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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

ArHi SS : |Summer Love| Sweat of Calmness Posted 14/05/12

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Summer Love.

A simple and Sweet Story Of 

Famous Arnav Singh Raizada 
Innocent Khushi kumari Gupta.

A Four Shot + epilogue on how ASR gets his 
Summer Love in his life forever.

INDEX : Just keep on scrolling :P



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I love you ASR.

The area of acres was echoing with cries of these.  Thousands of females screamed their lungs out while the males were no less than any other gender out there. 

And why shouldn't they after all, it's Arnav Singh Raizada we are talking about.

Arnav Singh Raizada, 24-year-old Hollywood Superstar, heartthrob of million girls around the glob, a totally handsome, hot and sexy young man.

Not like that he did some 50 films to get this attention but just 20 hits out of which 16 went 500 corer+ in Indian value. And we have an utterly talented person in the industry.

He is the hot chocolate boy of the industry. Though he did every genre in the industry but his eyes spoke volumes of Romance and hence he is more popular for his romance and action on screen. And every girl had just gone gaga over him since his first film.

Since his Romance was the most popular genre among his other acting abilities 

Every interview he went through of different media house had one common question.

Any love of your life waiting back at home?

And last night telecasted interview had the same question but unlike the previous time Arnav hadn't laughed it off but had smiled shyly and answered it.

This had bought a huge tsunami in the girls and media houses and that's why every one had gather around his mansion in New York today, to ask question of his sudden departure.

Though he had answered the question last night but in a very twisted manner which had left behind nothing but confusion. 

It wasn't hidden that he is an Indian citizen and his whole family still resided in Delhi, India but in his whole 6 years of career he had hardly mentioned his family or India in his any statement but last night when his PR team had given out the statement of;

ASR going to his land for summer months.

Had bought another earthquake, as if last night the Raizada had decided to keep on giving natural disasters one by one, even before the crowd could digest the previous one.

And then this morning it had been published that;

ASR, in next Dharma {Karan Johar} production!

And now he was leaving for international airport, to catch his fight for India. 

And soon the crowd saw him sitting inside his luxury and drive away.

Arnav's pov

I took my glares off, and looked out of the window to see hundreds of girls standing parallel on the road and banging my car and screaming my name, pleading for just one look.

I shook my head in amusement and asked my driver to drive faster and he simply nodded, I saw the lines of girls for another 5 minutes and then Bugatti Verona took its original speed and I sped off to my destination.

I plugged in my headphones and played a soft song. 


The situation exactly like the lyrics.

It has been 6 years of my life without her yet I couldn't even erase a second of memory about her from my mind

It's been 10 years of loving her.

But ironically I don't even know her name.

And the worst part is,

That when I walk out of my house, I find thousands of girls standing out there, waiting for just a glimpse of mine, everyone is beauty in her own self but yet no one is like her.

There are many girls in my industry with zero size figure, all trying hard to get me in their bed, Sexy, hot and happening but yet no one could attract me like her.

That girl is all over me, controlling every bits of me.

But now it is enough, I will find her and make her mine.

I am coming my Summer Love'

Thinking of my love story I always get this goofy smile on my face well after my entire story is totally different from others in every means and ways. 

It has always been this summer love story and it's totally not a high school love or a childhood darling story but my story bloomed like a sunflower of summers, only in summers.

I still remember the time 10 years past when I was 14,

'And another Six from our captain Arnav'

I heard the announcement made by one of our colony friend, who was the commentator for the cricket match between two colonies.

Royal Red V/S Classic Blue. 

And Royal Red, Which is my team, was defiantly winning the match; we needed another six on 12 balls. Clear Win.

The Sun was still on its peak but nothing could stop us from playing today. And then I saw the baler running towards me with a very good speed, though the ball was a spin but yet I hit a Four.

And Gentlemen and only gentlemen the result is clear but we can't stop the match, we are still left with 2 runs on 11 balls.'

I know that baler was very irritated with me but what can I do playing cricket came in my genes.

I saw him run again and this time I was in a mood to disappoint him even more, I bend a little and patted my bat on the ground and when the ball was in my range, I swung my bat high in the air.

And it's a Six, and with this Six Royal Red creates a history in Lucknow Galli Cricket.

And the Score is 234 with 0 wickets.'

And my whole team went crazy with it hooting, shouting and dancing we did every thing because today we created a history. 

I saw the other team disappointed and their face totally dull but when I saw one of my team mate going to them and dragging them to enjoy with us, They all joined and danced as if they won. I shook my head reminding myself I was in Lucknow and not in Delhi.

All of a sudden I felt ground slipping off my feet and soon 2 boys had picked me up and had settled me on their shoulders and others hooting my name.

My lips curved into a rare smile.   

I loved this city, I wish I could be here forever but my wish was a waste, since dad's Business was in Delhi we all had settled there but I am happy that not for full year but we can spend our 2 months summer vacation here. 

It is a kind of tradition from past 3 years to spend our vacation here in Lucknow with Nani, Mami, Mama and Aakash.

Ma did sometimes company us to this little trip but it rarely happened since she couldn't leave dad alone there in Delhi. But Di and I always came here come may what.

I was still on the shoulders of my friend and they were still running around with me when my eyes landed on a vision of yellow and white but soon they had changed the direction making the yellow and white disappear. 

I, politely asked my friends to put me down and after 3-4 pleas they did as soon as I was on my feet I walked towards the place where I saw that vision and that's when I had seen her.

She was wearing a white kurti with a yellow salwaar and dupatta of yellow with handcraft of white on it, her hair braided neatly and her hand nude. 

Her eyes almond shaped, lips bowed, nose like a button and her face deprived of any kind of artificial beauty.  Her Face was glowing, eyes twinkling with happiness.

She was simply Beautiful, she looked like of my age group or a year younger to me but not more than that. 

I was hypnotized with her beauty, I wanted to capture her fully but before I could She left the place and went away jumping and laughing with a girl elder to her.

Whole evening I just kept on thinking about her.

I just wished she shows up tomorrow as well.

That night I slept with her in my dreams. 

Next Evening as soon as the clock struck 5, Aakash and I ran out of the house towards park, I, secretly wishing for her to come today. 

And when I reached the entrance of the park my eyes scanned through out the park for her.

And there she was with the same girl from yesterday, walking and talking.

She wore a white kurta with sea green patiyala and extremely light blue net dupatta. Her hair again braided.

And that moment I could feel my lips turning in a curve. 

That evening we decided to play football and that evening I made sure whenever the ball came to me I took it near her and then pass it to other, and I swear I saw her lips curve whenever I did that.

And then it turned out to be a ritual type. 

Every evening 5 to 7 we spent the evening just staring at each other. 

This announcement is for Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada to please board the flight IND6784 New York to New Delhi from Counter 1 Thank you'

The announcement brought me back from my fairyland. I walked up to the counter and boarded my flight. 

Just 22 more hours and here I come Cinderella.

I settled myself comfortably on my seat and looked around to see people watching me with excitement and happiness, it clearly stated from their expression that they wanted to talk to me but unfortunately for them I was under a high security. Even I couldn't help it.

I looked out of the window to see nothing but darkness. We were flying high in the sky in the only light source of the moon. It has been 7 hours since we flew and it did nothing to me except increasing my excitement of seeing her soon.

I relaxed a little and switched on my laptop, only to be greeted by her.

Oh Jesus! She looks so adorable with this expression.

That was a day unforgettable. 

It has been 3 week since the day of seeing her and since then we have been meeting like this but today Nani had decided to go out on picnic on the outskirts of the city to my displeasure even Aakash agreed on the idea. And that's why here I was sitting in front of a pleasant pond surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery though I was upset initially but after coming here brought some peace to my mind. I was happily clicking pictures when my Di asked me to show what I am clicking since we came here. I happily went and started showing the pictures I clicked from my DSLR. We both were watching the pictures when something caught my eyes in the last picture I clicked, a vision of baby pick and blue jeans. It was her.

That meant she was here I got up instantly and ran towards the place where I was clicking the pictures previously ignoring my Di's calls, I looked around for another minute and then my eyes landed on her.

She was here with her family I guess, wearing a baby pink puff top and blue half jeans her hair done in pigtail. 

And I exactly don't know what happened but whatever happened was a little incredible to happen as her expression said.

Her eyes and lips into 3 perfect O's! Oh gosh! How can anyone be this cute? 

And without wasting a moment I had clicked her picture from my DSLR.

And my rest evening went in following her and clicking pictures of her in different styles.

That was the first time I had ever taken her picture. And I remember First thing after coming from picnic I did was transferring all the pictures into my Laptop and my phone.

I chuckled a Little remembering those days. 

I switched off my laptop no more wishing to do whatever I wished a while ago and slept peacefully thinking about her. 

Finally I was here in my country India on the land who has seen me growing up. I wore my blazer and made my way out of the resort. When I stepped out of the resort I took a deep breath taking in all the goodness of nature and with a determination to find my Cinderella.

I walked and stood in front of the park, I scanned the park hoping to find her but alas! 

I entered the park to find everything was same as past. I walked near the bushes where she used to sit with the other girl and talk non-stop. I shook my head. Moving further I came and sat on her favorite bench where she sat and used to feed the birds. I smiled touching the bench trying to feel her warmth.

I stood up and walked towards the flower area I sat on my one knee and smelled the red rose deeply the same smell, which came from herhair filled in my nostril. I was about to pluck one rose from there when I heard some kind of jingling. I stood up next instant and turned around to find her there running around the park her back facing me. She was wearing white today. White Anarkali. I don't know what got into me and I started to take giant steps and held her hand, wanting to see her face I called her out.


'Thank you, so much sir for the compliment.' 

My eyes went open and I saw not her but an airhostess standing and blushing I immediately left her wrist and she went away blushing even before I could clear her confusion. I looked at my watch.

'4 more hours to go! I hope I just don't turn lunatic in these 4 hours'

Author's Pov

It was early in 4 am when the flight landed in Delhi and very tiered Arnav made his way out utterly embarrassed by what he did just a hour ago, Oh! 

His bodyguard took his luggage and they proceeded towards the exit terminal.

The area was full of paparazzi waiting for just his one look but without caring for them he made his way out to meet his Best Friend cum his P.A Aman Mathur (Varun Dhawan).

Aman took Arnav into a brotherly and warm hug though they were meeting just after 2 weeks but still meeting Best friends has its own flavor of life.

They all settled in Bugatti and drove towards the Destination Shantivan.

'So Aman what all is going here'

'Well ASR you will be shocked to hear this but your brother Aakash is getting married on this Sunday'

Well Arnav who had been looking out of the window to see his city after so many years and was savoring it got into such a shock that his eyes actually went quit wide.


Off- course it was a shock his little innocent brother was getting married and he had no idea about it made him hurt a little.

'ASR that's true, the whole Raizada Clan was trying to reach you since the marriage got confirmed but that manger of yours doesn't know any other Raizada other than you so he kept on disconnecting all their calls and then you weren't even picking your personal Cell as well'

Oh Jesus! My phone got crashed but any ways where is the wedding?'

'Lucknow My boy'

'Get my helicopter ready. We'll fly to Lucknow today'

'Aai Aai Captain'.

Arnav's Pov

Yahin Doobe Din Mere...
Yahin Hote Hai Savere...
Yahin Marna Aur Jeena...
Yahin Mandir Aur Medina...

It was 6:30 in the evening when I landed in Lucknow My eyes went mist remembering all my past of here. Every thing of this city was making me nostalgic a bit. 

Albeit I was very tired but all I wanted to do was take a round of the city where I fell in Love.

This city taught me how to love her.

 A worried Aman came up to me, a small smile formed on lips exactly knowing the reason.

'ASR you are on your feet since morning, First the traveling then completing all the pending work in AR so that Aakash can enjoy is marriage and honeymoon and then you flew here. You should rest and not go walking around'

'If you have a Best Friend like Aman you don't need a wife.'    

And saying so I chuckled a little seeing his poker face (-_-) 


Teri Galliyan, Galliyan Teri Galliyan
Mujhko Bhaave, Galliyan Teri Galliyan
Teri Galliyan, Galliyan Teri Galliyan
Yun Hi Tadpaave, Galliyan Teri Galliyan

 I stood still, after a long time I am coming here and all I wanted now was history repeating itself.I scanned the park hoping I could find her but things are different now things have changed a lot the park was even greener than before, it had many more benches fixed now but what hadn't changed was that it was still the cupid for many love stories.

Tu Meri, Neendon Mein Sota Hai
Tu Mere Ashkon Mein Rota Hai
Sargoshi Si Hai Khayalon Mein
Tu Na Ho Phir Bhi Tu Hota Hai
Hai Sila... Tu Mere... Dard Ka..
Mere Dil Ki Duaayein Hain Yeh

I walked through the park and with every step many memories flooded back to me.

Her shy smile

Her nervous look

Her laughter

Her secretive ways of staring at me

Her caring nature for any younger one in the park.

 This park has given me all. 

Sighing deeply I moved ahead, 

After walking for hours I entered Hajratganj a place full of hustle bustle a huge chain of different kinds of shop making the place a one-stop shopping center.

I can feel many stare upon me; I turned around to find many people watching me with doubtful eyes and murmuring to themselves.

Must be thinking am I the ASR? A soft chuckle left my mouth. If it would have been Delhi or Mumbai or any other city by now they would have been surrounding me with cameras, books, pens and what not but Lucknow was a total Bollywood packed city no doubt they would have seen Hollywood films as well but very rare since mainly action movies are projected here. And I do comparatively less action than Romance. 

I was still walking lost in m thoughts when I heard

'Aap bataye hum pe yeh wali acchi lagi ya yeh wali?' 

I turned around to find a couple standing in front of a Saree center, and 

Kaisa Hai, Rishta Tera Mera
Bechehra Phir Bhi Kitna Gehra
Yeh Lamhe, Lamhe Yeh Resham Se
Kho Jaaye, Kho Na Jaaye Hum Se
Kafila... Waqt Ka... Rok Le...
Ab Rooh Se Juda Na Ho...

one of a very beautiful memory came to my mind drafting me to that time of our.

I was walking on the streets of Hajratganj aimlessly, it was 6 in the evening and today we all had decided on shopping since it was our last day here and now it has been 2 hours since our arrival here and Di is still in the starting phase of her shopping, Girls I tell you!

They were shopping footwear so I thought of taking a round around.

I missed Aakash's company but Unfortunately his school had started a week before and he right now was in his tuitions. A deep sigh came out of my mouth thinking that after reaching Delhi I will be no better than Aakash. 

I was still walking around searching for anything which can entertain me for a while when I heard her, I turned around hysterically searching for her, I surely can't be wrong in guessing her sweet voice. 


I again heard the jingling voice and I moved a little further to see her

And there she was standing with same girl from park in front of a dupatta parlor and selecting dupatta.


Jiji Hume toh dono hi pasand aa rahe hai ab?'


Oh! So the girl is her elder sister. I moved a bit forward to hear out their conversation in a hope to know her name. 


Par babuji ne paise toh bas ek dupatta ke liye diya hai'


I saw a pout adorning her; I wished I had my camera right now. 

Then I saw her moving towards right and standing in front of the large mirror. 


And I was standing at a 40 degree angel that meant she could see my easily like I was watching her since 10 minutes. 


And then it happened our eyes clashed through the mirror and I swear I saw her lips curling into a shy smile that lived short. 


I saw a sudden brightness in her eyes and then I saw her raising both her hand and quirking her eyebrows. And it was no rocket science to understand that she was asking for my help and I was more than happy to do that.


She quickly wore the first dupatta that was off white in color and looked up in the mirror to meet my eyes. I pressed my lips in straight line and shook my head slight like indicating my disliking and she immediately took it off as if she would do a big sin if wore it a second longer. And then she showed me the cream colored dupatta and even before she wore it I rejected it by shaking my head at high rate. She pouted a little and then went back to the shop trying to find a good one.

She was still finding a perfect one when her hand touched a very pretty net red dupatta but she removed her hand in a blink. She was still ruffling through the stock when I coughed out loud as if getting my point she looked at me with a corner of her eyes and I coughed again she bought her hand to a golden dupatta that she picked after the red one and I didn't coughed not getting any answer from me she turned a little to see me I by my eyes indicated the other one, she turned around and grabbed the green dupatta lying beside the red one I did nothing she got my message and dropped the dupatta her hand was in air above the red one when I coughed again. I was sure she was going to pick the pink one lying next to red so even before she could pick again a wrong one I coughed indicating my choice and as if clearly getting my point she picked up the red dupatta and ran towards the mirror, her eyes looking at mine through the mirror.

She quickly wore the dupatta and looked at me and that scene took away my breath her skin was glowing against the red contrast making her look even beautiful. She was looking at me with hope in her eyes for my answer and I guess the teen hormones took over me and putting my two finger inside my mouth I whistled thoroughly and very loudly just to see her blushing hard matching to the color of the dupatta. 

I felt stares upon me and I turned around to find few boys glaring at me thinking I was eve teasing.  I guess it was bit too loud.

I gave them a humble smile and started to walk ahead before the boys turned me into black and blue. But not before giving a last look to herand I saw her buying the dupatta and smiling at me before leaving.


'OMG! Its The ASR here'

'I can't believe it'

And I was bought back to earth by the loud scream of my name and before I knew what happened I saw a huge group of girls running towards me.

'Shit they recognized me!'

And even before I could think how to save myself from them a car came and stopped beside me and door got opened; a hand pulled me in and the car drove away. 




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Sweat of Calmness



You caught me just before I slipped out of my own fingers.


A very uncomfortable silence occupied its place in here.

I all of a sudden felt claustrophobic in this very luxurious living room which ironically had many windows and wasn't dark but full of vibrant and different colors.

But yet I felt suffocating here.

Maybe the silence, which fell here or maybe the looks my family had on their faces.

Making me feel the odd one out, a very weird kind of feeling arouse in me making me feel puckish.

I stood abruptly and left the room without giving any heel to anyone's call from behind.



I just needed some fresh air and loneness to capture me, just for a while and nothing else.

I walked out of my house in a desperate search of Peace and calmness for my scared heart and un-settled mind.

I walked inside the park and sat on the farthest bench.

The park was nothing but Peaceful, which I was searching for, it was 10:30 in the morning and the park was, deserted just what I wanted.

I fell back on the support and closed my eyes replaying the event took in my life since yesterday.

Last day had bought me a lot of rusted memories back about Lucknow, except of evergreen moments from past of Cinderella, I came face to face with memories which were alive but were rusting somewhere in my subconscious brain. Last evening when I was in a fix after being identified as the ASR. Aakash had saved me and I swear I had seen his eyes getting watery but you know the male ego came between and the water stayed back in his eyes only.  And when Finally the Raizada reunion had happened it was filled with cries, cheek pulling, complaints of my lean figure and then my mouth was filled with all Indian dishes made in pure ghee.

Now who would dare to tell them that how much hard work was behind this lean physic?

A chuckle came out my mouth when I had heard my Mami scolding Aakash for being so illogical when he had tried to tell the Raizada clan about this lean figure of mine was important part for my career in Hollywood.


Oh! How I had missed all of them back there.

Last night I had slept like I use to in my childhood my head in my Di's lap and her hand ruffling my hair we talking all about our pranks of past.


But today morning when I woke up things were different; nothing was lively but a forced breathing. I was confused initially but once a look at the haunting calendar and my lungs felt like thousand needles pricing altogether making harder for me to breath and in next 2 hours I was sitting in front of the fire completing the ritual required for my parents Death anniversary absolutely like a zombie. And after the ritual got over we all sat there silently everyone staring at me oddly but I knew the reason.



My eyes flew open when I heard the Chan Chan I looked around to find a young girl of age around 16 wearing a pretty long skirt and a decent top with long gushy hair of golden color, her eyes tint of grey. I saw the girl running across the park and exit from the other gate, making her hair fly in the air, her dangler swinging in a rhythm and her Payal making a soothing chime but not as soothing as hers. 



And Unwillingly or maybe willingly I dived into my memories of Cinderella.


I was walking through the gloomy path of known lost roads trying to find a way back home.

Well correction, I was trying to search a way out to reach a structure made of cement and bricks, which many people said belonged to me.

Yea, at the tender age of sixteen I was trying to search my way out while other of my age did was just to play around care less about the world.


But I was different wasn't I?


It was 3 in the afternoon when the sun was still untamed fiery and was giving around bright orange flames.

Well Delhi was just not a place to be visited in summers because you never know when the temperature rises up to 48 degree Celsius and you turn into ash at the instance of stepping out of your house.


Shedding myself from the hot sun I entered my so-called House.

'Di I am back'

I said as I entered my 3-bedroom apartment.

'Get fresh up Chote I am arranging the lunch'


I slammed my bedroom's door too lightly to come in anyone's notice but yet took all my frustration out on it.

I kept my bag on my study table and threw myself on the bed with my stomach downwards and closed my eyes and eventually I drafted back to some unwanted memories.

And unaware to myself tear had started to pour down my left eye.


I felt as if I was being surrounded by darkness everyday and however hard I tried to fight I was falling deeper into it.

But I couldn't since I promised my mom and dad that whatever happens I'll always protect my Di and I'll never go back on my parents last wish.

The day is still very fresh in my head. The drunken truck, the failed breaks and then the huge noise of blast, I still curse my destiny, Why I survived that accident and lost my parents.


That night in the hospital I was praying to either save my parents life or take mine with them but none of my prayer was accepted.


Another tear made a way out of my left eye this time it was bitter than the previous.


I still remember how my mom wanted to see me last time.

She had hugged me and had showered kisses all over my face; She then silently had asked few promise from me.

And I had promised it all to her.


I will always protect my Di no matter what.

I'll get back whatever my dad lost.

And will do everything that is white.


And then she had taken her last breath but not before asking me to never forget myself for others.


I had cried and cried but all in vain because she never opened her eyes again.


I had slept that night with still a hope that my dad will be fine though mom was and always will be the unforgettable but yet dad, Di and I would again create our world.

But when was ever my wish granted?

Next day I had woken up with a start when I had heard a lot of commotion happening I had seen many doctors running to the I.C.U and then it had struck to me



And that day I lost my dad who for the last time ruffled my hair and smiled at me.


I came back from the past when I felt something vibrating in my pocket of jeans.


I took out my I-phone 6+ from my pocket and looked at the caller I-D. It was my Di calling. I had disconnected it and was keeping my phone back when I felt something metallic in my pocket I pulled it out and a small smile formed on my lips.

Remembering her again.


And my mind drifted into another memory of her.

It was the first day of my summer vacation and I was serving my costumer in Starbucks where I had taken a part time job to help my family (Nani, Mama ji, Mami ji, Aakash and Di)


Who had shifted with Di and me to Delhi.

Gone were the days when I use to celebrate my summers in the lap of Lucknow and be happy about each day, call my mom every night describing how my days were going on, expertly subtracting my Summer Girl!




And that bought my lost smile back on my lips though for a mere second only, that girl happens to calm me even when she is miles away. I guess I was just lucky enough to have her for two years in my life or maybe to be very accurate for just four months, I was blessed and I really wish her a bright future ahead and not darkness of my life.

I shook my head I need to concentrate on my work I can't afford to lose this Job and this is no time to go back into the darkness, No time.

I was on the counter arranging the orders for the table no. 9 when my friend Abhi came and took the tray from me asking me to do his order since the girls of my table where hotter and I was more than obliged to do so cause the girls were looking at me as if I was their meal for today!

 I nodded my head and took out another tray to set for no. 6 this time but wait I don't know what their order is?

I looked up to find where Abhi was, and the lighting pricked my eyes. The outlet was lit up as if Diwali and my eyes took time to adjust to the sudden brightness, now what can you expect from a person whose life is darkness, 'No time', I reminded myself.

I looked for Abhi and saw him on table 9 flirting with the costumers. I shook my head and took out my notepad and pen and went to table 6 to take their order once again.  


I made my way to table no.6 greeting the old couple, bunch of BFF's and some cooperate people having their evening time and enjoying the snacks.

I reached table 6 and greeted the girl on the left with a fake smile and wished her evening and then I turned to right to do the same but the voice never came out nor did the breath, It took me a while to realize. What it was, a dream or reality?

Was I imaging much?


Is this happening for real?

Same almond shaped eyes, bowed lips, chubby cheeks and flawless skin and then it happened her lips curved up into the ever breath taking smile, her eyes casted down in shyness and my heart picked up its beat and my breath came out in halting manner.

On my reaction she bit her lips leaving me slightly dizzy.

It was her, my Cinderella.


And I heard the other girl chuckling at my reaction, I came out of my reaction and did my job, I just can't embarrass her.


'Sorry for the in convince but my mate lost your order can you please place the order again'


I spoke looking at both of them equally or maybe on her my eyes stayed a little longer and then darted my eyes on the pad.


While the other girl spoke for the order, she decided to stay mute.

As soon as she had finished with the order I had looked at her for the last look and made my way back to the counter to arrange the tray, after 10 to 15 min later I came back to the table and started placing the order, I from the corner of the eye had noticed that she wanted to talk to me but was hesitant cause every time her eyes kept darting from me to the girl.

I was still arranging the table when I heard the other girl speak


  'Babes it's been a week of your visit here and we haven't visited anywhere yet!'


'Koi baat nhi Lavanya tumhe bhi yahan shift hue sirf 2 month hi toh hue hai aise bhi nhi hai ki tum hume ghuma hi nhi chahti ho jab hum dono ke ma papa aa jangye tab hum ghum lenge'


And I inhaled a long breath.

 That jingling voice was so soothing that I felt at peace after a long time, a thin film of water layered my eyes but I controlled with every bit of my cells functioning in my body.


'Babes you saying as if you don't want to go around this city'


'Lav ghum na toh hume bhi hai but what can we do? We both are new here and our parents are out for another 2 weeks!'


With the last glass on the table I left neither looking at the girl nor her.

 I kept on walking until I crossed the board of Store Room


I slammed the door and slid against it and tears made it way out but this time I felt at peace and this time the tears were healing me.

15 minutes later I had changed into my casuals and was ready to leave for home.

I slid my card in the panel and the screen displayed Rs.100 bounce for working one hour extra then my shift timings.

I was climbing up the stairs of the subway when I again saw her sitting inside an auto rickshaw along with her friend but when she was holding the iron rod while climbing inside something fell from her hand.

I ran and picked the shimmer golden bracelet adoring pearls, shells and starfish I was about shout for the other girl,

Lav.., Lavanya yeah but then they had already taken a turn and without thinking anything I started running, running after the vehicle not caring the weird looks others were giving me nor I cared how my sling bag was flying.

After 20 minutes following them I was about to reach the side of the vehicle when my foot struck with something and I fell straight with my face on a stone.

I touched the mark above my eyebrow and smiled, I had to have a bandage for full 2 weeks and till the time the bandage wasn't off the ladies had just made sure to murder my taste buds! Jesus, I still feel bland when even think of all those yucky totally yuck homemade aruvedic liquids going down my throat on the name of healing and yeah specially that haldi wala dhudh the dose of that was twice a day! Those two weeks were really ill for my taste buds, dear them!

I stuck my tongue out letting my tongue breath and refresh them-selves.

I looked at the golden charm, after the little accident when I had lost the track of the vehicle I had turned a bit selfish, I had stuffed it in my pocket with a smile maybe just maybe I can keep a part of her for myself, If not all of her.

I kept the charm back into my pocket the only compulsory thing without which I can't go about the day.

I was admiring the beauty of the flowers when I felt my phone vibrating, I fetched out to find a message from Aakash

'Bhai you fine?'


And I decided it would be better if I get back to house before everybody turned lunatic from worrying about and I am here to celebrate and not mourn though I have lost both my parents but they are still with me, in my heart.


I was walking back to the mahal when I saw a couple holding hands and walking down the lane and the boy guiding the girl about the city and my lips bloomed into an ever-lasting smile.

 'Arnav I have changed your bandage and now your injury looks better keep on taking the prescribed medicines and meet me next week. Ok?'


I heard the doctor and nodded my head in approval and after paying his fees I left the clinic. It was Sunday today my day off from the entire odd part times jobs, which I had taken up. A day dedicated to me and me only.  


I ignited my bike, the last gift from my dad on being the topper from my 10th boards from all over the India, quite an achievement.


I was ridding my bike still deciding  where to go and spend my day when I saw her again.

Could my day go any better?

After full four days when I had lost the hope of ever-ever meeting her again

And here she was with the same girl from the caf having street food.

Seriously? Street food at 11 in the morning!

This girl is one of her kind!

And I guess that's why I feel for her.

I stopped a bit far from the street shops so that I could hear her soothing voice and calm myself a bit more.

 I ordered a tea and kept staring at her as if no tomorrow, true to admit that I was out of my every sense and was zoomed out with her in my thoughts but I did not missed the sadness in her voice.


'La I want to go around the city its been 2 weeks and 6 days now with 11th hour running! Humph!'


Her eyes dimed a bit and lips straight in line and that broke my dam.


I gulped down the burning tea making my own nervous system curse me!


I started my bike and searched for Khalid Bhai, I located him near the chai stall on the parallel road ahead.


Khalid Bhai is an auto rickshaw driver who is 38; we met when Khalid Bhai was being attacked by a drunken group of college going because bhai had tried to stop the boys from eve teasing.

I am not saying I am some kind of superhero or maybe I am but on a serious note I am national level boxing champion and to make me tough my coach had made me be a street fighter for whole 6 months so it was quite easy for me to tackle them.

Since then he says only one dialogue that he owes me his life and now we have turned to be best friends!


'Khalid bhai!'

I called him out


'Aree Arnav babu, tum yahan?'


'Khalid bhai aapki madat chahiye thi!'


'Aree Babu sahib jaan hazir'


I shook my head at his Bollywood dialogue, I started telling him my plan and he couldn't agree more nor stop his fishy smile.


'Janta hun Khalid Bhai par abhi koi sawal nhi sare sawal baad me puchna abhi mera kaam kar dijiye please'


'Babu chaliye zara tehzeeb wale Lucknow ko dil wali Delhi dekhaie jaye'



I stopped my bike in front of her and her friend who was just leaving for maybe home.


After an inch stopped Khalid bhai's auto rickshaw.


'Madam ji aaye Khalid ki swari me aur dekhye aur chakhiye Delhi ka rang aur swad'


Since I had my helmet I couldn't be clear much but I knew both were dumb found and scared.

I removed the cover of my helmet and smiled at her and wore it again and rest I knew she had dragged her friend into the rickshaw without giving any heed to her shouts for Are You Made?'



Well, let me show you 'round, let me take you out

Bet you we can have some fun, girl

'Cause we can do it fast, fast, slow

Whichever way you wanna run, girl



I first took them to India Gate, where Khalid bhai had already arranged for a guide.

And I sat there on my bike admiring her.

They clicked many photos and did some boating before Khalid bhai interrupted telling them about there are many more places left.

I saw them hurrying towards me and I wore my helmet.


But let me buy you drinks, better yet rings

Do it how you want it done, girl

And who would've thought that you could be the one

'Cause I



And signaled the boy for the service.

He gave them two bottles of cold drinks and a tiara to my Cinderella.

 I ignited my bike and so did Khalid bhai his rickshaw.


The weather was mild and I drove my bike with passion and freshness, a freshness, which was missing for a while now.


I drove through the road and stopped in front of red fort and saw a guide approaching them and Khalid bhai smiling at me. And I flashed my smile to him


I parked my bike in the parking and removed my helmet, lay down on my bike and closed my eyes, for the first time I did not get those flashbacks but felt calm, I did not feel hollow neither incomplete and the only face flashed was her. I was feeling new completely.


And I know it's because of her.


I can't wait to fall in love with you

You can't wait to fall in love with me

This just can't be summer love, you'll see

This just can't be summer love

(L O V E)



'Babu Sahib'


I opened my eyes and sat turned to see Khalid Bhai indicating that they were ready to move to next destination.


I drove through the roads showing the small places in the way to Qutub minar.


Come over and lemme show you 'round

Let me take you out, bet you we can have some fun, girl

'Cause we can dress it up, we can dress it down

Any way you want it done, girl


Done with Qutub Minar it was already 5:30 in the evening and I heard my stomach grumbling, I was driving all of them back when I suddenly took a right turn.

And after 20 minutes we reached chandini chowk I stopped in front of the Paratha wali Galli we entered one of the sitting and I sat in the furthest end and they all in the middle, I saw Khalid Bhai sending the waiter towards me and I knew why.


I ordered for everyone and specially for her.


When we were done I was walking towards my bike when Khalid bhai called up telling me that the girls wanted to walk down and look at the market but it was already going to be 8 so I told him something and disconnected the call.

And we all left from there.

Later on Khalid bhai took a left and I went straight.


I was sitting inside the park and was waiting for Khalid bhai and the very moment he appeared.


'Babu Sahib Humne unko bol diya hai ki agle Sunday theek 11 baje main unke ghar ke samne khada rahunga baki Delhi dekhane ke liye'


'Thank you Khalid Bhai'

And I took out 800 out of pocket to pay but looking at his face I knew it was some crime I am doing. But I had to and I was sure about it.

After a lot of pressure he took the money but told me that it was the fees for the whole trip that meant no more money discussion anymore.


Next 5 Sundays I showed them the whole Delhi made them taste every type of food famous in over here.


Summer's over for the both of us

But that doesn't mean we should give up on love

You're the one that I've been thinking of

And I knew the day I met you you'd be the one, oh!


I can't wait to fall in love with you

You can't wait to fall in love with me

This just can't be summer love, you'll see

This just can't be summer love

(L O V E)




And I banged my head onto the huge gates of Sheesh Mahal! Gosh Arnav look where you moving. I rubbed my forehead a bit and Rang the bell and I smiled I was really thankful to her because she was the one who had pulled me back from the darkness and showed me light at that time when my every cell in the body was shattered.

I heard the door creak open and I looked up to, my smile vanished and shock evident on face when saw those pair of.




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simply amazing
loved it...

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I was searching for this story since quite sometime..and glad that finally found it.
please do continue the story,really loved the first part..
waiting eagerly.

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Lovely start :)

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Loved it!!!

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Superb. Continue soon

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