm circling her shoulder.. She snuggled into raghav and placed her head on his shoulder..

R: " what r u looking at baby?"

K: " just.. Some memories.. Photos", she said smiling while showing him the pictures as well..

R: " everyone loves u nah?", he asked smiling looking at those photos.:

K: " hmmm.. I dont know what goodness i did in my past life that i get such a lovely ppl as my family and friends...but..",she left her sentence incomplete..

R:" but what?", he asked confused..

K: " nothing..", she said shaking her head..

Raghav turned her head towards him and looked at her questioningly. Kalpi sighed softly knowing that she has to tell him.

K: " im just afraid that god will snatch the person anytime.."

R: " who?"

Tears flowed through her eyes.. Raghav immediately hugged her..

K: " im afraid that i will loose u again..", she whispered near his chest while her tears damped his t-shirt..

R: " no baby.. I wont leave u.. I promise.. I wont leave u.. We will be together till our last breath.. I promise.."

K: " i know u wont leave me raghav.. But im scared that i will leave u..", she said helplessly.

Raghav pulled her away from him and looked at her confused. He cupped her face and made her look straight into his eyes.

R: " baby, why u will leave me? That wont happen.. Why are u saying so? I cant live without u..", he said in fear of loosing her.

K: " im scared raghav.. Im scared what will happen if dad gets to know about u and.. (She took a deep breath).. Our past..", tears flowed through her cheeks when saying those words.

Raghav relaxed and chuckled knowing the reason. Kalpi frowned as to why he is laughing..

K: " raghav im telling u that im afraid i will loose u but here u are laughing..", she said annoyed.

Raghav took her hands in his and kissed them gently..

R: " baby, i was laughing because u r scared that ur dad will separate us.. Come on baby.. All of us know how much ur dad loves u and he will do anything u ask.."

Kalpi released her hands from his..

K: " U DONT UNDERSTAND MY DAD..", she said seriously..

Raghav expression dimmed.

R: " what do u mean?", he asked confused..

K: " i know my dad can do anything for me.. He loves me a lot.. And no doubt that he is the best father that one could get in this whole world or even the universe.. But.."

R: " but?"

K: " he can really be very angry.. When someone hurts me, he will hate that person like anything else.. He will surely wont agree for this as he has seen me suffering all these four years .. He wouldnt want me to suffer again.. For him, u maybe a young businessman and a good family friend but the unknown ex-boyfriend of mine which is you always be on the negative side.."

And she continued,

K: " u know, when i was completely broken four years ago, he was damn angry that i have never seen my dad like this.. He wanted to kill u.. If i didnt stop him, i dont know what would have happened.. So, if my dad gets to and .."

R: " u will choose ur dad over me..", he said calmly while kalpi looked at him helplessly..

K: "rag.."

R: " i know how much ur dad mean to u baby.. And i know u love me to.. I wont be disappointed if u choose ur dad over me..Dont worry everything will be alright., why dont we talk to ur dad?"

K: " what if.."

R: " we will face it together.."

Kalpi just nodded agreeing on what he said and hugged him.. Raghav sighed softly and hugged her back before kissing the top of her head..

Precap: kalpi meets someone...

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So finally dimple ke darshan ho gay !!! I was missing this ff and finally got an update. Embarrassed

So coming to update... Rags baby is very naughty koi maila nahin chod tha kissy lanay kay liye. Gaia rags baby be patient. Sabar ka phal mitha hota hai LOL so finally aj and priya are married. But who is kalpi meeting and what is their motive. Is it prem ? Will kalpi have to leave rags baby? Please don't seperate them.   Update soon Big smile

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niru04 IF-Rockerz

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Missed u and ur stories.beautiful update
sweet1308 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2015 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
Awesome update
Its really fabulous yaar the teasing kalpi see rag n scold him 
Kalpi fears about his dad
Update soon
Ragna1302 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 September 2015 at 11:47pm | IP Logged

Awesome update. ...
 Finally aj n priya ki marriage ho gayeEmbarrassed...ye Raghav. ..is 2 much naughtyWinkLOL...n tortured kalpi. ...
 Update soon next part
riaka IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2015 at 12:04am | IP Logged
Welcome back dimple. How is your study going on. Made some new friends? 
Awesome update. Finally Aj and Priya got married. Raghav is naughty as always. 
Kalpi afraid of his dad if he finds out about there past.prem was missing in this episode. He is cooking something. Nice update dear. Please continue soon 
-Maggi- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 September 2015 at 12:07am | IP Logged
Raghav ke biwi Hug how r u ? I missed u so much ya how r ur 15 kids LOL how is ur new life Big smile
lovely update 

Raghav is such a cuitepie in this update Embarrassed doing naughty things in an n priyas wedding LOL kalpi is gonna meet someone who is it suspense Confused How can someone be so obvious Raghav bhi na went to her room through balcony, kalpi is scared of loosing Raghav coz she her dad will not agree Raghav coz he had hurt her , any father will do that but Raghav has to gain his trust just like he did with kalpi 

wonderful update ya missed us stories and ur romantic Raghav Embarrassed

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