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Originally posted by ninigupta

Please update soon...

will do and Thank you Embarrassed

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Originally posted by vinovember

I came across this story accidentally, and I don't regret it a single bit!! Read the full story in one go!! Loved the story line, and the way you've shown their relationship!! Highly disappointed with the way toshiji reacted! Shouldn't she be the sensible one being the elder! But it's very typical of her, as when it comes to her kids she doesn't want to believe the other to be right!! Raman not reacting is a disappointment too!! But I'm having my fingers crossed, that just like the show he is mum just so that he can expose param later!! Lovely updates!! Awaiting the next update eagerly!! Please pm me too if possible Big smile

First of all thanks for your time and patience to this read this long story in one go. Cos if it was me it's going to be toughLOL
Oh well, as much as Toshi is sweet she is still old school in a lot of things. Puttar is an angry young man at times. Soon will sort out things between the two.

Thank you so much and yes will continue soon.
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Originally posted by HESHINI

Different storyline!!! Like the way u have woven it around..plz update soon!!! Can't wait to see what happens next... LOL LOL

Thank you so much. Will update soon Embarrassed
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Originally posted by anisha960

such an interesting story !!
shezz out of d house Cry
continue soon
plzz pm me

Thank you so much. Will continue soon
Will sort the mess as well Embarrassed
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Update - Next page Big smile

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Sorry for making the previous update too heavy. I suppose I have compensated in this one. Left it in a cliff hanger. Will try updating soon again. Your comments keep me going every time and thanks for your kind words. This time it's a real long update. Enjoy reading and do leave your comments


He threw the glass lanterns, broke a couple of glasses with his hands and was bleeding by then. The terrace was a mess within seconds. He sat on his knees crying hard banging on to his thigh with his fists. His eyes were set on the champagne which was brought in especially for the night. He quaffed the champagne and smashed the glass on the floor. He shouted her name looking towards the sky.

"I wanted to confess my feelings tonight and I am here screaming about you. What have you done? After living with you this one year, I felt I never loved Shagun and even if we had married the bond would have never lasted. I wanted to spend more than a life time with you. What was that Ishitha? Did my eyes deceive me or is it my heart?" He felt a hand on his shoulder and to his surprise it was his father.

"Wipe the blood off your hand and get her back in to this home" spoke his father.

"Bhalla ji, Aap yeh kya bol rahi ho, iss ki layak hai hi nahi" clamoured his mother.

"It is between the two of them and she is the daughter in law of the house and also my daughter. She will be in this house. It is between the two of them to sort this issue out. As much as you worry for your son. You need to worry for the infant and he has been wailing non stop. Don't kill him alive. Raman, get her home and I mean it" said his father strongly and walked out of the terrace. His hand was covered in blood and her eyes almost popped out in panic. She dragged him to her room and on his way he heard his son crying nonstop. He felt his father was not wrong. He felt gutted when he couldn't hold his son to pacify and soothe him. His mother hovered over him as she dressed his hands and he once again realized the need to bring her back for his son.

She weeped through the evening and covered her face with a pillow to stifle her sobs. The door clicked open and her entire body shook at the sound. She screamed a "No" and her parents rushed to her side who cheered her up to look at the person waiting for her. Both threw daggers at each other but seeing her shiver at a mere click of the door wanted him to rush towards her. But his brain took over his heart once again. He waited for a few minutes hoping his in laws would move but they did not move an inch. They sat their cocooning her and his mother in law threw a mean look at him every time. "I need to talk to her alone"and as expected his mother in law did not approve. He thanked his father in law for taking his wife out along with him. He still found her shivering but she refused to even show her face to him. He tightly held her wrist pulling her from the bed and she meddled with his fingers trying to get out of his hold. She stood up from the bed and released her wrist from his firm hold and walked away from him. He dangerously started approaching her and pinned her to the wall. There were a couple of nail marks on her neck which were dry after bleeding. He stammered to get the words out of his mouth and seeing her in pain made him release her. He drank the water from the glass kept and smashed it trying to control his anger. His eyes were red and swollen, his breath gave away. She succumbed to her knees and her body slid down across the wall and started crying all over the again. He did not bother about his hands which were bleeding again. He clutched her wrists tight and in return some of the tiny glass pieces pricked her too. Her soul felt broken to react to physical pain.

He was drunk and that reflected his rash driving. They were driving through the main roads when he was stopped by a traffic personnel. He was charged for drunk driving and moved to the other side when the guy noticed her without a seat belt. He started interrogating her and her shivering voice made the police personnel to hold them for sometime. Minutes later, another senior official came and issued a warrant to get them behind the bar. His car was towed and both of them entered the police station. One of the constables gave a sly look at Ishitha asking her to sit on the bench. She shivered at the look again and clutched Raman's hands tight. A possessive husband tht he was caught hold of the constable's collar and shouter "Khabardar, biwi hai meri". She clearly did not know whom she was married to. She held him back "It's a police station, Raman". "Tell this to the sluggish man who is brooding at you" spoke an angry Raman. The constable was sent out and Raman was inside the locket. Her heart was too cold to reply to his eyes when she felt his glares piercing through her. Their relationship was broken according to her and all she wished now was her baby. She wanted to reach him, the thought of Adi spending a night alone without his parents worried her to wits. She kept playing with her pallu ends lost in memories and feel asleep.

Neil rushed the next morning with bail papers. After formalities he was left with a warming. An anxious Ishitha ran in to her room to look for the baby leaving behind all the eyes which had a scornful look on their face. She saw her son after almost 12 hours. The sight of him got her frozen at the door. His worn out redish face and seeing him all tired made her eyes tear up once again. She held him tight to her chest and also felt him relax in her warmth. More than the motherly warmth, she felt his skin bruning against her saree. She worriedly stepped out of the room with him. She needed to take him to the hospital. That was her only worry for now. She saw his car keys on the coffee table and all were talking about the night. She felt another pair of eyes scanning her and this time she paid no heed to any of this. She flicked the keys from the table startling Raman. An overly dramatic Toshi cried for her grandson and blamed her for stealing the child without waiting for a second. She was already outside wondering how to leave with the baby. Raman and Romi rushed out and she pleaded Romi to take her to the hospital. Raman once again felt a little disappointed with himself for misunderstanding her like how his mother claimed a few seconds back and also felt upset when she approached Romi for help instrrad of him. Romi disappeared when he saw his brother's angry eyes. Raman was driving while she sat in the back seat soothing her little child, He saw her stubborn face through the rear mirror who did not agree to travel with him in the same car. But then she was fine with the arrangement as long as she did not get to sit with him.

The pediatrician suspected stress and maybe a viral attack enough to worry the couple. He caught her hands to assure her but felt her withdrawing at his mere touch. The doctor also wanted to observe the baby for a two or three days. The doctor left them with a nurse and an attendant to complete the formalities. She did not mind lashing out in front of them but asked him to let her deal with it for once. He felt hurt again but found solace in his kid while she completed the formalities. Both sat in the room and the parents twitched when the kid was given IV. The baby let out a gentle cry for all the pain it was put through. Both felt sorry for putting the infant through all this. Not before they could settle in completely when he saw the family standing outside the room door. They had strictly advised for not more than 2 inside the room. He looked at her and she sat firmly not planning to move an inch. He left to visit his family and his mom shooted questions at him. She ordered to meet the baby at once. She wasn't really touching the baby but then worried a little loud and the nurse issued her first warning. "Yeh ladki yahaan kya kar rahi hai"spoke an angry Mrs. Bhalla. Ishitha found it right to ignore her mother in law's words and continued looking at her son. She once again asked her to leave her grandson and the place. "Mummy ji, I am not here for you or your son. I am here for my son and it is in my absence that my son is here at this stage. It would be better, if you could play low for his welfare"and folded her hands. Nurse came in once again, asking them to clear and requested only for infant's mother to stay back after watching all the ruckus that played out in the last 20 minutes or so. After Raman's assurance, all agreed to leave. He sat outside while she stayed inside with their son. He kept peeping in every now and then. Events over the last few days played out in his head once again. Somewhere he was feeling relieved that she was clear. Her behavior with him and also noticed his brother in law glancing at her every now and then. He wanted to talk with her again but she was being one fiery lady.

He once again peeped through the tiny window and saw her sitting on the bed with her head falling every now and then in sleep. He slowly creeked open the door and she once again started calling out his name. The effect of the few minutes had definitely left a bad vibe on her. She clung to him and felt her shivering and sweating. He made her drink water and shushed her. She started withdrawing herself when she felt his arms around her. She mouthed a quick sorry and started behaving the feiry lady she portrayed to be. He walked out of the room to sulk at the damage that he had done to his life. If he was in her place, he would have not been even this civil. She was crying inside the room thinking about everything. Their relation was back to how it all started. She knew he hugged her to calm her down but she wanted to stay in his embrace to remove the bad memories of those few minutes which kept haunting her. He made up his mind to talk to her once their baby is all fine and till then he warned himself to be patient with her and deal with his mother and sister in law.

The night passed without any issues. The fever kept shooting up and their worry only increased. Both had not really slept in these 2 nightss. They showed signs of falling ill. He was there at bay whenever his parents visited him and it was one such time of the day when his sister entered along with her husband. His blood raged seeing him walk innocent. He accompanied the two of them in to the room and his sister hurled curses at her. She did not care about where she was nor about the patient. He was more observing Parmeet who had his eyes only for his wife. Ishitha played mum to Simmi's accusations and chose to ignore her. Raman walked out when Parmeet walked out of the room and cornered him at a private place. Raman wringed his neck "Meri biwi hai woh, Raman Bhalla ki biwi, Mrs. Ishitha Raman bhalla. Door raho usse. Or even better pack your bags with your wife. Aagaya tera check out time". Raman gave him no chance to talk and he walked back in to the room. Param felt threatened in those few minutes, and rushed back asking simmi to leave.

He felt it was time to talk to her and couldn't wait till they get back home. Her nervousness was quiet visibly annoying him. Yes he had done a mistake but he definitely wanted to hear about him. She was getting tougher. Once again she chose to look at the baby who was fragile on the bed. "Ishitha I need to talk to you" he spoke loud and clear. She turned deaf. He made her face him and held her hands tight as she kept wriggling out. He had a wicked smile on his face when he heard her mumble "Hadd hai.. Ravan Kumar". "Madarasan, we need to talk yaar". "There is nothing left to talk between us. Leave my hands". He retorted "We need to talk for us and for him". "I don't need you for him Raman. Whatever we shared is just a memory" she said being firm. He pointed his hand towards the baby and asked "Even him?" She was really livid now. He realized the depth of his words that he chose to use and played with it "Haan, you wouldn't let me near him. So he will be a mere memory" and felt a lump in his throat.  "It's my mistake, I should have trusted you. I was more than shocked and whatever I wpoke was never from my heart. They were just words. My heart never wanted to believe you. It was the brain and the eyes. Even now I don't have any proof and for once I want to believe my heart". He might have spoken the truth but his words that evening shattered her. "Raman, I understand you are forced to say for him. I don't blame you and as much as I want him even you will want to. We are his parents. I will never steal him from you like the way your mother thought yesterday morning. Maybe even you felt the same way when I rushed out with him" spoke an upset Ishitha. His guilty eyes gave her the answer. "Raman, I can't continue this any further. But a tiny request don't let me stay away from him even for a second. It's really tough. He was the one who gave me a reason to continue this relationship which started as nothing". "Chup" he yelled and kept his hands covering her mouth. "There is nothing over between us and I will not let that happen". She removed his hands "You can't decide anything for me and you are no one to decide. I wouldn't need anything from you for anything. What are you to me?". "I am your husband and have all the rights over you. I love you. I love you dammit. I love you Ishitha Raman Kumar Bhalla" said Raman.

P.S: Not Proofread

To be Continued...

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RES EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
huhh finally unres...i read the update earlier as well but could not think of what to comment...i mean i had mixed feelings and didnt know how to put in words

i would say the writing was obviously very good or beyond good but then to be honest it was not one of my favs and the only reason is the mood of the update

but i do understand that this is how it has to continue as a part of the story

Raman's break down was too painful to read specially for people like me with weak hearts 

Bhalla Ji was so sensible...the only sane person in the Bhalla family...he truly behaved like the head of the family 

dont think i am mad or something but i actually liked the jail moment too much

it was even more painful to read baby's suffering...badon ke jhagde mein us nanhi si jaan ko kya kya sehna pad raha hai

how ruthless can mrs bhalla mein bhi drama...but that's how it is...sometimes the hatred overpowers everything and one stops thinking logically

Ishita taking a stand for her son and back answering toshi ji was very nice

it was good to see Raman realizing the reality finally and warning Param...he is surely back with a bang...and you wrote that particular section brilliantly ClapClapClap

and finally the confrontation and the confession...each word and every action from both of them was justified

di the writing was absolutely perfect and i dont even have to say know it already

bas it was too much for me to take in...i hope some lighter moments are on the way 

please update soon 


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seriously bolun toh mujhe samajh main hi nahi aa raha ki kya likhoon as this update was mixture of every emotion. and I completely enjoyed this one

so finally Raman is guilty on himself and punishing himself ofcouse by doing his favourite work Wink thank god bhallaji still have some sense and he advised Raman to bring ishita back. actually yes, children are one who suffered most in parents rift.

toshiji is still in her ego but adi cries melt his heart and he decided to bring her aur yeh kya????? both are landed in jail???? the whole one day was complete rolar coaster ride for them, aasmaan se gire khajoor mein atke LOL but I liked his posesiveness for ishita. things are going in perfect way

oh!!! poor adi is in hospital but at least ishra are together. thank god ishita didn't paid heed on anyone and Raman noticed creep param.

aaha...kya band bajaai hai uski maje aa gaye. old RKB is back. I liked is but please open his real truth in front of simmi and toshiji

and finally confession is done but in completely unexpected way. Raman was full of passion possession. and I can't wait for next part. please update soon we all are waiting for next part

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