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Helloo Ppl...Big smileBig smile...I knw this forum is already filled with many wonderful topics on so many many heartfelt MaNan scenes v got in this week epis..!! And tonite am also joinin this "gush-fest" goin on here...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...So here i am finally with my post as i really really really wanted to make post ever since i sawthe BEST SCENE of this week-"Jeena Jeena" song seq on MaNan in thurs epi[7th May]of KY2 this week..Big smileBig smile...!!

This whole week can be seen as one of those best KY2 weeks where evry epi ws BANG ON...ClapClap..!! MaNan relation hv grown more deep n MaNan love has grown more n more intense with this week epis..!! But my this post is here SOLELY coz of Manik Malhotra.!! I fell in more n more love with KY2,MaNan as evry epi passed by this week...But my obsession for manik,my love for manik n my respect for manik has been growiin at epic rapid rate coz of this week epis and esp coz of 3 PRECIOUS SCENES..Heart
HeartHeart...!! And tonite this post i made is for him n those best 3 scenes of this week which i feel r those CLASSIC scenes which can be cited as few examples to show "THIS IS HOW MANIK LOVES NANDINI...THIS IS HOW EPIC INTENSE n PASSIONATE n HEART TOUCHING is the LOVE Manik feel for Nandini..And this is how one love some1 more than his life"...ClapClapClap..

So lemme present those 3 CLASSIC SCENES of this week which r the HIGHLIGHTS of this week for me..Big smileBig smile..!! I hv posted the scenes one by one in the order they which got telecasted in various epis of this week..Big smileBig smile...Also i hv used some lines of few songs to PERFECTLY describe the ESSENCE of the scenes in one line
..Big smileBig smile...

(Song : Teri Gallyiaan & Film - Ek Villain)
Originally posted by ..RiskTaker..

^^This shower scene esp these moments as shwn in the wonderful avis made by @..RiskTaker.. above is the 1st scene i super loved this week..!! There were many heart wrenching moments before this shower scene.. But this one took the cake for me..ClapClap...!! Manik,with his heartfelt love n care,ws trying to(symbolically)wipe away all the scars tht psycho creepo pandit gave to Nandu when pandit kidnapped her..!! And then came this moment when he saw hw her ear ws badly hurt n the expressions Manik had then(as seen in avis above)-jst took my heart away n left me teary eyed..CryCry..!! While seein her bruised ear,he ws first so mad at himself as he again felt its his fault tht he couldn save nandu frm this torture before..Though v all knw theres no fault of Manik..Bt this is hw typical Manik behaves who blames himself if nythin mishap happens to ppl he values so much n here its Nandini who means the world to him..!! And then followed by tht anger,came the PAIN which he felt coz he saw shes in PAIN n tht broke him more..!! I bet more than Nandu,its Manik who felt more pain then coz this guy cant evn stand a small cut on her finger n he go in worried mode(as v saw durin startin days of pandit track when nandu's finger got cut)n here he saw her ear in a badly hurt manner n it ws TOO MUCH for him..!! Already he ws in pain seein his Nandu totally shattered n devastated coz of kidnapping drama n the physical tortures she had to undergo coz of creepo Pandit and this sight of her bruised ear-only added more fuel to his pain..!! His immense love is so so reflected in this scene...!! Seeing her in pain,he feels the pain n seein her in tears,he also cries with her..CryCryCry..!! Such a CLASSIC scene tht ws..!! Manik ws LITERALLY SHOWERING his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE n CARE on her when she needed it the most...ClapClapClap..!!

(Song : Baatein Kuch Ankahee & Film - Life In a Metro)
Originally posted by -Cherry-

^^Thats the 2nd scene of this week,as seen in the wonderful avis above made by @-Cherry-,which made me go super proud of him..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...When Manik ws being restless of not being able to be with Nandu,our darling MaNan cupid-Nandu's chachi came to the rescue..Big smileBig smile..She told Manik to go to her room n make her drink haldi ka doodh as it will be good for her health..!! And Manik who ws literally waitin for one chance,agreed to this rite away..LOLWink...He reached her room n sat on her bed n told tht chachi had send this haldi ka doodh for her n he told chachi feels only Manik can make Nandu drink it as Nandu dnt lik haldi ka doodh..!! Nandu as expected ws not ready to drink..!! So Manik told tht he will also drink as if to give her company..!!And he took sip of it twice n told her its so yum n she should taste it..!! But Nandu ws still nt interested..LOLLOL...But Manik no longer could continue "fake yum" act..LOLLOL..He ws on verge to puke n makin faces coz HE JUST CANT STAND haldi ka doodh..LOLLOL...Yet he drank n lied its good ONLY coz atleast seein tht she would drink..!! And when Nandu saw hw Manik ws strugglin coz of after effects of drinking haldi milk,she couldn help but SMILE at his cute harkatein...And tht ws the FIRST TIME Nandu dilse smiled after all the tortures she went thru coz of kidnapping drama..Big smileClap..!! And seein her SMILE finally,Manik forgot everything n he also dilse  SMILED for FIRST TIME aftr this kidnappin drama..Big smileBig smile..!! In the 1st scene above v saw when Nandu ws in pain n tears,he also felt same..!! And in this scene,v saw when she smiled,he also smiled..!! His happiness,his sadness,and every feel-exist coz of her n for her..Day DreamingDay Dreaming.!! So this ws another CLASSIC scene where v could see the love n care of Manik in such endearing manner..!! And the fact which made this scenes spl ws Manik who drank tht haldi doodh as if it ws somethin he loves to drink..!! And tht ws symbolic as tht meant ki he will undergo thru any torture n do nythin evn if its to drink poison,JUST FOR HER.!! He would rather go thru torture rather than makin her go thru it..!! Or if he cant stop her torture,then he would make sure he also undergoes thru same torture lik here haldi ka doodh definitely sucks,bt he gave her company jst coz 1)he wanted to let her knw hes there for her alwz n not alone n 2)nothin is imp to him than her happiness n well being...!! Though this is Manik post,i hv to say-Nandu ws EQUALLY a sweetheart as when she saw him goin thru the displeasure of drinkin haldi ka doodh,jst for her-she drank the rest of whole milk so tht he dnt hv to drink nymore which he dnt like..!! And tht ws symbolic of hw lik Manik,Nandu also would try her max to let she suffer torture rather than makin Manik undergo thru the same..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..!! Aww these two r wht they call RAB NE BANA DI JODI...ClapClapClap...

(Song : Tujh Mein Rab & Film - Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi)
Avis of this scene[song seq]i made coz this is my ultimate fav in this list of scenes i hv told in this post n so i decided that unlike other two scenes i told above,avis for this scene-i only will make..Big smileBig smile...

^^This scene...All i can say now is this line from this song "Kaise Bataun" of film "3G"..!!

"Kaise Bataun Tujhe Ke Dil Mera Kya Keh Raha"

This entire song seq on THE BEST MANAN SONG-"Jeena Jeena" ws PURE LOVE...BLISSFUL LOVE..Day DreamingDay Dreaming..!! And this scene or say this song seq IS THE REASON,IS MY INSPIRATION to make this post...Big smileBig smile..So without wasting anymore time,lemme straight go to this scene..Big smileBig smile

When Nandu stopped Manik who was abt to leave saying shes not feeling sleepy,he so understood her unsaid words..!! And there this lover boy makes his beloved sleep in his heart touching style...!! He sang the song-"Jeena Jeena" which sounded as lullaby to Nandu..!! His love for her,her importance in his life-evrythin he expressed to her once again by singing this song-"Jeena Jeena"..!! And the way Manik sang it,he meant every letter of tht word in the song n his expressions conveyed the same..!! Its coz of her he started to live in its real manner n nw he cant evn imagine a life without her..!! Its her who changed his world n shes the one who made his world colorful..!! And with her HE FEELS COMPLETE...
Day DreamingDay Dreaming..!! And this is exactly wht tht song conveyed n in the current situation-Nandu gettin this unstoppable shower of love,care n his ways of tellin her tht HE IS THERE FOR HER in this tragic phase lik her shadow-all this truly helped to heal the wounds tht creepo pandit gave her..!! She finally found solace n thtsy ws able to sleep coz when u hv ur partner lovin u so much n is there with u lik a rock support-the lost peace coz of problems was BOUND TO COME BACK n when u hv peace,u can sleep too peacefully...!! From a general POV,this scene might look simple where a boy tries to put his lover to sleep by singing a soulful song for her...!! But for me n am sure for many MaNan fans here,this scene is MUCH MUCH BEYOND that..!! The sheer beauty of this scene can JUST NOT BE expressed in words fully..!! It needs to be felt...It needs to be epic felt...!! Since the time this scene ws telecasted,i hv been seein this scene on loop n evrytime i see it,evrytim i fall in love with Manik..!! How can love some1 so so so much lik Manik? This scene ws a MASTERPIECE..StarStar...!! The Manik Malhotra,who once upon a time had to learn ABCD of TLC aka TENDER LOVE CARE from Cabir,has now MASTERED the art of showeing TLC on his life,his love-Nandini lik NO ONE..ClapClapClap...!! And this scene is one BANG ON example to show to which extent Manik can shower his TLC wala love on Nandu...!! And seein such epic heartfelt pure blissful scene,i couldn help but feel MOVED n got teary eyed(ofcourse happy wala tears)..Day DreamingCryBig smile...!! All i want to do n say to Manik evrytime i see this scene is well expressed by this line i hv quoted above-"SAJDE SAR JHUKTA HAI"..Day DreamingStarClap...!! Yes Manik i bow down infront of ur extremely immense unconditional heart touchin love u feel for Nandu n ur love for Nandu makes me love u more n more..Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...I know i might be never be able to JUSTIFY the SOUL,the BEAUTY of this scene with whatever i hv said now for this scene n am xtremely sorry for tht coz no matter hw much i try hard-i can still say THERES STILL MUCH MORE LEFT TO SAY for this scene..!! But this song can DEFINITELY JUSTIFY the soul,the beauty of the scene and ultimately THE LOVE Manik feels for Nandu which ws super reflected in this "Jeena Jeena" song seq..!! And i so so wish ki kaash this song ws played in the show n Nandu singing this song for Manik as i'm sure this is exactly wht she feels for him..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...!! And this post kidnapping after effects wala track-would reinforce tht fact more by many folds for her as expressed in this song..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..!!

Na Kuch Poocha, Na Kuch Maanga
Tune Dil Se Diya Jo Diya
Na Kuch Bola, Na Kuch Tola
Muskuraake Diya Jo Diya
Tu Hi Dhoop, Tu Hi Chau
Tu Hi Apna Paraya
Aur Kuch Na Janu, Bas Itna Hi Janu
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun

Sajde Sar Jhukta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yaara Mein Kya Karun
Rab Ne.. Bana Di Jodii...!!!

And there i end my post...Big smileBig smile...I donno if my post made ny sense or not..ConfusedConfused...But these 3 scenes esp Jeena Jeena song seq-i really wanted to shower my love for the scene n ofcourse on Manik n makin post ws the best way i knw...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..!! Also wanna say my heartfelt thanks a ton to CVs n PaNi for oustanding MaNan-licious epis they gave back to back this week...Big smileBig smile..!!

PS : My dearest gutter stud-Smiley(Smiley_23)-i dedicate this post to u as u r the one who hv been with me evr since i decided to make this post n thnx for the much needed support u gave...luv u lots my gutter stud...HugHugHug.,,,Evey(eveline) this for u too coz me n smiley really really wanted to read ur post for this week epis esp this "Jeena Jeena" song seq n there u fulfilled our wishes with ur super rockin post yday...luv u too..HugHug..

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this is my 529th post i hv made in IF and also jst realised that this is my 275th episode related topic i hv made in IF...i hv made epi related topics for 18 serials frm 2009 to till nw n am so glad my 275th epi related topic is on Manik...PartyParty

--res for smiley--


Originally posted by Smiley_23

Dear Masoommm 
 it's really sweeet of u to dedicate this super awesome post to Me and EveRani... trust me it means a lot to me...

Last two week is such a roller coaster ride for MaNan and us viewers... there were so many scenes in these last two weeks that are  and all u can do is watch them again and again and get lost in MaNan dream land  

and coming back to your post... what do i say?????... kaise kar leti ho tum????????? it's like u r  and it's really beautiful picture... to u for that... 

PS: After reading ur post... have to watch all these scene again... honestly i hv lost the count kitani bar dekhe haine... LOL

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Best Comments

Originally posted by IFollower

Alrite.. here I am, finally able to sit and make a post. As much as I have waited for you to post something, I have been waiting to come back and write something. Not because you or the others have left something unsaid, it is purely because, I am not able to stop thinking about MaNan and hence the NEED (not want) to come and continue to gush about it. 

Where do I start Nikki? And what do I say? As you said, there have been too too many posts about MaNan. Such is the magic that they have been creating. I mentioned in one of my earlier posts, that though this is supposed to be a youth show, the show, especially MaNan have captured the hearts of all ages!! Its like MaNan and their Magic Land/World,where they have pulled us all into. So, what can you say about Magic??? MaNan's magic is like a spell, from where I really find it difficult to come out. Never have I fallen in so much love with fictional characters. In fact, many a time, I forget that this is a show and MaNan are just characters. Niti and Parth are living and breathing in their roles... whatever told about their professionalism and dedication, doesn't do justice!! 

Stopping the rant above, coming to your thread/ post. So beautifully you have picked the most epic scenes in the last few days. In fact, I'd say, had U asked me what was the most beautiful one- I would have really struggled to choose. For me, each and every scene of MaNan since FC night has been beautiful. And MaNan dont stop to surprise us, the way they have been growing (that is all kudos to the CVs, Director and Niti and Parth). Their relationship is as beautiful as a fully bloomed tree with flowers of PROMISES OF LOVE, CARE, AFFECTION, LOYALTY, PROTECTION AND TOGETHERNESS!!!

I dont want to go off on an tangent, which is quite easy with MaNan. I am pulling myself to come back to your post and concentrate on ur post and ONLY ur post. But I have a strong feeling I will be spamming your thread. My advanced apologies if you feel and think I did. Its really NOT me, but MaNan doing it Embarrassed!!!

1) The first scene of urs- the SHOWER scene. Never have I ever seen such a poignant scene on any Television, let alone Indian Telly. In fact, the whole scene leading to Nandini walking to the shower was heart-wrenching. But what struck me was, albeit in a trance, she walked into the shower, without closing the door. Of course, she was in shock and numb, but I took it as, subconsciously she wanted Manik to come help clean her. And the way Manik walked in, as if, he knew that is what Nandini expected him to do. Boy... I have such a heavy heart, thinking about it and typing it out. And Manik's expressions of seeing Nandini, without life, standing like a doll under the shower.. CryCry! He, slowly walking upto her, very gingerly touching her to reassure her- its him, HER MANIK and then trying to clean her physical marks on the body and YES.. the standing out scene of the whole lot.. Nandini's bleeding ear. I can't recollect Manik every recoiling or reacting to his own injuries or wounds.  It wasn't just Nandini's ear that was bleeding, it was HIS HEART that was bleeding. And how can U stop a bleeding heart- IT KILLS YOU!!!!!

I know you haven't mentioned the towel scene following the shower but that was also a very beautiful moment for me. I took the white towel to be a symbolism between these 2 young, innocent, pure lovers. I have made a post on this and hope you dont mind me C/P here. 

And the most significant thing for me was the WHITE TOWEL, they used in the shower scene. I am sure, this is a much thought out idea by the CVs and NOT just a co-incidence. 

What does the colour White signify??? 


Nandini and Manik- OUR DEAR MANAN- they stand for everything that is WHITE.

The LOVE they have for each other is PURE. 

INNOCENCE- Yes, they should have been 2 innocent teenagers, oblivious to the ways of the world, but fate and destiny have from time to time, presented them with multitude of problems and evils. But when together, they still have the power to make their lives, uncomplicated and INNOCENT yet again.
Manik and Nandini together, as MANAN mean COMPLETENESS. They are incomplete without each other. 

They bring HOPE, PEACE and COMFORT to each other. Light following darkness. 

The towel scene was a symbolism of Manik ensuring her his PROTECTION and like wise Nandini, reciprocating the same. They are there to protect each other at all times. He was shielding her and so was she, encasing him with her under the same blanket of encouragement and protection an security. 

CLEANLINESS here means- Manik trying to help HIS NANDINI, to cleanse and strengthen her spirit and her whole self. 

Finally- it is the start of a new beginning. Manik encouraging Nandu to put the past behind her, consider it as a dreadful nightmare and to move on. 

And sub-consciously, Nandu (Manik's Nandini) accepted all the above gestures, joining Manik with her. 

2) Your 2nd scene- the haldi wala milk scene!! Though very subtle, what a deep meaning that scene depicts. Manik and Nandini are no longer 2 different people. They are, but 1 SOUL in 2 bodies!! How very well they understand each other. Manik, drinking Haldi-Milk for the sake of Nandini, though he utterly hates the taste of it, so much so, that he almost pukes..!! And lo, behold, what does he get?? A TWINKLE in the eyes of his STAR, a small SMILE on her beautiful lips, and did anyone notice the LOVE in her eyes?? Such a beautifully shot scene- esp the reflections in the mirror and then Manik's lips slowly smiling too, seeing his beautiful Nandini smiling!! Awww... HeartHeart!! Really hats off to the CVs for giving us such heart-warming scenes and episodes ClapClapClap!!

3) Finally, the last episode and the song of Jeena, Jeena!! God... Nikki, can't even begin to express how I felt watching the episode and the aftermath of it. Niti's and Parth's expressions..ClapClapClap, they deserve a standing ovation!! 
As I said before, they speak the language of LOVE and they can so well communicate even in SILENCE!!! Do they look like teen-agers in love? Definitely NOT... they look and act like very seasoned, matured lovers who have been through so much and understand each other very well- in and out!! The song, Manik's care, affection, devotion, worship, love towards Nandini- their looks, not for once, leaving each other and Nandini holding Manik's hand for that extra security and finally the fore-head kiss... which poured out all of Manik's LOVE... I really do not have any words to describe all the above. Should I say, that whole scene was poignant, touching and at the same time was so ETHEREAL and DIVINE!!! It was like Manik was soothing and calming my distressed heart, my aching heart and my weeping heart. I felt like he was singing a lullaby to comfort me. Watching that scene made me feel so at peace. Such a SERENE moment!! 
No words would ever do justice to the whole scene/ episode. 

I dont even want to dare go back and look what I have written. I just hope it was not mere nonsense and did make some sense. 

Finally.. I once again, want to thank the whole of KY2 team (on and behind the screens) for giving us such a wonderful, fantabulous show and episodes Clap!!!

I know, I keep saying finally and still am here... Just wanted to end with 1 song for OUR LOVELY MANAN!!

Vaada Rahaa Pyaar Se Pyaar Ka...
Ab Hum Na Honge Judaa!!

(Came by to add this song as well.. one of my all time favourites, so soulfu and emotional.. and I feel this is very apt to Manik, like "Jeena, Jeena")

Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte
Tere bina kya wajood mera 
Tujhse juda agar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa

Kyunki tum hi ho
Ab tum hi ho
Zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi, mera dard bhi
Meri aashiqui ab tum hi ho

HugHug Lavy

Originally posted by Shez.Ishra09

Wow just just BRILLIANT post yaar!! [>:D]HugHug..and I got the chance to comment on ur post bcz its simply amazing!!  HATS OFF!! Big smile..You always use beautiful words to describe the feelings of Manan <3..rocking post as always!! Hug..and the BG song!!!Heart..Gosh this song always soothes me..i always liten to this song with my eyes closed and believe me it always have a soothing effect on me..!! and now I really want this song to play on our Manan <3 its my profound wish now! Embarrassed..

That shower scene, Gosh it was a pure bliss to watch that scene. They have something in them, they literally can do wonders. When manik asked her to take shower and she came without any interference bcz she knoes that she need to clean herself not only physically but also mentally from all those bad and unforgettable moments. So, she silently stand below the shower and closed her eyes. And this is the moment when SILENCE again came between them to make that moment more blissful. When manik saw the bruises and scars on her arms and face, He felt a jolt of guitiness that how his nandani survived through this, how difficult it would have been for her. So he came to clean it, he came to assure her that now he is not gonna leave her at any cost, now he will be there with her like her shadow. He softly and gently started to clean that dirt off and nandani was standing there with closed eyes and she now didn't reacted on his touch, bcz she knows that he is her protector, he is her saviour, he is the love of her life, he is the very person with whom she is safe more than anyone else in the entire world. He is her manik..HER STAR! And when manik saw that wound, hattered took the place of softness in his eyes in just seconds. Pandit hurted her! He hurted his nandani! his heart again got filled with pain and guiltiness that nandani had to go through a lot! But then he had to be normal for her love, bcz this is the time when she need him the most, so again he softly start to wash away that wound gently like a baby who caresses his most lovely toy in a gentle and in a lovely way. He just didnt wanted to see her in any pain now! He just wanted to assure her that now no power in this entire world can snatch her from him!

And now when nandani is finally getting into her senses bcz of the softness of maniks hands, she just looked into his eyes and it was something in that look. She thanked him for being there with her, she thanked him to not let her shatter, she thanked him to be a shelter for her, she thanked him for being a blessing in her life. And then she shared half of the towel with him to assure him that now they are together like before. And then they silently leaned and closed their eyes peacefully that now they are together even stronger than before. That no matter how many storms come into their life, as far as they are together they can easily pass through them! And when now they are together, they will shine more brightly for each other! Now they never let any darkness to come in their lives. They are ready to fight for any battle, they are ready to fight with any storm, bcz it will make their relation more strong! They just spoke thousands of words without giving any words to their SILENCE! Their eyes talked, their souls talked, their hearts talked but there was no voice of that conversations! Bcz their love is just above from all those talks which can be heard, their love is beyond the words. For me...SILENCE DEFINES THEIR LOVE! Heart

Okay now the next  scene started, when manik entered in nandu's room and she was just resting or might be waiting for manik. And when she saw him she got relieved, she got more relaxed, bcz somewhere deep down she knoes that's manik is not gonna leave her today and he will be there to protect her! And she got more satisfied with his arrival that yes manik is going to be her shelter as always. He will always be there with her as he assured to chachi. So he brought that Haldi wala milk..and as he acknowledged from chachi that nandani doesnt like it, manik knows how to make her lady love to drink that milk. So, he tried his old trick of challenging her, bcz he wanna be normal with her. He wanted to make sure that nandini would be comfortable with him, this is time when she needed him the most so he has to do something to make her feel better, bcz he is her STAR and he had to prove it by making her feel comfortable. So when nandani refused to drink milk he said to give her demo and then she will take forward. We can never imagine the old monster manik do such sweet things for anyone, As mukti said that nandani changed manik. But I think she brought the best out of him as I always say. And now this genuine Manik is drinking that haldi wala milk just bcz this milk was beneficial for nandani! And her health is just above everything else for manik now! So he drank that milk, but when nandani didn't believed him, then he again took a sip of it. Can u believe Manik did that? Manik Malhothra! No one can ever dream of thinking such sweet gesture by Manik..but he did it just bcz of the girl who made him see the good side of him! Then he was making faces bcz obviousily it wasn't delicious at all!!Wink..And that's when that girl realized that how much love and care this person has for her! So she simply ended up SMILING! and that's what manik was trying to do! It had such a serenity in that scene that how he did all that thing for just one smile and when he saw her smiling, its like his biggest wish came true, its like a Blissfull feeling, its like his heart got contented, its like he has achieved something bigger, its like the best and pure feeling for him that HE MADE HER SMILE! His eyes and that Smile was enough to show that how much love he has for nandani! This smile means a lott to him! As he said to cabir that she always kept on smiling and she always made him smile! he was feeling guilty and painful and blaming himself for the horrible moments nandani spent with that pandit. So now he has to do something to make her forget those horrible and torturous moments and to make her believe that now he wont move from her side even for a single second! And now when he made her smile, it was like such a feeling which is unexpressible! Nandani also knew that how manik is trying to make her feel better or to make her feel normal! How lucky she is for having such a soulful person in her life! And they both made me smile with them with teary eyed! Gosh they are just PERFECTION! Heart..

Goshhh..i just have no words to describe the purity of this scene! Like this Manik..he never NEVER fail to surprise me every time by his Ever so loving gestures..Embarrassed..it was the continuity of that haldi wala milk scene..and when nadani guplped it at once which made manik shocked! It was such a funny scene and Manik expression were just hilarious..LOL..and then he asked her to sleep..bcz nandani needed rest, she need to sleep to make her mind relaxed! But deep down he wanted to stay with her..he wanted to talk with her...he wanted to assure her that now no danger could come near her! But he has to save all these talks..bcz her health comes first! But I think nandu also wanted to spend some time with him so she somehow listened to Manik's heart voice and said that she is not feeling sleepy! And that's the moment manik was waiting for!Big smile..and then he way he looked at her for thanking her to understand his hearts feelings and to ask him to stay with her! And I just just loveddd the way he said "koi bat nahi...MAIN HOON NA"! Yes Manik this the only thing which is making ur Star strong that she has got a partner like you! She has got someone who loves her unconditionally..who can do anything for her! Who can take any danger on himself before coming to his lady love! And then he started singing that beautiful and melodious song which is one of my most most favrt song! It always soothes me! And now whenever I listen to this song, only Manan will pop up in my mind!Big smile..now I have a certain connections with this song and Zahanaseeb song! Bcz they are meant to be for Manan!<3...Its lyrics are so meaningful.."Haan seekha main ne jeena jeena main ne jeena..haan seekha main ne jeena mere hamdam"..It beautifully describes their relation..that how nandani made him see the best things in him..and how she taught him to control his anger...how she taught him to be positive in every step of life..how she taught him to shine for her. How she completely made him a different person which is hidden from the world since now! And he was dedicating this song to her nandani..bcz if he is standing here and if he has so much love in his heart, its only bcz of nandani! She made him to TRULY FALL IN LOVE!Day Dreaming

I love that part when he kneeled down and sung that part of the song "Sachi si hain ye tareefein..dil say jo main ne kari hain..jo tu mila to sajji hain...duniya meri hamdam..oh asmaan mila zameen ko meri...adhay adhay pore hain hum..tere nam p meri zindagi..likh di mere hamdam" just soo beautiful and meaningful!  She gave meaning to his life. She completes him! She made him see the world through different perspective! She taught him to smile! So all in all she taught him, HOW TO LIVE LIFE WITH LOVE AND CARE..Embarrassed..So this song is completely for Manan! It wonderfully describes their relation..and all the lovely things of their relation! It's a beautiful way of Manik to thank nandani for coming in his life and make his life worth Living! Embarrassed..

And now I also wanna add that scene, when nandani opened the door and he fell into her arms, and nandani just at once forgot all her pain and she got all concerned about manik that if he is doing fine. And instead of answering her question, manik concerned of her situation and enquired about her mental condition! That's what true love is. When u just don't care about ur own feelings and pain and u just ready to share the pain of ur partner! Bcz its true that whenever ur loved ones are in pain ur heart aches also! And the love Manan shares is something special..something extra-ordinary..so they can easily feel others pain without other telling! That's the beauty of their relationship!Embarrassed..

I think its enough for now!LOL..Well I ranted a lot! But still I have loadzz of things to say about Manan! <3 Bcz I simply cant get enough of them <3 ...

Once again rocking post as always!! HugHugHug...it felt so nice to read ur posts..but now I hardly comment on ur posts and I feel so bad about it! My routine sucks! But once m done with my midterms..i will try to be regular! Big smile..Takecare! Embarrassed..

Loadz of love


Originally posted by anj_taarey

Wow...what a post...ClapClapwonderful job...
True...this week has been golden in terms of execution of scenes by the team...each and every scene was perfection...Big smile
The first scene...seriously...the shower scene was the bestest scene of the week...the care with which he was cleaning her...rubbing the marks of the pandit away and in the process creating new marks soo that nandu can feel at home...safe...and when he saw the wound...OMG...the look on his face...Cryi cried...the boy must have felt soo much pain...poor guy...feeling guilty..wanted to kill the pandit right there and then...but was controlling himself because his priority is nandu...felt soo bad for himCry Tu mere ashkon me rota haiCryCry

The second scene...haldi wala doodhBig smileBig smile..never thought a simple scene like this can have such a deeper meaning...the CVs just won my heart that dayBig smile...
Whatever you wrote...ClapClapthis scene seriously was a classic example of how nandu manik care for each other and cannot see the other in pain...Manik wanted to share her grief...but the girl is two steps ahead of himLOLshe knew he is not liking the milk so she drank in one go..ahh such love...cutie pies these two areDay DreamingYe zeher bhi yoon pia hai..jaise sharab hoDay DreamingDay Dreaming

The third scene..jeena jeena...will always remain close to each manan fans heartHeart...aww the way he made her sleep..caressing her head...she holding his hand..and the lyrics perfect for them both..words cannot describe the feels we got for this scene...Day DreamingDay DreamingSajde sar jhukta hai yara mai kya karun...*bowing down in front of manan...they be pure love*Big smile

Wonderful post as always...you described the whole week in the bestest way as possible...ClapClap..

Originally posted by Aresha_uchiha

First of a bg bg congo on ur 275th post dear!!!
Seeing d jeena jeena scene i knew that sumthg lyk dis was comin 4 u here my wish gets fulfilled n lov 4 dis!!!!

Now now first of lov lov d title "SAJDE SAR JHUKTA HAI" wat 2 say d line says it all of course. Our Manik who never bows down 2 any 1 nt even police LOL bends down all d tym 4 his Nandu just 2 see her smile n d way with pure emotions PaNi enacts it makes my dill goo zoom zoom n i wish 1 day i find my very own monster who will do the same 4 me...

Lov d scenes u hve chosen they r like pure jst pure bliss pumped in every inch with MaNan love... 

First of the first scene hats off Parth the way u enacted it made me weep i could feel tears fill up my eyes. D emotions his touchs flowed through her was just hats off really... He was using his touchs and PaNi to erase each pain n wound that psycho Pandit "ji" vested upon her. He was using the love of his touches 2 forget the evil creepy touch that Pandit had dared 2 put. And when he saw her completely bruised ear as u put it when he could nt see a little cut on her bt now his princess so much mental n physical pains that completely broke her down.. N d angry and disgust he was feeling at himself was displayed clearly by the excellent expressions our Parth babu gave wat can I say hats off babu hats off all d hail of expressions. His pained expression and his tears over pain was like as u put "mere aasko main rota hain" Wow PaNi just wow lov 4 dis lov 4 dis love fillled shower scene ur all shower scnenes r awsuum bt dis takes d cake...!!!!! Manik babu maar dala!!!

Then the second one lets say one word cutee. What Manik did 4 her i guess no 1 no 1 even could think of doin dat... Aww mera baccha kya baat hai.. Super se bhi upaar. First of babu brought her that haldi dudh no no to put it correctly sprang on d chance to bring her haldi dudh just 2 see his star. N meri pyaari Chachi u proved it again u r d best Manan believer in d world n d 2nd best Manan cupid as our cabir here already reserved the first place!! The way he drank haldi dudh 4 her aww soo sweet Manik u proved it yet again the lov u feel 4 Nandu.. the scene made me go numb 1 again... Ummaah kya batau ur everyy sip was lyk  d proof dat how much u lov Nandu!! kya batay meri jaan n d way u were makin faces behind her back n d way she smiled lukin at u my dil toh garden garden ho gaya!!! Simply wow all hail d modern heer ranjha of modern days our very own MaNan. Hamari Nandu bhi kya kaam hai she drank d haldi dudh in 1 sip (bt u know i lov haldi dudh bahoot its my fav) i was lyk aag dono taraf barabar lagi hai bhai!!! wow MaNan u nailed it n d scene was just soo chweet!!! N d way our Manik baba smiled luking at his love smile for me it was Muskurane ki Wajahn tum ho... I lov u Manik baba I really lov u Hats off u deserve it a delivery of expressions!!! Awsuuummm umaaah let me kiss u!!!! Bt the song u used i hvent heard it before!!!!

Now d last n d best scene of them n lyk u its my fav MaNan moment of all time soo same pinch!!! U know Manik baba here sang this my heart leapt upto my mouth n i was lyk Yipee Yahooo!! This is my fav song lov u CVS 4 it!!! N every line of d song is lyk it is made 4 them srsly!!! How Nandu came n changed Manik's life turned him from Monster 2 d Lover boy!!! How she taught him 2 live it was like Manik n Nandu were living each line very very good take a bow i lov it!!!! N way Nandu shifted her position 2 look at her prince charming I must say Looks lyk his every sight gives u life haan na Nandu!! From d way he careesed her face 2 d way she holds his hand everything was picture perfect n d MaNan magic was on fire n their chemistry was making me smile haan sikha maine jeena jeena!!! LOv u sooo much MaNan!!! I lov d song u chose 4 dis dear!! sajdhe saar jhukta hain yaara main kya karoo Rab ne bana di jodi!!! MaNan is a heaven made couple our perfect two!! Perfect together!!! N m humming dis song like crazy!!! Picture Perfect!!!

Manik baba u made me fall in lov with u all over again batau tum itne acha kaise ho sakta ho irrestible??? I lov u dil se sachi!!! N like ur every other post I lov dis 1 to d core dear!!! N here again i m back with my Ramayan!!! I lov u n like always u nailed it beautiful writing, pics , words, songs, descrptions everything fell in lov with MaNan all over again!!! lov u soo much!!! I must say I said lastt time Manik raised d level of every girls do list bt dis he raised it once again so learn smthng from him guys!!! 

Love from d Manik deewani

Originally posted by MaNanmatic_Sana

The 1st two song...  believe me I quoted the songs in two places recently about MaNan...
Awesome scenes...
The new journey after I love u is definitely making us dreamy...
They are in so much pain... but Its like the pains always brought them together..attracted each other...

Their pains have been more seductive to the viewers than any other charms...

the way they have been hamdaards ... together or apart... and now its more beautiful.. 
The way they took breaks
the way they touched the foreheads...
and more...

the third song...a person is luckiest if his/her partner understand without being told...
thanks for that...

I know they will survive...

Suhaana haar daard hain... Jo tu mera hamdaard hain...
that was my song ,,,
As there smiles are their strength ... and they give it to them...
Mujko inhi se umeed mili,,,

Originally posted by aairahahmad


Wow nikki..

Such a beautiful post.

i loved your selection of choices in the scenes...
all three of them shows their journey from the beginning to what will be for them in the future..

i wrote this in twinkle's post...
and dedicated to my one of my friend..
but this suits here so copy pasting from my Word...
as u said na his happiness, his sadness and his every feeling is for her and only her...
so here...when he said to Cabir if she smiles he smiles... i simply loved that scene..
love such a beautiful feeling for them...

I see you happy,

And the thoughts of fulfilment comes,

The world wreathing me rejoices,

My soul gets alive,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

I see you happy,

And my heart starts beating,

My mind is at ease,

My hope relives,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

I see you happy,

And my cherished moments recurs,

The agony disappears,

My spirit shines,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

I see you happy,

And my personal living hell becomes my heaven,

My barren inside becomes my verdure,

My aura illuminates,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

I see you happy,

And I don't care about a thing,

Your happiness is the music I love,

Your joy is the tune of my breath,

Your beam is the melody of my life,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

I see you happy,

And my life's purpose is achieved,

My belief in happy endings credence,

My halo gets infected with happiness,

Your smile... It's a drug to me.

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panidarang Goldie

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Wonderful analysis of this week episodes.. The way cvs .. Director .. Parth-Niti portrays Maan scenes.. It is beyond any words..the Avi's are very nice..they bcome alive wid your explanation ..
Manik Malhotra .. What a growth of the character.. Awesome ..the way cvs treated this kidnapping track .. I love it..
Whn a girl is in devastated state.. Need family.. Friend .. And love one like Manik Malhotra ..
Nandini Murthi go on my girl .. Punch out the pandit ..I really love to watch that Nandini will punch Pandit..

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eveline IF-Sizzlerz

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Hug..I Lub u 2 ..2...much 2 and the rest I will post in detail...Drooling over the music and scenes and MaNan!!

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Originally posted by panidarang

Beautiful post dear..

Thank u dear..HugHug
Nikki_Titli IF-Addictz

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this is my 529th post i hv made in IF and also jst realised that this is my 275th episode related topic i hv made in IF...i hv made epi related topics for 18 serials frm 2009 to till nw n am so glad my 275th epi related topic is on Manik...PartyParty

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