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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 25)

abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Part 24 

Purvi thanks Armaan for his help to cheer Suhani. 

Armaan : Ms dancer, I told you that nobody can resist me after all 

Purvi remembers Pragya's word and gets sad noticed by Armaan. 

Armaan : Hey where did you get lost?

Purvi : Armaan, can I ask you something? (looks on the ground) 

Armaan : Yeah of course

Purvi : Am I that a bad person who can harm the people for some money and risk anybody's life for it

Armaan gets confused about her words and senses a pain in her voice 

Purvi : Please answer me honestly 

Armaan tells her she is best person he ever met and she can never harm anybody. Purvi reveals her past to Armaan shocking him that how much the innocent girl standing in front of him must have went through.  

Purvi : I can't even tell you that how much her words are haunting me day and night (says with pain and anger) 

He holds her cheek and softly wipes her tears while she looks on him with teary face. 

Armaan : these tears are too worthy, don't lose it (Says smilingly) 

Purvi immediately hugs him tightly and requests him not to leave her alone and cries soberly. Armaan who is already feeling guilty stops himself from reciprocating the hug. 

Rocky blast Armaan for playing with two innocent hearts for his revenge. 

Armaan : If I knew things would go this far then I would have backed off

Rocky : It is still not late, you can make thing correct

Armaan :How?

Rocky : The game you started, finish it off by defeating your enemies 

Armaan : what do you mean?

Rocky : Raj and Tanu has hired you only for their benefit they will not hesitate to harm you but I feel Alia and Abhi has realized their mistake, they are not bad people 

Mehra house

Alia : Bhabhi, I will make the lunch for tomorrow 

Pragya widens her eyes : Are you serious?

Alia : Please bhabhi, I want to cook Armaan's favorite food 

Abhi listens to their conversation and does not seem to be happy with Alia's changed behavior. Pragya feels Abhi's anger towards Armaan and tries to convince him 

Abhi : If you came to talk with me about that topic I am not interested 

Pragya : Is there any reason you are hiding from me?

Abhi : I don't find it necessary to tell you, but did you see how much Alia has changed ever since he came int our life

Pragya : So? are you not happy that your sister is growing up 

Abhi : I am happy but I don't want any other heartbreak for my sister, I know her very well, she might have not see the world but i did and I will not let anybody take advantage of her innocence

Pragya : But? 

Armaan ; Pragya enough lets end this discussion here (leaves) 

Pragya : There is surely something they are hiding from me 

Next day Armaan goes for lunch at Mehra house and finds Alia cooking and sees little bit flour on her eyes. 

Armaan : Hey what are you doing? 

Alia : Can't you see I am cooking 

Suddenly something goes inside Alia's eyes and it starts burning. 

Alia : Armaan its paining, please help yaar

Armaan blows off softly and touches little bit to her eyes. Both have romantic eye lock but is interrupted by Pragya who is amazed to see them like that. 

Alia : Bhabhi, I was coming outside 

Pragya : I just came to tell you that if you need any help let me know 

Alia : Sure bhabhi, now you go and take rest (Sends her) 

Armaan helps Alia in making the desert for everyone. Later the family together at the table for lunch. Alia tells everybody that Armaan made Pragya's favorite desert by himself. 

Dadi : You know cooking?

Armaan : Life teacher everything dadi, I learnt that too

Pragya : how did you know it is my favorite desert?

Abhi : Alia must have told him 

Armaan : Abhi, every brother knows his sister's likes be it blood relation or the so called ones 

Armaan : Pragya, can I feed you this first piece (tries to put the sweet in her mouth) 

Pragya looks on Abhi whose blood starts boiling seeing Armaan's closeness towards his wife. 

Dadi : Dear, is it something to ask? she is your sister

Armaan feeds Pragya at the same time police arrives at Mehra house. 

Abhi : Police? what is the matter?

Police: Who is Mr Armaan here

The family confused while Armaan turns up saying he is the one they are looking for

Armaan : what is it?

Police : We have an arrest warrant against you 

Armaan : for what?

Police: I don't know if you all know but Ms Suhani filed a case against the acid attack and we found the culprit

Abhi : who is it?

Police : Mr Armaan Malhotra 

All of them is stunned to hear it most of all Alia and Pragya 

Alia : what nonsense are you talking?

Abhi ; One second Alia, officer do you have any proof 

Police brings the goon who attacked Suhani  confesses that Armaan bribed him to throw acid on Pragya but instead Suhani for hurt. Abhi gets in rage hearing it and goes off to beat Armaan but is stopped by Pragya. 

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--simmi-- IF-Rockerz

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Nice update Ash! 
AbhiGyaDevakshi Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2015 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Lovely update ash!! Continue soon...Thanks for PM!!
-haleemzz- Senior Member

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Posted: 01 November 2015 at 7:09am | IP Logged
this is amazing
do continue soon

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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that bitch tanu she get dam soo low to get abhi she blame armaan for her sister attack 
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Shafoo

that bitch tanu she get dam soo low to get abhi she blame armaan for her sister attack 

Too bad Ouch right?
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Part 25

The cops takes Armaan to the police station leaving Alia devastated  who tells Abhi to do something. 

Alia : Bhai, please do something, you know he is innocent 

Police Station

Armaan is put behind bars by police and he keeps confessing his innocence but nobody believes him. 

Pragya and Abhi gets in deep thinking about how to save Armaan. Alia weeps soberly in her room remembering her moments with Armaan. Pragya who is passing from her room seer her state. She quietly opens the door and makes Alia sit properly on bed. 

Alia : bhabhi, please do something,  I can't see Armaan like this 

Pragya : Calm down Alia, everything will be fine 

Alia : How Bhabhi? nobody will understand me

Later at night Pragya is pacing around the room and is worried about Alia's condition. 

Abhi : what happened ? why are you so tensed 

Pragya ; We need to help Armaan out 

Abhi : We know there is no proof to this, nobody will believe his words 

Next day the Mehra family is shocked when Alia refuses to eat the breakfast and creates a huge drama. 

Pragya : Alia, please open the door 

Abhi : I told you that guy has made my sister insane

After lot of effort Abhi opens the door and sees the whole room messed up with broken glasses. Alia holds a knife in her hand and threatens to harm herself. 

Abhi  : Alia put that knife down (says with concern) 

Alia : bhai, if you cannot help me then don't 

Pragya : Alia, listen I promise I will help Armaan out, and bring him out (swears on Alia's head) 

Alia calms down but Abhi furiously leaves the room. 

Pragya : i will do something but you have to promise me you will not harm yourself 

Alia : I will do whatever you say but please bring my Armaan back 

Abhi rages on Pragya for supporting Alia's madness 

Pragya : Why don't you understand ? if we don't do anything then she will harm herself 

Abhi : Okay fine 

Pragya looks at a Rakhi and remembers how she used to tie to her best friend. 


Pragya is waiting for her friend Armaan on Rakshabandhan but he turns up late. He comes at her house and sees her glare.  

Armaan : This room temperature is really hot, I am sweating

Pragya runs after him with stick and scolding him 

Armaan : what are you doing? I am sorry yaar

Pragya : Sorry, I have been waiting since morning and you are saying sorry, you don't care for me

Armaan : Won't you ask for reason for being late

Pragya : I don't want to hear anything 

Armaan gifts Pragya a beautiful pair of bangles and a promise to protect her from all problems that comes up in her life 

Pragya : This is so beautiful, I will take this type of bangles every year okay 

Armaan : Definitely, anything for my sister 

Pragya ties Rakhi on his wrist and feeds sweet to him while tries to feed her with big piece 

Armaan : I can't give more to you but I would pray that you get all the happiness you deserve 

Both of them share a warmly hug. 

Flashback ends 

Abhi rages on Pragya for supporting Alia's madness but she argues back saying she will help Armaan and fulfill the duty of a sister 

Abhi : Fine, do what you want and I will help you but if he betrays your and Alia's trust that day will be the last day of his life remember that alright, I will not let anybody take advantage of your and Alia's innocence  

Pragya : but what we will do

Abhi : why don't you go and try to meet Armaan in jail and ask him  where was he on the wedding day 

Pragya goes to meet Armaan where Suhani spots her. 

Suhani : Teacher what are you doing here?

Pragya : I came to meet Armaan 

Suhani : Armaan? you know him?

Rocky brings the lawyer and gets nervous to see Pragya and Suhani together 

Rocky: if these two will get to know about each other then Armaan will be trapped badly 

Suhani gets somebody's call and has to go back before she finishes her talk with Pragya 

The police denies Armaan's bail which makes Rocky angry 

Rocky : how can you arrest somebody on just a goon's confession, who knows maybe somebody bribed him 

Police : Enough, if you have any proof then bring it, don't come and waste our time here and don't even think of bailing, people like him should be in jail who harm innocence life 

Pragya requests police to let her meet Armaan to which he agrees

Armaan : Pragya what are you doing here?

Pragya : listen I need to know something to help you 

Armaan ; What is it?

Pragya : were you around the mall that day? 

Armaan : No way, I was not even in that area, please trust me I cannot even think of doing this

Pragya : then why would somebody frame you for Suhani's attack, is there anything I need to know 

Armaan ( in his mind) : If I tell her anything right now then I will lose her trust and I cannot afford that 

Pragya : Armaan I am asking you something, tell me if anything that can be helpful to you 

Armaan : Why don't you get the footage of mall where Suhani was attacked? maybe the person who attacked her might be there 

Pragya : Thats a great plan, I am sure we might get a clue from that footage, I brought something for you

Armaan : what?

Pragya : today is Rakhi, I always tied this to my brother but he is not with me now, you gave me right to be your sister, can I tie it?

Armaan recalls the previous Rakshabandhan where his sister used to tie the thread on his wrist

Pragya : Armaan? 

Armaan : Sisters never ask for those things on which they have rights, (forwards his hand) 

Pragya happily ties rakhi on his hand

Armaan : I don't have anything to give you right now 

Pragya ; I will ask you when time comes and I promise I will prove you innocent 

The constable tells you to leave Pragya, she leaves reluctantly 

Abhi, Rocky and Pragya goes to meet that goon and asks him for framing about Armaan but he does not confess. 

Rocky : I will beat you to pulp if you don't tell us the truth 

Pragya : Rocky calm down 

Abhi : We know you did it on somebody's behest 

Rocky : If you don't tell us then remember that I know other way of telling knowing the truth 

Goon : One girl gave me money to throw acid on this girl (points at Pragya) 

Abhi's blood boils hearing the confession but Pragya calms him down

Goon ; everything was according to the plan but I don't know how that girl came in between and I mistakenly threw acid on her

Pragya: Are you not ashamed of doing this deed?

Rocky : who was that girl

Goon: I don't know her name or where she lives, but I have her number (hands the card) 

Abhi : This is Tanu's number, how dare she

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Very nice chapter thanks for pm update nest chapter soon make it fast

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