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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 24)

SaiSreePN Senior Member

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Posted: 18 October 2015 at 2:23am | IP Logged
Poor suhani hope she gets well soon and armaan change before this alia n purvi completely involvd with him get hurt

Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 October 2015 at 5:57pm | IP Logged
that is amazingg parts 21 and 22
abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 October 2015 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Part 23

The Mehra family thanks Armaan for saving Alia from the fire. 

Dadi : We can't thank you enough for saving our Alia, you don't know how precious she is to us 

Armaan : You don't have to thank me, I am her friend and then now she is my sister's sister-in-law 

Pragya is overwhelmed to hear it but Abhi doubts Armaan's intention. Alia is overjoyed seeing her family accepting Armaan. Alia later goes to meet him when he is about to leave. 

Armaan : Yes madam, now what can I do for you 

Alia : I wanted to tell you that if anytime I can do anything for you let me know in return for saving my life

Armaan : you don't have to do anything, its okay 

Later Suhani regains consciousness and sees Tanu sitting with her. 

Tanu : how are you feeling now? (says with concern) 

Kirti : Look what I brought for you,your favorite juice

Suhani does not respond and sees herself in the mirror. She yells at everybody to leave her alone when sees the scar on her neck and start breaking things. Kirti tries to stop her and tells Tanu to explain her but she tells her mom to leave Suhani alone for a while. 

Suhani : Mom, please go from here, I don't want to talk with anyone (cries soberly) 

Kirti and Shub are disturbed to see their daughter in pain while Tanu suggest them to leave Suhani alone for a while and not disturb her. 

Shub : Tanu, if you cannot do anything for your sister than don't do it but we are her parents, it would be better you move to farm house for few days

Tanu : But dad, she is my sister I am more worried for her

Kirti : you did not hear what your father said, we know how to help our daughter, it would be better you stay away from her, she was already suffering because of your deeds 

Shub : I don't know how will our daughter come out of this, already she is been suffering from two broken engagement and now she blame herself more 

Kirti : I know who can help my Suhani 

Shub : Who?

Kirti calls Pragya and requests her to help Suhani to which she agrees to come. Abhi also joins her. 

Pragya : where is she aunty?

Kirti : Dear, she is in her room, only you can help her 

Pragya assures Kirti she will help her and goes to Suhani's room calling her name. 

Pragya : Suhani, please open the door (knocks) 

Suhani : Teacher, please go from here, I don't want to talk with anyone (says breaking glass and puts hands over her head)

Pragya feels bad when she does not open the door even hearing her voice but she is adamant to help her favorite student. Suhani sits on floor lifelessly . Kirti brings the spare key of her room and opens the room. Pragya and kirti is horrified to see the condition of room with the broken glasses around. 

Pragya : do you remember what I use to tell you when you were in your college that don't ever judge yourself by outer beauty, a girls' real beauty is her heart and I know my Suhani has a golden heart 

Suhani still does not say anything but listena to Pragya quietly. 

Pragya : do you remember the promise I asked from you when I saved you?


Pragya sees Suhani helping a girl cheating in exam and is furious at her but does not say anything. 

Suhani : Sorry ( holds her ear like a small child and pouts) okay you can hit me with this stick 

Pragya : that pout is not going to work, I want something else if you want me to accept your thank you, being my student you insulted my teaching and I won't tolerate it 

Suhani : Okay, I have an idea, I give you a promise that one day I will make you proud and will never insult your teaching. it is a student's responsibility to never forget their Guru's preaching 

Pragya twiste her ear and tells her not repeat the mistake again . 

Suhani : Teacher my ear 

Pragya : Silly girl, if you really want to do something for me than just make sure about one thing that you never let yourself get influenced by other people and never go wrong okay

Flashback ends 

Pragya : Being my favorite student you cannot be weak, do you know the meaning of Suhani, it means beautiful be it outer beauty or inner and a cool breeze 

Suhani : what wrong I did to anybody teacher, why does it always happen with me

Pragya : In this world, everybody is tested for their strength even God is testing you but i know nobody can break my Suhani's confidence because she is so nice that anybody can fall for her. 

Suhani : Teacher, why I cannot be like you

Pragya : You know I always considered you my shadow and proved that to me, do you remember how my engagements were broken due to being called ugly 

Suhani remembers how Pragya told her about people rejected her because she was not that pretty. 

Pragya : But did you see from those million people who accepted me, by the way you were the one who said that the person who will marry me will be from those million people 

Suhani : I know 

Pragya : Then why my Suhani will not get some prince charming, just one scar does not say that you are not a good person. (kisses her forehead) 

Abhi who is hearing their talks thinks of what good he might have done to get an angel in his life who always tries to bring light in other people's life even though her life has always been in dark. 

Suhani breaks down into heavy tears and puts her head on Pragya's lap who makes her sleep for a while. She signals Abhi to put Suhani on bed and carefully covers her. 

Pragya : Aunty, you don't worry, I am sure she will be fine tomorrow, I will come again 

Shub : We don't have words to say anything to you, our one daughter caused you so much pain and you are still here helping our another child

Pragya assures them Suhani is like her sister and she does not care what Tanu did to them. 

Kirti : Sorry dear, today was your wedding and I had to call you like this 

Pragya : Aunty I would have got angry if you did not call me, but its okay 

Abhi : Its quite late now, I think we should leave 

Both leave from the house but Abhi takes Pragya to his farm house which is near a beautiful lake to cheer her up. 

Pragya : why did you brought me here? are we not going home 

Abhi  : Aye fuggy get out of car, it is our wedding day and you are still being unromantic  (fakes annoyance)

Pragya : Okay, you should have said it without getting angry 

Abhi takes her inside the house by blindfolding her and gets bit irritated by her constant questioning. 

Pragya : I am removing the cloth 

Abhi : This girl will always be boring, actually from tomorrow I will replace all your wikipedia books into romantics novels so you could learn something from it. 

Pragya glares at him in anger but it vanishes when she sees the whole house decorated with beautiful roses and candles around. 

Abhi : I hope you save your anger for tomorrow

Pragya : this is so beautiful (looks around the whole room) 

Abhi : I always wanted to give you a gift that would make you remember this day always (hands her gift) 

Pragya opens the gift and finds a gorgeous diamond necklace with her favorite design. She gets extremely happy seeing the necklace and embraces him without wasting a second. 

Abhi : did you like the gift? you know Alia and I wandered around the whole mall and then found this necklace

Pragya : thie is one of the best gift I ever got, I would always keep this close with me. 

Abhi is about to make Pragya wear the necklace but the fast wind coming from window breaks their picture frame. Pragya considers it as a bad omen and starts to get worried. 

Pragya : how did this frame broke? it is not a good sign

Abhi : Great, I thought you are a professor, well educated and modern, why are you thinking like that

Pragya : Please I am serious, i am not joking 

Abhi : Fuggy, whatever bad had to happen with is already happened now nothing can go wrong with us 

Pragya is still not convinced but does not show Abhi that she is worried. Abhi takes her near the window and tells her how moon's beauty is nothing compared to the one he got which makes her blush more.  

Abhi : It might sound filmy but you don't know what precious gem I received from life 

Both of them have their most beautiful night together and consummating their long lasting marriage. Next morning Abhi who wakes up first see the sunshine on his beautiful wife's face and opens the window. He admires Pragya's beauty who is sleeping peacefully like a small child. The alarm beep wakes her up. 

Pragya : Its 8, you did not even wake me up, we have to go back. 

Abhi : Relsx, I told Dadi that we will be back soon, come here

Pragya : what is it?

Abhi : Look (shows her the lake which is shining with sunrise) just like it our life will be shining always

Pragya : thats gorgrous 

Abhi : okay now go get ready 

Pragya looks at the photo frame which broke last night and starts to pray her god to prevent any type of problems from her life. 

Later Purvi takes Suhani out for some walk in order to make her feel better. Armaan makes a plan to cheer her up. 

Purvi sheds annoyance from Armaan for not picking up her call yesterday.  

Armaan : I am sorry, why are you getting angry? don't tell me i have to pacify you too 

Purvi : I am not saying that, and anyway you don't know how to pacify anyone because you only know how to make people angry, you are a fool

Armaan : did you just call me a fool? how dare you 

Purvi : I called you, so what will you do

Suhani gets happy seeing their fights and tells Rocky about it 

Rocky : what are you saying?

Suhani : I always see something in their fights, maybe both have found a companion in each other when they both don't have families with them 

Armaan : don't mess with me alright or you will pay for it and by the way I came here for Suhani not you, wild cat 

Purvi : You just called me wild cat? now I will show you what is a wild cat.

Rocky stops their fight when they see Suhani sitting again in tensed mood . Armaan grabs a guitar and sing for her. Both he and Purvi brings some small kids from nearby chawl. 

Chak De Chak De Chak De 

Chak De Saare Gham

Tere Sang Hai Ham

( Hans Ke To Dekh Tu Ek Baar, Khud Hi Aa Jaayegi Phir Bahaar )...(2)

Gaa Le Nayee Sargam, Geet Ek Naya Gaa, Aaya Naya Mausam Aaya Din Naya

( Chak De Chak De Chak De...Tere Sang Hai Ham )...(2)

( Ched De Dhun Vo Aaj Chha Jayein Mastiyan

Chhod De Khul Ke Aaj Lehron Mein Kashtiyan )...(2)

Thokar Mein Masti Ho, Kankar Bhi Jhoomein

Man Bhi Thirak Jaye, Baadal Ko Chume

( Chak De Chak De Chak De...Tere Sang Hai Ham )...(2)

( Ye Hawa Tere Paas Aake Hai Bah Rahi

Jhoom Le Mere Sang Kanon Mein Kah Rahi )...(2)

Lahra Ke Balkha Ke Muskura Ke Ji Le

Pi Le Hawaon Ko Gunguna Ke Ji Le

( Chak De Chak De Chak De...Tere Sang Hai Ham )...(2)

( Sach Hai Ye Bas Ek Baar Milti Hai Zindagi

Karvatein Badalti Hai Pal Pal Ye Zindagi )...(2)

Har Pal Ko Gale Se Hans Ke Laga Le

Pal Pal Mein Chhupi Jo Khushiyan Chura Le

( Chak De Chak De Chak De...Tere Sang Hai Ham )...(2)

Hans Ke To Dekh Tu Ek Baar, Khud Hi Aa Jaayegi Phir Bahaar )...(2)

Gaa Le Nayee Sargam, Geet Ek Naya Gaa, Aaya Naya Mausam Aaya Din Naya

( Chak De Chak De Chak De...Tere Sang Hai Ham )..

Suhani smiles all the along which makes Purvi delighted. She sees a different Armaan for making her friend smile again and starts falling for him. Tanu sets up to save herself and trap Armaan for Suhani's attack. 

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aswinmaja IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 October 2015 at 9:30pm | IP Logged
Very nice chapter update nest chapter soon make it fast pm me thanks for pm

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--simmi-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 1:33am | IP Logged
Tanu! Plans so much! I liked Pragyas talk with Suhani!

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-haleemzz- Senior Member

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Pragya's talk with Suhani was sweet
nice chapter
tanu is so annoying
do continue soon

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 5:51pm | IP Logged
i wish tanu plan get fail very badly to blame armaan for attack on suhani .

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abhiya23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 October 2015 at 6:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shafoo

i wish tanu plan get fail very badly to blame armaan for attack on suhani .

Hmm not sure if Tanu will fail this time because her exposure should be with her crime partners Wink

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