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Sadda Haq Season 2
Sadda Haq Season 2

SanDhir FF: love, it hurts..

viratanushka Senior Member

Joined: 19 August 2011
Posts: 970

Posted: 08 May 2015 at 1:44am | IP Logged

Okay ppl..m back on IF..with a new FF on SanDhir..well this is a heart touching n wrenching story of 2 lovers..                                          



                                                  SanDhir SS: Love, it hurts..





  Sankyukta is an orpan..her parents died when she was 4 yrs old n since then her tuaji n taiji are taking care of her..she is the apple of her tauji's n elder brother Vardhaan's eye..everyone loves her a lot..sanyu is the most pampered child of her house..Ankit loves her but envy's her n is sometimes over protective towards her..



    Vidushi is a pure punjabi kudi..loves her family n sanyu a sanyu's BFF (12 yrs)..they 1stbecame friends wid each other in 1st std...Vidushi knows sanyu like an open book..vice versa...both love each other a lot..Vidushi is protective of sanyu..



  Randhir is an arrogant guy..doesnt believes in love..his parents had divorced each other when he was just 8 yrs old n since then he's staying wid his mom...he has only 2 friends..whom he considers his life, his everyting..Yo Yo n Parth..Yo Yo is his chaddi buddy..while Parth became his friend in 5th eventually he's more close to Yo Yo..but shares his problems wid both of his friends..they are always found stuck to each other as fevicol..randhir and his friends hate Ankit the most..they are sworn enemies of each other..


Yo Yo:

   Yo Yo is a pure Punjabi..he loves randhir the most aft his elder brother Jatindar..parth is his BFF..but randhir is his brother..he has a crush on Vidushi but is afraid to confess it..he knows every single problem of PaRan..he is often misunderstood by his parents (father)..he hates it when his father or mother compares him wid their elder son Jatindar..he is nave yet street smart n always talks in double meaning much to the annoyance of his friends..



  Parth is BFF of randhir n yoyo..he is the sweetest of them all..each n every gal likes him..or drool over him..but he isn't interest in he's always wid his doubt he has got the majority of gfs as compared to his BFF..(Randhir had a gf for a day..while Yo Yo is still craving for gal's attention)..he loves his friends more than anything..even he's an orpan..(his mom died while giving birth to him n his father when he was in 8th std..)



   Ankit is sanyukta's elder brother..he loves himself the most n his bauji...his bauji is his world..he respects his elder brother vardhaan a lot..he never leaves a chance to taunt or disturb Randhir n his friends which leads to fights between them..sometimes even sanyukta hates him...



     Vardhan is the eldest son of the Shekawats..he loves sanyu more than ankit...he always let go off sanyu's mistakes..while he punishes ankit..his parents are the world for him...he too likes Vidushi but never shows it...



  Tauji is the head of Shekhawat family...he is a well known politician n gangster...all the ppl of Delhi especially Chandani Chowk (CC) are scared of him...but he loves his older brother (sanyu's dad) n sanyu the most followed by kunal n vardhaan..both his sons know wat their father actually is, leaving sanyu..she's kept in dark..tauji is financially helping Jai Hind College where Vardhaan has already completed his studies n ankit n sanyu are studying...



  Harsh is randhir's father n is an police inspector..he loves randhir the most..even though he has divorced his wife, he still do care for her n somewhere deep inside still loves her..



     Renuka is randhir's mother..loves her son n husband a lot...n is friendly wid yo yo n parth..yo yo often shares his problems or randhirs problems wid her..


Other imp characters will be introduced aft few chapters...


PS: Guys this is not my story..i had seen it somewhere n thought of converting it into "A SanDhir FF"..its a nice story..u guys will really njoy reading this FF..i bet this FF will make u smile, laugh, cry, angry, hurt, love n most imp this ff will shock u the most..keep reading it till the end...

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viratanushka Senior Member

Joined: 19 August 2011
Posts: 970

Posted: 08 May 2015 at 1:49am | IP Logged


                                              PART 1



Sanyu: tauji!!! Goood morning!!!


Tauji: good morning...arre Vardhaan, aaj kuch special hy kya??


Vardhaan: bauji, aaj Sanyukta ka 1la din hy colg ka..


Tauji: tabhi mein sochu, yeh itni khush q hy??


Sanyu: kya tauji!!!! Umm..tauji, kya mein aaj colg akele jaa sakti hu?? Vidushi k saath...


Ankit: oyye, chutki, jyada udd math colg tu mere saath jayegi..


Sanyu: bilkul nay, colg mein Vidushi k saath hi jaungi..


Ankit: yeh bhul math mein tera bada bhai hu, colg toh tu mere saath hi jayegi...


Sanyu: tauji plzz!!!! Plzzz..plzzz..plzzz...mujhe iske saath nay jaana..vidushi k saath jaana hy...plzzz...


Tauji: accha theek hy..chali jaana..


Ankit: bauji??? Aap???


Sanyu: thank you tauji!!!! Thankyou so much!! Love u..


Ankit: ruk!! A ruk!!


Tauji: jaane de usse...jaa beta..


N sanyu left...


Sanyu was standing outside her house waiting for Vidushi..


Sanyu: kaha reh gayi yeh Vidushi ki bacchi???? Call karke puchti hu..hello???


Vidushi: sanyu??


Sanyu: kidhar hy tu??


Vidushi: mein? Mein toh colg mein hu..


Sanyu: kyaa??? Tu poch bhi gayi????


Vidushi: matlab??


Sanyu: kuch nay..ek kaam kar mere liye colg k paas rukna..mein 10 min mein poch rahi hu...


Vidushi: ok..jaldi aana byeee...


Sanyu: byee..(n they hunged up)


Sanyu: Auto!!!! Auto!!! Bhaiya, Jai Hind Colg??


Sanyu was lost in her thoughts when someones car hit her auto..


Sanyu: aahh!!!!


Car Owner (CO): kya beh, dekh k nay chala sakta??


Auto wala (AW): bhaisaab, gaadi aapne thoki, meine nay..nuksaan toh mera hua hy..


Sanyu got dwn from the auto n tried to stop the fight..


Sanyu: plzz..dekhiye ladiye math..


CO: tu chup kar!! Tu paise bharke dene wali hy mere?? Nay na..toh chup chap yahi bethi reh...


Sanyu: arre??


AW: aap iss tarha ladki se baat nay kar sakte..maafi maangiye..


CO: abh tu mujhe sikhayega?? Haa?? (n is abt to slap him when someone stops him) kon hy beh??


Guy: haath nay, baat..


CO: ( saw that the guy had came along wid 2 guys, all looked serious) haath chod..


Guy 1: chod dunga..par yeh bataa tu konse haq se iss (AW) ko maar raha tha??


CO: oyye, ek baar kahi huyi baat samjh nay aati???


Guy 2: nay aati..kya kar lega??


CO: maarunga..!!!


Guy 3: maar..aaja..maar..aa???


Guy 1: (left him) maar...


Guy 1: maar na..(n pushed him)


CO: dekho, haath math lagao..galti iss AW ki thi...


Sanyu: nay-nay..galti inki (CO) hi hy..yeh bhaiya sahi se chala rahe the..achanak pichese inke car ka dhakka laga aur...


Guy 3: q beh, kya keh rahi hy ladki??


CO: jhoot bol rahi hy..


Guy 2: maafi maang..


CO: kya??


Guy 1: maafi maang..


CO: tum log jaante nay haa mein kon hu??


Guy 3: aur tu yeh nay jaanta hum kon hy?? chal maafi maang..


Guy 1: yeh ase nay maanega..(n is abt to punch him)


CO: maangta hu..!! sorry..


Guy 1: huh?? Kya bola?? Jor se bol!!!!


CO: m sorry!!!! Maaf kar de...


AW: koi nay..


CO: dekh lunga tum sab ko..(n left)


Guy 2: oyye, hum darte nay hy..aaya bada...


Guy 1: tum theek ho??


AW: jii..shukriya!!!!


Guy 1 shook his head n left followed by guy 2 n 3..while sanyu looked impressed by them..specially guy 1..she smiled to herself..was it love at first site for her?? But who was tht guy?? Was he from Delhi?? Was he a student like her?? Wat was his name?? sanyu sighed to herself n reached her colg..


Sanyu: kitna hua bhaiyaji???


AW: 25 rs..


Sanyu: yeh li jiye..aur sambhaal kar chaliye..baar-baar aapki madad karne woh 3 ladke nay aayenge..hmm??


AW: jii..(n left)


Vidushi: yeh koi tym hy aane ka?? Pure 15 min late hy q nay utha rahi thi?? Pata hy mujhe kitna tension aa raha tha??? Idiot!!!! (Angrily) abh bata bhi, late q huyi???


Sanyu: actually woh...mein jis auto se aayi na, uss auto ka accident hua..


Vidushi: wat???? Par kese???


Sanyu told her everything...


Vidushi: Oh God!!!! Tu theek toh hy na?? Bhala ho un 3 ladko ka joh sahi tym par aaye..warna aaj toh maar pit jarur hoti..


Sanyu: haa mein theek hu..abh chal andar chalte hy..


Vidushi: haa chal...


Aft 1st lec...


Sanyu: yaar...pehele din koi lec kse le sakta hy?? shiii...kitna bore kiya uss prof ne..mera toh seer dard kar raha hy..uff!!!


Vidushi: sahi mein yaar...chal canteen chalte hy..


Sanyu: haa chal..




Vidushi: sanyu, ek kaam kar, tu jagah dekh, mein coffee aur kuch khane k liye lekar aati hu..


Sanyu: ok...


Sanyu went n sat at an empty table..


Sanyu: yaar, kitna awkward lag raha hy..insaan 2 aur table 5 jan k liye..


Vidushi: yeh le..teri coffee aur sandwich..


Sanyu: thanks...


Vidushi n Sanyu were having their coffee when a guy came n sat besides Vidushi..


Both the gals were shocked at first but aft looking at the guy, Vidushi rolled her eyes while Sanyu looked like someone had given her 440 volts current..yeh..yeh toh un 3 ladkon mein se ek hy..baaki k 2 kaha hy??


Vidushi: yaha kya kar raha hy???


Guy: betha hu..aur kya??


Vidushi: woh toh mujhe bhi dikh raha hy..par humare saath hi q??


Guy: qki tu meri dost hy na jhalli..


Vidushi: Yogwindar Harwindar Singh, khabardaar joh tune mujhe colg mein jhalli bulaya toh..


Yogwindar: oyye vidushi oyye, mujhe colg mein sab Yo Yo k naam se jaante hy..toh tu bhi mujhe mere asli naam se math pukaar..


Vidushi: (rolled her eyes) rabba!!!! Kya musibat hy!! colony mein kam the joh yaha par bhi ho??? Tch!! Sanyu, tu kaha kho gayi??


Sanyu: yeh tera dost hy??


Yo Yo: o ji haa..Sastriyakaal!! myself Yo Yo Singh..


Sanyu: hii Yo Yo, mein Sanyukta..


Yo Yo: bada ajib naam hy..


Sanyu: umm..waise, tum 1st yr mein ho??


Vidushi: nay, 2nd yr..q, Yogi??


Yo Yo: jhalli yaar, Jogi na bula sharam aati hy..


Vidushi: overacting ki bhandar, yeh bata baaki 2 namune kaha hy??


Yo Yo: woh..arre tere piche hi hy..kamino idhar!!!


Sanyu looked back n saw both the guys looked at Yo Yo irriatedly n approached them...


Guy 3: kamina kise bola beh?? (n sat besides Yo Yo)


Guy 1 quietly went n sat besides Sanyu but his focus was on Yo Yo n his other friend..


Sanyu: (thinks) OMG!!!! Yaar, kitna handsome hy..sawere jaldi mein sirf 5 min ghoor payi thi isse..i hope yeh aur iske friends yahi bethe rehte hy mere saath..waise iska naam?? Vidushi se puchu??


Guy 1: Yo Yo jaa jaldi se hum dono (himself n guy 3) k liye kuch khane k liye laa..


Yo Yo: mein nay jaane wala..jaane hy toh khud jao..


Guy 3: mein lekar aata hu..


Yo Yo: parth, yaar mere liye bhi kuch lekar aa, badi bhook lagi hy...


Parth: haa saale laata hu..(n left)


Sanyu: (thinks) ohhh...toh jisne meri baat suni thi (guy 3) woh parth hy..jisne aakhri mein CO ko ulta jawab diya (guy 2) woh Yo Yo hy..toh phir yeh kon hy??


Vidushi: randhir, kse ho??


Randhir: theek..tum??


Vidushi: mein bhi..


Sanyu: (jumps in excitement n all look at her leaving randhir who just glance at her from the corner of his eyes) sorry..(thinks) randhir?? Hmm..nice name..toh mere wale ka naam randhir hy..(n smiled broadly)


  Okay so part 1 ends here..i hope u guys liked part do comment n hit the like button..plzz ignore the grammatical n spelling miskates...

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Habitat_wanders IF-Rockerz

Joined: 05 August 2014
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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 1:55am | IP Logged
amazing dear!!
welcome back!!Hug

pm me for sure.
they are amazing!!

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newmoon18 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 July 2014
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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 2:00am | IP Logged
Sounds intrstng

Loved the starting

Would love to read

For sure continue

Pm me if possible

Keep smiling

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anudoll Goldie

Joined: 03 February 2015
Posts: 2353

Posted: 08 May 2015 at 2:53am | IP Logged
I'm already hooked to the story
Interesting start
Update soon
And if possible plz pm me

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ruchi159 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 December 2014
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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 8:20am | IP Logged
Nice part
Continue soon:)

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scarlet1210 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 19 April 2015
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Posted: 08 May 2015 at 8:44am | IP Logged
awesome dear
luved it
pls pm me

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viratanushka Senior Member

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Posted: 09 May 2015 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by thundercute

amazing dear!!
welcome back!!Hug

pm me for sure.
they are amazing!!
 thankyou!!!! Big smile
thank you once again..Smile

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