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8.5.15 - Subbu-Param fight to make Custody-II battle in YHM uglier

gravity23 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 9:56am | IP Logged

Sr. Bhalla, who looked suave and dapper in a crisp white shirt and a grey jacket thrown casually over the shirt and rimless glasses and a NEWFOUND seems jab se Raman "kaam se US gaya hai", Bhalla ji ki zubaan thodi khulna lagi haiLOL

And of course, our very own Ishita Bhalla...who was DT walking on wheels of splendid fashion and sense and ethereal beauty...she was dressed in a boat-necked white blouse with sleeves reaching the elbows, and a navy blue saree (with a golden border) draped elegantly over her...teemed with a pair of silver-white jhumkas with emdedded navy blue stones and a navy-blue tear braided and adorned with gajras...WOW...WOW...DT IS EXTREMELY PRETTY...Cant remember the last time I saw an actress on screen looking THIS gorgeous!Day Dreaming

And since we are ON the topic of looks, WHAT MISFORTUNE BEFELL THE COSTUME DESIGNERS TO DRESS TOSHI IN SUCH A WANNABE WESTERN AVATAR? She looked like she was off to Bangkok to revive her lost jawaani or somethingLOL A floral top paired with white jeans that looked they were ready to burst any second and fall apart on the sides coupled with a hat perched atop Toshi's thick head..NO WONDER MADHAVI LOOKED LIKE SHE'D go blind any momentROFL

Loved the Samdhin banter..after a long, long time...loved how both the women poked fun at each other, Madhavi with her occasional Tamil ramblings..God..Toshi looked like a disaster ready to take on the fashion world and destroy it in a second... ;p

But of course, Madhavi competing with her Samdhin and coming out in a light purple-ish top over trousers and braided hair, teenage-girlish earrings and that swagger looked cute...I wouldve chosen HER anyday over Toshi :)

I may be wrong, but is it just me or you guys noticed how Bhalla Ji had his eyes ALMOST popping out when Amma came back in her western avatarLOL...but then Adi was the smartest...and chose to praise Ishita to the skies instead, while escaping both his dadi's and paati's whining...SACH MEIN..DT LOOKED LIKE A DREAM...And Raman lost out on such a GORGEOUS opportunity of tadoing his wifeApprove

Sujata had a talk with her SIL...Subbu seems to be upset about the prospect of not going to the Bhallas to meet Ananya... apparently, Param has entered into many shady deals in lieu of his business...(pehli baat, he toh didnt even have enuff money to take care of his wife and kid..and had to live at the Bhallas'...iske paas itne paise kahan se aaye COMPANY establish karne ke liye bhai??Wacko)

Anyway, Subbu ne aakhir keh hi diya... "Ananya ko aise aadmi ko sanpna nai chahiye...Simmi deserves someone better" (Yeah and its you my boy! Just a matter of a few days and we'll see you and Simmi at the altar...not that I mindBig smile)

Ishita and Mihika talk...Ishita tells her how Toshi is upset coz of Subbu coming over to the Bhalla House...and how Param's using this as a weapon against regards Ananya's custody...Mihika looked fresh and pretty and sorted and happy...for ONCE...But wht about her CASE?? Sujata bhool gayi hai kya? Ya Ashok ko ek saal baad court-kachehri mei kheechna hai, just like it happened with Param??Nuke

Everybody was all set to leave for the screening of Adi's movie...I felt so so nice and nostalgic..when Adi handed over the gajra to Ishita, all wrapped in a green leaf-like thing... "Papa ne kaha tha ki main aapko de dun" awww...Ishita looked so TOUCHED by it! Lovely!!

Simmi couldnt go with the others, since Ananya wasnt feeling well...she stayed back home

Wahan, Param, much like a gunda mawali went to meet Subbu..and warn him and his MIL not to interfere in his business or his personal life...what the f was Subbu muttering?? "Tum ek human rights lawyer ko dhamki de rahe ho...main police ko bula sakta hun" yada yada

Is it just me or does EVERYONE who's watching Subbu mouth these threatening lines feel like yawning?Stern Smile

"Tu apni biwi bacche ko toh kho hi chuka hai...ab doosron ke biwi bacchon pe dore daal raha hai..."

Dialogue ho toh Param ke jaisa...LOL...was really missing this creep...adds a whole new dimension to this showBig smile

And yet, somehow, the debacle between Param and Subbu lacked TADKA :(
Maybe coz Param gets the worst out of him in front of Raman...he becomes MORE reactive...just thinking...

Romi and Rinki are also set to leave for watching the screening of Adi's movie...mihir drops by and comes out of the car in a weird-looking red shirt, glares and some brown-ish trousers..Rinki and he also have their usual banter...Mihir trying to make her jealous, Rinki GETTING J..she commenting on his shirt, he saying Karishma gifted him..
Jealousy toh theek hai, par baat AAGE KAB BADHEGI?D'oh

IshRa ka confession to 1.5 yrs mein hua

kam se kam doosron ki gaadi toh patri pe le aaye!

Since Romi made a bahana of his bike not starting, bro and sis ultimately piled into Mihir's car and left..

Now coming to Adi's started with  "YEH HAI MERE PAPA- Raman's GORGEOUS DIMPLED PIC" and then "YEH HAI ISHITA AUNTY - Ishita's picture.." AND RUHI

But the movie had NONE of the scenes originally shot in Bhalla House! Instead, Ishita went into FB mode and recollected how she first met Roo and saved her, then how she and Raman would keep crossing each other's paths...the marriage...and everything else...right upto the point where her hubby bared his soul to her...she smiled to herself, nostalgia flooding over her...In the end, Adi wrapped it up and everybody applauded him...

I was dying to see what he had SHOTUnhappy

Ananya's getting a fever, I Simmi hands her over to Neelu and goes out to get some meds for her...Neelu calls Ishita to inform her of the same, as Ananya's health starts deteriorating...By the time Simmi comes back, she sees Param outside the door, blocking her way...he asked her to be within her  Sujata is poking around in his business and how he's gonna get her and her family, if she didnt stop it..God...from Ashok graduating to a near-rapist, Param's eager to don graduation robes and even murder people!

Simmi tries to push past him and go to the meanwhile she instructs Neelu to call the police...Param gets furious and raises his hand to slap her..and of course, WHO should be the knight in shining armour than Subbu? Subbu grabs his hand and pushes him on to the sofa...Param gets up, slime dripping down his tongue "Ohh...toh tune pehle se hi apne aashiq ko bula rakha hai"

Subbu reprimands him for his gandi soch (have to admit, he looked much, much better in this scene)...Simmi kept crying on his shoulder...Param and Subbu started hitting each other...ay yo...cringeworthy drama

Ishita came at the nick of the moment and yells at them both to stop...she asks Param what he's doing here, when he's clearly been asked not to come down...
Romi charges towards Param, grabbing his collar..Bhalla ji warns him not to ever repeat this again

Param says he wont leave Ananya to be with Simmi...Subbu warsns him saying he can get court orders instructing him to stay away from his wife and kids...Param leaves with a last threat to Ishita and Subbu...

I was thinking - how EVERYTHING in this show becomes abut Ishita no? Even if she might not have done anythingApprove

Subbu explains to Ishita why he had to come to Bhalla House...Baap re! Itna toh main Raman ko nai dekhti thi jitna Subbu ko dekhna padta haiErmm but khair, am relieved and happy that AT LEAST they're not making it into a sordid love triangle with Subbu acting as the obsessed lover who cant let go of Ishu...wudve been BLASPHEMY after the confession last weekWacko

Subbu insists they get a doctor to check Ananya as she's getting high fever (he touched the kid and found out shez really sick)

Ishita and the others agree, as Subbu makes a call to one of his doc friends...

PRECAP - Doc has checked and says there's no need to worry...Subbu asks him if any tests re needed, if its malaria...hopefully it isnt v serious and all that...doc assures him its all fine...and wahan, Toshi, whoz standing at the door, watches it sullen and crying, with bright ideas forming in her mind


Its for sure that Subbu-Simmi marriage wil happen...WOW...IshRa can NEVER get rid of their it in a good way or a bad wayLOL

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Non-existent Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:01am | IP Logged

The movie was so poignant that I realised my life is spoiled. Because after re-watching the confession I made out I am insatiable until someone proposes me with the same intensity. And wo toh honein se raha!

I love Param... I lowwee Param... Oh my...! Such rogue attitude! The best antagonist!


Yes! Toshiji's expressions are really like "Pakad Liya"ROFL

Oh my I missed this thing... this review a lot... felt like something was lacking!EmbarrassedOuch
And missed you moreEmbarrassed

PS: The official Jodi name for Simmi-Subbu is SuMi!Embarrassed

Edited again: Why no color? A black and white review?Ouch

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3fra IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Omg saas and bahu has same thought plz Raman come fast yaar 
Abhinaiscool Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Thanks AKA ... I will watch today just to see divyanka's saree n accessories Wink Baaki kuch interesting nahi hain... Other than your writing...
Thanks for the amazing review...

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Wings-of-Fire IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:14am | IP Logged
Hey! How are you?
Okay I'm gonna start with a complain, why don't you update your stories?

Great review of the episode. I have this thing about YHM villains, I don't watch any of their scenes. Shagun and Ashok- they just disgust me with their dimlit schemes and watching those extraordinarily foolish schemes succeed is pathologically insulting to me, so I don't watch. But with Param, it's a whole different thing. Anurag is so good at sticking his dialogues and expressions that watching Param makes me feel like I'm watching a real life assault which of course I can't watch! He terrifies me.

I agree with you, they're gonna pair up Subbu-Simmi, but I don't want that. Because if that happens then Subbu is gonna be a permanent character. I don't want another blast from the past to fasten itself with IshRa with super glue like Shagun!

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-Atii- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Divyanka is just so beautiful, yaar! Day DreamingDay Dreaming

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shalz_123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:51am | IP Logged
ooh my...that pakar liya was effing hilarious...amazing review Aku...
me no likes SuMi...the guy cantg act...when he was threatening ...LOL so hilarious.../

saachi epi main kuch tha nahi bolne layak...

PIU u want a proposal like tha??????haayee...Embarrassed

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SA1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 10:59am | IP Logged
The epi was such a bore.
Why do they handle serious marital issues in such a juvenile manner?  Rinki - Mihir track is turning out to be such a bore.. 
DT was the only good thing in today's epi
 My god she is gorgeous ..! I wonder how the men on the sets stop themselves from falling in love with her. I guess that's the reason why they normally do her make up really bad .

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