Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 7)

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One More
I said Where ??
I didn't Asked !!
Tooo Much Demanding Singhania Style Wink

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Chapter 4

     Note: This chapter is Arjun's POV of the first 3 chapters. Now if you want skip it. It doesn't affect the story, this isn't important unless you want to know Arjun's take on Arohi ! This is particularly a big chapter because I have to fit 3 chapter worth emotions in one, which is hard thing to do! *sighs*

Arjun's POV

             I walked into my room with a sigh, this was all happening so fast. My baby sister, was getting married and as happy I was for her, I didn't appreciate her going away form me. She lived with me ever since she started college because our parents; only then started touring the world. My dad had promised mum, that once both their children were past 18, he would take mom every place in the world she wanted to see. I was more then happy when Kruti had moved in with me. But it seemed like yesterday she was moving in with me and today she got engaged and would go away.

              I pored myself some scotch while flicked to sports channel. Settling down on the sofa I heard some shuffling behind me and then I saw Kruti seating besides me.

               "Hi Dada" she smiled as she turned to me. "Hi fruit loops" I smiled when I saw her frown. "You know Dada, now that I'm getting married you should stop calling me fruit loops" she narrowed her eyes at me making me throw my head back and laugh.

              "Hey, not funny" she threw a pillow at me making me laugh harder and her join in later on. "So, I'm meeting with the wedding planner tomorrow and you are coming with me and Raj." she announced once the bouts of laughter stopped.

             "What am I supposed to do there?" I looked at her, confused. This wasn't making sense, I was the last person, someone should contact with anything related to a wedding.

               "Yes, but I want you as involved as possible. Please Dada? Pretty please?" she pulled a puppy dog face, one that could put actual puppies to shame. She knew this would make me melt and then with a reluctant sigh I nodded. I was doomed, forever.

               Hell today was the first time I came to know that there was a wedding planning business. I always thought the families did it themselves. I knew all about the worldly matters but marriage wasn't my niche.

               After a little conversation we both sat watching some travel channel she had changed to when I suddenly broke the silence. "Fruit loops, in all sincerity Are you ready to marry? You are only 25. Say the word and I'll stop every preparation now." I looked her in the eye to tell her I was serious. "Dada" she groaned before she turned to face me "I love him and I'm more then ready to marry him." she slide forward towards me on the sofa and engulfed me in a hug. "I'm going to miss you Dada" she murmured as her head rested on my shoulders. I'll miss you to Kruti. More then you'll know. A thought I kept safely to myself. I wasn't very good with emotional moments but nevertheless I hugged her back tightly, I knew she understood my feelings.

               A while later my phone beeped with a text message. Kruti scouted towards the other end and pulled out a candy bar from her purse. Rolling my eyes, I picked up my phone. She always seemed to pull out candies form thin air.

                  "I'm waiting for you at Club Charity. Be mine tonight?" Veronica

                   I smiled at the text. I respected girls, don't get me wrong. But, If, a girl was offering herself, who am I to deny? I always told the girls, there wasn't going to be a forever for me, no strings attached and they knew the rules.

                   "I'm going out tonight fruit loops" I winked at her, knowingly and she clearly understood me.

                   "Gross. Please tell me if I need headphones tonight!" her expressions so sour that it made me laugh. "Hey, I'm always careful when you are home fruit loops" I told her and it was true. I was always careful not to bring girl home when she was there and generally I didn't like them at home, it was too personal unless there was no alternative.

               "Remember, Tia and Rita?" she wiggled her eyebrows at me. "Hey, both the time you were supposed to be ay your friends but you snuck over, not my fault" I rolled my eyes at her flashing her a soft smile. "Yeah, yeah! You are the best brother." she kissed my cheek before walking to leave my room.

                   "Remember, tomorrow evenings 8pm sharp. Aer, Four seasons." she smile as she stood at the doorstep of the room.

                   "Yes. I remember. But anyways why are you so obsessed with this planner? There are tonnes of others!" I asked her in all seriousness. I didn't get what was so great about this one!

                    "Hey, she is like the most requested wedding planner for Indian wedding in the world. She is so busy and it is so difficult to get her dates. I was lucky she agreed to me because she hadn't taken up any wedding. Dada, you better behave. I really want her. Remember sheetal and Manish's wedding? She did that. I was so impressed. That's when I decided she was going to do mine to." I smiled at her, she looked happy, esthetic and I was happy for her.

                  "But love, you can have her anyways. Just name the price. You don't need to wait in line for someones approval!"I frowned at her. I didn't do all the hard work before for a waste. I had earned respect for myself and no one dare, say no to me. "Dada. She isn't like that. She deals with personalities. Once this acquaintance of mine decided to bribe her way in but she said no, fair and square; on the face. I don't want that to happen." she pleaded me. "Fine. Who is she anyway? What's her name?" I asked intrigued. She had to be some 50 year oldie because she had morals, in todays world no one worked on principles and all they did was think of earning more money.

               "Oh, her name is Arohi Gupta. She is 28 and so pretty and polite." she gushed making me look at her with shocked expressions. "28, seriously?" I asked, with every bit of seriousness in the world. A young girl with values, I had to like her. I admired people with virtues and values for work these days.

                  "Okay. Well good night. I'll see you tomorrow" with that she walked out of the room and I walked into my walk in closet. Deciding on a faded blue jeans and white t-shirt with grey shirt that I left open. Flexing my arms in the mirror I looked at the tattoo that covered my upper arm, shoulder and stretched out a little on the back. It was a tribal design with intricate pattern in black anf red shadows. I got it when I was 23 and 7 years later, I still loved it and if time permitted I even get a touch up on every 2 years. Taking a deep breath I shrugged on the grey shirt and grabbing my keys, wallets I was ready to leave. With one last look in the mirror I messed up my hair and applied cologne before finally leaving.

                    Walking into Charity, the bouncer nodded at me, telling me the party was upstairs, in the VIP lounge. Once in the zone, I quickly found my group of friends seated and sure enough Veronica was seated. She shot me a flirty smile as soon as I walked to the group.

             "Hi" Anya, one of my best friend's girlfriend greeted. She was also one of my closest friends now. Hugging her and talking to some others, I asked if everyone wanted a drink.

"Beer" "Vodka and 7" "martini" and the order went on.
"Greedy mother f**kers" I said laughing. "Oh, Mr. Hotshot whining to buy a few drinks." Rahul a friend of mine laugh at me. "Like, you don't drive a f**king Audi" I smirked at him and he waved me off.
"come on, I'll come with you love" Anya called out, I nodded at her when she got of form Rishi's side and I wound my arm around her. "She is mine, Singhania." Rishi tired to act jealous almost a smile on his face. "And that's still a mystery as to why" I threw him a smile and walked away with Anya. "You,need to stop making him jealous" Anya smiled at me as we walked to the bar. "Like he'd ever be jealous." I winked at her after placing the order. I could see Veronica giving us a stink eye but I ignored it. "Why do you wana hook up with her again?" Anya suddenly asked as we waited for the drinks. "Oh, well. Because she is a good lay?"I shrugged uncertainly. I had asked myself this questions several times but always left it at that. One thing I was sure of, I never felt a single feeling for her. "She is glaring holes in my head right now." after a pause she continued "Seriously; You can do better" and with that she threw her head back and laughed as I saw Veronica narrowing her eyes at us, I shrugged lightly at her before grabbing the drinks and telling the bartender to add the drinks under my tab.

              "So I have to meet Kruti's wedding planner for some reason" a pseudo sad expression crossed my face as I talked about going to all those wedding planing. The sheer excitement just the word "Wedding" can bring in a women is amusing. Anya smirked just as we reached the table after weaving through the crowd of sweating people and saying hello to a few known people who wanted to stop and congratulate me on my sister's wedding and business.

                        As we sat on the table with the group of friends, Veronica flirted outrageously with me occasionally looking at Anya and smiling with satisfaction that she was with Rishi. This was turning me off and frustrating me, simultaneously. Things between me and Veronica meant nothing and she has to understand that. She couldn't keep on fantasizing about being together because frankly; to me, she was nothing more then a good lay.

                  "Dance with me?" Veronica whispered seductively in my ears, her eyes sparkled with the flick of naughtiness. I gulped the last of my drink and excused myself form the group while guided Veronica to the dance floor. Placing my hands on her hips, I pulled her closer and place my lips on hers, which in turn made her moan.

               A few minutes of kissing her, I looked at her "Want something to drink?" I asked at her. She bit her lip, trying to be seductive. I shook my head at her, I never thought biting the lip was sexy and she made it look all the stupid. "Vodka" she whispered winking at me. I reminded myself that she was just there for the night, shaking my head I headed off to the bar. "Rum and coke and vodka and 7" I asked the bartender.

                   While I waited for the drink to arrive I felt someone giggling next to me. Frowning I hoped it was Veronica. Some how, today I was getting irritated by her. I sighed, in relief, when I saw it wasn't her. Looking to my right, I saw gorgeous female standing next to me, giggles spilling like she didn't care about the world. "Whisky. Neat" she ordered smirking. "Add that to my tab then" I said, as if a reflex to her words. One look in her eyes and I wanted to mark my claim. Closing my eyes, trying to act cool. I was acting like a teenage boy infront of a girl, I didn't even know the name of. "Excuse me" she turned to face me, narrowing her eyes at me, glaring. "Yes" I turned on my game face and gave her a loopside smile that I knew always worked. "I don't know you" she spat in my direction. "Mostly strangers buy drink for lovely ladies. So I'm pretty sure you don't know me" I flirted with her. "Yes. But I never accepted the offer" she was still glaring. Though she was tall, in front of me she didn't look it and the glaring made her look cute instead of angry. "and why is that love?" I winked at her. "Look, I'm not interested in you. As drunk as I look, I know what is going on. Plus, you're not my type" with that she flipped her hair and gulping down her drink she walked away but not before saying "Thanks for the drink" she winked, like she wanted to tease me all the more.

                    My blood boiled as she laughed out loud with her group of friends pointing out at me. Never had I been rejected and insulated. What did she think of herself? I thought as Veronica came by my side. "What did she want?" she practically latched herself to me. An irritated look crossed my face before I tugged her and kissed her, harshly. There was only one way, I knew I could release the anger I felt. Yes, I was a man with pride and I didn't like it when someone walked all over it.

             "what's wrong baby?" Veronica looked up at me with innocent eyes that's when I realized I was behaving like a jerk. I felt like an ass for behaving this way. No matter what status I shared with the girl, I was always respectful. "I'm sorry Veronica. I best go home." I gulped when her handsmovedover the buttons of my shirt. "But, I thought you were coming to my place" she pouted her lower lip, looking up at me with big eyes. I growled in frustration. I wanted to, trust me, I did but I didn't want to misbehave and in order for that, I needed to step back but this female didn't take a clue.

                    Glancing sideways, I saw the girl dancing seductively, moving her hips and her hands in the air, like she didn't care that 90% of the male population was staring at her. Suddenly I felt like I needed to protect her, but then I remembered the way she turned me down, so I cupped Veronicas face before giving her a quick kiss. I calmed myself a little and said "Let's go then" settling the my tab, I said bye to the group of friends before leaving with her.

                     A smile played on my lips as I walked in Aer, four seasons. Last night, I had managed to channel the anger in other ways and today I had finally managed to get a client off my back.

           The manager guided me to where Kruti and her wedding planner were currently sitting. I had informed Kruti I was going to be late and to start without me. My lips turned into a thin line when I saw who the wedding planner was. She was the same girl form yesterday and from the way she introduced herself all happily I knew she didn't remember a thing. Clenching my jaw in a tight gasp, I ignored the hand she had extended and tried to pretend as normal as possible.

                 Every time I looked at her, I saw the face when she rejected me. I knew I was overreacting but somehow just her presence was infuriating me. Questing her methods and tanking jabs at her. I finally felt myself relaxing when she denied Kruti that she couldn't do it. I had succeeded in what I set to do since I walked in here.

                  But what I didn't prepare myself was for tears form Kruti's eyes. I was being selfish and had forgotten how badly she wanted her.

                  Way to f**k it up! I told myself as Kruti even refused to listen to. I guess I needed to do something about it and something fast before it was too late to get her back!

Eagerly waiting for feedback!

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Originally posted by oju786

One More
I said Where ??
I didn't Asked !!
Tooo Much Demanding Singhania Style Wink
Prachi is this you?
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Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

like always.. Congo Clap
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Don't tell me Arjun is planning a revenge for no no...I love him too much yaar!!  His attitude has gotten me..
Coming to update..
Anji cheating..u told it's gonna be his pov of 3 updates but it was only of first n no dinner part included..
Arjun is a great brother..Kruti is lucky to have him..loved their little moment...
Gosh..!! Why Arjun has to be cassanova!!..
The only thing my not gonna like about him..
Waiting for next..plz be quick : *

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N yes that Veronica can go to hell !! 

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10-20 chammatts for Veronica Angry

I just hate her!!!

Arjun is such a flirt Confused
I hope he is not planning something evil for arohi Broken Heart

love his bond with kruti. ..Heart

she didn't remember him ???

I really like arohi's character :D

Want to read arjun's entire POV ...
hope you update SOON Embarrassed

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This update is for you my Toli Hug I know this is not my story but I want to cheer up your mood so here it is.. Double treat Wink enjoy!!

Part 5
Arohi's POV

I knew, the moment I agreed to go on dinner with Arjun, I should've seen red and said no but like a retarded blabber-mouth that I am, I agreed. Sitting in the congested 2 seater sports car, I could feel his smirk practically coming onto me. The argument about who's car we would use hadn't gone all too well for me either, resulting in him wining and us taking his car and like a idiot that I am, I just sat, after just one argument because I was hungry.

Pulling outside a restaurant, I didn't know we came to a stop until he opened the door for me. "Ma'am?" his voice was husky, that would make any girl go week in the knee, even me if I just hadn't spent the entire car journey being angry at him. Reluctantly, I placed my hands in his. I noticed that I was doing things that I was completely against just because of the mere presence of this man. I shuddered unknowingly and Arjun looked at me with concern. "Are you okay? cold?" he asked, eyeing me up and down. I shook my head no as the valet came for the keys.

Looking at the restaurant I smiled happily. They served best Italian food in the town area. "I love Italian" I spat out, without knowing that I was saying it out loud. "I noticed it, when we met, the first time." he winked at me. "All you ordered was Italian." He might not be as bad as he let's on, I'd marry a guy woh could remember what food I ate 3 days ago even when with 10 people present.

Not saying I would marry Arjun, because of the obviously I wouldn't. I rolled my eyes at myself as we sat across each other on an open roof top restaurant. This was way more then I bargain for. I contemplated wether or not I should make an excuse for using the ladies room and make a dash for it. But thinking about Kruti, I knew this would put us all in an awkward situation, so I gave him a tight lips smile which in turn made his eyebrows shoot up as if questioning me, shrugging I focused on the menu.

10 minutes later, I heard him clear his throat before speaking. "So if you have quite finished memorizing the menu, can we order? I'm famished." Trying to be as scary as I could be, I nodded only to hear him chuckle. Just as I was about to reply, the waiter appeared. "Can I start you with the drinks?" he asked politely.

           "I'd like a cold beer; a foster, and wine for the lady?" he looked at me questioningly. "No, I'd like a beer myself too" I smiled at him before he walked away. I saw Arjun, looking at me with amused smile plastered on his face. "What?" slight irritation cursed through me. "I'm liking you more and more with each passing minute" he was smiling at me, like a real smile which in turn made me smile. "what can I say, I'm not like the regular girls" I for once winked at him and I could see the shocked expression cross his face before they turned into an admiring smile. "Yeah? I like that. So let's see if you are like other girls in the eating department or not" he laughed out loud at his own joke making me admire his laugh. He had such a beautiful laugh. I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out so closed it, before he could see and tried to concentrate on the menu.

        Another 5 minutes land series of awkward smiles later the drinks arrived. "Are you ready to order?" the waiter asked with a smile. "Oh, I love their pasta. But I like pasta with wine. Since I'm drinking beer tonight, I think the thin crust, chicken pizza with pesto sauce" I said looking up with my eyes closed like I was devouring the pizza right now. I flushed embarrassed looking at Arjun chuckle and the waiter trying to hold back his smile. "I ... food?" I said lamely making Arjun laugh. "I'll have what the lady is having. We might share." he was still laughing. "No. I don't share my pizza" I was behaving like a teenager on loose but it was true I loved my pizza too much. "So I was wrong. You don't eat like other women. I like it. I'd like penne pasta in white sauce and cherry tomatoes as an extra topping. That will be it. Thank you" he directed the last part to the waiter.

        "So you get excited over a pizza." he mused at me. Narrowing my eyes at him I glared without speaking anything. "You know, the first time I saw you. I thought you were a stiff and ruthless women who loves her business." he shrugged like he hadn't made a statement out of it. "Oh, like you can make assumptions. Mr. I won't shake hands with you" I wrinkled my nose at him. I knew I was acting childish since the car ride but I couldn't help it, He was unleashing my irritant innerchild.

           "Oh, thats a whole another story" he countered like it wad the explanation. "What story?" I looked at him confused, what the hell was he talking about?   

           "Oh, it's nothing yeah, it's like It's whatever" Arjun tried to dismiss it as he took a gulp of his beer. "No, tell me. Please?" I pouted my lower lip hoping he would give in. A smile stretched when I saw him sigh, hopefully he had given in without convincing much. "Well I was sad Kruti would go away" he looked anywhere but at me and I figured that I should leave it at that.

           Changing the subject I asked him. "So what do you do for a living?" I was pretty sure I has heard the girls speak he worked in AARAMN; the jewelry store or owned AARAMN but I wasn't sure. I was busy drooling over a well suited photo of him that was plastered on the website beside the article. "Wow, sugar. I'm impressed. You don't know what I do? Are you playing coy or you genuinely don't know?" he raised his eye brows at me. "Well, Mr. Singhania. You know not everything revolves around you. So no, I don't actually know what you do." I didn't get why I actually thought he could be a nice guy. Here he was, back to his arrogant self. Man these were going to be difficult 3 months to get through and one of us may not survive. Him, if I bang his head on a wall for being a pompous, arrogant ass or me dying of irritation because of him being so arrogant in any case, this was going to end terribly. I could tell.

               "I'm hurt sugar. But since you don't know. Ill tell you. I own AARAMN and I'm a silent partner in some of the Mehta group of resorts over the world. If retreat resorts ring a bell to you" he finished looking proud instead of smug like I actually imagined. He was genuinely proud of what he did. "So what made you start a jewelry store?" I further questioned him. This was interesting, I chugged the last of my beer before smiling a soft smile at him. "What, is this ask Arjun questions 101?" his brows furrowed and I laughed. No, I was just trying to make small talk till food arrives." I laughed some more at his amused expressions on my honest answer.

              "Okay then, I'll ask you a question since you just asked one. So how did you start up a wedding planning business?"
"Well, when I was 8, I went to my mother's- sister's wedding. Then wedding planning wasn't so popular so they had done it all themselves and all were so tense about little little details, I wonder that if any of them actually enjoyed the wedding. When I asked mum, she said that they were the girls family and they had to make sure everything is in order. Then it was all a little orthodox but still the family members never get to enjoy the wedding of a loved one and strangers who come to eat have fun. So gradually when I understood that, I decide I would become a wedding planner and I also said, I'd only take up projects if the bride side approaches me." I said all of that in one breath and looked at Arjun who looked impressed. I didn't know why I told him that, this story was not a matter of public record but somehow I felt like telling him the truth.

               "That's so impressive. You know, I thought this would be have been your mother's business or something to carry forward." Arjun said to me. "Yeah. It shows you like a chauvinist pig you are. Don't judge!" I gave him a stink eye before stabbing my fork on the breadsticks. "Feminist." he said it like he was teasing me.

              Just when the food came, I ordered another beer and he went on to soda water. "I have to drive us back" he reasoned and I shrugged. "Oh, these are so good" I moaned as I bit into the slice of fresh baked pizza. Then I heard a rich luscious laugh that I had heard many times this night. "What?" I asked him gulping some of my beer. "its just nice to see a girl moan over food. Generally it's me who makes them do that." he winked at me and I felt the anger rise once again. Why god, did I have to take his suggestion and dine with him.

           "I love my food. Okay? Plus just for that you don't get this delicious slice of heaven but I get to eat your pasta" I made a face at him and just to tease me further he picked up the half eaten slice and took a bite out of it. "How's that. Sugar" he teased me further but what he didn't know was that it took me all I had to stop myself from hurling the beer bottle at him and get banned from my favorite Italian restaurant. "Okay. Mr. Singhania" I greeted through my teeth, without even comprehending that the answer didn't match the question but I didn't give rat's a%& about it.

           Arjun had sensed the mood and stopped his wayward way after that and we had managed to behave as civilly as possible towards each other. Just as we finished the dinner and bill arrived he took the bill without letting me see it. "Hey now.I'll pay my half" I told him, firmly. "No, no. I was raised better. Never let the women pay" he countered. "Ohh, I know you were raised better. Look at how great Kruti turned out. But you? I can't say so much." I turned my lips at him and that made him laugh.

          "You find everything funny don't you?" I asked him sarcastically. "Glad you got it out of me sugar" a smirk playing on his lips that got me all the more irritated.

          "Fine. Next time, I pay" the words came out of my mouth without a second thought. "Pretty confident we will have dinner again, aren't you?" he raised his eyebrows in a teasing smile.

        "I...umm...just let's go!" I snapped as the waiter came back and Arjun left a hearty tip, wrinkling my nose at his grand gesture, I collected my bag to stand up when Arjun came forward to pull back.

          "Gentleman now, are we?" I questioned him sarcastically as I got up and headed ahead of him. I could hear him laugh in the background.

          I stopped in my tracks and turned but Arjun didn't realize that and crashed right into me toppling us over as we fell on the smooth marble floor. Trying to comprehend what just happened I looked Arjun in the eye and found him looking back at me confused.

           In the heat of the moment I inched forward just when Arjun did and when our lips were about to touch we heard a voice that made us jump apart. "Are you all right Mr. Singhania? Madam?" it was the manager who had shown us the seats before. Fumbling to get up I saw Arjun extend his hand and I took it without thinking. In one fluid moment he pulled me up and beside him. "We are okay. Just call the valet and have my car ready. It's the blue Porsche, the usual one" he told the manager in no nonsense tone and the manager nodded walking away.

        I looked anywhere but Arjun as we waited for the elevator. "" I didn't let him complete. "Its okay" and I hoped that with that the topic would end and it certainly did till we reached home.

        Throughout the ride I looked outside the window while he aimlessly drove, only once speaking to ask me my address.

             Once he dropped me off at my building he waved at me while I awkward waved back. Yeah, the evening had gone formirritating to entertaining back to irritating and had turned to awkward in a couple of seconds.

           I shook my head as I layed in bed thinking that what if the manager hadn't interrupt, would we have kissed? Just as I was about the answer myself my phone beeped

From: A. Singhania:
"Damn that manager"

            The three words had me blushing so red that would put even the red-est of tomatoes to shame. Not finding anything appropriate to reply I shut the phone in my bedside drawer and promised myself that I would only keep my relationship with Arjun professional. Because that man had numerous ways to get my nerves and I didn't wanna spoil Kruti's wedding.

I want comments for both chapters otherwise next update next month!!

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