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Manan SS :Love conquers all:plz read new note pg14 (Page 4)

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awesme start nd nice concept..
plzzz continue and pm me also...

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Nice update cont soon...plsss pm me...

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Nice update...hey but i have one doubt... little bit related to jamai raja that harsad part..
Manan like their characters specially nandini...

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Originally posted by Lovelylav7

Nice update...hey but i have one doubt... little bit related to jamai raja that harsad part..
Manan like their characters specially nandini...

uhh i have never watched jamai raja so i really dont know about that...and thanks for the appreciation 
means a lot will update by tomorrow morning or night 
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                                                                  Chapter 2

As Nandini stepped into her lab she was greeted by everyone,though nandini was their boss or HOD she was always very friendly and humble with them...it was very rare that she ever lost her cool...she entered her office and ploped down on her chair,a new day has begun she thought and went to get her self filtered coffee.

She was thinking about her mother's words about her choice of career.she saw that the lab was filled with men and very few female doctors to work for the CBI...but the bureau addored her because she did field work. she was as much of an agent as the forensic scientist to determine the cause of death.

becomming the youngest fornsic scientist and working for the CBI was not a peace of cake..it took a lot of hard work to reach where she is right now...sleepless nights...hardly anu social life and dating was out of the question...last she remembered dating was in 12th grade.At the tender age of 19 she had helped the cops solve a double homicide when she was doing her majors in forensic science and criminology in the prestigious yale university.From then on, her superiors had noted the efficient, no nonsense way she worked and had made her work even harder.

She was ruthless in her work. Her life was dedicated to putting criminals behind bars. Of course, she could delegate work to her subordinates, but arresting people was something she loved to do. For a woman in a man's world, she did exceptionally well for herself.

with a sigh she went back to her work examining  a body of a young woman in her early 20's named shaila mital...she had come up with a conclusion that shaila was stabbed repetedely..but the stab wounds were on her upper body the were clea surgical marks on her pelvic bone that got her curious.she read the blood reports confirming that shaila was nine monts pregnant and it seemed like the killer cut her baby out after stabbing her meaning the baby probably could have survived...she called Agent abhimanyu to give the updates.

Abhimanyu was there at her office within half an hour...nandu what have you found is it enough to but her scum of a husband behind bars...Abhi why do you jump to conclusions i admit that her husband is a prik and a cheat but i do not think that she was murdered by him...all the evidence is circumstantial against him and i think the murderer took the advantage because he/she knew that there were problems going on between the couple.

what do you mean to say nandu...come clear and in simple english not the scientific jargon please.
nandini smiled at his comment...okey abhi what i think is the murderer is a woman not a man because the force that was used to kill shaila does not match to a man not even an average man for that fact...and i think that shaila was murdered to steal her baby.i need some more time to identify the baby's remains because the baby found in shaila's stomach is not hers it seems like the killer left the remais of a dead child and kidnapped shaila's child...abhi nodded and went out of her office baffeled with the new found information.

just as Abhi stepped out Sid...nandini's assistant came in...Dr.M there is a phone call for you...
Nandini raised her eyebrows but held her hand out for the phone. "Who is it, Mehta?"
"Manik Malhotra, Dr.M. He says it's urgent."Mehta quickly handed Nandini the phone and sprinted out of there after seeing the murderous expression on his boss's face.

Manik anxiously held the phone waiting for nandini to reply...he wasn't surprised when she literaly said his name as if it was a curse.

'Malhotra...speak up i dont have all day for you...

Manik smirked...pleased that he could irk her over the phone...hello to you too Moorthy...its been a while

Nandini controlled the urge to throttle him over the phone if that was even possible. What is it Malhotra...if you have called to chit chat please make yourself usefull for once and press the end button because it so not a pleasure to listen to your voice...she was pleased to hear a displeased grunt on the other side of the phone.

ohh please  Miss Moorthy...your a forensic scientist and i thought you were smart...why on earth would i call you to chit chat...i think you need rest cause your getting delusional...anyway what i wanted to talk to about its important and personal and concerns you as well...though Manik could not see her he knew he had hurt her with his words...it was always like that between them no love only hate...it was very rare that they would be affectionate towards each other...even if they were it never lasted long enough...however, as soon as he mentioned it concerned her and it was personal she got into her full alert mode.

"Manik, what's going on?" She asked. He could hear the seriousness in her voice. It had been a good idea confiding in her, but he couldn't tell her this news on the phone. They needed to meet face to face.

Nandini could you come to my office its really urgent...after all mukti's life was at stake.
Now she was concerned...he sounded serious...had something happened in her absense.what made him call her, why did he need her.

Manik..." She said tentatively, putting aside the negative feelings she held for him. Now she was even more convinced that something terrible had happened.

Manik all of a sudden felt very weak and vulnerable...what he was going to do to his sister hit him hard...if he was right and Nandini was successfull in finding out the truth that he dreaded his sister would be devastated and broken.

Nandini...he said her name with so much pain...the last time he spoke like that to her was when Nina died and he had cried and found solace in the arms of his enemy(Nina was his best fiend...she was more close to him than cabir or dhruv).

"I'm coming Manik. Just tell me that you haven't changed buildings and I'll be there in half n hour." She picked up her purse (which had her gun) and walked out of her door. "Mehta! I'll be gone for a couple hours. If Abhimanyu sir comes back just tell him I'm at Malhotra enterprises!" She called behind her not waiting for his response.

true to her word she had reached Malhotra enterprises in half n hour.

truth be told she was exited to come here it was after months that she was comming here...she usually came to meet shashank papa here if she needed any advice...he was always there for her more than her own parents...he was the one who convinced appa and amma to study criminology and forensic science.

she came up to the reception desk...hello there she read the name plate seema...hello there seema i want to speak to your boss.

seema scoffed and said who does not..he is the hottest guy ever
excuse me if your done with how hot your boss is can you inform him that Nandini Moorthy is here to see him.

seema looked bored and said do you have an appointment mam cause if you dont then you are wasting mine an your time.

hey ask him he wants to see me and let me in...seema looked bored and said mam all the women say the same thing.

Nandini was furious...she thought in her mind that if she would tell manik about his staff's behaviour then he would through a fit and then fire this receptionist and then she thought that its not this seema's fault if manik had called her to his office he should have informed his receptionist and she would not be waiting here.urghhh that Monster Manik huh...just as she was about to lash at the rceptionist she heard her name being called and when she turned she was swung and twirled by an over enthusiastic cabir.

Cabir nandini squeeled and hugged him back...god i missed you so much..then she swa navya standing behind cabir...she went to her and pulled her in a hug and said it a pleasure to meet you navya and i am sorry i could not attend your marriage...actually i was overseas you see but a diiner for catching up and my wedding gift for both of you is pending...so lets catch up some time soon okay.

navya smiled and nodded...seema looked like she was going to be run over by bulls...she realised that this nandini moorthy was family and if manik sir got to know about it he would fire her for sure.
cabir:nandu what a pleasent surprise...why dint you tell me that your comming.
how could i cabir i was summoned by the Monster and was ordered to come here asap so here i am.
Manik listening to all the commotion came down and hollered what the hell is happening this is an office not a zoo.

then his gaze landed at nandini...both glared at each other.

manik:Moorthy come to my office now...you can chit chat later and cabir and navya dont you guys have work or would you like to go home late...both gulped and squirmed.
nandini huffed and muttered once a monster always a monster and followed him to his cabin.

Manik stared at Nandini as she made herself comfortable in his office. She hadn't changed one bit. Not from the proud tilt of her chin, to her kissable pink lips, to her straight nose, to her char coal eyes, to her perfectly straight hair. She was still the beautiful woman who he loved to hate. But as his eyes traveled lower over her body, he couldn't help but notice the things that he never wanted to notice. Like how her blouse was cut low enough so he could see a hint of cleavage, or how it didn't hide the soft curves that he knew she had. She might know how to kill someone without blinking an eye, but she was still all woman, something that he couldn't deny no matter how much he tried.
Manik...she snapped her fingers...hello...she thought it really must be something serious he had this glazed look.

She looked at him top to bottom...still that 6.4 inches tall...well built...his biceps flexing from the fitting of his suit...those smoldering eyes,those pink lips and the straight nose.he had not changed a bit he looked 20 not 25 years old as if he did not age at all.

this time manik cleared his throat to get her out of her haze.

Nandini he almost yelled to snap her back to reality.

what she snapped...if you can get lost in thoughts so can i am human too you know.

he looked at her sheepishly and said we can fight later there are more pressing matters to be dealt with and i am sorry for snapping at you.

nandini calmed down and then she gaped at him...she checked his forehead and then muttered he has no fever then what the hell is wrond am i in some other universe.

Manik shot her an angry look which made her back down. When Manik was like this, he just needed to vent. But the anger dissipated to what looked like fatigue. She noticed the circles under his eyes. Had he been sleeping properly? There was a tick to his jaw. He was irritated...and anxious. Nandini got up and went to sit on his desk so she was right in front of him. Her proximity startled him.

"Manik." She said in that tone that always calmed him down. "Talk."

Manik got up and paced in his cabin...nandini waited patiently giving him the space to gather him self up and tell her whats bothering him.

you have been with mukti and harshad while they were dating right.
you know i was Manik get to the point please.

well did you notice anything wrong about harshad or anything wierd...
what are you trying to say Manik...you are scaring me please tell me what is it...is mukti all right she asked anxiously

when she got no response from him she stood up straight not liking where this was going.Manik are you sying what i think you are saying.

manik nodded and sat on the couch looking down at his feet
so when you said that the problem concernes me that means you wanted to imply that mukti was in danger and you need my help

All of a sudden, a patronizing smirk appeared on Manik's face. It was one she knew very well. "Oh good, I was beginning to think that you forgot that you solved crimes for a living."

Usually, this would lead to a big fight between the two of them, but not now, not when Mukti was in danger. "Manik, just stop. I'm not in the mood for this. Tell me everything that you suspect, and don't leave out the slightest detail." She pulled out a notepad from her purse and he could glimpse the gun she held in there. If Manik had any doubt she worked for CBI, it was gone now.

Manik told her about his suspisions and about the music company being bankcrupt.
Manik has he ever i mean has he ever hurt mukti

Manik turned in lightning speed towards her and spoke in a deathly voice...he wouldn't date hurt my sister..he calmed down after a bit and then he said Mukti seems happy but sometimes she seems off like she is hiding some pain.

god i should have been more carefull...i should have found out more about harshad before getting my sister married off to him...this is all my fault.

nandini put her hand on his shoulder in a comforting manner and said Nik its not your fault why do you have to blame your self if anything goes wrong.everybody thought that harshad was a nice man and worthy of mukti manik so stop beating yourself up for it al right.

That was the first time in years she had used his childhood nickname.

He must have recognized it because his head snapped up. She gave him a smile, a real one this time. "Don't be so glum, Manik! I'm going to help you

 "Manik, it's good that you called me. What you said about the money appearing suddenly in his account made me think of a case from a couple weeks ago. Someone was embezzling funds from a research company, and the money was being deposited in the a canadian bank a/c. Though the situation is different, perhaps we can connect some dots. I'll have my people look into it."

Manik was enthralled by the way she chewed her pen, signaling her anxiousness. Yet that was the only sign of her discomfort with the situation. Now, she was in her 'zone' as Dhruv had always called it. Once Nandini focused on something, she could never be deterred from it, much like himself. She loved Mukti as much as he did, and he knew that she would do anything for her. Mukti had always been there, cheering everyone up, breaking up the fights, sacrificing her 'me' time for them. 
come lets go out before my employees get suspicious and think that i am here having my way with you...he winked at her and she blushed and smaked his arm.

they got out of the office and headed downstairs.
cabir saw them together and blinked twice...he was shocked to see manik and nandini together not
 trying to get each others throat or not glaring or scowling at each other...something must be wrong with his eyes he thought
Manik walked Nandini to Cabir's desk. Cabir grinned at Manan. "What's this guys...no fighting, no split lips, no bruises. Nandini, where did all of your fighting spirit go?"

nandini laughed and smaked cabir.maybe you would find that scenario next time i visit cabir.

thankfully there wont be a next time Moorthy.

oh dont be so sure about it Malhotra...she hugged cabir and navya and started walking towards the exit...just as she was about to leave Manik's voice stopped her.

oi Moorthy...we are all going to our farmhouse this weekend and you have to come so keep this weekend free.

"Fine by me. Now I can give Cabir and Navya their wedding gift too!" Nandini exclaimed. She guessed what he was going to say next and stopped him. "Don't worry about sending a car Malhotra. You're not the only one who has cars and people to drive them." She turned around again, concealing the smile on her face at his flabbergasted expression.

As she passed the reception area, she caught sight of seema's frozen face. Nandini smiled sweetly at the woman. "See, I told you Manik wanted to see me." Nandini watched in satisfaction as the woman gulped. She was feeling particularly vindictive at the moment so she added, "And the next time you deny me entrance, you will be fired." Nandini smirked when seema frantically nodded her head.

Manik dude your staring at nandini...all okay with you dude.

Manik glared at cabir and snapped...why the hell would i stare at moorthy...you have lost your mind bira get out of your fairy land and get your ass back at work.

phew...long chapter...finaly done...hope you guys enjoy it. please let me know how it was

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awesome!! I loved this ruthless nandini!! Very well written. Continue soon pls

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awesme update!!
love to red more nd plzz continue..
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Loveddd itt!!! Continueee soon!! :D

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