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SidNi OS The Rejected Proposal

A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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SidNi OS The Rejected Proposal

Siddharth and Roshni were in first year of college.
It was Siddharth's birthday and he was going to propose the girl of his dreams in front of the whole college.

"Yaar Roshni u know today is Siddharth's birthday!",exclaimed Priya excitedly.

"So?" ,asked Roshni least bothered.

"I hope I become his girl-friend some day.",she said totally day-dreaming of him.

"Oh hello! Priya earth calling.Why are u so mad for him?",she asked irritated of her friend's behaviour.

"Just look at him he is so hot,so cute and so..",she would have gone on and on when Roshni stopped her in between.

"Wo wo stop girl I don't need to know your fantasies with him,Ok?" ,she stated.

Priya started blushing at her comment when Roshni said teasing,  "See ur hot and happening Prince is coming!"

Siddharth came in with a bouquet of orchids smiling.

"Arre but Roshni I don't like orchids." ,Priya started ranting while Roshni's mind started thinking of how she just loved Orchids.

"Roshni!" ,she heard a voice which broke her reverie.

She looked here and there when she saw Siddharth on his knees before her.

"Roshni! I have loved you since the first time I saw you. It was love at first sight for me! Would you bring me the honour of being your boy-friend?" ,he asked giving her the Orchids with a million-dollar smile adorned on his face.

The whole college was witnessing this drama when Roshni looked Siddharth in the eye and said "NO!".

The look of love and hope was suddenly replaced by hurt.

His eyes which were blazing with love earlier had just become empty in a fraction of second.

He stood up amidst roars of "Loser" and boos all around.

As he reached the end of the corridor he turns back to see her one more time to maybe find love in her eyes but all he got was rejection!


2nd year of college was very different from the first.
After the incident Siddharth had gone into a shell and did not talk with anyone during these times.

But then he decided that a new year in college would be a new beginning for him.

"So children today I will be assigning u in pairs and the best pair i.e. the best project will be awarded a prize." ,the proffesor lectured on and all were sleeping away but hearing the word prize all had woken up and started discussing what woukd it be when..

"Quiet,silence!! So the first pair is Siddharth and Roshni!" ,he said shouting amidst the loud noise.

Everyone fell silent. Siddharth stood up with a care-free look on his face as if it does not matter to him whereas Roshni stood up fearfully!

He kept on announcing the further pairs and Roshni was just looking at Siddharth to see any change of expression on his face but he was busy studying his file on what topic to research.

"Uh hi I just wanted to ask if u would like to complete the project individually ?" ,siddharth asked stopping her.

"But isn't it a pair project?" ,she asked totally clueless of his weird behaviour.

"Ya it is but we both don't really make a good pair right?",he said keeping a straight face.

Roshni flinched at his answer.

"No we will do it together,u come at my house today!" ,she told him and left.

He just smiled to himself after she left."Well that's surely a start!" ,he thought.

Roshni's home

"Hi..come on in!" ,said Roshni.

They discussed about the project till midnight when Roshni felt sleepy. They had been sitting on the floor with the wall for support.

"This would be fantastic..What do u.." ,he stopped in his tracks feeling something soft on his right shoulder.
A smile came up on his face seeing Roshni resting her head on his shoulder.He closed the files and slept with his head on the wall.

The morning crept up with a new hope that was bidding in their hearts.

Roshni woke up first and saw Siddharth had been resting his head on hers and she on his.

She blushed seeing this.She carefully removed her head and caught his head before he could fall.She tried to get up with the wall's support but instead fell above Siddharth thus disturbing his sleep.

They both were on the floor with Roshni above Siddharth.Siddharth just removed the strand of hair from her face and she closed her eyes feeling his touch.
She got herself together and got up.

"I'll go n make coffee." ,she left hurriedly.

College classroom

"Ok so the pairwhich has won is..",the proffesor started.
Roshni just held Siddharth's hands in hers praying to god for their win.

"Siddharth and Roshni!",he said finally breaking the suspense.

Roshni just hugged Siddharth forgetting that the whole college was seeing them.She was just so happy.

Whereas Siddharth didn't want any prize now,he had got what he wanted.


The third year was an year of changing equations.

"Can u believe it Rosh? Sid agreed to come to the ball with me!",said Priya excitedly.

"Thats great yaar.",Roshni faked a smile.They had become friends now but Siddharth was taking Priya as his date and Roshni wasn't happy with the fact.

"I'll be back ok?",she said to Priya who didn't even seem to hear what she said.

"Hey Sid can I talk to u for a second?",she asked almost dragging him away from the girls he was talking to.

"What's up?",asked Sid.

"What is going on? U r going to the ball with Priya? Why?",she asked .

She wanted to sound concerned but it came out angrily.

"Calm down first Ok.",he replied and continued, "She asked me before anyone else and frankly speaking how can I refuse a girl?" ,he said innocently.

"And what about these girls?",she asked like a possessive gf.

"Uh they also wanted to go with me but I refused them politely. I didn't even know I m this famous.",he said laughing slightly embarrassed.

'Why is he so nice?' she wondered. 'Why am I feeling so uneasy if he is going with Priya?' 'Why was I angry when he was talking with those stupid girls?' 'Why do I want to go with him?'

She was lost in her thoughts when he asked her as to what was wrong.

She just shook her head and left leaving him pondering as to what was wrong with her.

After the ball they were hanging out at her house when Siddharth said "Now I know why u rejected me Roshni."

Roshni was surprised thinking why he was bringing up this topic.

Seeing her surprised face he started..

"Priya proposed me today!!" ,he said and Roshni gasped in shock and started to protest when he clarified her.

"No no I know u did not reject me because of her. I m saying u did so because u did not love me. And today I had to do the same because I do not love her.",he completed.

"Its simple,but we complicate love!" ,he stated.

She seemed to ponder on his words. Was it that simple and she had complicated it.


The fourth and final year was full of surprises and farewells!!

Roshni had finally realized what a fool she was to waste four years of her life when she could have easily made them the best by being on his side!

She had decided to propose him on his birthday!

"Siddharth will u come with me tomorrow?" ,she asked hoping for a positive reply.

"Where?" ,he asked.

"Uh its a surprise. No no i mean its a surprise party of mom n u know na I hate them.",she said making up a story.

"Fine I will come happy?" ,he asked.

She nodded and hugged him. She could not explain to him how much happiness he had given her.

"Siddharth blind-fold!",she commanded.

"But Roshni how will I drive then?" ,he asked.

"I will.." ,she replied proudly.

"Oh Siddy boy u r dead meat!" ,he whispered slowly to himself.

"I heard that.",she faked anger.

"Let's go!!!",she said enthusiastic and nervous.

College compound

"Roshni can I remove it now? And what kind of a party is this? No voices or music?" ,he said confused.

She went behing him and just removed his blindfold.

He was awestruck seeing the view.It said Happy Birthday Siddharth and there was a cake with their photos on it.

"Wow Roshni even i forgot it was my birthday!",he said smiling and hugged her thanking her.

She smiled and asked him to cut the cake when he refused to do so.

"Why?" ,she asked bewildered.

"Because it has our pictures on it..How can I cut them?" ,he said.

She smiled at his childishness and made him cut the cake taking his hand in hers. She fed him the cake and he got busy in eating it. He started looking at his gifts she had bought for him when he heard his voice.

"Siddharth!" ,he turned and saw her no where.

"Roshni where are u? Roshni..", he started panicking and had no clue of what to do when he heard her laughing.

"Roshni..", he turned and saw her laughing at some distance.

He just reduced the gap and went and hugged her. She stopped laughing at once and hugged him back. He broke the hug and starting kissing her all over her face making sure she was fine.

He kissed her forehead,her eyes,her cheeks but stopped as soon as realization struck him.

He left her and said " I m sorry Roshni! You just vanished and I got scared. Please forgive me." ,he said turning to the other side cursing himself.

"I should be the one saying Sorry Siddharth.", she started and saw him turning towards her.

" I m sorry for rejecting ur pure love.I m sorry for making u suffer. I m sorry for all the pains u felt because of me and lastly I m sorry for dissappearing intentionally.", she said having tears in her eyes.

She bent on her knees and saw his eyes getting wide.She chuckled slowly but then said

"Siddharth! I love you. I have loved u since I rejected u just could not realise it. Please accept my proposal and let me call u my boy-friend showing the whole world u r mine only mine!" ,she completed asking for his hand.

Siddharth was just too shocked to react.

" U love me? But how?" ,he questioned dumbly.

"U idiot I love you just tell me u do or not!?" ,she questioned angry and irritated..

"Ofcourse I do Roshni!" ,he said smiling.

"Even after what I did with u?", she asked innocently.

"Yes because u just erased all the hurt and pain of that day with the beautiful memories of this day.",he claimed.

She came and hugged him and he hugged her back.

Siddharth thinks to himself 'Wow 4 years back u rejected my proposal on my b'day only Roshni and today 4 years later on the same day I accepted ur proposal.'

"Uh uh u accepted my Rejected Proposal!" ,she said reading his mind resting her head on his chest.
Thats the OS for today..
Read and tell ur reviews.
P.S. It feels I have a certain liking for three.
I have written four OS and all have three words as title.
The First Kiss,A Chance Encounter,Fighting My Fate and now The Rejected Proposal.Big smile

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afghangirl IF-Rockerz

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Amazing OS.Sidni is so cute and Roshni realised her love for him.better later than never.
Keep on writing.Clap

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tehreemsajid Senior Member

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amazing dear super osClap

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 3:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by afghangirl

Amazing OS.Sidni is so cute and Roshni realised her love for him.better later than never.
Keep on writing.Clap
thank u glad u liked itBig smile
Nia_doll Senior Member

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lovely os Embarrassed

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Mogwai IF-Sizzlerz

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I liked Roshni's style of proposing Embarrassed
Very nice...thanks for sharing the link :)

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A.Green IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by tehreemsajid

amazing dear super osClap
maclean Senior Member

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out standingEmbarrassed

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