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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 30)

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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that is nice update

abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Part 29

Alia plans to confess her love for Armaan on valentines day. Abhi makes special plan too to surprise her. Armaan sees Purvi sitting quietly near a lake and goes to her. 

Armaan : what are you doing here?

Purvi : nothing (wipes her tears) 

Armaan : were you crying (says with concern) 

Purvi : No something went into my eyes 

Armaan : good try but that philosophy will not work with me Ms dancer 

Purvi ; I quit dancing Armaan (says sadly) 

Armaan : but why 

Purvi :  I am leaving Mumbai 

Armaan ; is there a problem? did i do something wrong ?

Purvi : No I just want to stay alone for a while, I am getting late, I will see you later 

Armaan : Purvi (holds her hand) 

Purvi : what 

Armaan : what if I need my friend any day 

Purvi : then close your eyes and remember me I will reach to you 

Armaan : I cannot let you go alone in this state 

Purvi : I decided to teach dance to small kids and do tuition, i don't have anybody here in Mumbai anyway 

Armaan : from today don't say you have nobody because I am always with you and we are both without family 

Purvi : you?

Armaan : yes, my parents are no more, they left ma alone in this world 

Purvi : I am sorry 

Armaan : Its okay, so are you still leaving ?

Purvi : I don't think so (happily hugs him) 

This time Armaan reciprocates her hug as a friend. Suhani overhears everything and stares at Armaan for playing with Purvi's feeling. 

Armaan ; what are your trying to say?

Suhani  : I told you so stay away from Purvi, don't you understand this simple thing

Armaan : but why? you are saying as I took advantage of her innocence 

Suhani : You have not but that does not mean you will not, after what you did I cannot trust you, she is alone that does not mean I will let anybody take advantage of her (leaves) 

Armaan : what a strange girl 

Next day is Valentines day 

Mehra house 

Pragya is organizing her room when Abhi hugs her from back shivering her whole body. 

Abhi : good morning my beautiful wife (says with passion) 

Pragya : What are you doing, leave me, and go take shower 

Abhi : I am romancing with my wife and you are shooing me (pouts like a child)

Pragya pulls him down and kisses his cheeks. 

Abhi : Wow fuggy, you have become so romantic by staying with me (teases) 

Pragya : stop it

Abhi : Okay get ready in the evening, we are going out tonight

Pragya : where are we going?

Abhi : well thats a surprise and here is your dress (gives her a gift) 

Pragya opens it after Abhi leaves and find red roses with a red dress with a note. 

Abhi : they say red color symbolizes the true love and tonight I want to see moon looking dull in front of my moon. 

Pragya blushes seeing the dress. Bulbul sees Pragya and decides to get her ready for evening. 

Bulbul : I must say di, you are very lucky like me to have jiju 

Pragya gets emotional remembering how she was getting rejected earlier due to her beauty. 

Bulbul : what happened di? where did you get lost? (says by curling her hair) 

Pragya : do you remember Bulbul what people said that I would not get a suitable guy in my life

Bulbul : But do you know what mom said, that good people always gets good people in their life, see how your goodness changed girl like Alia, and anybody can see how you rules on jiju, Abhi the rockstar's heart, that is not a joke

Pragya : you are right 

Bulbul : now come on wipe your tears or else your make up will be ruined 

Alia books a venue for Armaan and tries to dress herself when Bulbul comes to her help. 

Bulbul : let me help you 

Alia : Wait, is Purab not taking you for date today, why are you here?

Bulbul : you think your friend can plan valentines for me, unromantic person 

Alia : Bulbul 

Bulbul : don't stare at me, sorry If I hurt your feelings 

Alia : I know but Purab live alone his whole life and now you are the only one 

Bulbul : who said he is alone? you, dadi and jiju are also his family 

Alia : thats true, now that you came here help me select the dress 

Bulbul : wear this (selects red maxi) 

Alia : Your choice is just mind-blowing, no wonder my friend has changed after you came 

Bulbul : very funny. 

Alia calls Armaan to the hotel which she booked for him. She drops Pragya to the place Abhi decorated for her. She sees the roses and cake set on the table. Abhi is mesmerized and stunned to see Pragya who has curly hair without glasses and smoky eyes wearing the sleeveless dress he gave it to her. Abhi asks her if she would be his valentines forever to which she replies yes emotionally and hugs him tightly. 

Abhi : hey fuggy why are you crying 

Pragya : I never expected somebody would love this much, why do you love me this much?

Abhi (cups her face) : There is no limit to love you said that right, you deserved to be loved more than anybody 

Pragya : Just promise me you never leave me, I will break 

Abhi : Before doing that I would prefer dying. 

Pragya : don't say that again 

Abhi : come with me (takes her to terrace) look I told you today my moon is looking beautiful than this (points to moon) 

Pragya slighlty blushes and tells him it would be the best valentines day for her. 

Armaan reaches to Alia's called place and is surprised to see the darkness. Suddenly the lights turn on sees the venue decorated lavishly. 

Armaan : Alia, where are you?

Alia : Right behind you

Armaan turns around and sees Alia standing in a red maxi. 

Alia : what are you seeing?

Armaan : somebody is looking gorgeous today 

Alia : Today I want to say something to you

Armaan : what ?but for that why this much trouble

Alia : something that you wanted to always hear from me (sits on knees) 

Armaan : what are you doing Alia

Alia : Armaan Maliik, will you be valentine not just for today but for whole life 

Armaan is taken aback on what she said and gets shocked

Alia : You are thinking right, finally you made this Alia fall for you, for first time a girl is on the knees and proposing a guy, will you marry me? 

Armaan : do you know what you are saying?

Alia : I really love you Armaan, I want to spend my whole life with you (in tears) I know I did not trusted you earlier and hurt you a lot but give me one chance to prove my love

Armaan stands quietly and listen to her

Alia : Why are you quiet? i know you love me but still angry and you should be I deserve it, I love you Armaan please tell me, I am waiting 

Armaan musters the courage to tell the truth and makes Alia stands up slowly. 

Armaan ; Alia, you have no idea what you are doing? tomorrow if I break your heart then I will not be able to forgive myself 

Alia : why do you keep saying that? I know you cannot hurt me, tell me 

Armaan : You are not understanding me (turns around) I don't have anymore love left to give to anybody whoever i loved left me, stay away from me, or else you will also die

Alia : i would happily die for you if I had to 

Armaan : Alia, for the person whom you are willing to leave everything does not deserve your love

Alia : what are you saying? (concern) 

Armaan : I am guilty, now the thing I am going to tell you will break you 

Alia gets scared hearing his words. Armaan reveals everything to Alia including his joint with Tanu which shocks her to the core and sits on floor. 

Armaan : I came to take revenge on both of you brother and sister but when I realized that somebody innocent is getting victim my revenge  

Alia does not respond to him and have tears in her eyes. 

Armaan ; On Abhi's concert I was the one messed up with his guitar but I never imagined Pragya would get the brunt of my revenge. 

Alia feels more hurt than anger 

Armaan : I joined hands with Tanu but your love and whenever I see Pragya I see my sister in whom I lost years ago. Your and Pragya's innocence held me back 

Alia gets up quickly and slaps Armaan hardly for not cheating her but for harming her brother and sister in law. 

Armaan does not surprised by her reaction. Alia holds his collar angrily 

Alia ; This much hate you were carrying for me and my brother, just because of misunderstanding, if Pragya bhabhi was not there would you continue your game like this to hurt us?

Armaan looks down and does not answer her

Alia : Answer me (holds his collar more tightly) 

Armaan : You are right, its mainly because of her i backed up, I know she will not forgive me too for what I did, thats why I never gathered courage to tell her, today you gave me strength and I did not wanted to keep you dark 

Alia : if it was me I would have happily forgive me, but you harmed my brother who is my life 

Armaan : I am sorry for everything 

Alia : Leave me alone for a while Armaan, go from here

Armaan ; Alia please (tries to hold her but she jerks him off) 

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SaraPriya Senior Member

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Posted: 29 January 2016 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Thank's for a update but no words so pls just go to next part..
hailly IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 January 2016 at 12:20am | IP Logged
Awesome update Ash loved it.
Felt bad for Aliya though.
Continue soon plz.
Thanks for pm.

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Btsarmy Goldie

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Posted: 30 January 2016 at 11:27am | IP Logged
How could I describe I this?? This is speechless and priceless. Update more. Continue soon then I will tell.  I wanna know what will alia do now? 

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 January 2016 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
poor alia she armaan tell the truth to alia maybe she will take her time what armaan told her.
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 31 January 2016 at 5:34pm | IP Logged
Part 30

After Armaan leaves Alia still sitting on the floor weeping. She suddenly gets the call from somebody. 

Alia: hello, who is this 

Neil : Hello Alia ji, how are you 

Alia : how dare you call me, I told you not to contact me 

Neil : I have just called to tell you somebody got the clue of  our involved in kidnapping of Pragya 

Alia : what are you saying?

Neil : if my name comes then just remember I will spill the beans than the famous Alia Mehra and her friend kidnapped Rockstar's wife 

Alia ; do whatever you want (cuts the call) 

Purvi records the conversation from behind Neil and leaves 

Purvi : Now Alia Mehra get ready to face of the consequence of what you did, then I will see if everybody forgive you  or not 

Armaan : I am sorry Alia, I had to tell you the truth 

Rocky : Armaan, what did she say

Armaan : She needs time to think, but more than her I am scared for Pragya, she will definitely not forgive me  

Abhi and Pragya comes back at their house. Dadi tells them about her wish of having grandson. 

Abhi : Dadi, why are you asking me, tell her 

Pragya stares at him irritatedly 

Dadi : I will not listen to either of you now, after your first child I will leave for my pilgrimage 

Alia comes back home with broken heart. Pragya is surprised seeing her condition as she got all wet due to rain. 

Pragya : Alia, what have you done to yourself 

Alia does not say anything 

Pragya : Sit down, I will get the towel quickly, you go and change quickly or else you will get cold, go 

Alia goes to her room when Pragya comes there and scolds her for being careless. 

Pragya : seriously Alia, you are so irresponsible (drys her hair) 

Alia holds her hand and hugs her emotionally 

Pragya : what happened? why are you so quiet today 

Alia : nothing, bhabhi I am just worried for something 

Pragya : what?

Alia : I am worried if unintentionally I hurt my brother anytime 

Pragya : why are you thinking about things that are never gonna happen 

Alia : Bhabhi, I don't have anybody other than bhai 

Pragya : Alia, stop it why are you thinking negative, its too late go to bed (leaves) 

Next day everybody having their breakfast when suddenly  Pragya gets nausea and runs to bathroom. 

Abhi : dadi, what happened to her 

Dadi : I don't know

After few minutes when Pragya does not get back, Abhi tells Alia to go check on her. 

Alia : bhabhi are you okay (knock on bathroom door) 

Slowly she opens the door and finds Pragya unconscious on the floor. She shouts to Abhi who runs upstairs. Everybody gets shocked. 

Abhi ; Pragya wake up 

He carries Pragya back to the room and calls the doctor. 

Alia : don't worry bhai she will be fine 

Doctor : Congratulations Mr Mehra, your wife is 3 months pregnant 

The whole family is overjoyed with the happiness they heard. 

Dadi : Thank you God 

Alia : Bhai, did you hear, congratulation (hugs him) 

Armaan calls Alia but she keeps cutting his call. Later Abhi thanks Pragya for the best gift she gave him. 

Abhi ; No more tears, now happy moments 

Pragya : right, our love symbol is growing inside (places his hand on her tummy) 

Abhi : from now on, you will not do any work and will take complete rest and not go out till I take you okay

Pragya : Stop being overprotective, I am not sick 

Abhi : So? I said you have to take care that means you have to follow me 

Pragya : great now you are ordering me, stay away (pouts) 

Abhi : Okay fine Ms Professor (folds his hand) 

Pragya smiles at his antics. Dadi thanks Pragya for giving the precious gift. 

Dadi: you don't know what you have given us (puts stole on her head), Alia bring that glass 

Alia : yeah dadi, take this 

Dadi does the ritual of removing off the evil and blesses both of them. 

Alia : Bhai, we should have a party, it cause for celebration 

Pragya : Alia, where is Armaan, he did not came to see or call me from many days

Alia's smile vanishes including Abhi who does not like Armaan's presence around his Pragya. 

Alia : you need rest now, don't think about anything else (leaves) 

Pragya gets confused about Alia's changed behavior and informs Abhi about it. 

Abhi : I don't know 

Pragya : very strange, till yesterday she was not tired of chanting his name and today so silent, I am telling you something is wrong 

Abhi : she might have got into sense 

Pragya : it is futile to argue with you 

Suhani goes to meet Tanu to reconcile with her for Pragya's safety. 

Tanu ; Suhani? you don't know I am so happy to see you 

Suhani does not reciprocate her hug. 

Tanu : what make you come here

Suhani : I just came to tell you that I want my sister back, will i get it

Tanu : why are you asking that? I am your only sister 

Suhani  : But I want my old sister who never had intention to hurt people will I get that 

Tanu : Anything for you, I have nobody who can understand me other than you 

Suhani (in her mind) : I know you will never change but I have to keep eye on you at your every moment even if it gives me pain. 

Alia informs Armaan about Pragya's pregnancy making him happy

Armaan ; really?

Alia ; yeah, but don't think I came to you because I forgave you, it is only for Pragya bhabhi, she wanted me to tell you 

Armaan ; thanks 

Precap ; Time for evil to strike again. Tanu has another plan on harming Pragya and her baby 

Slap echoes in the Mehra house on Alia's cheek by Abhi 

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Btsarmy Goldie

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Posted: 31 January 2016 at 6:11pm | IP Logged
Happy to know that pragya is pregnant. And tanu and suhani's conversation made me suspicious that maybe suhani know the truth about kidnapping. 

And... Strange!! Aaliya did nothing after knowing that armaan do not love her.. Shocked
And the clues for kidnapping case are with purvi. Now she will surely show to both the families and said you said in the precap that aaliya will get a slap.Pinch So,  purvi will expose her.. 

OMG! that will be emotional to watch as now aaliya has became good,  she has understood meaning about relations.. And she will be getting punishment now.. Cry

Continue soon. Thanks for pm. Big smile

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