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sizzysehrish IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Hey Nikki!!!!!Smile
Thank you for making post on this special manan filled weekEmbarrassed
I really wnted you to make a post on each and every heart touching scene
Whenever i sw any scene i just thot to read ur view
Ur writngs made this scene more special and lovely

You are very right tht manik is the most prefect lovely and dream lover any one could think off in their lifeStarStar
I too would love to have some one like Manik in my life
His love for Nandini is unconditional 
Fot Manik nandini is everything
He cant tolerate any single harm to her 
He cant see her in pain
He can destroy whole world for her 

Jeena Jeena sequence was cherry of the delicious cake 
They way he provide her comfort , the way he said those line . Each sentence was meaningful. Culd feel it .Day Dreaming

And nikki this is for you for this awesome postHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by IFollower

Alrite.. here I am, finally able to sit and make a post. As much as I have waited for you to post something, I have been waiting to come back and write something. Not because you or the others have left something unsaid, it is purely because, I am not able to stop thinking about MaNan and hence the NEED (not want) to come and continue to gush about it. 
lavy...lik others here,am glad u ppl were wishin to see my topic too when the forum ws already filled with wonderful topics...n am glad unknowingly hi sahi i could fulfill tht wish of u n others here...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

Where do I start Nikki? And what do I say? As you said, there have been too too many posts about MaNan. Such is the magic that they have been creating. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, that though this is supposed to be a youth show, the show, especially MaNan have captured the hearts of all ages!! Its like MaNan and their Magic Land/World,where they have pulled us all into. So, what can you say about Magic??? MaNan's magic is like a spell, from where I really find it difficult to come out. Never have I fallen in so much love with fictional characters. In fact, many a time, I forget that this is a show and MaNan are just characters. Niti and Parth are living and breathing in their roles... whatever told about their professionalism and dedication, doesn't do justice!! 
i hv said tht felt tht many times too before ki such mature handling..such REAL GROWTH in characters,PROGRESSION in love story-and tht too to such great perfect extent-tht i think i hv seen only in KY2...kudos to CVs n ofcourse PaNi for LIVING AS MANAN onscreen...

Stopping the rant above, coming to your thread/ post. So beautifully you have picked the most epic scenes in the last few days. In fact, I'd say, had U asked me what was the most beautiful one- I would have really struggled to choose. For me, each and every scene of MaNan since FC night has been beautiful. And MaNan dont stop to surprise us, the way they have been growing (that is all kudos to the CVs, Director and Niti and Parth). Their relationship is as beautiful as a fully bloomed tree with flowers of PROMISES OF LOVE, CARE, AFFECTION, LOYALTY, PROTECTION AND TOGETHERNESS!!!
aww wht a wonderful symbolism dear...i so so LOVED the flowers u mentioned..ClapClap..

I dont want to go off on an tangent, which is quite easy with MaNan. I am pulling myself to come back to your post and concentrate on ur post and ONLY ur post. But I have a strong feeling I will be spamming your thread. My advanced apologies if you feel and think I did. Its really NOT me, but MaNan doing it Embarrassed!!!
dnt be so formal with me next time...feel free to rant re..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

1) The first scene of urs- the SHOWER scene. Never have I ever seen such a poignant scene on any Television, let alone Indian Telly. In fact, the whole scene leading to Nandini walking to the shower was heart-wrenching. But what struck me was, albeit in a trance, she walked into the shower, without closing the door. Of course, she was in shock and numb, but I took it as, subconsciously she wanted Manik to come help clean her. And the way Manik walked in, as if, he knew that is what Nandini expected him to do. Boy... I have such a heavy heart, thinking about it and typing it out. And Manik's expressions of seeing Nandini, without life, standing like a doll under the shower.. CryCry! He, slowly walking upto her, very gingerly touching her to reassure her- its him, HER MANIK and then trying to clean her physical marks on the body and YES.. the standing out scene of the whole lot.. Nandini's bleeding ear. I can't recollect Manik every recoiling or reacting to his own injuries or wounds.  It wasn't just Nandini's ear that was bleeding, it was HIS HEART that was bleeding. And how can U stop a bleeding heart- IT KILLS YOU!!!!!
indeed it ws his heart which ws bleedin more n more seein the very very sad state of his shining star..CryCry...

I know you haven't mentioned the towel scene following the shower but that was also a very beautiful moment for me. I took the white towel to be a symbolism between these 2 young, innocent, pure lovers. I have made a post on this and hope you dont mind me C/P here. 

And the most significant thing for me was the WHITE TOWEL, they used in the shower scene. I am sure, this is a much thought out idea by the CVs and NOT just a co-incidence. 

What does the colour White signify??? 


Nandini and Manik- OUR DEAR MANAN- they stand for everything that is WHITE.

The LOVE they have for each other is PURE. 

INNOCENCE- Yes, they should have been 2 innocent teenagers, oblivious to the ways of the world, but fate and destiny have from time to time, presented them with multitude of problems and evils. But when together, they still have the power to make their lives, uncomplicated and INNOCENT yet again.
Manik and Nandini together, as MANAN mean COMPLETENESS. They are incomplete without each other. 

They bring HOPE, PEACE and COMFORT to each other. Light following darkness. 

The towel scene was a symbolism of Manik ensuring her his PROTECTION and like wise Nandini, reciprocating the same. They are there to protect each other at all times. He was shielding her and so was she, encasing him with her under the same blanket of encouragement and protection an security. 

CLEANLINESS here means- Manik trying to help HIS NANDINI, to cleanse and strengthen her spirit and her whole self. 

Finally- it is the start of a new beginning. Manik encouraging Nandu to put the past behind her, consider it as a dreadful nightmare and to move on. 

And sub-consciously, Nandu (Manik's Nandini) accepted all the above gestures, joining Manik with her. 
i loved all manan scenes includin the towel one...but bcoz evryone is ought to hv their favs,my post has only the best 3 scenes which i felt ws the best n very very typical MaNan-ish...ClapClap...but am THANKFUL to u coz u DEFINITELY enhanced the beauty of tht towel scene for me..!! I ws way too much lost in the heartwrenching scene shown before white towel(which is the one i mentioned in topic)-tht i din register much abt towel scene...!! but nw when i read ur take,i feel lik omg thts so true..!! thank u for makin me PROPERLY NOTICE tht scene with ur beautiful take...ClapClapClap...

2) Your 2nd scene- the haldi wala milk scene!! Though very subtle, what a deep meaning that scene depicts. Manik and Nandini are no longer 2 different people. They are, but 1 SOUL in 2 bodies!! How very well they understand each other. Manik, drinking Haldi-Milk for the sake of Nandini, though he utterly hates the taste of it, so much so, that he almost pukes..!! And lo, behold, what does he get?? A TWINKLE in the eyes of his STAR, a small SMILE on her beautiful lips, and did anyone notice the LOVE in her eyes?? Such a beautifully shot scene- esp the reflections in the mirror and then Manik's lips slowly smiling too, seeing his beautiful Nandini smiling!! Awww... HeartHeart!! Really hats off to the CVs for giving us such heart-warming scenes and episodes ClapClapClap!!
the mirror scene ws the best moment in tht haldi milk scene..these two broken souls smiled each other for the 1st time aftr mishap n tht too bcoz of each other...StarStarStar

3) Finally, the last episode and the song of Jeena, Jeena!! God... Nikki, can't even begin to express how I felt watching the episode and the aftermath of it. Niti's and Parth's expressions..ClapClapClap, they deserve a standing ovation!! 
As I said before, they speak the language of LOVE and they can so well communicate even in SILENCE!!! Do they look like teen-agers in love? Definitely NOT... they look and act like very seasoned, matured lovers who have been through so much and understand each other very well- in and out!! The song, Manik's care, affection, devotion, worship, love towards Nandini- their looks, not for once, leaving each other and Nandini holding Manik's hand for that extra security and finally the fore-head kiss... which poured out all of Manik's LOVE... I really do not have any words to describe all the above. Should I say, that whole scene was poignant, touching and at the same time was so ETHEREAL and DIVINE!!! It was like Manik was soothing and calming my distressed heart, my aching heart and my weeping heart. I felt like he was singing a lullaby to comfort me. Watching that scene made me feel so at peace. Such a SERENE moment!! 
No words would ever do justice to the whole scene/ episode. 
lavy U R ON FIRE...gosh outstanding take..!! am so so glad u r postin these days n not bein silent..!! u ECHOED the feelings i felt while watchin the scene n esp the part u said THIS SCENE GAVE ME PEACE...IMMENSE PEACE as if Manik sang for me..!! hw epic convincing ws Parth in the scene n no wonder v forget tht its not real its reel..!!

I dont even want to dare go back and look what I have written. I just hope it was not mere nonsense and did make some sense. 

Finally.. I once again, want to thank the whole of KY2 team (on and behind the screens) for giving us such a wonderful, fantabulous show and episodes Clap!!!

I know, I keep saying finally and still am here... Just wanted to end with 1 song for OUR LOVELY MANAN!!

Vaada Rahaa Pyaar Se Pyaar Ka...
Ab Hum Na Honge Judaa!!

(Came by to add this song as well.. one of my all time favourites, so soulfu and emotional.. and I feel this is very apt to Manik, like "Jeena, Jeena")

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera 
Tujhse juda agar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

HugHug Lavy

lovely song choices n truly outstanding comment..ClapClap..hv put ur comment in best comments section in pg1 n thnx so much for lovin my post  alot..

Originally posted by IFollower

Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

this is my 529th post i hv made in IF and also jst realised that this is my 275th episode related topic i hv made in IF...i hv made epi related topics for 18 serials frm 2009 to till nw n am so glad my 275th epi related topic is on Manik...PartyParty

CONGRATULATIONS Nikki Thumbs UpThumbs Up!!! Ur posts add colour and life to the forum!!!! And dont we all need that????
aww thnx Lavy...its very sweet of u to think lik this abt my posts..thank u..

Hug Lavy

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ireena7

such a beautiful post with such a nice song yaar...
what a feeling Day Dreaming
getting goosebumps seriously Embarrassed

Iru..long time dear...hws u?our rockstar is makin us go more n more mad n obsessed abt him and as well as his onscreen char..WinkDay Dreaming

nywz thnx for ur wonderful compliment n likin my post..HugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Smiley_23

Dear Masoommm 
 it's really sweeet of u to dedicate this super awesome post to Me and EveRani... trust me it means a lot to me...
aww my smiley rani...this is for u...

Last two week is such a roller coaster ride for MaNan and us viewers... there were so many scenes in these last two weeks that are  and all u can do is watch them again and again and get lost in MaNan dream land  
yaar...saara replies ek taraf n ur post ek taraf..gosh cant make out whose cuter-manan or ur smileys tht reflect manan n their moods..WinkWink

and coming back to your post... what do i say?????... kaise kar leti ho tum????????? it's like u r  and it's really beautiful picture... to u for that... 
ws tht deliberate one quotin some1's lines?LOL...bt jo bhi ho IT WORKED ON ME..LOL..THE MOMENT i read this line all i could remember ws Manik's SAME LINE he said many times in show...n tht made me..Blushing..thank u gutter stud for this spl manik feel u bought to ur comment..this is for u..

...n thank u tht u felt my post as a pic i draw-thts one of the best compliments i hv got for my posts...thank u...

PS: After reading ur post... have to watch all these scene again... honestly i hv lost the count kitani bar dekhe haine... LOL
me too lost count on hw many times i saw "jeena jeena"..LOLLOL...nywz thnx for this super adorable comment..hv put ur post in pg1 where i reserved for u..Hug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shez.Ishra09

did u noticed one common thing in both confessions..that both females didnt confessed their love yet! So now it will be a treat to watch that how they will confess their love!Big smile..

shez i beg to differ here

Nandini did confess I LOVE U by writin tht on Manik's hands n also HER LINE of hw when he n she r together,they r PERFECT n thts MUCH MORE THAN saying i love u...Big smileBig smile

Ishita-well she has to..bt again her silent gestures tht time worked for me..though i would hv loved if she had explicitly said or said somethin else..but its fine as then i din felt tht much incomplete..!!

i already replied to ur comment in manan confession post..nw waitin for ur comment in ishra one..Big smile

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 4:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Umanair

Wonderful post Hug HugHug
started watching this show with all my Heart

uma...WELCOME to ky2 forum...HugHug

so hv u finally caught up with all epis?wht u feel abt ky2 now?Embarrassed

nywz am so glad to see u here as a new ky2 fan..Big smileBig smile

thnx dear for commentin here n likin my post..HugHugHug
-Red-Rose- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Nikki_Titli

Originally posted by -Red-Rose-

You've said it all darling..nothing more to add!!Big smile
No words for the post..i'm speechless!!Heart

Thanks so much for such an amazing post!!Star
You are truly a rockstar!!ClapClap
I love you!!Heart

aww love u too my cutiepie n thnx for lovin my post lik alwz...ur support alwz means a lot to me...HugHugHug
Sweety...you are super awesome!!Star
Thx for feeling so..u are way too kind to me!!HugHugHug

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Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by ameerafatima

Thanks dear...

u r welcome dear Smile

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