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Please update nuh...
waiting for so longCry

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Waiting for the next part
Please Update soon
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Plz update this story yaar
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Please update nuh yaarCry
It's been a long time.
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missing this one yaar.
 long time where have u disapprd
update sooonish
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Honestly, I am not going to really focus on the action part of Raman kicking out Param. Raman yanked the daylights out of Param when molestation track happened. So going by that way I am not going to focus on that. Since this is the last chapter I am going to focus more on IshRa and their romance which is what we are lacking in the show as well.

Before I begin with the update my sincere Thanks to each and every one of you for the heart warming comments and PMs. I have kept you waiting with my story for way too long. Initially it was just personal commitments and then the track wasn't helping me to write any. Not that it's helping me but the fall in TRPs have really excited me for today. And the temporary absence of Shaggy gives me this immense happiness. Once again my sincere apologies for updating this after ages and also my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported this story. If I have disappointed any one of you in this story then am sorry once again. Without delay I am moving on to the final update of this FF.

P.S: I am dedicating this update to Ann Heart (Fugitives123) and Tia Heart (Tiadas03) who have been patient with me and I have been cheating them saying I am updating today but it took nearly 10 days to get here LOL. Sorry darlings Hug


This was the first time she entered this house after months together. Everything looked new to her. She heard unusual sounds coming from the bedroom and the sight made her feel heavy. She felt a huge lump in her throat and a sense of getting betrayed spread across her body. She had supported him blindly, eloped out of the house just for him, shared a night trying to satisfy his sexual whims and fancies, and blamed her brother and sister in law for blaming her husband. Here she was not proved wrong by any kind of evidence but seeing him on the bed groping another woman. She tried suppressing the sobs that escaped her mouth but to his bad luck he saw the person who loved him with blood shot eyes. He ripped the bed sheet that was covering them and covered himself and ran out trying to explain himself. He stood no chance before her. The more she asked him to stay away from her the more he tried convincing whatever she saw was false. She lost the last thread of patience and ripped the knife out of the apple that was partially cut and stabbed him right through his abdomen. Hearing the sound from outside, the other woman stepped out of the bedroom barely dressed questioning who she was. "I am his wife you bitch" yelled Simmi and stabbed the woman as well. Param kept murmuring Simmi's name. Every time he called out to her she stabbed him and stood with blood stained hands crying. Neighbors entered the house hearing the commotion but none of them really bothered to care for any of it other than bad mouth about the kind of life the guy was living.

At the Bhallas, Toshi was still upset about the fact that Raman was supporting Ishitha and her daughter was missing since the morning and her son in law refused to enter the house after Raman warned him at the hospital.

"Toshi leave all this. Mistakes are on both sides. It's high time we learn to accept people and the truth along" tried explaining Mr. Bhalla patiently to his wife.

"Bhalla Ji I am in no mood to listen to any of your advice. Go look for Simmi. She is neither attending my calls and Param had not called home either. Ask Mihir for his address and try bringing him and my daughter for me to live the rest of my life in peace" cried Toshi. 

Mr. Bhalla called up Mihir and explained all of it. He was shocked on the other side. Evey thing they had planned was about to flop. Mihir took the chance and explained everything to Raman who suggested that they take their chance at Param's house. As planned they met before his house in 15 minutes and the commotion made them suspicious. The scene before their eyes was no less than a horror. Simmi was cradling param's body soaked in blood with a knife in hand and questioning him "Why did you cheat me Param Ji". Her eyes spotted her brother who was distraught seeing everything. She left her dead husband behind and ran to Raman pouring whatever that happened right from the time she entered the house. Mihir informed the police all that happened and they arrived at the scene seizing the bodies, knife and arrested Simmi as well. Raman knew that there was no chance arguing with the police and hence made immediate arrangements with Pathak.

Mihir and Raman enterd the Bhalla house with a heavy heart and Toshi saw her son's shirt blood stained. She checked him a couple of times to ensure him if he was fine but the news that followed shocked her. She fought with Raman and begged the officers to grant her permission to meet her daughter. Simmi turned out more level headed than what Raman expected from her. Mrs. Bhalla cursed Param for ruining her family but she couldn't see her daughter behind the bars. Mr. Bhalla who accompanied them witnessed all of this couldn't express his emotions like his wife but cupped his daughter's face and said "I am happy to see you this strong and am proud of you". Her face had a genuine spark since the incident happened earlier during the day.

Not a very happy union but Toshi stepped in to the Iyer's after a long time. She personally apologized to all and especially to Ishitha whole heartedly. It took another month or more for Ishitha to return with Adi. Raman spent sleepless nights talking on the phone with Ishitha. He wanted her to enter the house when the mess was sorted. She sat with him for emotional support every night. Not every brother wants to see his sister behind the bars for a mistake she was not responsible. He felt somewhere guilty for not taking care of her life while he was busy sorting out his.

She was walking anxiously up and down the living room waiting for him. She was cursing him for talking the entire night and sleeping in morning. This one month had brought them together emotionally as well. Those nights when she escaped out of the house leaving Adi with Mihika and spending hours inside his car eating ice cream and talking. It was one such night which she remembered.

She opened her new message which read "I am waiting for you downstairs" and her face beamed thinking about her late night date. It was a secret she shared with Mihika alone. She walked down in her night kurthi and her hair leftt loose. Only source of light being the moon and car's parking lights. He admired her every time she walked towards him during that unearthly hour. The first few minutes only their eyes spoke.

"Aaj madam ko kya khaana hai" he spoke with a mischievous smirk and he moved his thumb over his lips staring at her lips with a sexy hint in his eyes.

She stuttered every time he looked at her like that. Today was no different. She always felt him extra sexy when he was in black and tonight his clean shaven cheeks, his cologne and he was in black making her go weak on her knees. She gripped the seat tightly and managed to say the word "Nothing"with utmost difficulty.

"Fine then lets drink the coffee I grabbed on my way"and brought the venti sized coffee from Starbucks before her.

"Thanks Raman and yours" asked Ishitha with a doubt written all over her face.

"Arre pagal madarasan, two or one what difference does that make. It's anyways going to be wasted" and winked at her with his hands already on her shoulders. His fingers were gently moving over her cheeks and was playing with her hair occasionally.

"Raman, hum public mein hai" and she blushed.

"Public tho public hai but worry not my madarasan we are safe. I am possessive about my wife you see" and ran his fingers along her neckline

Like it was a ritual the coffee was already placed on one of the holders and his other hands was locked with one of hers.

A sudden urge rose within both of them and the next minute she felt him kissing her earlobe sending signals down her spine. Within minutes he adjusted the seat's inclination and he was almost lying and she was seated on his lap with her head on his chest. His hands roamed all over her back and every time he did that she cocooned herself to him. He looked at her with passion and captured her lips for a soul stirring kiss. Both parted from each other only longing for more. He hugged and stayed in the same position with her for some more time. With the two of them even days passed like seconds but time had come for him to get back home. He preferred meeting her at night for uninterrupted few hours and did visit her during the day only to tease her in front of everyone. As she stood playing that beatuiful picture in her mind she was disturbed by a pat on her shoulder. She blushed scarlet when he stood before her finally. They bid farewell to the iyers and both set towards the Bhallas for a new start yet another time.



A Few Years Later...

It was a rainy morning and two of them were in their bed and the duvet covered the two of them modestly and protected them from the early morning sun. He had his head rested on her chest and her hand running through his curly hair and his hand enveloped her around her waist. He finally opened his eyes staring at her slender neck as she cuddled closer to him leaving no space even for air to enter. He ran his hands along her waist gently waking her up. Her hazy eyes looked at is innocent form who was ogling her neck and his hands still worked on her waist. He looked at her and kissed her cheeks wishing her a good morning. She continued to stare at him fondly and ran her other hand across his cheeks and smiled at him in return.

"Haiyeee, subah subah marr hi daalo" and brought her over him.        

"Raman, koi na koi aajayega" she whispered controlling all her emotions.

"Tho aanae do, mein apni biwi se apna kamre mein romance kar raha hun. Mujhe koi problem nahi hai" saying he locked her lips with his one more time.

"Chee Raman.. How many times have I told you not..." and even before she could finish, he sealed hers one more time.

It was after much struggle that he pushed him and pulled the duvet with her and ran in to the washroom. Even before she could lock he forced himself inside the washroom and locked it.

"Raman, it's already late and people might come looking for us"saying she turned her back to him.

"Haan of course hai na your only son and that's the sole reason I am here with you inside" cribbed Raman.

"You can tell this staying outside you see" argued Ishitha crunching her nose.

"Arre year, let's bathe together and save time. Also I am getting myself trained" saying he winked at her and ran his hands over her stomach.
"You take your chances Raman and unfortunately he or she needs to be out even before you can bathe her/ him" she spoke this time trying to win the deal.

"The baby needs to get used to me and I am not going to waste any time further" said Raman and turned open the shower knob.

He ran his hands soulfully over her and kissed every drop of water that ran down her body. She was melting in his desires and ran his hands over her wet hair.

"I love to get lost in these locks of yours as much as I love get lost in you" spoke Raman looking at her sexily. His look and the voice made her to loose herself to him all over again.

Both got ready for the morning finally and stepped out of their room. The house was pin drop silent. He scooped her off her feet and took her to the backyard where he had arranged for a flower shower. Tears glistened through her eyes when she saw the whole family coming out one by one. He stood there before her with his hands crossed against his chest and gave her his smile which was reserved just for her. She ran towards him emotionally and crushed him in a hug and he whispered in her ears

"Happy Anniversary Ishitha Raman Kumar Bhalla and I love every inch of yours" saying he kissed her forehead.

Every member wished the family and finally it was Adi's turn. He was a little boy who was 5 years old. The happy parents kneeled before him and took him in a hug dreaming their future together.

*********** END **********

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Will be replying to all your comments shortly. Thanks you guys for all your support Hug

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omg after so long!!!
its amazing di!!!
loved it so much!!!!
omg its ended also!!!
not fair!!!

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