Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

The wedding gift~ chapter 28 & epilogue ~ page no -44~ (Page 4)

Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Yeh Arjun inna zyada khadus n sadu kyun hai... Ouch

Aru bechari ko kitne gande se insult kar diya...

but mujhe aisa kyun laaging k dey already know each other... woh v bht achhe se... Ermm

Raj n Kruti r cute n Arjun se darte v hai...  LOL

Kya kare... uska charm hi kuchh aisa hai... Cool

I hv a feeling dt Aru soon gonna slap his words back on his face... Big smile

n God knows... I m waiting for it... Dancing

Jb tak Arjuhi mein pange nhi hote mazaa nhi aata... LOL

Update soon Anji... bachcho ko mat sataao... Disapprove

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Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 June 2015 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anjali--

Next part is edited and ready to post.. I will post it after Pooja,Madhu and Mysha's comments!!

Me commented Anji... now its ur turn... Star

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 12:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Originally posted by --Anjali--

Next part is edited and ready to post.. I will post it after Pooja,Madhu and Mysha's comments!!

Me commented Anji... now its ur turn...Star

Mysha and Pooja ne comments nahi ki abhi tak
Madhu-n-kaddu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 1:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Anjali--

Originally posted by Madhu-n-kaddu

Originally posted by --Anjali--

Next part is edited and ready to post.. I will post it after Pooja,Madhu and Mysha's comments!!

Me commented Anji... now its ur turn...Star

Mysha and Pooja ne comments nahi ki abhi tak

Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

Mysha n Pooja... tum dono ki aisi ki taisi... Angry
aurpatel Senior Member

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Posted: 03 June 2015 at 5:02am | IP Logged
Nice  start
Arjun is a rich spoil brat who doesn't have any  manners n don't know how to talk to a woman ..arohi is sweet n generous
Kruti n raj are mushy mushy n are so in love 
Hope my arjuhi too turn out like them 
I WS glad arohi dismissed that wedding n thought abt her self respect 
Update soon

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MyshaAlvi007 Goldie

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Posted: 04 June 2015 at 11:09am | IP Logged
if ki janta se kaan pakad k maafi BT Nw m back or so b comment k sath ROFL
khadoos sadu akdu arjun muje bahot pasand he cuz baad KO yehi caring romantic n loving hubby ban jate hai *blush blush*
BT why he's insulting arohi lyk DAT jess janam janam ka tera mera bair ooo rabba khair [:p]
raj n kruti r so cuteee bs inhi ki shaxi k kharche me mere arjuhi KO nipta do Wink
ab chalo jaldi se 5 chappy update kro or wo b bin kisi intezaar k
and thanx a lot daaalllinggg 4 making its in arjuhi version

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--Anjali-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 June 2015 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Part 2

into the office next morning, I was greeted by coffee at my desk. "Morning
Arohi" a voice chimed as I settle into my desk."Morning
Tanya."I replied back to awell dressedlady standing on the
other side of my desk, with a bouquet of Pink roses. "Fresh produce?"
a smile formed on my face, I always loved it when she got me flowers the first
thing form her garden. Tanya had been running her parents nursery when I first
hired her as the flower supplier for the wedding, I noticed that the business
was onit'sway to closing so I asked her to be a permanent supplier
on myweddings, later on when I bought my own office, I had reserved a
space for her to grow the flowers, right beside my office. She sold her parents
nursery and started up with me.

boss.This one arrived when I came here this morning." a secret smile
stretched on her face, teasing me. "Here show me, there's got to be a
card" I got up and took the flowers form her before searching for a card,
that's when Lily, my photographer popped her head in. "Know where the
flowers cameform?" still standing at the door with her head popped
in looking like a floating head, Lily asked. "I'm looking for a card"
I announced irritated with the fact that there was no card in the bouquet.
"No luck" Tanya smirked and trotted out of the door, both smiling
secret smiles at me,Irritatingme further.

Who would
send flowers to me without cards? Scratching my head I sat down to sort out the
list of people who wanted us to be their wedding planners, since the
Singhania's wedding was out, I could take up another wedding. Just as I reached
the 3rd file, my phone rang distracting me. Thinking it was just another person
enquiring I picked it up. "Hello, MissGupta?"Ifelt anger
rise upon me as I heard the voice, yesterday which had left me open mouthed,
today it had me disgusted. "Yes, what can I do for you Mr. Singhania? I
think you did enough yesterdaydidn'tyou?" I asked, trying to
control my anger and being as polite as possible. I couldn't degrade to

a smartalec,didn't expect anything less form you." I could
hear a smile in his voice, which angered no tonolimits.
"Oh,ofcourseyou judge me once again. I think I'm going to hang
up Mr. Singhaniaif you don't have something important to talk about. Just
a wedding planner hasworkto do" I immediately felt a little
bad, I wasn't a very sarcastic person or the one to hold grudges but the insult
yesterday, really hit a sore spot.

like feisty, Miss Gupta" his voicesoftened,almost a whisper
making shivers run down my spine, the ones that make you feel good and not

" did you want Mr. Singhania?" I asked as I finally found my voice. "Rendered you speechless, didn't I?" once again I could practically hear him smirking at me and I think I could actually imagine fumes emitting my ears at his words. "No.But now if you could kindly come to the point?I. HAVE.WORK.TO.DO" I deliberately stressed on the last sentence, he was going in circles and I was fuming.

"Okay, Miss Gupta. need to um.."he was prolonging this Shit forever. I didn't need this. "I don't have time for this Mr. Arjun. I'm hanging up now"

"No, wait.I Just Wanted To Say That I m Sorry" he said the whole thing in one breath and I couldn't understand a word. "I'm sorry, Mr. Singhania. Please come again?"

"I saidimsorry. I'm sorry for yesterday. That wasn't how I behave generally. I had a very long day yesterday." I could hear him being sincere. "Itsokay. Thank you for the apology. Have a good day!" Not knowing he was going to say something after I hung up.

A big smile stretched on my face now as I went through the files, peacefully selecting a new project.

I never realized that 4 people had entered in and were standing on the other side of the desk, smiling.

"What?" an irritated question just flew out before I could stop myself. "Well, there is something more for you that came by, but this one is with a letter." Rosie smirked as she passed on a little elegant looking cream and blackcoloredpaper bag with cute little chains attached. I had seen the bag somewhere but couldn't place my finger on it. Shrugging I took hold of the bag as the ladies started at me, waiting for me to open it.

I gasped as I pulled out a small box underneath all the tissues, this was a bag from AARAMN, a leadingjewelerybrand in India and some parts abroad.

As soon as I pulled open the box, there was a collective gasp. The most beautiful sapphire earnings, I had ever laid my eyes on were present there. "Wow" "That's...umm..that'swow" "Beautiful" were some of the words thrown around and I agreed.

I shuffled through the tissues to find a letter, therewada note attached to the bag saying there was a note. That's how the girl's knew there was a note there.

"Well, please take your time a make everyone die with the wait before you read the letter"Riddhi, my caterer, said sarcastically. I frowned in fake anger, which she dismissed by waving her hand in the air!


I, apologise for mybehavioryesterday and to some extent today too. I had a very long day but I understand that gives me no right to question your methods.

I know I have been and grad A, a**** but I really am sorry. That's not how Ibehave with women except the flirtingpart, thatI do.

But all of that was what we talked to you on phone, what you didn't realize before you hung up with a pretty smile on your face was that I had afavorto ask for.

I wanted to do this in person but I didn't think you'd be ready to face me, well without slapping me.

Anyways, yesterday with mybehaviorI made my little sister cry and I hate it when she does that, to say I was the reason behind it, broke my heart.

Don't think. WhyIsthis person telling me all his personal feelings like I'm a freaking therapist but I do have a reason.

Kruti wants you to be her wedding planner and only you. She won't talk to me or listen to me.

I would understand that even after this you wouldn't want to work as her wedding planner. I apologised form my heart and not for her.

If you wish to come back, I promise to stay asawayas possible.

With this letter, I'm sending you a small gift, this is no way to lull you, or attract you into anything or no bribe it just a sorry gift.

If you wish you beKruti'swedding planner once again, here is my personal phone number and email address.


Arjun Singhania


[email protected]

By the time I finished reading the letter allgirls were settled on chairs andlooking at me with big curious eyes. "So he flirted with you? I have to tell you. He is hot" Rosie said fanning herself for a dramatic effect. I gave her a stink eye before replying, "Thatwashardly flirting, more of me and him arguing. He is one infuriating man. Plus I can't except these, they must be too costly." I shook my head, who gives such over the top presents.

"Oh, don't be such a spoilt sport. Here, give meyoulaptop" Lily grabbed my laptop before turning it her way and typed something. And moment later she sighed. "Damn, he is one hot man, oh look at the shirtless photo I found of him" and without thinking I bolted form the seat and went around the desk when she started laughing."Got you.You guys flirted." she teased me like we were a bunch on 13 year olds."Haha.So funny" was todayinfuriateArohiday? Because it certainly looked it!

I grabbed my seat again before pulling my laptop and emailing him.

"Don't turn himdown,we don't want India's hottest Casanova heartbroken. You might get hate mails if you do so!"

Why was I friends with these dramatic people? "You guys don't have work to do?" I asked them, "ThisIsmore important" "This is more interesting" were some of the sentences thrown around. Rolling my eyes I went back to the task as hand. I googled AARAMNjewelrysand found Arjun Singhaniawas the CEO and head designer. They had around 15 branches in India and some abroad.

Generally we research thoroughly on our clients but, I had only worked around Kruti and Raj the other day because of the limited time frame before the meeting. "I'm going to reply him." I told thegirls. "What? Please don't tell me you are returning the earnings! I might cry!" Tanya said before her eyes fell on the earnings and she sighed. I shook my head at their craziness before tell them,

"Get back to work, we are on for the Shani's wedding and we only have 55 days for a wedding that is to take place in Maldives. That's a very short time frame. We are going to cram all the tasting, decor options and everything within this week. Meeting at 5" I announced and they jumped excited.

"You are so going to fall in love with Arjun Singhania"Lily blew a flying kiss in arrogance and all of them walked out.

I shook my head at their childishbehaviorand started to type the email. It had to be a rather lengthy one, if I wanted to be peaceful 3 months with the Singhania's.

To :[email protected]

From:[email protected]

Subject:-Apology accepted

Mr Singhania.

I accepted your apology during our phone conversation, but the letter was a nice gesture. The written medium is practically dead and to find one in this age is refreshing.

I'm ready to come back as Kruti andRaj'swedding planner, yesterday I left with a heavy heart because I saw her cry. I accept you staying as far away as possible form theplaningas a part of the deal, not because I haven't forgiven you. I have indeed forgivenandforgotten what occurred and hence forth don't recommend that we speak about that topic. I don't want any quarrels between us that could upset Kruti and hence prefer to maintain distance. I hope I didn't offend you in anyway.

Now a couple more things, I hope you can convey them to your families.

*I would like to meet the families combined and discuss everything as soon as possible.Tomorrowis aSaturdayand if possible I'd like a family meeting, both bride and grooms family.

*Since we have 55 days only, we need to cram all the tastings and meetings this week, so I and my team can start the preparations by the next week.

*once we finalize the location in Maldives we might need to go there for a sight visit.

And I'll be forwarding the relevant parts to Kruti and even call her once you tell her that I'm back.

I hope we can maintain a cordial relationship and please call me Arohi instead of Miss. Gupta it reminds me of my mother.

Ps- I can't accept the gift. Thank you for the thought.


Arohi Gupta

Personal Phone-7xxx0

Work phone - 90xxx9

I felt relief spread over me, yesterday when I left I felt my heart break when I saw Kruti cry, this was the first time anything like this happen, and now that I wasn't standing in was of someone's happiness, I was happy again and could breathe freely again.

So here it is... Waiting for feedback!

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Ankita__S IF-Rockerz

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Me firstBig smile

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