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FF : Chehra Hai Ya Chand Khila Hai CHAPTER 8 UPLOADED ON PAGE 8 (Page 2)

shanaya.oberoi Groupbie

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Chapter 1:
A girl was just gazing at the full moon and tear left her eye,
Girl: kaha chale gaye tum mujhe chord ke,mere pyar mein konsi kami rehgayi thi 
The girl had a photograph in her hand and her tears just kept falling on it.
Girl: patha nahi Woh raat main Kya tha ke tum mujhse door chale Gaye,
Wapas aajao na main tumse kuch nahi kahongi bas har pal tumhare pyar ke liye thadap thi hu,
Bas tumhare laut ne ka intezaar hai... Mujhe us goona ki Sazaa kyun de rahe ho jho Maine nahi kiya,kyun meri shakal thak Nahi Dekhna chahte ho tum.
The girl kept sobbing and slept on the floor hugging the photo so tight as if  it had possessed her life in it.and even while sleeping she just chanted the boy's name.
The girl was none other then Ananya and the photo she was hugging was of Akash yes,her akash who once loved her but now he didn't even want to see her face, there was a time when he loved looking at her and just stared at her for hours but now he couldn't even tolerate her being nearby him.
The next morning Ananya got up and saw that she was hugging his photo and sleeping she gathered herself up and started with her daily routine, she lived alone as not even her family supported her except her sister Alia and her brother shaurya they both loved dearly and shaurya worked with akash in DIB AGENT too and they were the best of buddies until the wall which  came between akash and Ananya. 
Ananya as usual got ready for her flight and left for the airport,
Mr.sen: good morning first officer ananya
Ananya:(cold tone) morning mr.sen
Mr.sen: Aaj Apki flight captain akash ke saath hain
Ananya looked at him with a jerk.
Ananya: mr.sen you do know I don't want to fly with him and I have been avoiding it for the past 2 years now,so how could you fix my flight with him and I have checked my roster my flight was suppose to be with captain shekhawat then all of a sudden yeh Kya hua...
Mr.sen:hum janta gain par captain shekhawat reported sick aur end moment we had to fix captain Akash and u cannot back out now it's time for the flight please report in the cockpit.
Ananya was just left dumbstruck as she didn't fly with akash and was almost to burst out into tears.
Ananya thought to herself " tho Kya hua if I'm flying with akash he is just my captain and nothing more"
When she reached the cockpit she saw him sitting on his seat.
Ananya: (sternly) good morning  CAPTAIN AKASH. 
She emphasized on the word captain.
Akash:(without even turning ) morning officer pls get to work we have a plane to fly and already your very late.
Ananya just gave him a painful look and sat down with her checklist.
Akash: pass me the checklist.
Ananya: just a minute capt I didn't complete it yet...
Akash:(angrily) don't you get it Maine Nahi pucha ke complete hai ke nahi just give it to me 
Saying this he snatched it from her she was just dumbstruck and a tear left her eye she looked away not to show it to him.
She thought to herself " since when did you become so heartless Akash Ek waqt tha jab tum mujhe dukhi nahi dekh sakte,mere akhon main asu Nahi ane de the Ab Kya hogaya tumhe ke tumhe meri taraf insaniyat bhi nahi Dekha sakte.
During the flight both of them didn't even talk to each other unless it was very important,
Suddenly none other then Natasha entered the cockpit,
Natasha:hi handsome tumhare liye coffee.
Akash looked at her lovingly and then the next thing which happened made Ananya completely broken from inside she couldn't even tolerate it was
Akash took Natasha 's hand and gave peck on it,
Akash: tumhare hatho main Kya jadu hain Natasha.
Natasha:bus tumhare pyaar ne mujhe ithni takath di hain ke main kuch bhi Kara sakti hi.
Ananya couldn't tolerate at excused herself to the bathroom
And she cried her heart out over there,
Natasha: see akash she's just jealous nothing much isiliye woh yaha se chali gayi.
Akash didn't reply but deep inside his heart he felt like thousands of needles were pricking him for doing this with Ananya he still loved her but couldn't forgive her for the mistake she committed. 
Akash: ab tum Jao landing ka time ho chuka hai and please send first officer Ananya back in the cockpit we have to land.
Natasha left and Ananya entered the cockpit,
Akash: so if your done shedding your emotions please let's concentrate on landing,
Now Ananya couldn't take it anymore and replied back,
Ananya: how can you be so heartless captain, Ek time tha when u loved me and now just look at you... And let me remind you ke aap mujhe chord ke Gaye thei . Aur Aaj bhi main usi galti ki sazaa bhugat Rahi hu Jo Maine kabhi nahi karhi that night everyone left me you,my family 
Bus bacha tho Sirf mere Bhai behen aur mera ba...
Akash: Mera Kya what were you gonna say?
Ananya: let's not get personal captain  please concentrate on the flight we have to land now.
Akash just kept wondering what she was going to say but couldn't get what she wanted to say.
As soon as the plane landed and was evacuated by the passengers Ananya was the first one to leave the cockpit without even looking at akash she just left the cockpit.

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Laadifan12 Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Awsome update 
God that Natasha AngryAngryAngry
Hope everything gets sorted between Akash and Ananya 
Dying to read chapter 2 update soon
Btw next update Kab milega 
-AnnieQueen- Goldie

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 8:57am | IP Logged
Omg what a start!!!
how can aakash do such a thing!Angry
how can he think that anu can do such thingsAngry
I think anu is pregnant with aakash's child
and that natsAngry
I hate aakash and natsAngry
plz anu ko zyada hurt mat karna and please unke MUs dur kardena...
cont. Soon...
zubiya92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 8:59am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Cont soon
Princessnidhii Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 2:56am | IP Logged
beautiful dear
continue very soon
update asap
cant wait to read next update
shanaya.oberoi Groupbie

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Chapter 2:
Ananya had walked out of the cockpit in tears each and every word he said had pricked her,
She hurriedly left for her hotel,she had a two day stay in Kashmir,
After reaching the hotel she was really tired and she freshened up and went to sleep 
[AFTER 1 hour]
She woke up and thought of just having a look at the market so she freshened up and left,
In the lobby she saw none other then Akash and Natasha holding each other's hand and being really friendly with each other she couldn't take it anymore and ignored and walked out of the hotel and akash had noticed that,
Ananya didn't really buy anything from the market but she was having a flashback of the time when she was with akash,
A woman was very angry with her boyfriend they both were in the mall,
Ananya was just walking very fast and Akash was behind her,
Akash:are Ananya suno tho Meri bat.
Ananya:akash mujhe kuch nahi Suna tum tho meri bat sunte hi nahi ho.ab jab tak ke mujhe who dress nahi milti don't talk to me.
They both reach home,
Akash:Ananya come here I wana show u something.
Ananya:(throws a pillow at him) go to hell don't even talk to me.
Akash just gives a cute smile and goes and hugs her from the back.
Ananya:leave me Akash!
Akash: I won't leave you at all 
Saying this he held her even more tight and kissed her bare shoulder,
Akash:yeh Dekho main tumhare liye kya laya hu.
It was none other then the dress Ananya wanted,she was so excited seeing it that she hugged him really tight and gave a kiss on his lips.
Akash:wow,Ek gift ke liye Ek kiss tho phir main har din Ek gift laya karunga.
She was blushing and hugged Akash really tight.
Suddenly the it started raining and ananya's flashback ended.
It was raining heavily and everyone started running here and there,
Ananya left in search for a taxi or auto rickshaw, as it was almost night time,
Over there at the hotel akash just kept staring at the clock waiting for Ananya he even refused Natasha's proposal to have dinner just for Ananya,
Akash:patha Nahi yeh ladki ithni raat gaye kaha rehgayi.
While over there Ananya was finally found a auto so she sat in it but the driver didn't have any good intentions he looked at Ananya with an evil look.
While over there akash was desperately waiting for her in the lobby.
Akash: pata Nahi kana rahgayi rat ke 11:00 baj rahe hai.should I call her?
No I will look too desperate.
In the auto,
Driver:waise madam ap Kafi khubsoorat hain.
Ananya: excuse me,ap apna dhyan aage rakhiye.
Then the driver started talking nonsense and Ananya couldn't tolerate it,
Ananya:aap Zara auto rokye main yahi se chali jaungi.
Driver:ithni jaldi kya hai jaaneman.
The driver caught ananya's hand and he didn't leave it at all Ananya was hitting him on his hand so that he would leave it but he tried forcing himself on her and it was raining heavily Ananya slipped and unfortunately fell on the floor giving a opportunity to the driver. She hit her head on the ground and it started bleeding,but she still had the courage to fight back,
Over there akash was getting worried about her he finally called her up but she didn't pick her phone,somehow she managed to escape the man and the first thing she saw was akash's name on the phone she saw him calling her she quickly picked the phone but by that time the man held her and threw on the floor again. Akash tried speaking but he heard all the screaming and shouting and was really worried.akash then somehow managed to trace her call and was driving really fast and when he reached there what he saw was just killing him from inside the driver was on top of Ananya and was forcing to kiss her,
Suddenly a hand from behind pulled him and there was a punch on the man's face Akash was like a wild lion at that time he beat the man brutally until the man ran away like limping dog from there,
Then he saw Ananya whose clothes were tattered,torn and ripped completely she was just trying to hide herself,
Akash:(bursts on her) tumhara dimag Karab hai Itni raat ko Akele nikal gayi Dekh Liya na Kya ho Sakta tha agar main nahi pohuchtha sahi waqt par.
Saying he tried touching her but Ananya moved away,
Ananya:(faintly) don't touch me! Tumhe Kya farq padhta hai... Ke mere Sath kuch bhi ho just..just stay...away from me ! Don't touch me
And she fainted as she didn't have the energy to even stand and she was hurt on the head,but Akash caught her in time he carried her in his arms and left with her for the hotel, well this was maybe the worst site for Natasha but Akash had carried Ananya in her arms and carried her towards her suite.
When they reached the suite he layed her on her bed and slowly cleaned her wound .she was completely wet due to the rain,
Akash:agar aise he so gayi tho yeh bimar padh jayegi.
When Akash thought for a while with great difficulty he took her night gown out and switched off the lights and changed her clothes.
Akash kept a watch on Ananya the entire night.Sometime,he would sit next to her bed side and just stare at her face lovingly and say,
Akash:aj bhi waisi ki waisi ho,beautiful as usual...main aj bhi tumse hi pyar karta hu par Uss galti ko main kabhi maaf nahi karpaunga...
The night then came to an end and the sun rose Akash was just looking at Ananya who looked like a beautiful princess sleeping in a white nightgown.
Suddenly she woke up opening her eyes slowly,and with great difficulty got up and tried to sit,
Akash:Araam se ruko main madad karta hu..
Ananya:don't touch me main Khud manage karlungi.
Then suddenly ananya's eyes went on her clothes which had been changed,
Ananya: mere kapde Kisne badle,yeh kahi tumne tho nahi...
Akash:Han Maine hai badle hai Kal rat tum bhigi wi thi aur behosh thi isiliye maine badaal diye.
Ananya:what how could you even think of...nahi badal the tho Sahi tha Kya hotha zyada se zyada mar hi tho jathi ha thand ke maare tumhe kya farq padhta.
Akash:tum yeh bar bar mujhe yeh kyun keh thi hoke tumhe much hotha tho mujhe koyi farq Nahi padhta aur waise bhi Maine Sirf insaaniyat ke Khatir kiya yeh it?
Main ja raha hu tumhe hosh achuka hai Khud sambhal Lena apne ap ko main koyi naukar nahi hu tumhare thane bhi Sunega aur seva bhi karega.
Saying this Akash left.ananya just stared at him but a slight smile came on her lips as she really didn't feel so bad about Akash touching her she had a hope Akash still loved her as he cared for her so much.
She got up and somehow managed to get ready for her flight back but she was still not in good condition.
Sorry if they are any mistake and yea do comment and hit the like button

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Laadifan12 Senior Member

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:10am | IP Logged
first to comment 
Fantastic update Clap
That driver Angry Angry Angry Angry
How dare he touch Ananya 
But her prince charming came to save her obviously 
Why does Akya always have to suffer so much pain Cry Cry
Please update soon 
Thanks for the pm 
zubiya92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 May 2015 at 7:27am | IP Logged
Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon

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