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Passion of devotion: Abhigya FF Part 36 (Pg 38) (Page 18)

anamika.viji IF-Rockerz

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Cute  ash :)
Thanks 4 the pm 

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Awesome updates yar koved it.
Thanks for.pm .
Continue soon plz.
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Part 18

Armaan gets a call from Alia  to inform about her trip to Bangkok. 

Alia : guess what? I got a big offer for the radio show from there

Armaan : thats amazing, all the best I know you will rock 

Alia : I have one request from you

Armaan : what is it?

Alia : I am leaving tomorrow night for the job, will you come to see me off?

Armaan : yeah sure

Alia : See you tomorrow (cuts the calls), Armaan Malthotra I will see for how long you do not accept my friendship 

Next day during evening Abhi sees the date and realizes it is Pragya's birthday next day. He plans big surprise for her but decides to wish her tonight. 

Bulbul : Ma, tomorrow is id's birthday, I am so excited 

Purab : Aunty, don't tell our plan to her, look at her behavior she will spoil everything 

Bulbul : how mean, Mr Purab khanna, I will not talk to you 

Purab : thank god, I will be spared from you voice (says teasingly) 

RD : Now listen, nobody will wish Pragya tomorrow till evening, we will give her big surprise 

Alia : bhai (voices roars in Mehra house) 

Dadi : In this old age will you make us deaf?

Alia : Dadi, stop that, hear the latest news 

Abhi : what big did you make now?

Alia : Bhai, I got a offer to work in radio show held in Bangkok and host in fashion show there 

Abhi : thats amazing, I am so proud of you (happily hugs her)

Dadi : god bless you with success my child

Alia :  dadi, I will have to leave tomorrow night

Abhi : but it is Pragya's birthday tomorrow 

Alia ; don't worry we leave after the party then you can continue your romance okay?

Abhi : really? (twists her ears) 

Alia : bhai, leave my ear

Dadi prays to god to keep them happy like this always and no evil cast on their relationship. Tanu calls Alia to meet her regarding the kidnapping issue. 

Alia : why did you call me? I told you not to meet me again after what you did

Tanu ; really Alia? don't forget that you are equally responsible for what happened earlier and I can tell everything to Abhi 

Alia : are you threatening me? 

Tanu : I am just threatening you right now, my words can become action anytime, so be careful because police is spying on that corporator, he can open his mouth anytime 

Alia : do whatever you want but don't try to mess with me

Tanu's word leaves Alia in tensed situation 

Alia  (in her mind): If everybody gets to know than I will lose bhai forever, he won't forgive me (cries) 

Purvi comes from behind the pillar clapping shocking both of them

Tanu : you?

Purvi : Oh you remembered my face, well I am not surprised, never underestimate enemy's power 

Alia : listen, I know I made a mistake but I regret it 

Purvi : Really? you think I am a fool to believe your words, if I don't make you both humiliate publicly then my name is not Purvi

Alia gets scared hearing her words as well as Tanu

Purvi : Till now you both were saved by your families but I won't care for anybody, the day will come when you come begging in front of me, Alia Mehra (leaves)

Mehra house

Dadi : Alia, here I want to start Abhi and Purab's marriage preparation, and you are leaving everything behind

Alia : Where am I going forever, I will be back soon

Abhi : dadi Pragya just want to do directly marriage not the other rituals

Alia : No way, 

Abhi : Even for Purab and Bulbul's marriage, they don't want all the rituals again 

Alia : Fine (pouts) we will see when I come back, but it will take about a month 

Akash : what are you saying?

Alia : the manager said the program will be about a month 

Dadi : you don't worry, go ahead 

Abhi asks Alia to help Pragya get into Mehra house for her birthday so he can go ahead with his surprise

Alia : okay I will try 

Arora house

Purab : what are you saying Alia?

Alia : I am saying truth, I got this big opportunity 

Bulbul : when are you leaving?

Alia : tomorrow night 

Sarla : but tomorrow is Pragya's birthday 

Alia : I know thats why I came here, I want to spend one full day with Pragya bhabhi before I leave

Purab : but she will be with you forever 

Bulbul : Mr Purab, do you think there is new rule that girls don't go the their in-laws, she will not be with me after few days too

Purab : and who said you will be leaving this country 

Alia : Aunty please can I take her with me?

Sarla is bit hesitant due to Pragya's health but Alia being Alia never gives up and make the person in front of her give up on her demand by faking some tears. Abhi listens all the conversation from phone and feels proud of his sister. 

Abhi : Alia, I knew you would make them agree, after all you are Rockstar Abhi's sister

RD : Why are you being hesitant? Alia, your sister-in-law will be there in evening

Alia : thank you dadi, bhai is right you are rockstar (jumps in excitement) 

RD : Thats what I am 

Purvi goes to meet the corporator who is on temporary bail. 

Neil : you? what are you doing here?

Purvi ; why are you shocked to see me? I thought you would remember me after I helped you with that kidnapping right?

Neil gets scared hearing her words 

Purvi : why are you sweating as if you got scared of an ant? 

Neil : what are you talking about?

Purvi shows him the video of his confession. Neil tries to snatch but she slaps him hardly. 

Neil : how dare you?

Purvi : If I want I would show this video to police right now and you could go behind bars forever but

Neil : But?

Purvi : I will give you one chance to save yourself, because I know you blamed on Alia's behest 

Neil : what do you want from me?

Purvi : I will help you remove all the charges against you but you will have to do as I say 

Neil : How should I believe you that you will help me?

Purvi ; you don't have any choice, but I will still give you time to think, and let me know, I know people like you to save yourself can make other people burn to hell, goodbye (leaves) 

Neil : If I don't listen to her, then I will go to jail again this time 

Armaan looks at his childhood picture with Pragya wishing her happy birthday. 

Armaan : I wish I could wish you this year but I don't even know where to find you, I am sorry Pragya, this time too I won't be able to wish you 

Rocky : have you fallen for Alia again or what?

Armaan : She changed my love to hate so easily that I will never be able to love anybody nor trust anyone again. even If i get that feeling I will not make the mistake of love again, understand, and don't raise this topic again in front of me (leaves) 

Late at night Abhi takes Pragya on terrace 

Pragya : where are you taking me?

Abhi : can you stop your questions for few minutes? (covers her eyes with his hands) 

Pragya : god, what is he planning now?

Abhi : okay stand here and slowly open your eyes

As Pragya opens her eyes she sees candle around and lights slowing turning on. She hears her rockstar husband's voice wishing her happy birthday. 

Abhi : happy birthday to the most beautiful girl in the whole universe and the angel of my life

Pragya gets tears of happiness imagining how she never expected somebody to be madly in love with her. 

Abhi : fuggy, come on blow this candles before the wind blows it off

Pragya blows off the candle and cuts the cake feeding Abhi but he puts the big piece in her mouth. 

Abhi makes her seat on sofa and grabs his guitar knowing how Pragya always wished to see him singing in front of her. 

Pragya : what are you doing?

Abhi sings romantic song for her and makes her dance with him. 

Mere bina rehne laga hun

 Teri hawaon me behne laga hun

 Jaane main kaise tera hua hu

 Mujhe to lagta hai main shayad tere dil ki dua hu

 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke



 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke


 Pehle se zyada main jee raha hoo

 Jabse main tere dil se juda hoo

 Rahon pe teri main to chala hoo

 Tu meri manzil hai tere kadmon pe bas rukne laga hu


 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke



 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke


 Teri nazar me nayi si adaa hai

 Naya sa nasha bhhi ghula hai

 Kayi dino se bandha tha baadal jo

 Tere hi baalon me khula hai


 Teri hadon me meri basar hai ab tujhe bhi

 Janu kidhar hai

 Jahan rahe tu main wo jahan hoo

 Jise jiye tu main wo sama hoo

 Teri waja se naya naya hoo

 Pehle kaha na maine ab ye tumse kehne laga hun..aaa


 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke


 Tujhko jo paaya ahan to jeena aaya

 Ab ye lamha theher jaye tham jaye bas jaye hum dono ke


Pragya :this is the best birthday of my life, you know I never celebrated it after dad left us (says in painful tone) 

Abhi : you know one thing is very common between both of us 

Pragya : That our are not with us 

Abhi ; yes, but both of us have seen worst in our life from childhood when we had to take care of our younger sibling but Iwill make sure that our past will never affect our future 

Pragya : Promise 

Abhi : Promise 

Pragya :what happened?

Abhi : nothing, I want to show you something, come 

Both of them goes to Abhi's room much to the surprise for Pragya when she sees the her and Abhi's picture on the walls 

in which most of them are only of hers. 

Pragya : what is all this? why did you remove your pictures (asks with concern) 

Abhi : why? you didn't like this all ?

Pragya : its not that

Abhi : you know dadi always says that the when child is supposed to be born then the one who face is always in front of him he/she might be look like that person 

Pragya ; so?

Abhi : so when we will have our child then I want it to be like you, i don't mind if it is girl or boy 

Pragya who is now unable to control her emotion give tight hug to Abhi crying soberly. She wishes nothing more in her life when she got everything. 


Rocky : did you think what will you do with audition 

Armaan is about to say something when he spots Purvi coming in his house 

Purvi : I have decided to be partner with you, what say (forward her hand) 

Armaan ; then deal, I will do skate dance with you 

Precap : Will Armaan's motive affect Pragya's life again? What new storm he would bring indirectly to his childhood friend whom he craves to meet from years? 

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Nice Ash! A lot going on!

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Nice chapter thanks for pm continue soon pm me make it fast

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Originally posted by --simmi--

Nice Ash! A lot going on!

Thanks a ton, lot of coming too Wink

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Awesome and after so many days u updated..
Purvi rocks!!ClapClap
But i don't want alia to suffer , she has become good!!
I liked AbhiGya so muchDay Dreaming
Update soon , waiting for next one eagerly.Embarrassed

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Part 19 

Later Pragya passes from Alia's room and hears her weep softly worrying her. She sees from back at a picture Alia is looking in her phonw

Alia : Bhabhi (wipes her tears) 

Pragya : you don't have to show me your fake happiness 

Alia  ; what are you talking about?

Pragya : tell me truth whose picture you were looking at?

Alia is scared to answer her not wanting anybody to know 

Pragya : You know even if you don't tell me I will find it other way, better tell me know, were you thinking about Armaaan

Alia : how do you know (says in fear) 

Pragya makes her sit on bed and asks her about Armaan 

Alia : Bhabhi, stop teasing me 

Pragya : Okay if you don't consider me your then fine

Alia ; wait, 

Pragya : Then tell me

Alia ; Actually (starts to tell the truth) I never realized when I started to like him 

Pragya : but what about that incidence?

Alia : I know it was not his fault thats why I am still regretting to let him go 

Armaan reaches the place where Purvi called him for practice 

Purvi : Even on holiday you want to be late

Armaan : Okay I am sorry don't get angry now 

Purvi : did you bring your skates

Armaan : yea, Rocky will be here soon, till then we can practice for the concert, what say?

Purvi : okay fine

Mehra house

Alia tells Abhi to arrange Purab and Bulbul's marriage of his marriage day. 

Abhi : Are you sure?

Alia : Of course bhai, I am fine with it 

Abhi ; But I will miss you 

Alia : Don't worry I have postponed my trip till you get married 

Pragya : Alia, are you crazy? its the question of your career

Abhi puts the cotton in his ears and pretends to get bored with her lectures which annoys her. 

Pragya : don't try to show that you are enjoying my lecture

Abhi : that is not fair, you should not read people's mind

Dadi informs Abhi and Purab that their marriage dates are fixed next week. Bulbul and Pragya decides to go for shopping and takes Alia with them. 

Purvi teaches Armaan the techniques to learn skate dance. Both of them becomes friends quickly during their practices which is noticed by Suhani and Rocky. Armaan starts to like her nature and personality. 

Purvi ; I must say you dance very well

Armaan : I told you I am a multitalented person

Purvi ; you don't need to praise yourself that much, even I can sing better than you

Armaan : well we will see in next practice (says while skating)

All four of them goes out for coffee in the evening 

Suhani : Are you also seeing what I am seeing

Rocky : whatever it is, I am happy after long time Armaan is smiling 

Armaan sees a goon trying to eve tease on Purvi but he ignores it instead of fighting on it. He sees somebody hitting a traffic police officer and goes to beat him. He severely beats up that guy when he could not control his anger. Rocky and Suhani takes him away before he loses his cool more. Purvi is horrified to witness the aggressiveness first time in his behavior. 

Abhi calls Pragya alone to the nearby mall but Alia does not let her go agitating Abhi little bit. 

Bulbul : Alia what are you doing, mu jiju is so desperate to meet her

Alia : you seem to care about your jiju a lot, not bad

Later in the evening Abhi and Purab buys a wedding dress for Pragya and Bulbul with the help of Alia.

Abhi : hey fuggy come with me (takes her to room and maker her sit in front of mirror) 

Pragya : what are you doing ?

Abhi covers Pragya's head with the wedding dress stole and asks her if she liked the dress. 

Pragya : this is so beautiful 

Abhi ; But not more than the person who will wear this, I cannot wait for you wear this in real now

Pragya blushes hearing his words but gets scared when their picture frame  falls on the ground due to wind. Abhi notices her tensed face and assures her everything will be fine but Pragya is not convinced with his words. Purab late at night goes to Bulbul's house and gifts her the wedding dress. 

Tanu informs Raj that she got a brilliant idea to separate Pragya forever from Abhi. 

Raj : Are you mad? think about it once

Tanu : don't worry, this plan will workout and I will execute it in such a way, Pragya will never be able to face anybody 

Alia goes to meet Armaan by going to his house and surprising him. 

Armaan : what are you doing here?

Alia : why? you did not like my surprise, I brought something for you (gifts him a box) 

Armaan open up the gift and finds a showpiece of friendship. Alia tells him to keep it as a symbol of their friendship and hugs him happily. She gets sad when he pulls her back. 

Alia : what happened?

Armaan ; Alia, please its better if you don't come that close to me 

Alia ; Did I make any mistake? 

Armaan : No but if you ever get to know that I lied to you than you will be heartbroken again in real this time

Alia shows her immense trusts on him saying he could never hurt anybody which breaks Armaan's heart. 

Armaan : you trust me that much?

Alia : I know you very well, you cannot hurt anyone even in your dreams 

While Alia sees his injured hand and is too much concerned about it. 

Armaan : nothing I am fine, it was just an accident, don't worry 

Alia invites him to have candle light dinner with her next day which he hesitantly agrees while she leaves. Rocky who overhears everything tells Armaan to give up his quest on ruining Abhi. Purvi at the same time comes to his chawl and sees Alia going into her car and wonders what she was doing. 

Purvi : how is your hand now?

Rocky was also there taunted Armaan for wooing two girls together at the same time. 

Purvi : I brought this food for you 

Rocky : what a luck, I cant' even woo a single girl, and he is handling two at same time

Armaan ; Shut up, you know I am not concerned about anything, everything was going well but I don't know how this Purvi came in middle of everything, I can't do anything wrong whenever she is around me and even Alia's trust is forcing me to back out

Rocky : Pay heed to my advise, if you don't finish this quickly you will land up in big trouble 

Precap : what will be Tanu's new evil plan and how will it effect Pragya's life?

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