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Is this the FACE of a REMORSEFUL Man? (Page 26)

Poll Question: Is this the FACE of a REMORSEFUL Man?

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pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 10 May 2007
Posts: 28588

Posted: 11 May 2015 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by HippoSucks

I'm not the most informed about this obviously (since I don't have first-hand experience), but I assume that in any judicial system, if a celebrity (assuming that most of Salman's girlfriends were such) reports domestic violence on another celebrity, some action will be taken. 
In any Judicial System, but not in Indian Judicial System. Famous Bollywood actors can get reported to police but they wont get arrested or indicted

From what I've read, there was little damage to the car's bonnet and the air bag was not inflated. If the car crashed at 90 KM/H, then that would have surely happened.

How is Salman being drunk related to the car speeding? He could have been speeding even if he wasn't drunk or if he was drunk then the car may not have been speeding.

AGAIN...Please read up abt the case and its details before saying things out of the blue...Salman wasnt speeding, is it?  Then how come the court convicted him of speeding under Section 185- driving at great speed after consuming alcohol? 
See how drinking and speeding is linked together by the Court also? Any more doubts?

Salman has been convicted under Section 304 A of the Indian Penal Code (rash and negligent driving); 279 (rash driving); 337 (causing minor injuries); 338 (causing major injuries) 427 (negligence) in connection with the case. Under Motor Vehicle Act Sections 34 (a), (b) read with 181 (driving vehicle in contravention of rules); 185 (driving at great speed after consuming alcohol).

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..Razia.. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 22 March 2013
Posts: 24537

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 7:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pallavi25

Right back at you...stop judging others' Opinions! We have every right to post what we feel abt this criminal...if it offends you we cannot help it!
This Topic was originally abt how Salman is dressed for court appearance, his expression, ...those of us who opined that he looked aggressive, arrogant, he was dressed (undressed) inappropriately for Court...that is OUR OPINION, our viewpoint, and Salman fans have no right to ridicule our views.

Regarding blaming the victims, why dont you go through some of the posts from last Wednesday, when he was convicted? There are posts, in fact whole threads right here on BW forum where his fans are blaming the pavement dwellers for sleeping on the footpath.

The weirdest thing is most of these Salman fans dont live in India, have never been to Mumbai, have no idea abt the homeless laborers or their plight and they are spouting nonsense.

And worst of all, most of his fans are ignoring the facts, that Salman has been convicted of his crime! It was proved in court that he was driving! They are still defending him, saying he is innocent, it was an accident and that he shd not get 5 yr jail term.
His term has already been reduced from 10 yrs to 5 yrs (10 yrs being the max term for manslaughter).. but they just want him to go scot free just because they are blinded by his glamor!

Hey so just going to get in this ,okay so firstly I haven't followed the case and whatever I don't no if it's fair or whatever , I am just happy he is out , and that's me , and if u think he should be in than that's u , I get that's ur opinion and that's mine , But the big wrong part of this whole is that ppl are really looking at how he dress and his expressions and by the dress they r deciding on how he feels .

Okay so I am going to give u a big example, so I know that u are
Obviously against rape right and I no many ppl here r against rape and even the topic
writer , so u no how ppl hold signs and say quotes like "If she wears a dress that does not mean
a yes " so they r telling us that that no matter what kinda clothes the girl are wearing that does not mean
that she wants to get rape . Just bec of how the girl is dress does not mean on how she feels , u like
Understand what I am saying

Like my bottom line is that the only way this post is wrong is that it's kinda double standards and is bringing up wrong points on how a person feels , like nobody can know how a person feels only that person knows , and the way it's double standards that u can say in one situations that whatever kinda dress u r wearing does not mean how u feel but in another situations u say the clothes does matter .
I am not saying talk r wrong for thinking that he has done something no that's ur opinion , and u r free to have any opinions u want , but what's wrong is the points u guys have putten up .

ps . Don't take my example in a bad way , I am totally and forever be against
rape , I just needed an example , so plz don't take me a Ina wrong way :).

PSS, so yeah I don't want to be mean and something was just
explaining something hope u in understand :) ! Lots of love Heart

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bbsai IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 September 2014
Posts: 9031

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
I have noticed one thing after reading this whole thread.

There are two different tones in the thread.

One tone involves: just plain rudeness and they are willing to hurt anyone with words, random non- relating examples, arguing as though they know everything.

another tone involves: gentle tone, forgiving nature, trying to accept the events that happened and also trying to support the person they believe is a good human being who may or may not have accidentally committed a mistake.

well, just stating an observation. Smile

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MainePyaarKiya IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 23 December 2011
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Posted: 12 May 2015 at 8:13pm | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Beautyful_Mess IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 October 2011
Posts: 29178

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 8:25pm | IP Logged
^^ Not only on this thrd, people were rude thru out this whole thing..
They truly full heartily believe they have the right to judge, name call, say whatever they want to anyone who doesn't share the same views as theirs..
And I mean this...they literally covered anything anyone can say to anyone else...going as far as wishing ill on fans and their families, to sharing personal matters of the fans..
And I'm yet to see anyone except for one member n Salman fans calling out on this people, it's simply your fan of Salman?? You're not human at all, so anyone can trash you however they please, which is quite wrong..
And it just shows that they are not here for victims, they here for their own purpose, which's hatred for the actor..
The min you wish ill on other innocent people, your intentions are very clear..let's all hate Salman otherwise I will f you up..

It just takes credit from them and what they claim to be standing for...which is justice for the victim.
Absolutely false.

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bbsai IF-Rockerz

Joined: 24 September 2014
Posts: 9031

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 9:10pm | IP Logged
@ BeinCumberbitch and @MrsSalmanKhan

There are so many Salman fans on this forum.
Not only fans, even those who are not his fans but still wish him well.
None of those people are coming forward to post anything in support of Salman.
They are afraid of the crass comments and bashing that might happen even if they just mention Salman's name.

I myself grew up watching Shahrukh Khan's movies and was his fan. Now I can't even sit and watch a single Shahrukh khan's movie.

I started liking Salman better.
I like Salman as a person more than I like his movies.

I have been seeing all his old interviews. He does mention this accident and a lot of other details in some of his interviews. If these people pay attention, they will know his intentions, his regrets, his goodness, his simplicity very well.

He is a very unique personality. No one else is like him.

People are bringing themselves to question the charity work he does.
He has been doing charity work since Maine Pyaar Kiya movie days. So it was much before the accident. only it was not named "being human". He started "being human" later on. Salman has donated his own bone marrow. All the people who are talking about his monetary donations, easily forget his bone marrow donation. How can anyone put a price on such things.

Firstly, I think he does charity because he is really passionate about it.
Even if he is doing charity to get good karma or because of regret or to show off, at the end of the day, needy people are benefiting no matter what.
But one can do anything for this long only if they are passionate about it.
Also some are doing a comparison of charity work saying so and so person did more than Salman. well, this is not a race or competition. It is just goodness of heart and the desire to help that matter.

People here behave as though they are judges or lawyers. They are behaving as though they witnessed all the events and they know everything.

They have a problem if Salman dresses well. They say, how can he dress up when he is such a bad person. But his job requires him to look good. At the end of the day, his income is paying for major portion of his charity.
If he is under dressed, they have a problem. They say how can he look so casual when he is such a bad person.
These people can never be happy about anything.

These are the kind of people will not allow a person to reform or change for better.

Now the new trend is that every random person writes a "open" letter to Salman and trying to make him feel shameful. This is like that old saying that "when elephant walks in the street, the street dogs will bark." Who has time to read these random open letters that are filled with bitterness.

It is just a few handful of people raking up dirt and being abusive. Why are these
people cursing innocent people? what pleasantness are they achieving out of this?

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_Darling_ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 18 June 2011
Posts: 11449

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 9:35pm | IP Logged
I dislike how people are getting so personal when it comes to Salman. They will bring his parents and bring anything which isn't even related to the case just to bash him and blame that on him too without proof. They are keep acting out as If they are here for justice even thought it's not true. I admire many who actually do care about justice like blue.iced and some others who aren't here for the sake of bashing or hatred. But many others cant fool around by keep saying they are for justice when that's not how it seems from the way they are wishing death to others and getting personal with everyone having slightly different opinion. 

I find it disgusting when people start abusing even actors or become unfair to them. People say I am blind fan so saying this as if I even support his crime. No, I would have said it whether or not I was fan Or not. I felt the same when when Kat would get bashed for unrelated things because of hatred despite the fact I used to dislike her very much at that time. People would bring her so called past and call her portstar just to bash her based on their own speculations while at the same time no one had any problem with all actresses dark pasts which weren't even just based on speculations. Wasn't that hypcoricy?  And, people still bring her so called dad card to bash her. I fail to understand how her dad has anything to do with BW. 
Or, may be I am just sensitive when people bring families into it or other unrelated issues to bash. 

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Beautyful_Mess IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 06 October 2011
Posts: 29178

Posted: 12 May 2015 at 9:43pm | IP Logged

You see, they don't get anything from it actually..
It's just that there's a lot of hatred in their minds (not all most do hate him with passion)
When you feel so strongly for someone you just can't see beyond your feelings n views.. It's just like when someone falls in love, regardless of how the person is in general or even to them individually, good or bad
They won't see anything but good in the person, eventually in the end it happens they might realize they fall in love with the wrong person Ouch
Hating someone is the same as that, there's this image in your head abt this particular individual, and it doesn't matter if the person is actually bad or not, to you he/she the DISGRACE, you can't see beyond that. Period
Often happens if someone says anything good abt the person you loathe, there better chances you'd hate this person, it's just how the human mind works...that's when the hatred becomes obsession LITERALLY.
I love Salman but not crazily therefore I can see his flaws.
I know he committed a crime (even if it was an accident) and he shld pay for his crimes..but at the same time it doesn't make me hate him or even dislike him..
That's my true feeling abt the case n Salman, I cldnt care less what anyone things of me.

The problem here is
While they might want justice for the victim, their real motive is everyone to hate Salman..
I don't even blv they can control it Lol
Their hatred is very obvious, very few people wld agree not to call Salman a "murderer" they all call him a murderer, even tho he's not one.
But dare I say he might be innocent or I won't blv he's guilty till proven or even I don't know what happened with this case, I wasn't there I didn't witness, so I refuse to blv he was driving, all hell will break loose.
They will get angry, they will start name calling or even wish ill on you.
Now tell me, they have opinion, they chose to blv certain thing, why can't I have my own views??
Why do I have to agree with otherwise I'm horrible person.
They just can't see beyond their opinion and choices.
Which is quite pathetic really, you don't understand how I can still like Salman?? Don't
And don't name call's my choice so leave to me
I can bet on my life that these people wldnt react this way had it been some other actor.
Everything happened on this forum just proves that, this has nothing to do with the victim.
This is abt them and them only...they hate him and he's the worst human being this earth has ever seen.
And that's that bas
Only if they look at themselves na..if they judge themselves they might realize my liking for Salman has nothing to do with them, it's my choice and I like him.
And no one has the right to judge or abuse me.
Even if I'm actually defending him na, one can argue and present their opinion in a manner way..
But no gets the right to name call me for my opinion.
I don't think this will happened anytime soon.

Okay rant over LOL

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