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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by astha2409

beautiful observation... and beautifully written...awesome post loved it totally thank for sharing...

aww thnx a lot astha for commentin here n likin my post..Hug

Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by arshuaar

beautiful post... wonderful song
Day Dreaming Manan ... amazing observation..Thumbs Up

thnx dear for commentin here n likin my post...HugHugHug
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sizzysehrish

Hey Nikki!!!!!Smile
Thank you for making post on this special manan filled weekEmbarrassed
I really wnted you to make a post on each and every heart touching scene
Whenever i sw any scene i just thot to read ur view
Ur writngs made this scene more special and lovely

You are very right tht manik is the most prefect lovely and dream lover any one could think off in their lifeStarStar
I too would love to have some one like Manik in my life
His love for Nandini is unconditional 
Fot Manik nandini is everything
He cant tolerate any single harm to her 
He cant see her in pain
He can destroy whole world for her 

Jeena Jeena sequence was cherry of the delicious cake 
They way he provide her comfort , the way he said those line . Each sentence was meaningful. Culd feel it .Day Dreaming

And nikki this is for you for this awesome postHugHug

sehr...aww am really glad to knw unknowingly hi sahi i fulfilled to see ur wish of gettin a topic frm me for last week epis...Big smileBig smile

Manik's love for Nandu has grown by leaps n bounds this week n its ever increasin...ClapClap

nw waitin to see hw our Nandu fights back n hw Manik will be her support in the fight to get justice...!!

beautiful post dear n thnx so much for lovin my post lik alwz...HugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:26am | IP Logged
finally replied to all pending posts here...once again thnx all for the wonderful responses HugHugHugHugHugHug

Edited by Nikki_Titli - 10 May 2015 at 4:27am
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

Joined: 03 June 2009
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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:27am | IP Logged

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Ireena7 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 5:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

Originally posted by Ireena7

such a beautiful post with such a nice song yaar...
what a feeling Day Dreaming
getting goosebumps seriously Embarrassed

Iru..long time dear...hws u?our rockstar is makin us go more n more mad n obsessed abt him and as well as his onscreen char..WinkDay Dreaming

nywz thnx for ur wonderful compliment n likin my post..HugHugHug
yeah long time yaar Hug
I am absolutely fine, little busy in classes and with family Embarrassed
What about you???
yes yes yes,,,,our rockstr is making us crazy with his superb acting yaar Day DreamingBlushing
He is just too good..

I love your every topic yaar, you describe so beautifully scenes na that I feel good while reading Big smile

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deactivated_bye Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 6:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

Originally posted by Aresha_uchiha

First of a bg bg congo on ur 275th post dear!!!
this is my 275th epi topic for any show...bt in general its my 529th topic in IF which is also my 21st KY2 topic..Big smileBig smile...thnx for wishes..Hug

Seeing d jeena jeena scene i knew that sumthg lyk dis was comin 4 u here my wish gets fulfilled n lov 4 dis!!!!
aru..am glad tht unknowingly hi sahi i fulfilled ur wish..thnx for likin my posts n lookin forward to them...means a lot to me...HugHug

Now now first of lov lov d title "SAJDE SAR JHUKTA HAI" wat 2 say d line says it all of course. Our Manik who never bows down 2 any 1 nt even police LOL bends down all d tym 4 his Nandu just 2 see her smile n d way with pure emotions PaNi enacts it makes my dill goo zoom zoom n i wish 1 day i find my very own monster who will do the same 4 me...
dear..i so so agree esp last line...Manik jaisa ladka UNFORTUNATELY v can see only in reel world...OuchOuch...its so unfair na...y he din make clone of himself for real world too so tht ppl lik u n me could also hv got the "benefit"..LOLWink...
Also comin to topic title..thts wht i feel for Manik aftr this week epis...so thts hw this title is here..bt yes it suits for Manik too...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Lov d scenes u hve chosen they r like pure jst pure bliss pumped in every inch with MaNan love... 
indeed those scenes reflect SHUDH BLISSFUL LOVE of MaNan..!!

First of the first scene hats off Parth the way u enacted it made me weep i could feel tears fill up my eyes. D emotions his touchs flowed through her was just hats off really... He was using his touchs and PaNi to erase each pain n wound that psycho Pandit "ji" vested upon her. He was using the love of his touches 2 forget the evil creepy touch that Pandit had dared 2 put. And when he saw her completely bruised ear as u put it when he could nt see a little cut on her bt now his princess so much mental n physical pains that completely broke her down.. N d angry and disgust he was feeling at himself was displayed clearly by the excellent expressions our Parth babu gave wat can I say hats off babu hats off all d hail of expressions. His pained expression and his tears over pain was like as u put "mere aasko main rota hain" Wow PaNi just wow lov 4 dis lov 4 dis love fillled shower scene ur all shower scnenes r awsuum bt dis takes d cake...!!!!! Manik babu maar dala!!!
Manik nandini ko dard mein nahi dekh sakta n me manik ko dard mein nahi dekh sakti...OuchLOL..n major credit goes to Parth for being such epic real in conveyin the pain,the anger,the disappointment,the helplessness Manik felt in tht shower scene..!!

Then the second one lets say one word cutee. What Manik did 4 her i guess no 1 no 1 even could think of doin dat... Aww mera baccha kya baat hai.. Super se bhi upaar. First of babu brought her that haldi dudh no no to put it correctly sprang on d chance to bring her haldi dudh just 2 see his star. N meri pyaari Chachi u proved it again u r d best Manan believer in d world n d 2nd best Manan cupid as our cabir here already reserved the first place!! The way he drank haldi dudh 4 her aww soo sweet Manik u proved it yet again the lov u feel 4 Nandu.. the scene made me go numb 1 again... Ummaah kya batau ur everyy sip was lyk  d proof dat how much u lov Nandu!! kya batay meri jaan n d way u were makin faces behind her back n d way she smiled lukin at u my dil toh garden garden ho gaya!!! Simply wow all hail d modern heer ranjha of modern days our very own MaNan. Hamari Nandu bhi kya kaam hai she drank d haldi dudh in 1 sip (bt u know i lov haldi dudh bahoot its my fav) i was lyk aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai bhai!!! wow MaNan u nailed it n d scene was just soo chweet!!! N d way our Manik baba smiled luking at his love smile for me it was Muskurane ki Wajahn tum ho... I lov u Manik baba I really lov u Hats off u deserve it a delivery of expressions!!! Awsuuummm umaaah let me kiss u!!!! Bt the song u used i hvent heard it before!!!!
MaNan is truly a FOREVER ICONIC JODI lik Heer-Ranjha..!! Tht haldi milk scene ws one of the most cutest yet one of the most heart touchin MaNan scenes where love of both Manik n Nandini which they feel for each other bhar bharke dekhne ko mila..Big smileBig smile...And the song i used for this scene is the SAME SONG which MaNan danced in the party before Nandu got talli for 1st time..remember?if not see my topic i made then for tht same dance seq n some manan scenes after nandu got talli then..(u can read n comment abt it HERE IN THIS TOPIC if u wish...but NOT on topic link i posted below as its way too epic old topic n it would be weird if it appears in 1st page if u commentBig smile)
Now d last n d best scene of them n lyk u its my fav MaNan moment of all time soo same pinch!!! U know Manik baba here sang this my heart leapt upto my mouth n i was lyk Yipee Yahooo!! This is my fav song lov u CVS 4 it!!! N every line of d song is lyk it is made 4 them srsly!!! How Nandu came n changed Manik's life turned him from Monster 2 d Lover boy!!! How she taught him 2 live it was like Manik n Nandu were living each line very very good take a bow i lov it!!!! N way Nandu shifted her position 2 look at her prince charming I must say Looks lyk his every sight gives u life haan na Nandu!! From d way he careesed her face 2 d way she holds his hand everything was picture perfect n d MaNan magic was on fire n their chemistry was making me smile haan sikha maine jeena jeena!!! LOv u sooo much MaNan!!! I lov d song u chose 4 dis dear!! sajdhe saar jhukta hain yaara main kya karoo Rab ne bana di jodi!!! MaNan is a heaven made couple our perfect two!! Perfect together!!! N m humming dis song like crazy!!! Picture Perfect!!!
aww cute take on last scene which is the bestest scene of last week..ClapClap...it had so many picture perfect moments..Big smileBig smile

Manik baba u made me fall in lov with u all over again batau tum itne acha kaise ho sakta ho irrestible??? I lov u dil se sachi!!! N like ur every other post I lov dis 1 to d core dear!!! N here again i m back with my Ramayan!!! I lov u n like always u nailed it beautiful writing, pics , words, songs, descrptions everything fell in lov with MaNan all over again!!! lov u soo much!!! I must say I said lastt time Manik raised d level of every girls do list bt dis he raised it once again so learn smthng from him guys!!! 
if only guys learnt atleast 1% frm Manik,then it would hv made lots of diff..LOL..nywz super rockin post dear..hv put ur comment in best comments section in pg1 n thnx a ton for lovin my post so much...HugHugHug...luv u too..HugHug

Love from d Manik deewani

Awww thank  u dear!!! u made feel soo special!!! thank u soo muchHugHug

I read d post of d link u send me N i was lyk awssuumm u shocked me 1 again!!! N m srsly ur no. 1 fan kya batau in 1 line kya ost hai bhai!!!

Unfortunately I hvent seen the above epi as i did nt kyy that time one of those time when I was against kyy d black times of my life Ouch!!!

Bt reading ur post made me get the hang of the whole scene!! N I say i lovd the pics u used wat a pic lov Manik n his killer expressions in each n every pic they made my day!!!!

i hve seen d MaNan dance in soo many vms made n i just lov it rocking chemistry as u said awww i lov d way MaNan talked through their eyes wat 2 maarr dala n d way they dance is lyk i dont have words 2 express awww!!! Ummaah u deserve all d lov u get bth of u MaNan u guys naileddd itt perfect se bhi accha!!!  N d way he lifted her was out of d world as though she is d most precious thing of his life or more accurately his life herself!!! n d pics n words u posted hatts of dear hats off ( is u real name nikki?) n as u put it d cheoreogrphy is simple yet beautiful romantic n d chemistry sizzling ( I think they shuld try 4 nach baliye they put d stage in fire haina na? I soo wish MaNan was PaNi in real life 2 pls god pls!!!!!)

N d talli talli scence remained me of talli hai yeh jamaana n hum ka peeni hai peeni hai hum ka peeni LOL!! Perfect perfect Niti hamari pyaari si baby doll u r our baby doll main soni ki!! Even though I m always jazlous of u this time I could nt help bt admire u hats off princess hats off!!! I lov u 4 gaiving this LOl tym n awsumm romantic MaNan  moment I Lov u Niti baby srsly bahoot jyaada!!!

N comin 2 d Manik Monster Malhotra kya batau as always u roccckk my baby!! U expressions remained me of Ankhhe khuli ho ya ho band deedar unka hota hai  kaise kahu main ao yaara yeh pyaar kaise hota hain!!!! wow wow wow Manik mere jaan u r just awsum mind blwing!!! kya batau how much i lov u!! d way u luk at her is just soo awsum n d way u admire her is magical n as u said it dear no 1 no 1 can be lyk him no 1 Manik is ek hazzaro nahi jahan mein sirf ek!! kya tum real life main bhi reel life mein aise hi ho Parth Baba??? N now coming 2 d dori scene dis was epic epic my darlings just epic!! jaise tum ne kaha tha we have seen many dori scene bt dis was epic!! n our talli nandu was strippoin herself in front of manik n his expressions was like peeli loon!! n i was lyk soo tellywwod ke emraan hashmi ab aap kya karengay bt lyk n supre gentle man he tied her dori n I was lyk jahapane tu si gr8!!! mera sona munda mera gentle gentle se chi gentle super man 

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Shez.Ishra09 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

Originally posted by Shez.Ishra09

did u noticed one common thing in both confessions..that both females didnt confessed their love yet! So now it will be a treat to watch that how they will confess their love!Big smile..

shez i beg to differ here

Nandini did confess I LOVE U by writin tht on Manik's hands n also HER LINE of hw when he n she r together,they r PERFECT n thts MUCH MORE THAN saying i love u...Big smileBig smile

Ishita-well she has to..bt again her silent gestures tht time worked for me..though i would hv loved if she had explicitly said or said somethin else..but its fine as then i din felt tht much incomplete..!!

i already replied to ur comment in manan confession post..nw waitin for ur comment in ishra one..Big smile

You are absloutely right. But i meant the THREE MAGICAL WORDS..Embarrassed..Wo nai bolay na abhiWink..and nandani did confessed non verbally..but i want a verbal confession from her side. 

Yeah the tears in her eyes were enough to show that she loves him equally...but i want the same case with ishu that she should SAY these words to raman. i just wanna listen these words by these two wonderful ladies. 

Ahaan i checked ur comment there..Wink..will reply to ishRa confession post nowWink..

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