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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins


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Wow...very fresh approach to NAUC story...Smile
read all four at a go...
Continue soon...Smile

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-Beth- Senior Member

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I am really really really sorry for the late reply. I had an emergency call. 
Anyways, loved your work. All those emotions were depicted beautifully. Do continue your awesome work. Its a delight to read your story.

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 ~Chapter 5~

 "May...May I come in, sir?" Nisha asked holding the door's knob tightly in her fist. In return she just got a nod. She did as told and stood in front of his desk observing him. All she could see was papers and rifles all over the place. And in front of her, was Viraj Singh Rathore doing some stuff on his laptop.


Doesn't have time to even see me.


"Sit, miss...Gangwal" Viraj said when he noticed Nisha shifting her weight from her injured leg to the other one. Nisha too obeyed him and sat there on the chair in front of her. She kept the file on the table and grabbing all the courage she had, she said:


"Sorry, sir. And thank you too."


Viraj raised an eyebrow and finally turned towards her.


 "For what?" he asked amused.


"Sorry was for my rude behavior towards you that night and thank you for dropping me home." Nisha said lowering her graze. "Actually I couldn't say you that night.."


"It's okay." He said with a smile and again started working on his laptop. As a reflex, Nisha could only feel a whole swarm of butterflies in her stomach. After a minute or so, Viraj asked;


"What? Anything else?"


"Sir?" she asked a question in return with a confused look.


"Why are you still here?"


"Admission, Sir?" Nisha asked now completely baffled.


"Oh, you're here for that. Uh, okay. Show...Wait, the time was 11 and it's just 10:30. Go now. Come on time"


"But, Sir, there's a reason for this" Nisha said protesting.


"What?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.


"Sir, my sister is also out for some admission. And my family told me that when we both are going out together, we both have to come together only. And her test will probably be over by 11." Nisha said in a go.


It took some moment for Viraj to understand what Nisha said. After processing all her blabbered words in his mind, he said:


"Show me your profile"


Viraj scanned each page very intently. After five minutes, he kept the file on the table, and looked above to find a sweating Nisha.


"What happened?" He asked worried.


"No..Nothing, Sir"


"Are you sure?"


"Yes, Sir"


" Hmm.. your sports career was good. But,..."


Please, Sir. Not that..


"What happened after one of your competitions Pilani. Right? What happened after that? As far as I've seen, your profile does not mentions about archery after that. There is basketball, squash, and other sports, but..."


"Sir, ac..actually" Nisha started to choke. Viraj gave her a glass of water. Nisha immediately drank the whole glass. Then after a minute or so, she said:


"Sir, that, is some personal issue. You don't have to know about that."


Viraj could feel nothing in her eyes.  As if she was just looking at something blank.


"But Miss Gangwal, you are here for shooting. If you stopped shooting way back, then why do you want to do it now?" he said sternly.


"Sir, a time comes when something happens, something bad or dark happens, and unknowingly, we can never forget that. Slowly slowly, they become a very important part of our life, more like an obstacle. They take the shape of fear, fear of that thing happening again and then instead of throwing away that obstacle, throwing away that fear, we adjust with it and live with it, hence making it a part of our life. I've kept it with me for a lot time, and now I want to throw it. Maybe, I can't, but I'll try my best to at least lessen that fear."


Viraj got absorbed in her words. He could relate himself with all that she said. Composing himself, he spoke:


"You have bandage on your leg. And I don't think you can take ten rounds of that ground with this. So, come after a week. We'll start your coaching then." Nisha's happiness knew no bounds. She took her file, said a big thank you and walked out of the cabin with a big smile on her face.


  They take the shape of fear, fear of that thing happening again and then instead of throwing away that obstacle, throwing away that fear, we adjust with it and live with it, hence making it a part of our life.

These words kept ringing in his mind.




"May I come in sir?" Kirti said looking at the back of the figure standing in front of him.


"Come in, Kirti."


Kirti was surprised for a moment. She had heard this voice before. But where? Rubbing away her thoughts, she entered the room, eyes fixed on that person.




And then he turned, leaving her all shocked. A lopside smile was playing on his lips, as he saw her eyes big due to shock.




"So, you remember me?"


"Uhh..hey! never thought would meet you again.." she said  a bit embarrassed.


"Me too. Come, sit." Sid said showing her the bench.




After about a silence for almost ten minutes, Kirti started being restless. After all, how can Miss Blah! Stay quiet? So, to decrease the awkwardness in the air, she spoke:

"So, how's life?"


"Uh... yeah, it's good."


"And how's Kaira?"


"She's good too. Happy.."


"Ofcourse, anyone with you will be happy."




"So, you both must have married by now. Right?"


"What? not now"


"Uhh, okay.."


And again silence fell in when suddenly Sid spoke:


Uhh... Kirti?"


"Ya?" she turned her head towards him


"I'm sorry.."


"For..what?" she said confused


"For what happened that day. I know it has been two years, but still... I somewhat feel guilty for giving you so much pain.."


"Its.. okay Siddhart. I don't know what made you do that. But, at least my family didn't get to know about all that. And I'm happy about that thing." Kirti said choking, her eyes welled up that didn't go unnoticed by Sid.


"I think I should leave... I don't think Kabir sir will come.." she said getting up.


"No, wait" She looked at him confused.


"I mean," he continued, "Kabir, is my friend. I'll call him just now."


"Oh!" she said sitting down once again. Sid was about to go to call Kabir, when he said:


"Kirti, we both know that you are a great dancer. So we'll be meeting here. Can you do me a favour?"


"Uh..yeah tell?"


"Can we both be friends again? And can you please call me Sid again? Like you used to? I mean..if..if it's fine with you.."


" I'll...I'll try, Siddha...Sid" she said with a smile and Sid went to call Kabir. Here, Kirti had tears in her eyes.


How much I try to forget you, something or the other always reminds me of you. Only I know how much pain I've felt in these two years, and you ask me to befriend you again? So that again you can betray me?

She wiped her tears, and stood up, ready for her dance admission.




Nisha was waiting since fifteen minutes. It was above 11, and kirti wasn't even picking up her call. And now when she became restless, she decided to go inside. As soon as she went inside the lobby, someone hit her from left side. Nisha closed her eyes waiting to fall on the ground. But after what seemed like eternity, she opened her eyes to find herself in the arms of Kabir Kumar. Yes, Kabir was walking from the left when Nisha entered, and without seeing, bumped into her. Nisha was about to fall, but he grabbed her tiny waist and prevented her from falling.


Beautiful. Kabir was thinking when he saw her face, but was interrupted when Nisha yelled:


"Mr. Kabir Kumar, can't you see and walk? Leave me!"


"Okay, pretty lady.." and he left her. Thud, and she fell" on the ground.

"Urggh... she was about to say something when she realized that everyone in the lobby was watching them.


"Look, Mr. Kabir Kumar, you'll have to pay for this." Nisha said as she stood up.


"Okay, pretty lady!" Kabir said and was about to go when Nisha stopped him.


"Aren't you conducting the admission exams?" Kabir turned around to face her with an amused expression


"You want to dance?" he said pointing at her.


"Yes, any problem?" she said with the same attitude.


"No, the thing is that you'll dance with this broken leg.. and more over, you don't look like a person to dance. You know, all covered in rugged t shirt and ripped jeans.." he said chuckling.


"Then, Mr. Kumar, you don't know what dance is."


Kaira, who was witnessing all this, came in between to stop their fight.


"Listen," she said to Nisha, "Go to the first floor dance room. Admission tests are taking place there."


Maybe Kirti is there only. "Okay, fine" she said passing a smile to Kaira. And as soon as she turned around, she was shocked.


"Siddhart?" she gasped loud enough for Kabir and Kaira to hear.


"Sid! Buddy!!" Kabir said hugging him. Sid, after braking the hug and greeting Kabir, went towards Nisha, who was all shocked until now.


"Hi, Nisha ji..."


"You know her!?" Kabir and Kaira said together.


"Yeah, long story though..." Sid said still looking at Nisha.

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swaralika Senior Member

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First of all, thanks to all the people who liked my story.  I'm really grateful to have you as my readers. Now, coming to the point, until now I knew how this story will end, the problem was how to reach there. But as today I was fidgeting over the plot of the next chapter, this problem was solved too.

As I've told in the starting of the story that this is neither a niraj or nibir fan fiction, but a story of three people coming in terms with each other.

I wouldn't have actually wrote this thing, but then when I posted an os on Nisha and Kabir named toxic love, loads of comments were there appreciating the story. I am thankful to those people also as they liked my work. But I can't see that response her. I have to actually ask you for comments. Maybe this happens because some people might take it as a NiRaj ff and some as Nibir ff. So, I wanted to make this think very clear that this story is not like that. I would actually tag it as a Viraj Kabir story with Nisha playing a prominent role in both their lives.

Hope you'll all understand

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Amina... Goldie

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Posted: 11 June 2015 at 5:52am | IP Logged
Nice update...
Loved it...
Continue soon...
swaralika Senior Member

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 8:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by A-N-G-E-L-I-N-A

Nice update...
Loved it...
Continue soon...
swaralika Senior Member

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 9:01am | IP Logged
Wow guys, 4000 views, and I should be celebrating it. But then, it's been 1 day since I posted the 5 chapter, and on @Angelina commented, while 4 people liked it.(thanks buddies). I don't know whether my writings are pleasing you or not, but the least I expect is some comments. Please?
Miiaaa07 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 June 2015 at 9:05am | IP Logged
Interesting story Smile update soon. 

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