CID Written Update May 8, 2015: Satara Mein CID

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CID Written Update May 8, 2015
Satara Mein CID

The episode begins in an underground tunnel and then we see 2 men carrying a man into a large ruin. They leave the man there. (Err...I'm confused.)

In the bureau, Freddy is pacing back and forth angrily when Sachin comes in and Freddy gets angry about his wife. (Forget it. Bad scene.) ACP Pradyuman also comes in and a few moments later a woman runs in crying about Suhaan. Divya comforts her and the woman says that Suhaan has been kidnapped and he'll be killed. ACP Pradyuman asks how she's sure that Suhaan was kidnapped. The woman shows the box that has a fake eye in it. She's sure that it's Suhaan. Sachin asks if she got any phone. The woman shows a letter that says that they want a ring. ACP Pradyuman reads the note and then asks which ring. The wife says that Suhaan left for Delhi 2 days ago for some work and since last night she hasn't been in touch with him. ACP Pradyuman asks to search her house for some evidence. Then he tells Sachin to trace Suhaan's phone.

Abhijeet asks Deepika, Suhaan's wife, why he lied that's he's in Delhi when he's in Satara. Deepika isn't sure. Purvi wonders who found out and how. Abhijeet says maybe they followed him. Daya asks how he sounded on the phone. Deepika says that he just sounded in a rush. Deepika again asks to save her husband. Daya says we need the ring. Abhijeet gets a call from Freddy and after he hangs up he says that Freddy didn't find the ring. Daya wonders what's in the ring. Abhijeet says let's go to dam for now to see if there's any evidence there.

The team reaches Satara and the dam. They all get out and find that the area is deserted. Abhijeet tells everyone to look around and tells Deepika to wait by the car. Abhijeet, Daya, Purvi, Pankaj, Nikhil, and Shreya spread out to start searching the area. Daya explains to Pankaj what they are looking for. Pankaj starts climbing repeating "Jo dikhta nahi usse dekhna hai tabhi main acha CID officer banaonga". Daya finds a shoe, but they can't find the other one. They show it to Deepika who recognizes it saying that it could be Suhaan's. Purvi and Shreya calm her and Daya and Abhijeet tell Purvi to take her to a nearby hotel to rest. Deepika leaves. (I have this really bad feeling that Deepika is going to end up being behind everything and will state that she isn't Suhaan's wife or something like that.) Daya says that whatever happened with Suhaan happened around here. Abhijeet says someone may have seen him after all he's been here for 2 days. He tells Daya to talk to the person who takes care of the dam and they'll search the hotels.

Abhijeet, Purvi, and Pankaj are out on the road searching for Suhaan in nearby hotels. (Err did they forget that Suhaan is supposed to have one fake eye?) Pankaj's scenes are too good. The 3 reach a hotel and the man recognizes Suhaan as their guest. Abhijeet asks for the key to search the room. (I love how Abhijeet just said chabbi.) Pankaj goes to check the room, while Abhijeet finds out that a man with a patch came here to meet Suhaan and though he refused, after the man talked to Suhaan, Suhaan came out immediately. Pankaj comes out and says that there is nothing in the room, not even the ring. (Excuse me? How did he check the room in 30 seconds?) Abhijeet tells Pankaj to call Nikhil and find out if there was anything at the dam and get the sketch made.

Daya, Nikhil, and Shreya (Why are these 3 always together?!! Ah well at least 2 of them are brother and sister now. Tongue) are waiting at the dam. Nikhil tells Daya what Pankaj told him from the previous scene. At that moment 2 men come onto the dam. Daya shows them Suhaan's photo, but the men don't recognize him. Then Daya asks if someone came here yesterday. The 2 say that they saw a taxi driver waiting there yesterday, but no one came and they didn't get the number. Daya says we need to find this taxi and then Abhijeet calls him to say that the sketch is made.

Abhijeet, Purvi, and Pankaj are out on the road asking about the patch man (It's an easy way to talk about him). The 3 meet in the middle and Pankaj gives Abhijeet a bottle of water, which he takes a drink from and Purvi takes a sip as well (I love the easy way they showed it. Like truly realistic.). They decide to keep looking. A man recognizes him and says that he is a jewellery designer and works at Raina Jewellers and his name is Harsh. The 3 go to Raina Jewellers and the man there recognizes Harsh. Then they show Suhaan's photo and he says that Suhaan came here to make a ring and Harsh designed it and Suhaan took it last night. The man shows a photo of the ring to the 3. Abhijeet recognizes it saying that in the olden days kings used to wear this type of ring and the box would have poison in it. They find out that Harsh should be coming soon. They decide to wait.

Meanwhile, Daya, Nihkil, and Shreya are out on the road looking for the taxi driver. One directs them to Bhiku after saying that he went there yesterday. The man points them towards Bhiku. The 3 go over and Daya asks to go to the dam. When Bhiku finds out the 3 are from CID, he runs. (Yaar yeh har koi bhagta kyun hain? Aur Mumbai CID se Satara wale kyun daarte hain? Ermm) Bhiku gets caught and he says that he was booked by 2 men yesterday. They came, waited for a man and he recognizes Suhaan, and then Suhaan came. The 3 got into an argument and the 2 knocked Suhaan unconscious. Bhiku says he refused to take them, but had to and took them to the old ruins. (Ah so that man was Suhaan who was left in the ruins.)

Back at Raina Jewellers, Purvi and Pankaj are looking at the rings and Abhijeet asks what will he do with a ring when Pankaj suggests for him to buy one. Pankaj mentions Tarika. At that moment Harsh comes in and Abhijeet asks for the truth. Harsh says that he went to meet Suhaan because he had been in a rush to get the ring made and then wasn't taking it or letting him sell it. Then he took it and Harsh offered to drop him to his hotel, but Suhaan asked to be dropped off at the main road. Abhijeet asks if he met someone or went somewhere. Harsh says that he remembers that Suhaan spoke to someone about meeting in the cave on some hill. As they are leaving, Abhijeet hands his credit card to Purvi and says that the ring she was looking at was good, so to buy it because he wants it. Purvi and Pankaj exchange knowing and smiling glances. (Okay so I liked the little bit of light moment they had at the beginning and end of this scene, but yaar I would have liked it better if Abhijeet offered to buy the ring for Purvi. A nice colleague gesture. Ab yeh ring jayegi Tarika ke paas aur main aapna saar peetongi. Ermm)

Daya, Nikhil, and Shreya reach the old ruins with Bhiku. Daya asks where they went. Bhiku says he doesn't know as they paid him and told him to leave. Daya asks 2 men in Marathi if they know about Suhaan. Shreya does the same with an old woman. (Copycat.) Then they start looking around. As Daya is climbing a set of steps he stops to look down and spots Suhaan's shoe. He calls for Nikhil and Shreya as Daya is looking at Suhaan, who is dead, and his eye was taken out. (Well if it was a rock eye then obviously it would be taken out.) Daya says he was attacked from the back. Nikhil says maybe he has the ring. They search the area and Suhaan, but don't find the ring. Nikhil says that Suhaan probably hid the ring somewhere. Daya wonders what was in the ring for which Suhaan gave his life.

Abhijeet, Purvi, and Pankaj reach the cave. Abhijeet says to search for the ring as he pulls out his gun. Purvi and Pankaj do the same and then the 3 divide to start searching. Abhijeet gets into a small area and finds the ring. He calls Purvi and Pankaj. When he opens the ring, he finds it empty. Abhijeet says that means someone came here before us and took the material out, leaving the ring behind.

Dr. Salunkhe is in a lab in Satara. He says that Suhaan died 24 hours ago because of a blow to the back of his head. Daya asks if there is anything in the ring. Dr. Salunkhe asks for 2 minutes. Abhijeet and Daya exchange impatient glances as they are about to tease Dr. Salunkhe. Dr. Salunkhe is surprised to see something and says that the ring had ink that only architects and engineers to make those maps. Nikhil suggests that maybe Suhaan hid a map in the ring. (Ah now that's more like it. I was about to hit my head if they said Suhaan was hiding ink.) Purvi asks what to do with the ring. Daya says that Deepika will reach the site with the ring.

Daya, Abhijeet, Purvi, and Nikhil meet Deepika and give her the ring and tell her to go fast. (Obviously they haven't told her that Suhaan is dead.) As she leaves, Abhijeet phones Shreya.

At a site, Abhijeet wonders what is going on and where Shreya and Deepika are. He meets with the others and calls Shreya, but Shreya doesn't pick up. Shreya calls back and a man says that Shreya is in front of him unconscious. (I had expected something like that.) He says that he was just helping her. Abhijeet asks where he is and they're coming. The 5 get into their car and drive to the site.

As Shreya is drinking the water, the team reach there in concern. Abhijeet thanks the man and the girl. The 2 leave. Shreya says she was following Deepika.

Shreya is following Deepika. Deepika reaches the site where she was to meet the kidnappers. The kidnappers come there and force Deepika into their car. Shreya rushes out with her gun and then suddenly someone grabs Shreya from behind and gives her chloroform. Shreya faints as she watched Deepika being taken away.
(There was no need of this. She could have easily recounted it as well.)

Abhijeet believes they took her for the map. Daya wonders what the map has. Abhijeet gets a call from Sachin. He hangs up and says that Suhaan was part of the architect team who helped make the hidden place in Imani Jaisalger where government treasure is hidden. Everyone gets into the car to go to the site.

The team reaches Imani Jaisalger. (Shreya is back in her regular clothes. What did she change her clothes in the car or was she wearing her normal clothes under the sari?) They start looking around. A train goes by them. Daya and Abhijeet hear some digging and head to the sound of the digging. Abhijeet stops the 4 men who are digging. They make a run for it, but are surrounded and captured by Shreya, Nikhil, Daya, and Purvi respectively. They are brought into the middle and Abhijeet asks who is behind everything. Deepika comes out with Pankaj. (HA! I knew it!) Deepika says that Suhaan wasn't her husband and she only did this to get the map and then the government treasure. (HA again! I knew it again! FW this is getting too obvious!) Shreya kicks a rock at Deepika as the goons make a run for it. Purvi catches Deepika as Daya runs after one of the goons. He slips and falls down a cliff.

Nikhil asks where Daya is and Abhijeet repeats the same.

Daya stands up holding his head, which is bleeding from the back. Then he starts walking and manages to climb up to the top again. He stumbles and falls on the railway tracks as he loses consciousness. A train heads towards him and the episode ends.


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Thank You SHERYU to did a Good Job as the Epi itself is Good...Thumbs UpClap

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Nice WU Shreya di...
I was badly in need of it..

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Wah Shreya di..kya 5G speed hai WU ki Clap !! Thankie.. CID officers are superheros na.. Searching a room within a minute isn't a big deal for them LOL ...

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Thanks for the WU, Shreya di Smile.

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Thanks for the WU, Shreya. Smile

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