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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 33)

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2016 at 7:18pm | IP Logged
thats amazingg update i hopee tanu and her group of friends plan faill very badly .

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abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Part 33

Armaan does not answer Purvi's question and leaves from church. Pragya goes out for shopping with Alia. 

Pragya : look Alia, how is this (shows her clothes for her kid) 

Alia : but bhabhi, how will we know if it is boy or girl 

Pragya : doctor has called for sonography tomorrow 

Alia : thats great, then I will get to know if I am going to be aunt of nephew or niece 

Abhi tells Purab to cancel his meeting with sponsors in Bangkok but Pragya insists to go instead 

Abhi : but fuggy

Pragya : I am not alone here, I have Alia, Dadi and it is only matter of few days, I don't know you will go, our baby also wants to watch his dad's show live

Alia : very nice trick to make Bhai leave

Abhi  : no wonder why this girl is professor 

Pragya : remember I am very unique (says with attitude) 

Purab : Abhi, if you are laving then you should leave by tomorrow night 

Abhi : tell pilot to make my jet ready tomorrow 

Purab : alright, I will make arrangement, don't worry about Pragya sis we are here

Abhi : Alia, I am handing you this responsibility, don't let this fuggy out of your sight even for a minute, her feet are like skating, it doesn't stop 

Alia : don't worry, I am Abhi Mehra's sister,

Pragya : very nice, both brother sister are dominating me, one will go but other is in the line (leaves in anger) 

Abhi : fuggy (runs after her) 

Pragya : Don't talk to me, go from here

Abhi : you know I was kidding, I am just worried to leave you alone 

Pragya : I am not alone, you just go without any worries and tomorrow doctor has called us for sonography 

Abhi : I can't wait for this baby to hold in my hands 

Tanu vows to kill Pragya and her baby once and for all 

Tanu :Pragya, if my child could not get Abhi's name then even your child will not get Abhi's name and your dream of giving heir to Mehra family I will destroy that forever 

Next day doctor informs Abhi and Pragya of having a baby boy. 

Alia : bhai, oh my god that means the first heir of Mehra family (hugs him happily) 

Pragya is overwhelmed to see the family happily enjoying the news 

Dadi : you don't know what precious gift you have given us (blesses her with gift)

Bunty : chachi, we will have our new brother 

Alia : yes and then you and bubbly will play with him and take of him 

Dadi : Abhi, what time are you leaving today 

Abhi : I told pilot to get jet ready at 9, but I will be back by Sunday to my fuggy 

Pragya blushes hearing his statement

Alia : my dear bhabhi how much will you blush 

Later at night Pragya and family goes to drop off Abhi on his jet. 

Pragya : come back soon (pouts)

Abhi : oh god, how will I handle two children together, give me strength 

Dadi : I feel your child will handle both of your childishness 

Pragya : dadi 

Alia : dadi is right, I feel he will have to handle both of you

Purab : bhai I think you should leave before they pull your whole leg 

Abhi : you are right 

Alia : take care and keep calling us too (teases Abhi ) 

Purab : bhai, I am telling you, send this Alia to her in laws soon, she is flying high

Bulbul : excuse me, let her enjoy her freedom for some more years, or else she will be also trapped like us 

Dadi : we all are talking here, Abhi is getting late now stop it 

The family goes back to their house after dropping Abhi off. Pragya feel restless in the room when Alia comes to her 

Alia : if you don't mind can I stay with you tonight Pragya : thats not something to ask, come

Alia : thank you 

Pragya : by the way Alia, I haven't seen Armaan from couple days, is everything okay, he doesn't reply to my message or calls 

Alia recalls Armaan's confession of his mistakes and gets in dilemma 

Alia : sorry Bhabhi, but I cannot tell you the truth or else situation will go worse

Pragya : hello I am asking you something 

Alia : I don't know I am not his bodyguard 

Pragya : okay fine don't be so angry, you know whenever I see him I remember my brother, they say when god takes somebody close away from you he sends a stranger in that form

Alia : who are you talking about 

Pragya : I had a childhood friend too, he was our neighbor, we both grew together and made a special bond 

Alia : do you know where he is now 

Pragya : no, that time I lived in Manali with my parents then mom brought us in Bomba, even his family went to other place like 7 years ago, that was last time I saw him 

Alia : you might be missing him 

Pragya : in all this years i might have not remembered him but after Armaan came I just see that reflection in him 

Alia : bhabhi, I want to talk something important 

Pragya : yes go ahead

Alia : but please promise me you won't tell bhai until the baby comes 

Pragya : what? (confused) 

Alia reveals her feelings for Armaan which does not surprise her that much 

Pragya : are you serious ?

Alia nods but tells Pragya about Armaan's unsure feeling for her

Pragya : Alia, you don't know but your brother does not like Armaan that much 

Alia : I know but I don't know if Armaan loves me anymore or not 

Pragya : I will talk to him later, but Alia I want you to promise me that you will not do anything wrong till I tell everything to Abhi

Alia : Don't worry trust me, but a guilt is still haunting me 

Pragya : guilt? for what?

Alia : I am talking about Purvi, because of me she broke relations with all of you, and you should have not supported me 

Pragya : Alia, I know I did wrong with Purvi but I trust my god, he will bring my Purvi back to us one day, right now she is angry and it is justified but there will be somebody who will bring her back to me

Alia : I have an idea, lets sleep in balcony today 

Pragya : why?

Alia : come on it will be fun, I will make the bed outside you sit there till i do the bedding

Pragya : this girl is so silly 

Alia : come bhabhi (calls Pragya to lay down) 

Pragya : wow, this will be so much fun

Alia : you know when I was kid, bhai and me use to count stars on terrace 

Pragya : your brother still loves it, I am sure our kid will also be like him 

Alia : why wouldn't he, nobody is like my brother 

Pragya : Alia (says sternly) 

Both of them dozes off while talking with each other after long time. 

Purvi boards to Delhi train at the same night. Suhani misses her friend as she lost her one and only friend. 

Rocky what but why did you let her go 

Armaan : what should I have done, I know I hurt her but I don't want to tell something I am not sure 

Rocky : you said you love Alia right then what happened 

Armaan : It just slipped from my mouth but I am still not sure, Rocky just go from here, I want to be alone for a while 

Rocky : okay see you then 

Armaan looks at the friendship band Purvi gave him before leaving


Armaan goes to meet Purvi at station 

Purvi : Hi, I thought I would have to leave without meeting you

Armaan : actually I..

Purvi : I want to give you this (gives a small band) 

Armaan : what is this

Purvi : this is the token of our friendship, it will always make you remember me, so what if we are going away but we are still friends (ties in his wrist) bye Armaan 

Purvi : take care (leaves taking her bag) 

Rishi informs Tanu and Raj his trip to Delhi for important work 

Rishi : I remember my task but I have lot of other things to do, 

Tanu : Rishi, I hope you remember our deal, in a moment I will ruin your career and life if you try to double cross us 

Rishi : Ms Supermodel, Rishi Gharewal don't follow others order and specially a low life girl like you, forget it, and you also remember if anything wrong happens in my career you will be first being trapped (laughs evily)  

Tanu : Mind your language 

Rishi : what wrong I said, if you think by threatening me you can control my life then I am sorry you are most foolish girl I met in my life, I live on my own terms a so don't show me that finger  

Tanu : I want that Pragya dead and her baby, but that should look like an accident alright 

Rishi : fine, but I will follow my own plan so don't try to teach me 

Tanu : he is so arrogant than that Armaan

Rishi (on his phone) : yes bhai, work will be done, this two are so stupid, they don't even know who they are messing up with, I will not let you down 

Precap : Purvi clashes on Rishi's car and gets unconscious. Armaan finds out Pragya's identity of being his old friend and sister. 

PS : guys there is a mystery and twist for Rishi's character which will be revealed much later. I dropped the idea of Pragya's miscarriage as I mentioned in prologue 

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 July 2016 at 8:40pm | IP Logged
that is nice update i like it

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hailly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 September 2016 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Awesome update Ash.
Loved it. Continue soon please.
Thanks for pm.
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2016 at 5:12pm | IP Logged
Part 34 

Abhi feel restless next day as he starts worrying about Pragya and his baby. He calls Pragya when Alia picks it up. 

Abhi : Hello Fuggy

Alia mimics on Pragya's voice  : how are you, I am missing you so much 

Abhi : Its been only two days, I don't know how will one week pass 

Alia : don't worry it will pass it (pretends to be sad) 

Pragya comes out of washroom when Alia is about to lose balance. 

Pragya : Alia, who are you talking to 

Abhi hears Pragya's voice and realizes Alia's prank on him. Alia holds ears like a small child in front of Pragya. 

Abhi : Fuggy, I can see your great influence on Alia, she has been getting naughty 

Pragya : Excuse me, she is your sister not mine, of course she will be a drama queen like you 

Alia laughs at their fight and leaves the room. 

Abhi : Fuggy I am really missing you and how is our baby 

Pragya : your baby is fine too and don't worry sometime staying away from somebody can increase your desperate right

Abhi : thats right and how was your appointment, did the doctor tell you

Pragya : he did but I will not tell you on the phone, when you come here I will  tell

Abhi : thats not fair Fuggy, you cannot do this 

Pragya : everything is fair in love and war 

Abhi : fine then, I will wait till I come back, take care bye (hangs up ) 

Pragya calls Armaan who is upset on Purvi's departure. 

Pragya : my so called brother, in this condition I have to call you to ask your well being 

Armaan : I am so sorry, I was going to call you 

Pragya : really? I thought so, now you come pick me up I want to go out for a while 

Armaan : but why don't you go with Alia? 

Pragya : wow, thats so smart, If I wanted to go with Alia why would I call you and anyway she is going out for some work 

Armaan : okay I will be there soon, you get ready alright 

Pragya : okay (puts phone happily and gets ready) 

Armaan comes to Mehra house to pick up Pragya, 

Armaan : ready? 

Pragya : yes I am ready, lets go 

Armaan : walk carefully, or else your husband will not spare me 

Pragya : oh god, not again, he is not that bad okay, thats different he is bad will bad people 

Both of them keeps walking and reaches the park. 

Armaan : you wait here, I will get the coconut water, stay here alright 

Pragya : okay, thank you 

Armaan goes to the vendor and buys coconut water for Pragya 

Pragya ; oh my god, it is so tasty, you know when I was in school I used to go like this with my friend and we both had to go secretly 

Armaan : why secretly?

Pragya ; because mom would not let me go out alone like that and she was busy with the hall stuff so she wouldn't get to know about that (laughs) 

Armaan : by the way where is your friend, do you know his whereabouts 

Pragya : actually no, its been 7 years, and I haven't seen him, I really miss him, we lived in Manali together, his father go transferred to US and then we came to Bombay too 

Armaan gets suspicious hearing Pragya's words. Later both goes home when Armaan insists to see Pragya's photo album. 

Pragya : I only have some pictures, here (hands the album) 

Armaan stands numb seeing the pictures and drops it in shock. 

Pragya : Armaan, are you okay ? (pats him) 

Armaan : yes I am fine (starts sweating) I have some work I have to leave, take care bye (leaves hurriedly) 

Pragya : what happened to him suddenly

Alia watches Armaan leave in rush and asks Pragya about it 

Alia : why did he go without meeting me

Pragya : I don't know, what happened to him     

Alia doubts on Armaan's behavior. Armaan goes to his house gets furious on himself for not recognizing his sister and had been playing with her emotions. 

Rocky : I told you that one day you will land up in big trouble 

Armaan : what had gotten to my mind that I did this heinous deed, my fear came true, all this days she was in front of me and I did not repent for once 

Rocky : there is still some time to correct your mistake, make yourself big this time in right way 

Armaan : what do you mean?

Rocky : Armaan, you told me that Pragya yearned to see you on success, then make her dream come true 

Armaan makes decision to leave the city and come back with a new identity. 

Rocky : I know Pragya will be angry at first when she gets to know but she will forgive you one day 

Armaan : I am going out of city tomorrow for few months 

Rocky : all the best, I will come to see you off on station tomorrow 

Alia overhears everything from the door 

Armaan ; Alia what are you doing here

Alia :  I got to know everything, you don't have to give me any explanations to me 

Armaan : Alia, please don't tell Pragya anything, she will not be able to accept this truth 

Alia : I don't want to hear anything, I just want to ask one thing, tell me honestly 

Armaan looks on in confusion 

Alia : in these days of charade did you ever loved me from heart 

The question surprise Armaan for a moment and realizes his love for Alia 

Alia : I got your answer (is about to leave) 

Armaan : won't you hear from my mouth (holds her hand) it is true my feelings has changed for you and I never got courage to tell you 

Alia gets in tears and insists him to confess his feelings 

Alia : tells me, I am waiting 

Armaan : I really love you a lot, Alia 

Alia : idiot, you took years to tell me this, can you hug me please 

Armaan opens his arms when Alia hugs him tightly with tears. Both of them are pins on the wall while hugging each other 

Alia : I am very angry that you never told me about your childhood friend 

Armaan : even I got to know now, but I have to leave tomorrow 

Alia : where are you going and when will you come back 

Armaan : I am going to find my identity, I won't be able to give you the life you lived in 

Alia : I don't care, I will live wherever you will keep me, in which condition you will put me 

Armaan : I don't want that, this is just not my dream but Pragya's dream too, she wanted to see me at that position, and i know your rockstar brother will not want his sister to marry an ordinary guy 

Alia : okay fine, i will not stop you, go ahead, my best wishes are with you but before that I want you to come with me 

Armaan : where?

Both of them goes to a dargah 

Armaan : Alia, dargah? are you serious 

Alia : yes, today I want a promise from you in front' of god, come lets go inside 

The couple starts walking inside when both ties thread and making promise to not break each other's trust 

Alia : this is amulet (ties on his wrist) your dear sister said that it will protect you from everything 

Armaan : I will be back soon, I promise (cups her face and kisses her forehead) 

Alia : I will miss you, take care and call me everyday okay 

Next day Armaan and Alia tell everything about their love to Pragya who looks at them like a teacher about to scolding to their students. 

Pragya : so you both want to get married? not bad 

Alia : bhabhi, only you can convince Bhai please 

Pragya : okay fine but when Armaan stands on his feet, is that alright ? 

Armaan : you are the best 

Pragya ; stop battering me both of you (in stern voice) Armaan I want something from you before you leave today

Armaan : yes

Pragya : Alia go out of room for a minute 

Alia : but why bhabhi (pouts like a small child) 

Pragya stares at her when Alia leaves the room 

Armaan  : what is it Pragya

Pragya : you know after Alia's wedding broke with Purab I thought even any enemy should not see that day, Alia has managed herself very hardly, I don't want to see any tears in her eyes, promise me you will not hurt her at any cost, no matter what comes 

Armaan : I promise Pragya, from today Alia  is my responsibility (puts hands on her) all her happiness is my duty 

Pragya : okay, take care of yourself 

Armaan : and yes, you will tell your baby's news to me first 

Pragya : okay (gives him high five and hugs him) 

Armaan heads to the station and boards on his bus to Delhi. Meanwhile Abhi returns from his trip later at night without informing anybody. He sneakingly goes into this room and finds Pragya and Alia sleeping together in the room  

"What is she doing here" says Abhi irritatedly as he has to sleep on sofa because of Alia 

Suddenly he gets a idea to wake up Alia without disturbing Pragya's sleep. He throws a paper on Alia's face from the door but that does not wake up Alia. 

Abhi ; oh god, this girl is a big lazy bone, I will try one more time (throws paper one more time and this time Alia wakes up shouting little bit but Abhi puts hands on her mouth) 

Alia signals from her eyes to remove his hand. Abhi takes her out by not removing his hand. 

Alia : bhai, what are you doing here? (says bit angrily for disturbing her sleep) 

Abhi : shut up, you made too much efforts to spoil my whole surprise for Fuggy, why were you sleeping with her

Alia ; woah, you are such a great brother, I was with her so she won't have any problem and you are shouting at me, I will not talk to you bye 

Abhi : Alia listen to me, not worries I will convince you later but first I have to meet my fuggy (goes inside the room)

Abhi looks at Pragya who is sleeping innocently with hugging his favorite pillow. He covers her the duvet properly and kisses her forehead. He sleeps on the couch and next day wakes up before Pragya. He turns off the alarm. He keeps looking at Pragya as she slowly wakes up and gets scared when she looks at Abhi who is caressing her hair. 

Pragya : Abhi,  you scared the hell out of me and you already came (keeps asking him)

"Great, your husband came from long journey, instead of asking me you throwing questions on me" says Abhi with faking irritation. 

"I am sorry, I was just surprised to see you" Pragya says holding her ears 

"No, not so easily first you have to give me morning kiss then I will think" Abhi says crossing his arms 

Pragya realizes Abhi's antics and refuses to give on his demand and starts to leave in washroom 

Abhi : Thats not fair Fuggy, you cannot do this

Pragya hurriedly leaves when is Abhi is running behind her. 


Purvi is walking on road while talking on phone with Suhani. She does not realize a car is coming towards her in full speed. She is about to get hit with the car but gets unconscious before it comes near her. Rishi comes out of car and tries to wake up Purvi. He takes her to his home. 

Mehra house 

Pragya tells Abhi she is excepting a girl which makes him extra happy. 

Abhi : oh my god, are you serious?

Pragya nods happily 


Purvi wakes up with bit high head  

Rishi : so how are you (puts tray of water)

Purvi : who are you? and where did you bring me 

Rishi : instead of thanking me you are hell bent on asking me questions, 

Purvi : saving me? when you don't know how to drive why do you drive (gets up from bed) 

Rishi : and when you don't know how to cross road why do you go outside, first learn how to walk on road then argue with me 

Purvi : shut up okay, nobody told you to become a social service person, 

Rishi : greatness is not worth in today's world 

Purvi leaves his house in anger leaving her bracelet behind. Rishi picks up her heart bracelet from floor. 

Precap : Suhani helps Armaan to get audition in music company on Purvi's request. Abhi refuses to accept Armaan and Alia's relationship. 

Prologue : Purvi will start working in Rishi's office who will be charmed by her nature. Pragya will eventually find out Armaan's deed on the engagement day of Alia. Rishi will join hands with Suhani who is coincidentally his school friend to finally put an end to Tanu and Raj's game. 

 Unknown to everybody Rishi is  Armaan's real brother 

I know its been too much in Abhigya FF but there will be lot of drama post Armaan's coming back and engagement with Alia. 

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 September 2016 at 8:43pm | IP Logged
that is nice update i will wait for tanu and raj plan fail by rishi

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hailly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2016 at 11:23pm | IP Logged
Amazing update. Loved it.
Continue soon please.
Thanks for pm.
vishuv IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 September 2016 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Congrats for your joint writing venture Ash!!! 
Interesting CS... Will read soon! 

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