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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 6)

abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 8:39pm | IP Logged
Part 5

Next day Abhi and Purab meets Suhani at a cafe

Suhani : I don't know who sent the video

Purab : but that is not important right now, we have a clue that Tanu is hiding something right now and you have to find it out

Suhani : You are right, now listen to me carefully (explain her plan) 

Abhi (in the car) : I promise you Pragya, this time I will not let anybody snatch you away from me and make sure that Tanu will leave our life forever 

At Tanu's house 

Suhani : where are you going?

Tanu : Actually I was going out for some important work, do you need anything?

Suhani : it is not good for you to drive in this state, go with driver

Tanu : Its okay, I will manage 

Suhani : your car is broken, go take my car

Tanu : okay (leaves)  

Suhani calls Abhi and informs him Tanu's location 

Abhi : Okay wait I am coming there

Suhani : No, you follow her, I will keep updating you her location

Abhi : how?

Suhani : I have the locating device in my car, I will tell you the location

Abhi follows Tanu but his car breaks down in the middle of the road 

Abhi : Damn (irritated)

Suhani : what happened?

Abhi : My car broke down, and there is so much traffic here 

Tanu goes to meet a stalker and requests him to not reveal everything to Suhani

Stalker : You should have thought before doing the deed

Tanu : that is none of your business

Stalker : Now if you don't give you full money then I will reveal everything to your sister and then you know all information will reach Abhi 

Tanu : Please don't tell her anything, give me three days I will give you all money

Stalker : Fine, if you don't meet me after 3 days then I will meet your sister and when she will know whose mistake you are carrying you can think what consequence you will have to face 

Tanu gets nervous thinking if Suhani gets to know the truth she will lose her sister 

Somebody unknowingly captures the video of the whole conversation 

Suhani : Today because of you we lost her track 

Abhi : My fault? why couldn't you go behind her, who told you to sit at home 

Suhani : Stop using your useless brain and now think how will we find the truth 

Abhi : Is it my fault that my car broke down in middle

Suhani : Shut up!  your car is punctured like you 

Abhi : do you know I am Abhi the rockstar who can do every impossible things possible

Suhani : you don't need to remind me, the whole world knows you and your useless songs

Purab : Can you both stop arguing and blame each other, think what should be do next 

Pragya overhears the conversation and leaves calmly 

Purab : Abhi, now what we will do

Abhi : One was less that this other problem came to make me bang head, I always get caught with sisters problem here

Suhani : Excuse me, are you talking about me?

Abhi : No I am talking about Priyanka chopra (teases)

Suhani : I can't take it anymore, I am leaving bye

Abhi : Bye (says happily) 

Suhani leaves in irritation 

Suhani : In the whole world, did Tanu only got this rockstar to be with 

Somebody calls Suhani and informs something really shocking 

Suhani : Tanu withdrew 1 million from the bank and that too without informing me, where did I got stuck in between these crazy people 

Tanu : Excuse me, can I meet Nikhil

Receptionist : Sorry, ma'am he is very busy this week 

Tanu : Please, its very urgent

Receptionist : Sorry, but I can't do anything 

Pragya goes to Arora house to meet Bulbul and shares everything with her 

Bulbul : Di, why am I feeling jiju is not wrong 

Pragya : we cannot deny that he had relation with Tanu

Bulbul : But di, you know that girl is not loyal to anybody, she might be hiding something 

Pragya tells something to Bulbul. Tanu shouts at Pragya for not doing anything 

Tanu : Now i had enough, if you don't do anything till the end of this week then I will go to hospital

Pragya :  I promise you I will find the solution to this problem by this week and give you your rightful place (looks mysteriously) 

Tanu feels relieved after hearing her

Tanu : Once I get married to Abhi and this child get his name then I am sure even if Suhani find everything she will forgive me 

At Mehra house a good news comes which makes everybody very joyous 

Dasi : what happened?

Abhi : It's Pragya's medical report which says she is pregnant 

Everybody shocked as well as happy except Abhi and Pragya who does not show any reaction 

Rachna : Congratulation Di, finally you will get this happiness 

Pragya remembers her wedding night and is broken from inside thinking she might never get this happiness. 

Dadi : So you finally full filed my wish, you cannot think how happy I am, indu bring sweets and feed everything  

Sarla at the same time comes to congratulate her daughter while Bulbul is confused what is going on 

Abhi and Pragya later in the room are tensed about the situation. Pragya starts to weep after seeing everybody celebrating for something fake. 

Abhi : Pragya (sits down and wipes her tears)

Pragya : we have to tell them that this is wrong, we cannot hurt them like this

Abhi : you saw that how everybody is happy, dadi and your mom are heart patients 

Pragya : then what do you want? let them do all the rituals for something which is not even true, if everybody gets to know then we will lose Dadi and Mom 

Abhi : just give me one last chance, I will set everything right this time, please don't cry 

Bulbul asks Pragya about the report 

Pragya : I don't know what is happening Bulbul 

Bulbul : Di, how could somebody make an error like this when you did not even did any test, tell me something honestly 

Pragya : what?

Bulbul : Does jiju love you?

Pragya does not know what to answer remembering Abhi rejecting her love 

Bulbul : I am asking you something 

Pragya : What difference does it make? I am not worthy of his love anyway 

At Tanu's house Suhani asks her about the money when their parents (Kirti and Shub) the same time 

Tanu : Mom (goes to her )

Kirti : how are you my princess 

Tanu : I am fine Mom, look who is here (point to Suhani) 

Shub : Suhani my darling (goes to hug her but Suhani feels sad as her mother does not say hi to her properly) and ask her about the money. Tanu is about to tell the truth but Suhani save her sister by taking the blame on her 

Kirti : Can I ask you Suhani why do you need so much money for, you had spent our enough money for yourself 

Suhani : Sorry mom (says softly) 

Shub : I am sure she would have needed thats why she withdrew it 

Kirti : So how have you been Tanu 

Tanu : I am fine Mom

Suhani : Dad, I will leave now, its too late

Shub : Eat dinner and go 

Suhani : Its okay dad, bye Tanu 

Tanu goes to out to meet Suhani and asks her for taking blame of her mistake

Suhani : Its okay, you know if mom get to know you took so much money she would be mad at you

Tanu : But by doing it you know mom's hatred for you will be increased 

Suhani : what difference would it make, I am anyway not in her good books, but I am sure you would have used those money for something beneficial for you

Tanu feels guilty for hiding the truth from Suhani and cries emotionally from inside 

Suhani : Good night, take care (puts her hand on her cheek) and don't stress out we will figure out something to convince mom, I am sure she might be angry on you for sometime but will forgive you (leaves) 

Mehra house 

Dadi goes to Pragya's room and shares her feeling of becoming the great grandmother and gifts her a Amulet

Abhi : Dadi, why did you bring this  

Dadi : You will remain the same, Pragya this will protect you and your baby from all evil things 

Dadi makes Abhi wear the same Amulet

Abhi : Dadi, why do I need it? I am Rockstar 

Dadi : I know you are, but you are still my small Abhi and nothing can harm you with this (leaves)

Dadi decides throw party to announce Pragya's pregnancy. 

Next day Tanu gives money to the stalker 

Tanu : Now I gave you the money, please leave my way 

Stalker : Even I don't want to see this face again (hands her the proof) 

Enters new character Raj who is Suhani's fianc whom she loves a lot and can do anything for him 

Pragya overhears the conversation and realizes Tanu has been lying all along. She lollows Tanu to a cafe where she meets the guy named Raj and sit across the table. 

Raj : how many times should I tell you, I am not interested in meeting you

Tanu : Even I am not fond of seeing you, I called you here to inform you that I finally got rid that guy who knew about our secret 

Raj : Thank God, I just hope another problem does not crop up and specially Suhani should not even get a single hint

Tanu : Don't worry after I marry Abhi which I am sure not far and give his name though it is not his child and nobody will know it is your child 

Pragya is completely shocked to hear it that Tanu had lied to everybody and created havoc in her married life. Unaware Abhi also came to the same cafe and sees Pragya there who calms him down him when he is angry at Tanu

Tanu leaves the cafe making Pragya wondering Suhani's connection with the whole thing 

Abhi : Pragya? 

Mehra house

Abhi breaks everything in anger when he got to see the real the face of the girl whom he used to love betrayed him so badly

Pragya : Please calm down, by getting angry won't do anything

Abhi : You know I deserve this pain, it is nothing in front the sorrow i gave to you (Says emotionally) 

Pragya : I said before, you gave me the world's best happiness, and nobody can take that place 

Both of them talk about everything 

Abhi : So you sent us the video

Pragya : I followed Tanu when you were supposed follow Tanu that day and before I recorded that video outside her house 

Abhi : I did not know you are this intelligent 

Pragya : I said I am from million

Abhi : Of course you are 

Pragya : Then lets teach the person the lesson who tried to ruin the reputation for which you worked so hard

Abhi nods silently 

Pragya : I could not understand one thing, what did these things to do with Suhani

Abhi : Actually, that guy is Suhani's fianc

Pragya : What (astonished) but what about that pregnancy report 

Abhi : I planned it to stop you from leaving (says with heavy hear) 

Precap : Revelations,  Heartbreak, Pain, Regret and betrayal 

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hailly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 June 2015 at 9:49pm | IP Logged
Loved it ..Abhigya are together in exposing tanu Clap .
Continue soon plz .

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 12:13am | IP Logged
finally they exposed the true face of tanu!
waitng eagerly..
but what is the precap?Confused
continue soon

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--simmi-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 2:41am | IP Logged
Wow so many twists in one part! Pragya is smart! Tanu is just... I don't even know. Glad abhigya are together now! Loved it ash!

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husnkimalika IF-Rockerz

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good update
continue soon

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abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 8:06am | IP Logged
So I guess at this point everybody got to know who is the father of the child Embarrassed

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anushka12345 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 June 2015 at 2:42pm | IP Logged
Hey , awesome update.
Finally revelations...
Do continue soon.
Thanks for PM.
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2015 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
Part 6

The next day comes when everybody's lives will be changed forever with the turn of events.  Pragya sees the sun rays and wishes that something good happens in their life for first time. She prays for herself first time and do not want to leave Abhi at any cost. At Mehra house everybody is busy in preparing for the party in the evening for Pragya's pregnancy. Abhi decides to invite Tanu and Suhani for the party. 

Abhi : we have to go to Tanu's house 

Pragya : But why

Abhi : Only there we can find a clue 

Pragya : But how will we go there 

Abhi : Not we, I will 

Pragya : And what will I do

Abhi : You will do what you always do, give your boring lecture to Tanu 

Pragya : What do you mean? my students enjoy my lectures 

Abhi : Maybe they might be covering their ears with cotton

Pragya : You are so rude, I will not talk to you, and you know Suhani was my student previously 

Abhi : Now I got it, how being Tanu's sister she got this sharp tongue, by hearing your lectures and becoming like you 

Pragya : I am leaving bye, 

Abhi holds her back and comes close asking if she is really leaving

Pragya : leave my hand 

Abhi : I won't, what will you do (holds her waist tightly and puts his hand on her cheeks) 

Pragya : what will you do if I leave

Abhi starts thinking to making her irritate more

Pragya : I am sure you might be planning something exciting (jerks off and leaves) 

Abhi gives his naughty smiles and promise himself to confess his love to Pragya after everything is sorted out. 

Pragya : Wait (comes back) 

Abhi : did you forget something or what

Pragya : You forgot to tell your plan, how will you get into Tanu's house

Abhi : You will call Tanu to meet somewhere, I will take the chance to sneak in her house, I have this spare key of her apartment 

Pragya : Did you steal it?

Abhi : This is all due her sister, she dropped  the key the other day here luckily 

Pragya : And you got the benefit, unbelievable 

Abhi : You were going right and call your best friend Tanu

Pragya : I am going, and she is your ex girlfriend not mine (leaves angrily)  

Tanu meets  Pragya at a cafe and invites to the party in the evening 

Pragya : After the party we will tell Dadi truth of everything and she will give you your right in that house (says with a fake smile)

Tanu gets very happy thinking finally she will make place in Mehra house while Pragya's blood boils seeing her sight feeling disgusted at Tanu's deed and worried for Suhani. Abhi sneaks in Tanu's apartment to find something. He starts looking for something important and finds something shocking. When he is about to leave Tanu comes at the same time in house. 

Abhi : where did she come from? that Fuggy could not have talk for little more, how should I leave from here

Tanu does not know about Abhi's presence who is very confused and jumps to the balcony. He gets scared of the heights and prays to save him. 

Abhi : If I am saved today then I will show that Fuggy 

Tanu gets Suhani's call when she is about to come at the balcony and leaves from the apartment immediately

At Mehra house

Abhi : Oh you are back?

Pragya : why would I not? after all you did such a great work

Abhi : there is not work which Abhi the Rockstar cannot do but you cannot even keep a person busy in your talking 

Pragya : what do you mean?

Abhi : That Tanu came so early, thanks to Suhani I was saved 

Pragya : did you find anything

Abhi shows her a video clip which reveals Tanu's real color which she has been hiding from many years. 

Later in the evening everybody gathers for the party 

Bulbul is angry with her sister for not telling about the pregnancy 

Pragya : You will get to know everything soon, patience 

Tanu and Suhani comes to the party thinking Abhi would announce about their marriage in front of people. 

Dadi happily announces Pragya's pregnancy which comes with as a big blow to everybody mostly Tanu who is about to spill bean but is stopped by Suhani 

Suhani : don't be crazy, we cannot create a scene here

Tanu : do you want me to stay quiet, they all are celebrating for no reason when Pragya is not pregnant 

Suhani : how can you be so sure that she is not pregnant

Tanu : Because Abhi don't consider her as his wife

Suhani : Listen to me, you will not do anything stupid, trust me I will not let anything happen wrong with you 

Tanu : Okay, I trust you  

Alia confronts Tanu for hiding her pregnancy 

Tanu : what do you mean? this is not Abhi's child?

Alia : I don't know the truth but I am sure you are lying, bhai cannot do anything extreme which can hurt Dadi

Tanu : Then why don't you ask your brother, he knows everything

Alia : I don't need to ask him because I trust him and remember the day I find out the truth you will see worst of me 

Abhi : I have to make another good news that I decided to marry off Purab and Bulbul soon, I want all of you to attend it

Alia feels angry at her brother for not thinking about her happiness when Pragya comes to her console

Pragya : I know how are you feeling but trust me your brother is doing this so you can be saved from a loveless marriage

Alia looks at her sister-in-law whom she hurt a lot is so selfless, caring and a loving heart. Though she had her brother but always wished for a sister who would understand her better. She feels like a completely fool who was losing such an innocent sister-in-law like Pragya who forgave her after the MMS.

Pragya : Alia, where are you lost?

Alia : Nothing, I am very happy for you and Bhai, congrats 

Bulbul : Di, what are you doing here come Maa is calling you 

Pragya leaves with Bulbul while Alia starts feeling guilty for everything 

Bulbul ask Pragya about Purvi who tells her everything that Neil told them she helped him with the kidnapping and how Purvi accused their mother for being partial. 

Pragya : I don't know my heart is not ready to believe that our Purvi said those things 

Bulbul is furious that Purvi insulted their mother 

Pragya : Tell me Bulbul, do you also think that Maa loves me more than you 

Bulbul : why are you taking her words seriously when you know she is wrong 

Purab : Abhi, you didn't tell me that Pragya di is pregnant 

Abhi reveals everything to Purab 

Purab : what?  this is all fake, didn't you find other solution to stop her

Abhi : I did not thats why I had to take this step

Purab : But can you even imagine everybody's reaction when they will know that this is a lie specially dadi and aunt

Abhi  : I know but this was only way I could see 

After a while all the couples gets into stage for dancing. Alia though is fighting with her ego starts to realize the happiness Purab gets with Bulbul. During the changing partners Purab gets with Alia and thanks her for everything. 

Purab : Alia, thank you so much, if you had not understand then it would have been very difficult for Abhi and me to make this decision 

Alia : I should be thanking you, for letting me know the importance of marriage 

Purab : You know I might not forgive myself for what I did to you

Alia : Purab, I just said forget the past and we will remain best friends forever 

Abhi and Pragya also share romantic moment while dancing which makes Tanu jealous to the core. She cannot handle their closeness and creates big scene. Abhi stops her when she is about to slap Pragya. All the guest leaves when Alia tells them party is over

Tanu : You cheated on me Abhi with this plain jane (says angrily) 

Abhi looks on listening her while Suhani tries to stop her 

Tanu : don't stop me today, Suhani I will reveal everything today 

Pragya : Thank you Tanu, you made our job easier, go ahead 

Tanu : If you are really fond of leave this house then fine

Everybody is confused to what is happening

Tanu : I am pregnant with Abhi's child 

The Mehra and Arora family stands numb to what they just heard and cannot believe her words. Dadi comes forward and lashes on Tanu 

Dadi : Not anymore word against Abhi, I know he cannot do this cheap 

Suhani : Tanu is right dadi, she is pregnant 

Tanu : You cannot handle anything against your grandson but when you will get to know his real face you will be ashamed 

Sarla : Pragya, what is going on, what nonsense she is talking about

Tanu : If you all don't believe me then ask Pragya, she is your dear one, and you both why are you so quiet 

A hard slap echoes twice in the walls of Mehra house on the cheeks of Tanu by none other than Pragya 

Pragya : By bringing faults in him you consider yourself a saint, amazing, actually I will show everybody how much truthful you are 

Abhi : Pragya, she is right, I cheated my family but our deeds are same, I hurted them unintentionally and she deceived her own sister am I right?

Tanu : what are you talking about?

Abhi : you know exactly what I am talking about, now if you want the honor of telling the truth or you want me to do this for you after all you did so much for me

Suhani : Tanu, what is he saying

Pragya : what will she say, Suhani and from what mouth she will reveal 

Abhi brings the person whom Tanu gave 1million to hide the truth that the child of the father is none other than Raj other who is Suhani's fianc. She refuses to believe the proof she saw and puts her trust on Tanu above everything  

Goon : I had the proof which showed that she and one guy were together and I took money from her to hide the truth 

Tanu : Suhani, trust me he is lying you know I cannot do this 

Suhani : Of course I do, I know you are not like this

Abhi : She is faking innocence 

Suhani : Stop this nonsense, Abhi I know my sister cannot do this 

Pragya : You are still not believing after seeing the video 

Suhani : Di, I know my sister can mean and she can cheat the whole world but not me (says angrily) 

Pragya : I can't believe that you are saying this 

Suhani : I know she might be lying about Abhi but she cannot cheat on me like this 

Abhi : Tanu, before I lose my temper and show another proof tell the truth because she will not believe until you say by your own 

Tanu is scared to reveal everything but Suhani forces her to open her mouth

Suhani : Please tell me that this is all lie (puts Tanu's hand on her hand) swear on me

Tanu emotionally and after lot of hesitant says yes which breaks Suhani completely and points towards Raj who was standing behind. 

Precap : Will the love birds seperate forever or will destiny play another game to keep them together? 

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