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Originally posted by sukanksha

Aru ji... Kumya aap mere didi Ho..???? Don't know yet :P
Par aru ji update kar do ab toh

Awww.. So cute you are LOLEmbarrassed.

Updating in sometime . Sorry to keep you waiting Big smile

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Aru.Divan IF-Sizzlerz

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It felt really good reading all your wonderful comments and my sincere apologies for not updating at an earlier date. Honestly I was in a dilemma about the whole story and started writing only after everything was clear. I know I have been coming up with some excuse or the other every time. But rest assured my next update should be faster and this update will even give you whatever that is going to happen in the first update. Will surely try incorporating all your requests. Till then enjoy reading this update and leave your precious comment behind. I really really hope this update in not disappointing. Thank you once again.


Their eyes locked with passion yet her eyes reflected hurt and filled with tears which were ready to run down her face any moment, rightly when the nurse entered the room and the parents looked at her worried. The nurse checked the temperature and walked out after assuring them. For the first time in 2 days Ishitha walked out of the room and did not mind leaving Adi alone. He was relieved at this gesture of hers and kept stroking his son's head and looked at him like he was born today

"I am really sorry Adi. You are here because of my foolishness. I'd promise to rectify every little thing and you will have the best parents" whispered Raman in to his son's ears and the infant's mouth curved in to a smile after days which did not go unnoticed by Ishitha who also smiled. He noticed it but she made a straight face immeadietly. For the first time the remaining night went peacefully for the couple who kept glancing at each other. She continued to rest near her son like a possessive mother but her face looked calm. She sat down thinking what was it after the kid got discharged? She wouldn't want her son to live alone with her and get only the love of a mother. She wanted him for her son and somewhere deep down she wanted him for herself. But a simple apology was it good enough to erase after whatever that happened few days back. Even now her peaceful sleep was lost after the terrible encounter at her in laws and how would she step back in to the same house. Stand in the place and live in the place where the creep lives, was it possible she wondered and with the same thoughts her head started jerking in sleep. He was observing the fleat of emotions that wandered her face over the last hour or so. Just in time he reached her and place his hand between her shoulders and chin to let her head fall smoothly. He admired her sleepy face and his eyes did not fail to notice the healing neck marks. He twitched at it but looked at her helplessly and he knew she deserved the right treatment after all this. His hands brushed through her hair gently lulling her to sleep and blew silent kisses lovingly.  He rested her head carefully and sat on his chair admiring the two and drifted in to a peaceful sleep imagining a happy threesome in his head.

She woke up to her filter coffee smell and found him sipping on his coffe and her coffee in the thermos kept ready to be served. She locked herself in the washroom to hide all the emotions that were bubbling up her heart. She was more than glad to see a peaceful start to her day but then somewhere her heart refused to acknowledge her own feelings. She was still wondering if the relationship was worth another chance. He was taking sincere efforts but how would he react once they are back home. Is it right to call his house as hers? She was pissed at hersef for coming up with such thoughts every now and then. She wanted to go back to the days when everything was slow. This was just too fast for her. She splashed water over her face and looked at herself in the mirror before walking out. The doctor just then stepped inside for rounds and she was hoping if they could stay back in the hospital for a day or two. One was her baby's health which she was worried about and the other was this whole relationship. Had it been any other day, she would have thrown all of this and return back to being the dentist but she was miserably in love with the mystery man, her husband and also their child.

"Doctor, don't you feel he would need another day or two under observation?" she spoke worriedly.

"He is fine and now he just needs a happy environment" replied the doctor assuring the couple and walked out of the room.

"Yaar Ishitha, yeh hospital hai, tere Amma ke ghar nahi" spoke Raman who was more than happy to have the two of them with him in his room.

She glared at him without responding any further and started arranging things as the discharge papers were alredy left behind the nurse. She was sure that he hasn't informed home about all of this but where would they go straight. She wanted a day or two at her place to sort herself more than anything. Time flew by and he returned back after settling the bills. He carried the kid and she walked along. The journey was almost silent back home. She couldn't really get the right words to talk to him. They were almost nearing their destination when the car came to a sudden halt.

He turned and looked at her "Ishitha, what have you done to yourself? This is not something I expected from you. I wanted you to say something and you have been quiet since the morning. Let me get it straight, I am not talking about the reply to my confession. I am talking about your other decision. Getting back to my house is not going to settle down with you. Why would you opt for that? I could have dropped you at your parents but I wanted you to say that. It should be your decision. I definetly want my son and my wife with me but not as a duty" and maintained a straight face trying to hide his disappointment. They reached her house and bid farewell to both with a heavy heart.

He preferred staying deaf with his family and made sure to tear apart Parmeet Khurana's mask. Till then he would listen to all the curses hurled at his wife and if needed he would curse her with them. Along with Mihir and some of the best detectives at business, he extracted everything possible about him and planned for perfect execution of his plan. It was 2 days since he dropped her and there was a pang which tugged his heart. She had not called him nor sent a single message at least informing about Adi. Neither did he make an attempt with all the work that was going over his head. She was restless at her place. She was there without him and now what she thought to herself. She wasn't happy without him neither could she walk in to the house easily who still blame her. She now had his support but meeting him and with a plan made, she started getting ready the way he liked. She handed over her baby to her mother and promised to return in an hour or two. This was the first time she was stepping in to his office. The cubicles made it look a serious environment different from her clinic and there was a cabin which was aloof from the rest. She read his name and walked towards it when the personal assistant stopped her before entering the cabin. Frustrated at the questions thrown at her she replied saying "Mrs. Raman Bhalla". She made herself comfortable on the couch outside his cabin waiting for him to return. He saw her sitting out waiting impatiently and his heart danced seeing her waiting for him but was too psyched worrying if she had taken any bad decision over the two days. He glared at his personal assistant for making her wait outside and he ushered her in like a perfect gentlemen. The cabin was sound proof and no glass made it more secure. He brought the blinders down setting up the room even calmer. Both sat on the sofa and for some unknown reason she locked her hands with his. He brought his hand around embracing her and both stayed in the position for a while

"I really tried staying away from you Raman, from our family, from everything over the last two days. I did but never realized the intensity of our relation. To be honest, I found it too fast when you apologized at the hospital and in fact everything was way too fast. I even wanted to go back to the days wherein we were just trying to be parents and nothing else. You spoke your love that night but that felt too cliched and felt more like sympathizing with me. Even then I thought was this enough for our relationship? But then Raman, your love with me always is something I would crave for even at the darkest of times. Will you be able to give me the love that I crave for?" and she sobbed against his chest.

He smiled after days and held her even tight. He felt her shaking and tried lighteing up the situation. He wiped her tears and spoke in her ears "Which love are you craving for madarasan"and she slapped his chest "Besharam" turning red.

He held his ears mouthing "Sorry" and she did the same while both brushed it off and their eyes locked. Their hands met once again

"Ishitha whatever happened was not fair to anyone. Let alone you. I will make sure that the bas***d who is sitting in my house as the Son inLaw will be kicked hard. Till that happens that house will be mine. After which it will be our house" and he kissed the tears that filed her proud and happy eyes. In minutes, he took her mouth in a soul stirring kiss and she pulled his hair with pleasure making him to intensify the kiss more. Both parted for breath and she wiped gently removing the color off his lips blushing scarlet. She stood up to leave and he pulled her agin by her wrist, only to land on his lap nice and comfortably. He embraced her by her stomach and his hands weaved a design of its own on her back and she had her arms around his neck. Both looked at each other passionately for the first time in days

"How will I stay without you Jhansi Rani" saying he meddled through her saree and caught her bare waist making her gasp in surprise.

"Hojayega Ravan kumar" saying she held his face and bought her face close towards his getting their foreheads to touch.

"Forgot to ask you, How's junior bhalla" and continued staying in the same postion but he had his head rested on her chest.

"Not bad, you even remembered he existed, he is getting pampered and I must say he is more than fine" and patted his back playfully.

"Did he not miss me?" pouted Raman

"Hmmm..." and her voice sounded heavy again.

"Ishitha, just a day or two. You both will be back your rightful place. I would nowhere want even your shadow near that ass of a guy, let alone stay in the same house. I promise to take you back Ishitha Raman Bhalla" and kissed her forehead.

For the first time, his office staffs saw a loving Raman Bhalla. A person who refused to move his hand from his wife's back even for a second. Not having the heart to leave her alone, he drove her all the way back. Once again time had come for both of them to part. Her unusual behavior made him chuckle and earned an angry glare along with few words. His mother in law clearly did not like him walking hand in hand with her daughter but he felt all that could wait for sometime. He dropped her back till her room and seeing his bundle of joy sleeping peacefully disappointed him but now he will be returning again in a day or two to get them back to the place were they belong to.

He called up Mihir and made arrangements for the plan that had to be implemented. He rode back home instead of his work mouthing "Parmeet Singh Khuarana, you will see the beast Raman Kumar Bhalla this evening. Get ready for your farewell party" and drove accelerating more.

P.S: Not Proofread

To Be Continued...

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see again a fast unres Smile

Their eyes locked with passion yet her eyes reflected hurt and filled with tears which were ready to run down her face any moment

when the start is as wonderful as this what do i say ahead...this one line speaks pain

how a small gesture can make you feel so much that only you know...Ishita leaving Adi alone with Raman just showed that faith which was gained back few minutes ago...i really really loved this section ClapClapClap

Ishita's inner thoughts were again done so perfectly...her fears, desires, hopes for her baby and her own need of him for herself was all just so rightly done...i felt so connected while reading it 
and Raman he toh stole it all...he did a mistake earlier but now that he has realized it, he wants to give her the best of treatment which is nice to see

drifted in to a peaceful sleep imagining a happy threesome in his head
another beautiful line and my favorite from this update

Adi finally discharged...such a relief SmileSmileSmile

Ishita being dicey about where to go and Raman understanding her was again brilliant...i really liked how he told her to make a decision and finally left her to her parent's house with a heavy heart though nice to see him understanding her so much and so well

Raman Kumar Bhalla on a mission Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up eagerly waiting for things to get sorted in Raman style ofcourse 

aww she came to meet him at his office dressed up as per his likes...Raman ke heart ke saath saath hum readers ka heart is also dancing DancingDancingDancingDancing

Ishra moment HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

her demand for the love she craves was written beautifully

and naughty Raman Embarrassed

how do you do just play around with words and it becomes so perfect...such a delight to read

eeesshhh kiss and the moment that know i am bad at commenting at such things...i was just in Ishraland

phew done...this was one beautiful update and i have no complains this time...but yes my excitement level has increased now...eagerly waiting to see Param being beaten black and blue and the trio's union back to one...plz plz plz dont take this long now to update...just can't wait

dont curse me for the length LOL

love ya 

Waise forgot to mention...How she said Mrs. Raman Kumar Bhalla with all the rights was another thing i liked too much...just a simple line but expresses so much 

Edited by DivanIsh - 29 July 2015 at 5:22am
Akshatha19 IF-Rockerz

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as promised i am commenting...

Their eyes locked with passion yet her eyes reflected hurt and filled with tears which were ready to run down her face any moment... 


but seriously first i read on the word passionLOLLOL...

Raman caressing adi's and the his feelings esp the words best parents, i loved the

adi smiling for it, that ishita seeing it was so cute scene

ishita mind wandering about situation was superb...

raman making her sleep , blowing silent kisses was just

 awwwah Day Dreaming Day Dreamingmoment

after many days the cute family slept  peacefullyBig smile ...

ishita again taking compose herself was just perfect shown, 

arreh wah raman back with on liners -Yaar Ishitha, yeh hospital hai, tere Amma ke ghar nahiLOLLOL...

hawww poor raman ...

PA bi na aandar nahi bitta sakthiti naConfused...

i liked when two different  emotions played when he saw ishitaClap...

yayy Dancing Dancing 

sound proof cabin, blinders down ...

the best part was cabin convo each word i just lovedHeart yaara, from she holding his hand,

 he embracing her, ishita innocently asking -Will you be able to give me the love that I 

crave for?

baand ke BesharamWinkWinkWink, cute sorrys 


Lap romance Day Dreaming
their convo so lovely...
every single thing was so wonderfulHeartBlushing...

too excited too know parmeet getting kicked out
Beast Raman BhallaLOLLOL

thanks  for uniting IshRa n Romance tooWink
and for such a amazing update...

Though i need update soon i wont ask it...
i just enjoyedClapClap reading it...
 love u

Edited by Akshatha19 - 29 July 2015 at 3:37pm
9900 IF-Dazzler

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Awesome Party
lovely episode Clap
The ability of raman to understand the need of ishu to stay in her house and the way he cared for her is great.
He deserves to be forgiven due to his caring nature. No wife could protest against her husband specially when your heart knows that he's definitely a good person Big smile.
Ishu going to raman's office is lovely and their romance in the cabin was great. 
Waiting eagerly for param's grand farewell Dancing
Hope that creep would get the needed punishment as he deserve. I'm waiting for it and would be so happy too. And I won't be able to stop myself from laughing ROFL
In the serial too that was one episode I love to watch again and again.
Please continue as soon as possible. 
I'll get a heart attack out of curiosity waiting for the next partCry

Edited by 9900 - 29 July 2015 at 5:13am
mayraa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 5:15am | IP Logged
Superb update...
All misunderstanding is clear now...
So Happy ishra are together 
Loved raman's office convo with ishu...

So leach param pack ur bags RKB is gonna wring ur neck...

Update soon...
sulochana90 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 6:04am | IP Logged
wow its a amazing update
loved it 
waiting for the next
Anum_says Goldie

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Posted: 29 July 2015 at 6:24am | IP Logged
Yayyy .. Finally an update. 
Differences clear...
Loved it. 
Looking forward to know what is Raman's plan. 
Update soon 

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